I’ve been so obsessed with wearing my natural hair like this a lot this summer. Blow dry, then flat iron, then wand curls with a wavy patterned curling wand. For some people it might be too much heat, but I retain so much length! This style can last me a long time because I don’t get reversion very quickly, and it’s so easy to refresh each morning. That’s why I always say that you can’t be obsessed with following all of the “rules” ..You have to do what works for you.


another reason why i need to go to vegas! 🌈

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Wash Day Tutorials - African Hair Threading 👌😍

African Threading is a traditional African hair styling technique. Black thread is used to wrap around strands of hair from the root all the way to the tips.

Threading may be used for retaining length, growing hair and stretching hair. Also a very good protective style.

Threading may be used as an alternative for those days when shrinkage is real. It will stretch the hair to its full capacity and allows for a fuller head of hair to achieve your desired hairstyle.
If you have tight kinky curls, then this is for you.

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