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I’d actually never this song without the camera clicks until just now on KSJS. The camera clicks are amazing and brilliant, but I love that this song is still stellar without them. 

Mike Shirley-Donnelly, you are a fantastic songwriter. 

It’s not often that I get this excited about a release (okay, that’s not true, but I am more excited about this than most things I hype.)

San Francisco’s CURIOUS QUAIL are heading back into our lives at the end of the month with their second album “After the Lights Failed” at the end of the month. This is significant since they were the architects of one of my favorite albums of 2012, their debut “Instant Gratification.” So to complicate things they have released their newest single entitled “Instant Gratification”, which is not on the first album but is on the new one. (Got it? Don’t worry it all makes sense)

One of the reasons I am so looking forward to this album is because I feel I have watched the entire birthing process. The cool thing about twitter and instagram is that bands will often give you insight into how the record is taking shape and where they are in the recording sessions. You see pics of the band at work and hints about song direction appear in tweets (when not about video games that is).

So to see the finished product be such a wondrous slice of perfection is gratifying. The band has heightened the guitar work to be a bit more crunchy ( and less Smashing Pumpkinsesque) while retaining the softer violins and vocal work to highlight the lyrics about how we as a people have lost the sheer joy of human interaction amongst the 21st century hum of faux communication. I am confident this taste will only whet your appetite for the entire album when it is released on May 30th. I am counting the days for sure.

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Curious Quail Vl | Bottom of the Hill | San Francisco, CA | 5.9.15 | Jennifer R. Biggerstaff Photography

Because we all need some beauty in our lives.

And because the band members are friends, and my husband bangs on drums and bells.

Also, if you like what you hear, the band is releasing a new album! At a show! That is FREE! And ALL AGES!

Where: San Pedro Square Market (87 N. San Pedro Street, San Jose)

When: June 30, 7 p.m.

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VIDEO PREMIERE! Our drummer Joey HAND DREW AND ANIMATED this music video for our song “Instant Gratification”. 
EVERYTHING in this video was done by Joey by drawing stuff, coloring it, making it poseable and then filming it in stop motion with his iPhone. 



Curious Quail V | Bottom of the Hill | San Francisco, CA | 5.9.15 | Jennifer R. Biggerstaff Photography


It’s that time! Last year’s @tinydeskcontest was insanely fun and when they announced they were bringing it back for 2016 we knew we had to enter. Much like last year, everything you hear was done with the instruments you see on screen + the Nintendo Gameboy running LSDJ. 

Special thanks to Sarah for letting us take over her classroom. I felt right at home with the Harry Potter series in the bookshelf behind me.

Directed by Spencer A West / Abe Myers.