To help cover the gaps in his rent payment, Gokudera secretly took up a part-time job at a small, used book store that’s owned by a quiet elderly woman.

He usually just organizes the books, dusts shelves, and helps with any heavy lifting (he isn’t let anywhere near the front counter because of his nonexistent patience with strangers).

Even though he hates to admit it, he actually enjoys working there; not only is he the only employee, but the woman he works for also likes to play classical music records and brew decent coffee for the two of them.

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Gokudera has a photographic memory, which is why he was able to fully learn Japanese in such a short amount of time.

He also has an extensive knowledge of several other major world languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, and Russian. Learning new languages and other subjects through reading is a major hobby of his.

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The reason why Hibari is so obsessed with keeping order and discipline is because he lost his older brother in a car accident. His brother had been ignoring the speed limit, and Hibari thought, “Brother wouldn’t be dead if he had followed the rules.”

He’s completely absorbed with enforcing rules because he doesn’t want to lose anyone again.

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Before Ricardo became Vongola Secondo, he actually had a pure Sky Flame but it was weak. 

Due to the hidden manipulations of Daemon Spade, Ricardo grew to hate not only for himself but those around him, especially towards his cousin, Giotto. Thus this hate morphed with the Sky Flames and the ‘Flame of Wrath’ was created.

 Ricardo did feel regret in the end of his life for what he did.

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