BTS Reaction-

“ could I get a bts reaction to their s/o grabbing their butt and being like “approved”?”


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Jin would be the type to at a photoshoot, he would not be able to keep his eyes off of her. He would keep getting yelled at because he was constantly looking at her and not at the camera.Eventually they would go to lunch, and when everyone was leaving he would go up to her and hug her tightly. He would then reach down and grab a handful of booty then whisper in her ear “Booty-Approved”.


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He and her would be sleeping in for the day because he doesn’t have any schedule. And she would be sleeping in his overly large sweater all curlled up wearing no pants (because he always asks because its a tease to him). He would SOMEHOW wake up before her and see he hogged all the blankets. She would roll away from him exposing her lower half, he would scoot closer to her, grab her and whisper in her ear..”approved” She wouldn’t wake up so he would just chuckle to him self and get up.


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He and her would be in the practice room and he would be teaching her how to twerk(LOL WHO ELSE CAN SEE THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENING???). She would feel awkward and end p laughing half the time, and hes like here let me help you. He would grab her hips, and butt and help her twerk. He would have to hold him self back since he was right behind you, he would just squeak out “damn that booty is approved by hoseok..” and try to hide what she did to him LOL.

Rap Monster(Namjoon)

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He would be so awkward….omg. She would be trying on outfits for the day, shorts and cute tops mostly. She would turn to him and be like, “Does this make my butt look good?” And he would just stare in awe, not saying anything. She would frown at him and then go sit on his lap and he would just whisper “approved” and kiss her neck. She would giggle and bounce away.


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(im sorry if i kill any jimin stans with this lol, but he would be a butt man) He and her would be watching a movie at home, they would be cuddling and he would be thinking of OTHER THINGS FOR AFTER THE MOVIE. But he knew she really wanted to see this movie, so he pushed his plans til later. They eventually run out of popcorn, so she goes to pop more. While shes browsing her phone waiting for it ti be done, he comes up and smacks her on the butt real hard. And she yelps and he steals a kiss. After a heated his, he smirks (THAT JIMIN SMIRK YOU KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT) he looks at her, and says “approved jagi”.


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She would be over at the members place, cooking them food because taehyung begged for her to come and show how good she is at cooking. And they would all be doing their thing in the living area and he would wonder his way in to see her humming making ramen for the boys. He would stand there and stare at her, not saying anything and eventually he would walk up and back hug her and she would get surprised. He would then before he walks away, grab a handful of booty, wink and say “approved 100%”


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Jungkook would take her shopping and for lunch. He would take her to reinvent her wardrobe and enjoy doing so. She would try on new sundresses and shorts and he would be eyeing her all day. They would head over to their frequent bbq place, and when helping her out of the car, he would smack her booty in her new shorts and receive a slap from her. He would chuckle and take her into his arms, and while looking forward say “damn booty approved”.