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I do admit, I’m stalling a bit on writing the next chapter of CF mostly because I want the story’s outline done first. So far I have the rough outline for 6 chapters!

Anyways Enjoy some Wastelander!AU Rhys (basically the crooked feathers universe, calling it Wastelander because it’s easier and more catchy) 

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First Impressions // Barry x Reader

Request: Can there be a smut for you being a new intern at the police department and Barry takes a liking to you, soon you become his assistant and you guys end up having sex all around his lab?

Warnings: I got secondhand butterflies just writing this tbh. Flirty!Barry and steamy smut oooh

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Supercorp 6 or 9? Or both because they would be so cute. I love your writing so so much.

Supercorp, piggy back rides

It is the first time Kara Danvers has ever seen Lena Luthor sleep.

She hovers outside of Lena’s glass walled office before stepping lightly onto the balcony, the night humming quiet in her veins. She hadn’t meant to end up here, had fully intended to be in bed by now, curled around her spare pillow, waiting for the sun.


Unlike Lena, dozing among a mess of papers and fastidiously typed notes at her desk, crime never sleeps.

It’s new this thing between them, this friendship, a lie Kara must juggle between two lives.

Just friendship, Kara reminds herself as she tucks her hair behind her ear, shifting her weight uneasily, only that. No matter the late-night-movie cuddling or the long kisses Lena presses to her cheek in farewell. No matter the lunches that stretch to early evening, Lena’s hand finding hers on the tabletop.

Kara steps closer, pressing her palm flat against the balcony door, unsure how many lines she is about to blunder through.

It is well past midnight now, the darkened city tipping into the witching hour, shadow drenched and vast. There are no stars tonight, no moon, and the darkness presses close against her shoulders, bearing down, a celestial weight.

Lena leaves the balcony door unlocked these days, and though Kara has never asked, she knows it’s for her.

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