curious object

Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls

Description: Steve Rogers picks up the pencil again and you’re curious to see the object of his latest sketch.  (fluff)

Word Count: 652

Warnings: your teeth might rot out of your head

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Pantone 1945 color match. A teeny tiny radish. I found it at my local supermarket, amidst the regular size radishes. It just jumped right at me saying “Take my picture, lady!” 😁

You can can find this pretty radish and other curious and mundane objects in my book “Tiny Pantone Objects”. If you didn’t get it for Christmas, get it for yourself for New Year 😉 Available at, most book stores, or Hope you all had a lovely time with your family and friends this Christmas and Holidays!

Pretty Palette Challenge!  January 18th - January 25th

Hey guys! Winter still has like.. a month before we say goodbye (well it’s summer/spring to some) so we want to share with you these beautiful palettes to inspire you to draw anything with them!

Cold winters have this calm, silent and ethereal beauty to them, that even without snow you’re able to feel it, and that’s part of what we want you to take from it with these colors.

And well, you already know this: Choose one palette for your piece, not both, and only use those colors :)
Remember that it isn’t always about a character. Draw a background, a creature, a beautiful accessory, a mini fashion collection, a curious object…
Good Luck!

Things to note:
- For this week, fanart is allowed

~[The deadline for this challenge will be January 25th at 10PM GMT/ 5PM EST]

For more information about the group and its submissions, please read the FAQ! If you have a question you do not see mentioned there, please don’t hesitate to ask.
Make sure to submit your piece using the submission page, and tag it for the appropriate challenge!
If you don’t complete in time for the deadline, still post it to your Tumblr and tag it as ‘WAC’ and ‘wac challenges’!

We hope you’ll have fun and improve as an artist during this challenge <3

- artmun and wishalloy

allshewhispers  asked:

Slides pickle on Iza's plate that came with Izaya's meal and presumes to eat his sandwich (Lolol Izaya don't be an ass)

(🐈) Looking at the vegetable on the plate Iza wasn’t sure what he was looking it. He wanted to turn up his nose at the food but he was curious of the object and poked at it. What is this? And why is it on my plate? It looks gross and it smells vile.” 


The Clandestine VIP Dinner in Paris

I once heard this is where French Presidents take their mistresses. Discretely tucked away in a backstreet of South Pigalle, it doesn’t look like much from the outside, but I think that’s the idea.

The windows are veiled with curtains hung just high enough so as not to give anything away about what or who is inside…

Petrelle has been around for more than 20 years. It’s run by a sort of mad-hatter Frenchman, Jean-Luc André, chef and art gallerist who also owns the space next door to the restaurant where he curates theatrical installations …

… surrounded by piles of books and curious objects you might unearth in your eccentric grandparent’s attic. Candles and antique lamps set the tone for a clandestine lovers dinner and it would all make the perfect photograph to find next to the definition of ‘romantic mood lighting’.

The menu is hand-written by Jean-Luc so you’ll have to take your time deciphering his mad scribbling penmanship, but it feels like you’re reading a love letter about food. And they say he will make you discover what true organic food tastes like…