Twice in the same day I passed by someone I’ve photographed in the street. The second time, my former temporary subject was travelling with friends and flew off the handle with really good stories and compliments. One of their friends then quietly asked, “… can I get a photo?” This is at least the fifth time I’ve been asked for a spot on the blog. It’s always interesting being on the alternate side of the question. Fascinating people walk the Earth every day. I stop and say hi and sometimes, they say hi back. Be fabulous, give life and enjoy your week, all.

‘Do I need to look at the camera?’
Only if you feel compelled to.

Surprise, surprise: Curiouser&Quote has moved to a new home! Please visit to keep up with me and the people I meet. I appreciate everyone who’s following already and for your continued participation in my journey! Many apologies in advance for any rockiness during the transition.