curious wristbands

Okay, help me get rid of the rest of these fuckers, I'm sick of them being on my desk all the time

Guys, I bought a fuck ton of wristbands and I still have some left. And by some I mean actually quite a few and I can’t fucking wear them all, now can I? SO here’s your daily reminder or so it feels that these are in existence and you too can be showing your support for Jahar’s rights to a fair trial etc with a subtle black and white wristband. they’re cheaper for you I guess if you’re in the UK or the surrounding area but I will send overseas too.

my dearest mother is getting weird about them because she thinks I have wasted my time and money and I want to prove her wrongggggg. Also, the people who have already bought theirs are probs getting tired of waiting but I need to be sending a certain (larger) amount off at a time because it will possibly be a long and complicated process and it would be convenient if I could post them in big shifts as opposed to sending them out once a day one by one


prices and stuff —>

($5 for overseas to US. shipping and all)

pictures of the originals (the newers ones have white text, not red - they say ‘people won’t stand quiet, I hope’ on the outside and ’#justice4jahar’ on the inside)  —->

Regarding wristbands.

Okay. Let’s try something. Let’s say I have ordered 50. If I get 50 made, they come out at £2.25 each. Or about $3.46. Or €2.66.

Okay. Now I want you to claim as many as you want or intend to get. Say you intend to buy five wristbands. Reply to this, reblog this, or inbox me, saying ‘I claim 5 wristbands.’  This is nothing official yet. Once again, I am just testing the water. It would be a shame if I bought 50, only to find I have 36 left over. That’s all. Spread this around, so people see it.

Thanks you


OKAY GUYS, listen up if you're buying a wristband from me. THIS STUFF IS IMPORTANT.

I’m currently going through payments for the wristbands. I’ve been doing it individually via peoples askboxes, but despite my many spreadsheets, I’ve still managed to lose track of who has told me what already, and I keep hitting the ask limit.

SO, I figured I would just send out a big post, and if you don’t respond, guess what? NO WRISTBAND. Muahhahaha. If you have asked for a wristband, I need to know the following things:

  • If you can pay via PayPal, which is the easiest way for me and for everyone, I think.
  • Your address - one, so I have a place to send it and two, so I know how much to add on for shipping

Inbox me these things, and I will send you my PayPal address and how much to send to it. I will tick you off the list and get ready to send your band when I am notified that your money has come through. Please understand that I cannot send you a wristband until I have received your money. I can’t afford to get scammed!

Reblog this if you can so that everyone sees it…