Lovely Big Bouncy Curlz 😍by @cintia_marie “ThrowBack #BlackHair #TintOfBlue #CurlFormer #FluffyAndBouncy this may be my style this wkend. .. maybe I’ll give the curls a break MAYBE😊
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I just ordered a bunch of curlformers after i watched some videos of them on youtube. They seem like a great, hassle free way to get pretty curls without heat (and as you all know i am a sucker for hair products ;) I didn’t order one of their sets but a combination of starter packages so i can combine extra wide ones , wide ones, shorter and longer ones cause i got layers and want a natural look. As soon as i got them and tried them i’ll let you all know how my hair turned out and how i liked using the curlformers.

You can check them out here =>

xoxo Anna

Maybe she will see this.

On your curlformer video I left a response and I just need you to see this, somewhere. I’ll repost my comment on here but everyone is telling you to do the InStyler and as a licensed professional do not waste $100 on it. All it is is a flat iron with a brush and mostly useless for someone like you. The people who get the most use out of it are people with extremely kinky curly hair who wants it to be straight. And I know it’s your money and you can do whatever you want with it. Just try to stay away from it. A lot of people do use it to curl their hair but again all  it really is is just a rotating barrel with a brush. It doesn’t speed up the curling time or make the curls anymore better. Just stick with curling irons or rollers.

Now onto the curlformer. You’re trying to put too much hair in at one time! Also start at the bottom of your hair at your nape and clip up the rest and work in layers all the way to the top. Also you should invest in a rolling hood dryer at one point. They’re about $88 but for rollers and things like this it’s worth the investment. Even if you want straight hair all you have to do is just sit under the dryer and clip your bangs into place. And it just adds to being lazy :3

Oh and you should try these for your hair instead :D


How To LAY your Edges