curious puppies


Meeting Barry for the first time.

“Who’s the kid?” you asked, cocking your head to the side as Bruce entered the room. Following behind him with a wide grin was a boy who looked like a lost but curious puppy.

“Barry Allen, meet (Y/N),” Bruce introduced you, walking past your chair towards Diana as Barry’s eyes finally met yours.

“Hi!” he greeted you enthusiastically, making you fight the grin trying to crawl onto your face as you watching his adorable features twist up in excitement and nervousness.

“Nice to meet you.”


Two years ago just a few minutes of Tae’s voice was enough to win over Iris Stevenson, a vocal trainer and famous music instructor in the United States. Someone who has a different background, someone who doesn’t speak Korean, someone who sings in a different main language than Tae, someone who had probably not been familiar with Bangtan prior to this time, recognized a special quality in his voice.

A lot of us know that Taehyung has always had a soulful, beautiful voice and a rare kind of depth when he sings. But the finesse and feeling and style he has developed over the years really makes me proud. Honestly music speaks for itself and causes us to feel and become aware of the emotions we harbor that we sometimes didn’t even know existed. Taehyung’s voice makes the listener yearn; the genuine quality in his voice that brings about feeling, with the gentle ups and downs, swings, and all the inhale and exhales. True gem. I’m sure Iris would be proud.


“I love learning about new universes! But, well, I can’t easily visit them myself, so I’d love to learn anything I can! Also, I heard that I’m in there, too? What’s it say? Did you write anything cool down? Is Chara in there, too??”

why is R so emo

oh wait lol

Malec date night

Magnus is making a fancy dinner for him and Alec and Alec follows him around the kitchen like a curious puppy, watching his every move. He tries to taste the food from the pots, but when his hand gets too close Magnus playfully slaps it, saying it’s not ready yet. That, surprisingly, turns Alec ON and he basically grabs Magnus and slams him on the kitchen floor and they have some wild sex right there. When it’s over the food is all burnt and Alec is like “SO worth it.” They end up ordering a pizza and cuddle up watching a movie.