curiouscrow  asked:

Share 5 facts about yourself and pass this on to 10 of your favorite followers :) (I wanna hear yours to)

AHHHHHHHHHH I did one of these already so Im not sending it out again, buuuuuut, I love talking about me, so.

Lets see.

1. I am currently drinking wine which I asked for by saying I was recently 21 and recently paid. Its rather good.

2. JUST finished playing some League of Legends, in which we lost and it was painful.

3. I got to play some actually good board games this weekend! Not GREAT but it was entertaining and I think I won the game but I dont remember because I was CAMPING so I was drunk the whole weekend woops.

4. I am about to go back to school (arent we all) and dreading it. Ilike Computer Science, but hate class work.

5. The thing Im most excited for in the coming months is getting back to my universitys RPG club and DMing some more. Im so so so excited.