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Phil was like ‘I want you to curl my hair with some curling irons’. Who cares? Give the people what they want. Some people were like ‘Dan, you could have done a better job’. I was so scared of actually injuring Phil. ‘Cause these things are like 300 degrees and as I said in the video, there’s so many clips on YouTube of girls curling their hair and doing a tutorial and ripping off their entire fringe. Actually think for a second if I actually ripped of AmazingPhil’s fringe. He probably has it insured. I don’t know but it’s like oh my god. So yeah, I was scared I’d burn his flesh. … I didn’t want to be the guy that melted his face on YouTube. So yeah, I hope you had fun with that.

@danielhowell​ during his live show on the 4th of July 2017

Quotes from Dan (63/?)

Phil’s commentary on Dan curling his hair

Dan being absolutely adorable and so scared of actually hurting Phil by accident.

Tips I've learned from being a hairstylist that I'd like to share with you:

1. Don’t wear your ponytail, bun, or clip in the same spot everyday. This can cause friction that will eventually cause breakage. Instead, mix it up by wearing your ponytail higher or lower or to the side. You could even try a braid.

2. It’s healthier to NOT wash your hair everyday if you can. When you wash your hair, you strip the scalp of it’s natural oils that moisturize the hair. I know you can’t always skip shampooing, especially if you workout everyday or your hair gets greasy after one day of not washing. You don’t have to skip shampoo too many days in a row, just try every other day.

3. Static in the hair is caused by lack of moisture. Lack of moisture can be caused by washing your hair too much, using alcohol based products (such as hairspray or mousse), salt water, chlorine water, using too much or too high of heat on your hair, or simply by not conditioning enough.

4. When you condition your hair, don’t put it on the scalp. Only put in on the mid shaft and ends. Why not put it on the scalp? Because of those natural oils I mentioned earlier. They’ll moisturize the hair near the scalp.

5. You only need to condition Every other day or a few times a week. Make at least two of those times a deep conditioner.

6. Chlorine can dry and damage your hair. One way to help prevent this is to get your hair wet before going swimming. Your hair is like a sponge, it sucks up and holds water. If there’s already water in your hair when you go swimming, it makes it harder for chlorine water to get in and stay.

7. Please use a thermal protector when flat ironing, curling , and blow drying. It will not prevent damage altogether, but it will cut down on it. There are blow-dry cremes and sprays out there that are just for styling and not protecting. Make sure it actually says on the bottle ‘thermal protectant’. My favorite is Redken’s Iron Shape. Just about every salon sells it.

8. Acne: There are several causes, hormones, stress, bacteria, poor diet. Zits on the neck or jawline are usually caused by hormones (puberty, your period). Those you can’t really prevent/heal without acne cream. Acne on your cheeks is most likely cause by poor diet. Cut down on sugars, processed foods, and bad fats. Zits along the hairline at usually caused by stress. Another cause of zits may be from bacteria on your pillow case. Wash your pillow case every other day. On days you don’t wash it, flip over so you always have a clean side to sleep on. Another way to keep your face clean is to actually clean it with face wash. Make sure it isn’t one that is too abrasive. Also, avoid touching your face a lot. Oils from your hand can build up on your face and cause zits.

That’s all I can think of for now. I’ll try to add more later.

On AmazingPhil, Dan curled my hair, which obviously I haven’t kept because it’s looking pretty sleek today. It was an interesting look though, I think it suited me more than I thought it would. So if you want to see Dan hold a 300 degree pole next to my head, there’s some danger for you. Who needs prank channels when you’ve got that? So watch that, that’ll be good. ‘I was terrified he was going to rip all your hair out’. So was I, slightly, I mean… it could have happened. *chuckles* It felt like it was going to happen. It was so warm. ‘You looked great either way though’. Thank you. 'I LOVED YOUR CURLY HAIR’. Was it because it was something new or was it because it looked good? I don’t know. I feel like curly hair is like the cool thing at the moment though. I'm just the final person with emo hair. It’s staying though, guys. I’m not curling my hair.

@amazingphil during his live show on the 6th of July (x)

Quotes from Phil (4/?)

Dan’s commentary on curling Phil’s hair

So while Dan was dangerously scared of ripping Phil’s hair off, Phil was only slightly terrified even if he thought it very possible. That’s trust right there. 


hair style trends for fall/winter 2015

- grey & pastel colored hair - dark red hair - blue/turquoise/green & ombre hair- braids & hair accessory -


Frenchie: The dreamer the student the almost dropout

So yesterday I burnt myself with a curling iron and the burn ended up looking like a hickey. Later, one of my friends came up and asked who he was, and I simply replied “oh he’s super hot. He gets turned on easily and he has this massive rod of at least 8 inches” when she asked what his name was, I said “conair” and then walked away.


I love today’s vlog! In this video I talk about how we can be spiritual without giving up things like fabulous shoes or other material goods. I believe that if you’re on a spiritual path you’re always heading toward your authentic truth. When we accept that truth we’re called to express it through what we wear and how we present ourselves. Watch this video for my insight. Oh, and make sure to watch the end of the video, where I give a tutorial on how I do my hair. Seriously!