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Unraveling Oblivion

A/N: A request from @gnarlytricksbro for a smutty Spencer x Reader where he is super subby. ;) @coveofmemories @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn @unstoppableangel8 @iammostdefinitelyonfire26 @hogwarts-konoha @sweetg @lukeassmanalvez @yoinkpeter



I could sense it as soon as Spencer walked in the door.

He’d had an awful day at work.

When that happened, this happened…

“Mistress,” he said softly. Not asking, more pleading.

I needed to take control. Our relationship consisted of switching, but lately I’d been the sub. However, when we switched roles, I reveled in letting that side of me free. “Yes, honey. Bad day?”

Spencer swallowed hard. Reflected in his eyes were the horrors of his job, and lately the cases had been even worse. “Yes.” Though he was taller than me, I leaned up and kissed his forehead. I knew exactly what he needed. He wanted to relinquish all control and have me make every decision for him, which was something I was all too happy to provide for him. 

First, he needed some tea. Tea always made him feel better. “Sit,” I said softly, guiding him to the table with a gentle, but firm hand. After placing the pot on the stove, I kissed the curls atop his head, running my fingers through them and  massaging his scalp. He hummed in appreciation, which put a smile on my face as I reached for the tea and some cups in the cabinet. “I’m sorry, baby,” I said, placing the cup of tea just the way he liked it down in front of him. “Whenever you want to talk about it, I’m here to listen. Until then, I will tease you into oblivion. How does that sound?”

My baby reached back, his fingers grazing over my palm. “Good. Really good.” After taking a sip of his tea, he spun around in his chair and wrapped his arm around my waist. I could feel his steady breathing against my stomach; he hadn’t been this subby in a while, and though I loved being the dominant one, I couldn’t help but feel a bit sad. He was only this subby when work was really draining him; I couldn’t imagine what was going on in his head, but I could help him forget for a while.

Spencer probably could’ve sat there for hours with his arms wrapped around my waist, but I knew his mind would still be racing. Leaning down, I kissed the top of his head again. “Grab your tea, you can finish it on the couch next to me and then we can go inside.”

Awash with content knowing that he didn’t have to make a damn decision, he got up from the table and followed my instructions, leaning against my chest on the couch while he finished his tea. It took him about 10 minutes to finish and all the while I played with his hair; that always made him melt and I loved playing with his bouncy curls. It was probably one of my favorite things to do. 

Once he finished, I took the cup to the sink so I could wash it later and grabbed his hands again to pull him off the couch. “We’re gonna go inside and you’re going to sit on the couch while Mistress touches herself. No touching for you.” I smiled as I booped his nose and walked inside, his footsteps resounding closely behind me. The way he blushed when he was all subby made me melt. 

It wasn’t going to be difficult for me to get all worked up; I was already halfway there. Spencer sat down across from the bed as I pulled my shirt up over my head and discarded it on the floor, along with my bra, jeans, and matching underwear. “Eyes here,” I said as I sat down. I spread my legs and pointed down to where the arousal was already shining. “No touching me or yourself.”

I leaned back into the pillows with a satisfied smile as I heard him groan in frustration. Now his mind was somewhere else other than work, and I planned on keeping it here for a while. The sounds of his soft moans were all I could hear as I slid my fingers between my slick folds, moving them back and forth, up and down, and in and out to the rhythm of his breathing. Quickly, I brought myself to orgasm. When I pulled my fingers from my center, they were slick with arousal. Walking off the bed, I stopped in front of him and held my fingers in front of his mouth; he didn’t need to be told what to do, he just did it, cleaning my fingers and moaning at the taste of me that he couldn’t have up close and personal. I’d never imagined myself loving this kind of sexual power, but it came surprisingly naturally to me. 

“Now that you’ve cleaned me up, Mistress is going to bring you to the brink over and over and over again until you’re begging me to let you come and then, and only then, will I allow it.” Again, he hummed in anticipation as I climbed into his lap and began grinding about his length, stiff against his pants. “Already hard for me, I see.” He smiled into my mouth. God, I fucking loved this man, dom, sub and anything and everything in between; he was mine. “Good boy.”

After climbing off of his lap and pulling him out of the chair, I peeled his shirt off and discarded it with my clothing before pulling his belt from its loops and pushing his pants and boxers to the floor. “This is all mine.” When I grabbed his length, he gulped, eyes going wide with possibility. “Are we clear?”

“Yes,” he said, his voice strained as I pumped his length.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good boy.”

With some leverage on his shoulders, he fell back into the bed and I climbed on top of him, strategically placing kisses underneath his chin, on his chest, and on his stomach before gliding my tongue down the length of his cock. He twitched against me, his hands desperate to touch me but under strict orders not to.

After tasting the pre-cum that was dripping from the tip, I ran my tongue up and down, following with my hands. “Oh my god, Y/N, I-”

“Excuse me?” My voice oozed warning.

“Mistress,” he said, swallowing hard as I reprimanded him. “Please.”

“Please what?”


“More what, honey? Be specific.”

“Take me in your mouth…please Mistress.”

“Only because you asked so nicely.” With a shudder, his head fell back down onto the bed. I went back to working his length, gliding my hand up and down before wrapping my lips around him. There was something about looking up at him, having the power to do and say as I pleased, that always left me shaking; I couldn’t help but start to touch myself again as I took him deeper into my mouth. It didn’t take him long to begin falling over the edge, but as soon as I felt his muscles tighten, I removed my mouth from him. “Not yet, sweetheart.”

Two more times, I brought him to the brink and refused his release. He lasted longer and longer each time, to the point where I’d denied him for nearly 30 minutes. After switching between gentle strokes, firm grasps, soft licks and sweet kisses for another few minutes, his orgasm began to crest again. “Please, Mistress, I can’t hold it anymore. Please…”

I loved when this happened; he always got super desperate and forgot to use my title. “Please, please, please…”

God, I loved it when he begged. Subby to the extreme. Reaching down between my legs, I started to stroke my clit while continue my gentle assault on the tip of his cock. “Please what, sweetheart?”

Spencer was shaking with the force of staving off his release. It was getting more and more difficult and my hand kept moving faster and faster. “Please let me cum, Mistress. I can’t wait anymore.”

“Okay, baby. Cum for me.”

Oh, those magic words. They had barely left my mouth when he cried out, his whole body tensing while he released himself into my mouth. While I disposed of his release, I continued to stroke him gently, allowing him to ride it out at his own pace. “How are you feeling, sweetheart?” I asked.

“Better,” he said, his eyes heavy with sleep. “Much better.”

I could’ve easily ridden him until sunrise in the state I was in, but he was starting to get tired - my torture and his job mixing together to form the perfect potion for sleepiness.

It was a little early for bed at only 9:00, but I could tell he needed sleep, so I crawled into bed and under the covers. “Come to me. You can sleep on my boobies.” I shook my chest playfully and told him we were done with the scene for the night, so he no longer had to call me by my title. 

“The best kind of pillows,” he chuckled softly. His eyes were closed, head resting against me, one arm under the pillow under my head, and the other clutching one of my own. “Can you play with my hair until I fall asleep?” He was mumbling. He’d be asleep in no time, and undoubtedly in the morning, he’d be up for talking about whatever he’d seen this past week. 

“Of course, love.” 

As my fingers swirled and twirled around his hair, his breathing steadied out, his body rising and falling as he allowed sleep to overtake him. That’s why I loved us. We always knew what the other needed. I smiled to myself as my own eyes began to close, hearing one last thing before I fell asleep. “I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you, too, Spence.”


hey everyone!

okay so i had this wonderful idea to put together a prompt list using dialogue and whenever i run out of ideas for an actual imagine, i’ll come back here and see what you guys requested and post some! put it in my ask box!

i hope you guys enjoy and feel free to pick one (or more, but please no more than 3) and i’ll post some!

enjoy a gif of our dork Tom Holland.

gonna cry about this ill be back.

here’s the prompts:

  1. “oops.”
  2. “sorry, i’m on my way.”
  3. “oh really?”
  4. “shit, are you okay?”
  5. “make me.”
  6. “just grab it, dammit.”
  7. “Peter, shut up.”
  8. “i actually really hate you.”
  9. “i’m just kidding, don’t leave.”
  10. “cuddle me.”
  11. “i lost the Stark internship.”
  12. “i don’t want to hurt you.”
  13. “are you sure you want to do this?”
  14. “well, holy fuck.”
  15. “oh shit.”
  16. “your dad is the Tony Stark?!”
  17. “so, you like me?”
  18. “you just, uh- make me very nervous.”
  19. “don’t leave me, please.”
  20. “i love you so so much.”
  21. “you heard me.”
  22. “i don’t have an attitude.”
  23. “yeah, okay, Parker. whatever makes you happy.”
  24. “Penis Parker.”
  25. “shut the hell up.”
  26. “you turn me on.”
  27. “but it’s raining..”
  28. “ugh, you drive me insane.”
  29. “you’rereallypretty.”
  30. “you mean it?”
  31. “i promise.”
  32. “do you want to get yourself killed?!”
  33. “2:34 pm.”
  34. “you’re looking absolutely stunning in that dress.”
  35. “your bra is showing.”
  36. “you worry me sometimes.”
  37. “i want to fly.”
  38. “okay, spiderling.”
  39. “Ned loves me more than you do.”
  40. “Michelle is actually an amazing artist.”
  41. “hi aunt May!”
  42. “May loves me more, just remember that.”
  43. “i’ve been waiting for you two to be a thing since 8th grade.”
  44. “awhhh you think i’m cute.”
  45. “i’m not fighting with you.”
  46. “no, no. we’re doing this right now.”
  47. “we’re not doing this right now.”
  48. “your moan is adorable.”
  49. “you’re unholy.”
  50. “but i’m tired.”
  51. “take a nap.”
  52. “you’re so pretty when you sleep.”
  53. “my heart only beats for you, love.”
  54. “you’re stupid.”
  55. “bite me!”
  56. “oh, alright.”
  57. “i didn’t mean it literally.”
  58. “you dork.”
  59. “whatever you say.”
  60. “Peter, my eyes are up here.”
  61. “uh, right, sorry.”
  62. “Ned, i like the hat.”
  63. “you’re so dumb.”
  64. “only i can say that.”
  65. “my spidey senses are tingling.”
  66. “no no, i love you. i don’t wanna see you go.”
  67. “your ass looks incredible in those jeans.”
  68. “oh, really?”
  69. “is that so?”
  70. “sure thing, Parker.”
  71. “do you want to be my partner?”
  72. “is that my sweatshirt?”
  73. “can i have a sip?”
  74. “can i have a bite?”
  75. “ooh, your hair is so soft.”
  76. “leave your hair down, you look adorable like that.”
  77. “your curls are my favorite thing of yours.”
  78. “no i’m not.”
  79. “you were climbing on the ceiling and walls!”
  80. “what the fuc-”
  81. “oh, sorry. i’ll leave.”
  82. “would it kill you to knock?”
  83. “this door stays open.”
  84. “don’t shut me out, i wanna be here for you.”
  85. “no, don’t touch me.”
  86. “i’m done.”
  87. “help me.”
  88. “you’re so weak.”
  89. “what happened to you?”
  90. “i hate feeling like this.”
  91. “you make me happy.”
  92. “aunt May said i’m her favorite.”
  93. “lies.”
  94. “haha, no.”
  95. “ticklish.”
  96. “what are you hiding, Peter?”
  97. “just kidding, i don’t care. bye.”
  98. “how did i end up with a gorgeous girl like you?”
  99. “go to homecoming with me?”
  100. “i’m sorry.”

A/N: Hi there! I’m relatively new to this fandom and have been itching to write and post fanfiction again for a long time. This is my first ever Shawn imagine and, also, my first post on this blog. I hope that whoever finds this enjoys it and decides to send me requests in the future. Feedback is very much appreciated and, if you wish to repost my work, please give me credit! Thank you in advance and happy reading! 3,100k+

  The text comes in just as I’m pulling into a parking space at the local drugstore and I’m careful to put my car in park before hastily grabbing my phone off of the empty passenger seat. The little bit of my screen that I could see from my periphery was enough to let me know that Shawn had decided to text me at - I check the time on my screen briefly - 11:08PM and was decidedly the reason that I had nearly broken a nail pulling up the emergency break and grabbing wildly at the device in the first place. I purposely allow my vision to remain out of focus as I quickly ponder the reasons why Shawn Mendes could possibly be texting me at this hour and immediately decide that I don’t care before looking at the glorious text message at long last. I allow myself a moment to read the contact name one more time (in small, bolded letters, it reads ’Shawn’ and my heart speeds up at the memory of the man, himself, typing in his name as well as choosing the emojis that would forever accompany the phone number that he smoothly tapped into my phone) before reading the text, itself.

  It’s not all that complex, just a few words, really. A few words that he probably lazily tapped out with his huge hands before hitting send and then absentmindedly setting his phone down to do something much more interesting. ’Are you busy rn?’ is what the text says; the text that has my stomach twisting into knots is a grand four words long. But that’s because I know that whenever Shawn asks me this question, it always leads to me seeing his beautiful face in person and I’m sure that this time isn’t any different. I hope to god that this time isn’t any different. I take a deep breath, choosing to ignore the pathetic nature of the situation on my end, and fix my fingers to compose a coy response.

   My thumbs hover over the screen, miming out a few cool, calm responses before my phone begins to vibrate sharply in my hands. I literally gasp, not unlike the sad sack I am, as Shawn’s name and contact photo overtake my entire screen along with the option to answer his incoming call. I don’t give myself long to freak out before I’m sliding my thumb across the glass and activating the speaker option. “Yo!” I greet, chipper and completely opposing to the chaotic, heart palpitating storm taking place within my chest.

  “Did you see my text?” He asks by way of greeting and I have to resist the automatic “Duh!” rising in my throat. Because of course I saw his text! God, he even sounds beautiful.

   "I was just replying to it, actually! I’m just running a quick errand, but my night is free, other than that.“ I respond, wondering where this miraculously clear thinking and ability to string together meaningful sentences was when I was attempting to type out my response just moments ago.

   ”Can you come over?“ He asks without hesitation and I have to mute my end of the call just so that I can shakily exhale in utter excitement. I unmute the call before too much time passes.

   "Yeah! I’m just gonna run into the drugstore really quickly and then-”

  “Wait, are you in the car still?” Shawn cuts me off and I giggle annoyingly.

  “Yeah, I am. Why?” I ask and I hear a bit of shuffling on the other end of the phone.

  “Come pick me up! I wanna get some snacks and you’re in a perfectly functioning vehicle. It works out wonderfully, if you ask me.” He pitches and I roll my eyes even though he can’t see me. “Don’t roll your eyes at me! I’ll be ready when you get here. Love you!” He rushes out before I hear the three, consecutive beeps that let me know that he’s hung up the call. What a dick. And how did he know I was rolling my eyes? Am I that predictable? The cycle of never-ending questions continues all the way through my drive to his house.

 I pull into the all too familiar driveway of Shawn’s place a few minutes later and will my heartbeat to slow down as I pull the keys from the ignition. I approach his door tentatively, as if I’m not here every other day as of late. I go to raise my fist to his front door, but it swings open before I have the chance and I’m left standing face to face with the literal man of my dreams. Shawn wastes no time in pulling me into a bear hug and I silently pray that he can’t hear the shakiness in my breaths or feel my erratic heartbeat in our close proximity.  He’s so beautiful that it hurts, really. 

  In the short span of time before our embrace, I was able to register the telltale gorgeous mop of curls, clearly having been meticulously styled earlier in the day, now relaxed into a tangle of wavy, brown locks, one tendril resting atop his forehead. His eyes, always so warm and inviting, shone brightly beneath dark brows that mirrored the deep brown curls adorning his head. His nose is one of my favorite things about him, other than his mouth, and it had scrunched up when he fixed me with a brilliant smile that showed off his painfully perfect teeth. His lips looked pink, maybe a little bitten, and I have to remind myself, as I’m holding his strong body against me, that there would be awkward consequences to kissing him silly.

 "You actually came!“ He exclaims, muffled from resting his mouth on top of my head from his towering vantage point. I smile against him and take a moment to discreetly inhale his intoxicating aroma.

 "Of course I did.” I reply in nearly a whisper and I mentally kick myself for sounding as mushy as I feel. A firm kiss to the forehead assures me that Shawn doesn’t mind all too much. My heart absolutely soars and then the hug is over before it starts, in my opinion. Soon enough, he’s disentangling himself from what I hope is not too firm of a grip and turning his back on me momentarily to close his front door and lock it behind him. And really,honestly, how he manages to make such nimble usage of his large hands both astounds and arouses me at the same time. But I need to stop, I need to stop right this instant, because he’s facing me again with that familiar mirth dancing in his eyes. Always ready for an adventure. Always so damn happy. I wouldn’t have him any other way.

 "Shotgun!“ He yells as if he isn’t the only other passenger tagging along for the ride save for myself, the driver. What am I gonna do with him? Before I can ponder his utter adorableness any more deeply, I’m jarred back into the present by the sound of an obnoxious jangling of the passenger-side door handle of my car as Shawn impatiently waits for me to unlock its doors. I decide to put him out of his misery, popping the locks and he enthusiastically swings the door open before clambering into the passenger seat and slamming it behind him, bouncing up and down in his seat like a little kid. I can’t help but to smile fondly at him through the window as I approach, shaking my head in mock disapproval.

 By the time we’re pulling out of the driveway, Shawn’s talking a mile a minute and I can’t find it in me to stop him. “How late is the drugstore open? Do they sell frozen pizzas? You know what? We should order a pizza!” It’s at this point in his one-sided conversation that he takes to resting his head on my shoulder while I drive and I wish I could be in two places at once so that I could see what we must look like from another point of view. Better yet, maybe I don’t want to see the embarrassingly love struck expression on my face as the lanky, beautiful boy next to me blabbers aimlessly about pizza. I briefly nuzzle into him, a small reciprocation of his action, before sitting up straight again as we plow onward.

 "Pizza sounds nice!“ I concede enthusiastically, because really, this boy could make me excited about anything. I notice that he hasn’t moved his head yet, but he has taken his phone out and is scrolling through his Instagram feed as he responds.

 "I’ll order it before we leave the store.” Shawn decides and I don’t have the chance to respond yet when he reaches out a hand to trace the insignia on my steering wheel. He swills his finger around the silver circle before tracing the letters inside of it. “That saying is true, you know.” he begins and I peer at him quizzically for a moment before facing the road again.

 "And what saying is that?“ I ask, wondering what in the world he could be getting at. I don’t have to wonder for long as I’m pulling into a parking space in front of the drugstore yet again, the same space that I was in when I got Shawn’s call earlier.

 "Pretty girls like Volkswagens.” he says matter-of-factly and I hope to the heavens above that he doesn’t hear the sharp intake of breath through my nose as my eyes fall upon the shiny VW emblazoned on my steering wheel. Next, my eyes dart to the curly head of hair still resting on my shoulder, just catching the movement of Shawn’s head tilting up to fix me with the sweetest, close-mouthed smile. The one that crinkles his eyes at the corners and causes those little creases to frame his beautiful, pink lips and brings a gorgeous blush to his cheeks. My favorite smile in the whole, wide world.

 It takes me a moment to realize that I’m thinking all of these things, about his perfect features and his breathtaking proximity to my own face, and that I’ve yet to actually respond to his compliment. My face is hot like a furnace and I feel a pleasant heat bloom behind the apples of my cheeks while I bite back an idiotic grin. Try as I might, it still slips through. His smile never falters, almost like he was expecting a considerable gap of stunned silence before I actually fumbled out a reply. It’s amazing that, through all of the painstaking analyzation of this moment that Shawn has thrust upon us, all I can muster is a shy “Shut up,” as I fight not to absolutely beam in his face. That comment earns me a set of pearly white teeth that have now peaked out from behind bubblegum pink lips after they’ve parted out of amusement. “You’re so corny!” I exclaim, hiding my face in my hands, no longer able to keep my bashful embarrassment at bay.

 I can hear Shawn’s tinkling laughter and I can feel him shift so that he’s no longer leaning on my shoulder. And just like that, the moment has passed and I’m left to pathetically wallow in what was surely a playfully flirtatious comment that didn’t mean nearly as much to him as it did to me. And I hate him, I really do. I hate him for twisting my insides with one glance and sending my heart into a frenzy over a four-worded text. I’m sure he does that to all of his friends, because that’s all we are: friends. I’d never dare suggest otherwise, I wouldn’t have the heart to be rejected by someone like him. Someone who’s so effortlessly kind that it would probably take me days to figure out that he had rejected me in the first place.

 I lift my head from my hands to find Shawn staring intently at me from the passenger seat, the hint of a smile still lingering on the edges of his lips. I immediately blush anew, imagining how stupid I must’ve looked, hiding myself away from him while I planned the hypothetical demise of our friendship. “I hate you.” I mutter, busying myself with removing the keys from the ignition, wiping my clammy palms on my thighs, anything but looking into the face of the stupidly dreamy boy next to me while he most likely smirks in triumph. He chuckles quietly, confirming my suspicions.

 "I don’t hate you.“ he responds and I have to look at him now, I guess. I have to look at him because what’s going on right now feels a lot like flirtation and it can’t be, it just can’t. No. There’s no way that a Shawn Mendes would go for a, well, for a me. All of a sudden, it feels as if I never got a text from Shawn in the first place, like I’ve been elaborately daydreaming ever since I parked my car in the lot earlier. The only real explanation for the sudden turn of events has to be that I’m daydreaming, because I never get the guy. And I’m certainly not accustomed to towering, brown eyed musicians leaning across the middle console at nearly midnight to plant their sinfully soft lips over mine. Oh my god. Oh my god.

 And I mean, I may be shocked, but I’m not stupid. This, of course, means that I’m snapped out of my reverie at lightening speed and am cupping Shawn’s sculpted jaw and trying my very best not to just absolutely jump his bones. He seems to welcome the gesture, taking to resting a delightfully large hand on my shoulder, shooting currents of warmth through my skin in his wake. He runs the back of his knuckles over my cheek, my jaw, my neck in a feather light stroke, pulling back from the kiss in favor of dropping a series of quick, pop kisses to my lips, causing me to smile at the display of affection. He places a few more on my cheeks, my nose, my chin, and my forehead before settling back into his seat. He reaches for my hand that’s closest to him and interlaces our fingers, resting our joined hands on the middle console.

 "I have to tell you something.” he begins as if he didn’t just make a totally dynamic-changing move that said everything for him. I can’t help but to snort at his obviousness. The sound causes him to gaze upon me with mirth dancing in his eyes, mouth upturned in a helpless grin.

 "I think I know what it is already, Shawn.“ I tell him, playing with the ring on his finger as I roll my eyes fondly in his direction. I think I do a pretty swell job of pretending like my heart isn’t beating out of my ribcage at the wordless admission of feelings that he’s surely referring to.

 "And, well, what do you think?” Shawn asks and there’s a joking lilt to his words, but I can still hear undertones of a more serious hopefulness and it makes my stomach flip with excitement that he cares so much about my answer. Equipped with the knowledge that I won’t be rejected, I’m emboldened enough to face him head on. He’s giving me his undivided attention and it’s both nerve wrecking and thrilling at the same time.

 "I think I like you. A lot.“ the words roll off of my tongue much easier than I anticipated and watching Shawn’s face light up in real time is gratifying enough to quash any internal self-doubt after baring my feelings in such a way.

 "Cool. I mean, yeah! Me, too! I like you too, I mean.” he splutters, tripping over himself to justify the feelings I’ve been fantasizing over him having for such a long time now. A pink tinge splotches his cheeks not long after the confession and it’s over at that point. He’s got me, hook, line, and sinker. He’s always had me. But I cement that by being the one to initiate the next kiss and he more than happily catches on, moving his lips with mine in a way that makes me dizzy and needy. I want to rub my hands all over his body, to tangle my fingers in his tousled curls, but I know there’s plenty of time for that later.

 I pull away just as Shawn places a hand on my shoulder again and I just catch him with his eyes closed, still soaking up the kiss that took place only moments before and I don’t know how I’ll be able to control myself if this is how things are gonna be from now on. When he peers at me once again, it’s through heavily lidded eyes that he blinks languidly a few times before smirking at me and biting his lip and I feel a warmth twist in my gut. “The drugstore is closing soon,” I start quietly and he nods, lip still bitten between his teeth as he waits for me to continue. “We should probably,” I trail off helplessly and he mumbles an “mhm” as he leans in, kissing my lips again, completely ignoring my attempts to get us out of the car.

 The glowing letters of the drugstore dim in front of us as we continue to kiss well past closing and we’re ultimately forced to decide on skipping straight to ordering pizza from the only local pizzeria open at this hour. I didn’t need anything from the store that badly, anyway. When we make it back to Shawn’s place, it’s with a definite pep in my step, as the air between us has certainly shifted.

 When he can’t seem to go a full few steps to any location in his house without dragging me with him, our fingers interlaced, I don’t complain. When I’m standing in front of his open fridge, contemplating for probably a bit too long, and his arms snake around my waist from behind, resting his chin on my shoulder and lazily swaying us from side to side, I don’t say a word. When he insists on pulling me onto his lap after he falls onto the couch, holding me impossibly close and nuzzling into my neck, I reel with excitement, but I do so quietly. And when we finally call it a night in the wee hours of the morning, it’s with my back pressed against Shawn’s bare chest, legs tangled with his, as he sleepily mutters something about being the luckiest guy around. This time, I assure him -sickeningly sweet, I can see what kind of couple we’re going to be, already - that I’m the luckiest and those are the last words spoken before we drift into a peaceful sleep.

泡沫の記憶/Ephemeral Memories DLC Final Map Dialogue - Team Hoshido

All the kids (except for the Kanas and Shigure) have unique dialogue with certain enemies in the final map of the Ephemeral Memories/Failed Revelation/Dead Parents DLC. I thought they were pretty interesting so I wanted to translate them.

For now, here are the conversations with the Hoshido kids (including Midori). Obviously, mega spoilers for the DLC.

Here is the dialogue with the Nohr kids.

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“Teach Me” (Wonho Fluff)

Originally posted by wonhobe

Title: Teach Me

Featuring: Wonho (Monsta X) x Reader

POV: First person

Rating: PG

Summary: You’ve never french kissed before, and Wonho is just the person to teach you.

Requested by anon!

We hadn’t been together long, but already I knew I was in for the long haul with Hoseok.

It all kind of happened in one big blur. One minute we were being introduced by mutual friends, then we were spending a lot of time together in groups, then sometimes alone as friends, and finally we became a couple. I don’t think we’d stopped smiling since we met.

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lost in your sleeve (3/?)

“For a kid with so damn much family these days, he’s still somehow been dealt a shitty hand.” No magic AU where Henry’s just a sad, angry with with a fucked up family tree.

Captain Cobra. (Eventual) Captain Swan.

Notes: Reminder that Henry’s opinions - and it really is just his opinions - in no way reflect the author’s opinions and are by no means meant to be taken as truth. Henry is a sad, angry kid viewing things from a very specific lens. Things are picking up a little bit more, though. Hopefully the next update will be in about a week? I now have kittens who demand my attention but I’ll try to write when they’re napping. 

Song you should definitely listen to if you haven’t yet: Eugene by Sufjan Stevens.

(Thanks again to swallowedsong for reading this over and such.)


Wanna catch up? prologue one two

chapter 3.



            “I had a feeling I’d find you out here.”

            “Oh, fuck off.”

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“You did great. I’m very proud of you." 

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Male matchup, please! I’m an introvert, but very motivated and hard-working. I’m an orchestral musician (trombone) and playing is my favorite thing to do, followed by curling up with a good book. I have black hair and green eyes. It takes me a while to open up to others, but once I do, I’m extremely loyal and supportive to my friends. I prefer to have a few deep friendships as opposed to many superficial ones. I have fibromyalgia, but I fight hard to not let that define me or control my life.

I hope you enjoy, lovely!

Your match is: Jumin!

  • He admires your work ethic and motivation and low key wishes a lot of his employees displayed as much motivation as you do
  • He found your choice in instrument interesting, but nonetheless supports it, as it makes you happy. He has his card and money ready if you need anything for it, let it be lessons or a new part or a new trombone if needed
  • You bet he will dedicate a whole room to books for you to read, and creates a space for you to curl up and read without distractions
  • It took him a long time to open up to you, and appreciated your patience. In return, he does the same for you, waiting until you are ready to open up
  • He agrees 100% with your view on friendships, as he doesn’t hold many friendly relationships with anyone else other than you, really
  • He always worries about you with that, even if you tell him not to. He looks into all the ways to ease the pain and different treatments, and, with your permission, he will get you to the best doctor in the country to help you
  • He will do anything for you, okay? He loves you so much sdlfkdskldfs
Mori Kei in tumblr: Interview with magical Rae

Here in FYMK we are always trying (but sometimes failing) to create new content for the Mori online comunity. So we decided to do interviews with the tumblr mori community.

Today we have the pleasure to present you (for if you didn’t know them already) to one of the most magical persons in tumblr: Rae ( c4tbus​ ).

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One of my favorite things to imagine with Fiddauthor: Fidds curled up in Ford’s lap, half asleep watching him make the final details for his journal. Mumbling about how he will find out what is under the gnomes hats. Fidds yawns out more pointy hats? And Ford actually considers it a good theory and writes down “Pointy hats” at the bottom of the page.

What?  Why else would he write pointy hats at the bottom of the page?

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I had a tears in my eyes when I saw Evan's post about fate. Louis jumps on him, literally just jumps and he knows him - how much? 3 hours? 3 days? And late in 2012 Harry writes 'Something Great' with 'C'mon, jump out on me' in verse. It's so unreal, it's like a plot for some romantic movie here.

their whole relationship from the start is something you couldn’t even make up: they were at the same gig but didn’t meet, they met in the toilet and louis asked for his autograph because he knew harry was going to be famous, they were put into the same band, his first real crush was louis tomlinson, I’d marry you harry, ‘now kiss me you fool, he was going to be away from harry for 3 days at christmas and wanted to see him because ‘as I might miss him’, me and louis had always said we wanted to move in together, it just kinda happened, harry and I live together and he does all the cooking, his curls or his smell, my favorite thing about chop suey are his eye lashes, who wouldn’t love him, are you and louis dating ‘yes’, I think he’s always wonderful, always in my heart sincerely louis, they don’t know about us, don’t let me go, something great, strong, happily, they must be fireproof, leeds, paris, wellington, I don’t like tattoos for myself but I think they look cool on other people, oops and hi, ship and compass, butterfly and it is what it is, rope and anchor, heart and arrow, rose and over a year later, the dagger. 

if this really were a romantic movie, this would be the complicated climax where everything is finally brought to light. 

the happy ending is on the way. 

Quotes that still keeps me up at night

  • My first real crush was Louis Tomlinson
  • And I’d marry you Harry. Because it rhymes
  • His curls or his smell
  • My favorite thing about Chop Suey is his eyelashes
  • And I’d take Harry for the night. But still struggle with handling him
  • (Harry asked about Larry Stylinson) Yeah, it’s going strong, he is in the other room
  • It was pretty much that, it just kinda happened
  • If my mum had never taken me to the audition then certain things would never have happened.
  • Louis is a great person to just like, sit and kind of just admire what he’s like
  • Louis is loud and loud and loud

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"i feel like i can tell him anything. and i felt like that straight away"

“harry, you’re my win!”

“louis is a great person to sit and admire what he’s like, it puts a smile on your face when you see someone like that”

“Don’t let me go cause I’m tired of sleeping alone”

“it just kinda happened”

“even as young as you are?” “simultaneous no hesitation ‘yeah’s 100%”

“i’d marry you harry”

“Louis is…loud, loud, loud…loud”

“his curls or his smell xx”

“my favorite thing about chop suey is his eyelashes”

“this venue is quite special to me”

“cause when I’m not with you I’m weaker, is that so wrong, is it so wrong, that you make me strong”