"what?? youve never seen [bad old movie]???"

“well jake not everyone studies up on bad pop culture references to make up for the emptiness of their personality”

Alright Queen fandom...

Recently I had a row with someone online who got very…lets say upset, when I informed them Freddie Mercury had naturally curly hair that he either tonged or blow-dried flat. 

He told me I am mentally ill and that Freddie had straight hair and permed it to look like Jimi Hendrix(!!!) So…lets prove them wrong, shall we? 

Let’s start a Freddie Mercury curly hair masterpost. I’ll go first.




1975: Not quite curls, but it’s floofy and starting to curl…







1982…must be my imagination that his hair curls at the nape of his neck…

Then after this, his hair is too short to curl and his PA said he was pleased at ‘the end of the dreaded curls’. Also has this person never heard of hair spray, gel or brylcreem? FFS, there are even photos of Brian May as a little kid with straight hair.

1986…you can still see them a little bit though…

1987…slightly curly again. 

When someone’s nasty to me, I go out of my way to prove a point…

Now…add your own!