I attempted to use curlformers for the first time last night. My hair was 95% dry, so these probably would’ve been a lot nicer if I had put them in when it was more damp. Oh well. I’m still pretty happy with them - they are super, super soft, unlike how curling irons typically leave my hair feeling a little crunchy. Definitely will try again soon.


How to use Curlformers! No Heat Curls tutorial
Made another video~ I really like using curlformers when I want long lasting no heat curls :D There’s a bunch of different widths and lengths so it’s easy to create all kinds of styles. The hair forms curls the best with damp hair but it’s harder to get them in the curlformers that way… So I put my hair in dry and the wet the curlformers afterwards. Within an hour or two, they’re ready to remove. The longer the hair is left in, the tighter the curl will be. You can even put them in before bed and wake up to pretty curls :3 All without the damage of hot styling tools~ They’re available at Sally’s Beauty or online if you’d like to try them out some time

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This is one of the many reasons I LOVE natural hair… Versatility! These are only a few of the styles I’ve done with my hair… I love that I have options. I flat iron my hair & my sisters color their hair… so… those aren’t permanent changes to our Textures. Yes, that could cause damage, but not properly combing your hair can cause damage. There is more to being natural than just wearing an afro or twist out. Our hair is AMAZING! Embrace that our kinky curly afro textured hair can switch it up and go right back to an afro. I’ve never experienced heat damage and if I do, oh well… snip… snip… #naturalhair ♡ pictured above #afro #blowout #curlingwand #flatiron on #longhair and #shorthair #twistout #twistandcurl #curlformers #washngo @shabbysista

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Lovely Big Bouncy Curlz 😍by @cintia_marie “ThrowBack #BlackHair #TintOfBlue #CurlFormer #FluffyAndBouncy this may be my style this wkend. .. maybe I’ll give the curls a break MAYBE😊
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I just ordered a bunch of curlformers after i watched some videos of them on youtube. They seem like a great, hassle free way to get pretty curls without heat (and as you all know i am a sucker for hair products ;) I didn’t order one of their sets but a combination of starter packages so i can combine extra wide ones , wide ones, shorter and longer ones cause i got layers and want a natural look. As soon as i got them and tried them i’ll let you all know how my hair turned out and how i liked using the curlformers.

You can check them out here =>

xoxo Anna



Pic #1. Install Curlformers

Pic #2. I knew I was going to run out of curlformers so I did the middle last and used the perm rods there.

Pic #3. Curlers taken out and curls seperated.

Pic #4. Curlers out - curls not seperated

Pic #5. Pinned my hair back because the front, in my opinion, is too short to leave out. 

Pic #6. Final look; satisfied with results. I’ll try curlformers again to get better results. 

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