Curling commentator: “if the nhl players don’t go to the olympics, curling could really come into the spotlight for canada.”

I like curling and all but really? You couldn’t think of…I don’t know…the women’s hockey? I get that both curling and hockey take place on ice but that’s it. 

Seriously that is some reaching right there


Un curling con coches solo puede existir en Rusia


Team Building (on ice)

If you’ve never been to Minnesota you probably share the common perception that it’s a dull, dreary, frozen Siberian wasteland.  Well it is frozen much of the year, but we know how turn that into fun (and fitness).  I could have held our team meeting almost anywhere, but I wanted my team to experience a Minnesota winter.

We had hoped to go snowmobiling and ice fishing, but global warming foiled our plans - no snow and temps in the 40′s.  So we compromised and went curling instead.  We’d all seen curling in the Olympics, but none had actually done it.  After an hour of instruction we spent an hour curling.  As you might expect, it was more difficult than it looks.  It was really hard to ‘curl’ with just enough force to leave the stone in the ‘house’ (the colored target).  

The Chaska curling center is beautiful building.  After we finished curling we ate lunch in the restaurant overlooking the ice.  I don’t think I’m ready to join a curling league, but it was definitely a fun group activity.


Saturday afternoon. Oh,Canada! Go, Canada!