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A lot of people have been saying Renjun is Korean by ethnicity but Chinese by nationality recently (meaning his parents and him are Korean but born and raised as Chinese citizens). I remember seeing that on one of their profiles before their official debut but I haven’t seen it in a while. Is that true?

Lock the Door

Genre: Smut
Word Count: 3980-ish
In hindsight, maybe you weren’t that sorry for not locking the door.

A/N: Holy fuck, this is some extra shit. Read at your own risk. The Kook thirst is real. I had this half-written for a while, and then I got a request that was quite similar, so I thought I’d finish it. I might have a thing for the way Kook says ‘noona.’ Shit.

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You knew it was a bad habit, not locking the bedroom door. But locking doors inside your own house had never been required before – growing up, it was discouraged (courtesy of living in a one-bathroom house) – and you didn’t really expect anyone to come barging into your bedroom when you lived in your own apartment.

Then again, you hadn’t expected to have seven rowdy boys hanging out in your small living room that evening, and that happened so…

Okay, you should’ve locked the bedroom door.

But you didn’t.

And that was how you ended up scarring Jeon Jungkook for life. Ish.

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TRIGGER  MENTIONS : death, murder, threats, nsfw, gore, violence, and torment/torture.

  • ❝ They say that battle changes you. ❞ 
  • ❝ Your mind tricks won’t harm me. ❞ 
  • ❝ This sure is a funny way to show it. ❞ 
  • ❝ Your heartbeat says you’re lying. ❞ 
  • ❝ I took one life to save millions. ❞ 
  • ❝ Ready for some slapstick? ❞ 
  • ❝ Everyone has a price, even you. ❞ 
  • ❝ I don’t want to hurt you. ❞ 
  • ❝ Still trying to kill me? ❞ 
  • ❝ I need help testing some new gear. ❞ 
  • ❝ We both knew it would come to this. ❞ 
  • ❝ I’ll try to make it painless. ❞ 
  • ❝ Today, we show the world that we are superior ❞ 
  • ❝ Good worlds are hard to come by. ❞ 
  • ❝ All screamed out?  ❞ 
  • ❝ I’ll claw my way out, never back me into a corner. ❞ 
  • ❝ Hit me like you mean it, hero.  ❞ 
  • ❝ Come on, lift up that mask  ❞ 
  • ❝ You know, we’re both getting too old for this.  ❞ 
  • ❝ Let me guess… I’m going back to jail.  ❞ 
  • ❝ Those rumors are greatly exaggerated. ❞ 
  • ❝ Don’t you get tired of shooting people?  ❞ 
  • ❝ Let’s kill you and see where that gets us. ❞ 
  • ❝ When did I get on your bad side?  ❞ 
  • ❝ I’ll sell your organs and your spare parts. ❞ 
  • ❝ Shoot yourself and spare me the trouble.  ❞ 
  • ❝ Maybe someone can teach you to shut up. ❞ 
  • ❝ I really don’t like being told what to do.  ❞ 
  • ❝ I think you’ll find it hard to hit me, chum.  ❞ 
  • ❝ Stop tryin’ to kill me, will ya ❞ 
  • ❝ Let nature run its course.  ❞ 
  • ❝ Did I mention I’m poison ❞ 
  • ❝ I’ll spit on your grave.  ❞ 
  • ❝ Hope you don’t mind a few scars. ❞ 
  • ❝ A little torture wasn’t gonna break me.  ❞ 
  • ❝ You would have whipped them into submission. ❞ 
  • ❝ Violence will reveal your true nature. ❞ 
  • ❝ What’s the other one gonna be busy with?  ❞ 
  • ❝ You are nothing without your powers! ❞ 
  • ❝ There’s no other reason for you to be here. ❞ 
  • ❝ You want anger? I’ve got anger ❞ 
  • ❝ Insects and humans are much the same.  ❞ 
  • ❝ Now that I’m out, your days are numbered.  ❞ 
  • ❝ I hope you brought more than insults. ❞ 
  • ❝ You had any sense, you’d go home.  ❞ 
  • ❝ That’s a good way to get yourself killed. ❞ 
  • ❝ Uh, I kinda have dibs on the whole red thing.   ❞ 
  • ❝ You gotta commit to being a hero. ❞ 
  • ❝ That’s kind of a thing with you isn’t it? ❞ 
  • ❝ You know what… let’s skip the interrogation. ❞ 
  • ❝ A bit of brain-bashing would be relaxing…  ❞ 
  • ❝ C'mon, give a girl / guy a break, will ya ❞ 
  • ❝ You’re all business and no pleasure.  ❞ 
  • ❝ Couldn’t you be intimidated, just this once? ❞ 
  • ❝ I have rocked up an impressive kill count.  ❞ 
  • ❝ Your interest sounds more than professional.  ❞ 
  • ❝ Aren’t you the least bit curious ❞ 
  • ❝ It doesn’t matter what I feel for you.  ❞ 
  • ❝ Loyalty was never your strength. ❞ 
  • ❝ You won’t joke once I have your tongue.  ❞ 
  • ❝ So you’re just one more thug with a gun. ❞ 
  • ❝ Yeah, that dream was really not safe for work.  ❞ 
  • ❝ As long as I live and breath, I fight evil doers.  ❞ 
  • ❝ Could you be any more melodramatic?  ❞ 
  • ❝ I’ll give you something to fear.  ❞ 
  • ❝ You can tap out if you wanna  ❞

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Hello friend 😄 I don't know if you'd write this, but can I please make a reader x Dr. Strange request where the reader starts her period in the middle of the night and is woken up by the pain. She tries to sneak out to sleep on the couch so she won't wake him, but he senses her pain which wakes him up in a frantic panic looking for the reader cos he thinks she is hurt/being attacked or something. Thanks !

Pairing: Dr. Strange x Reader
Fandom: MCU
Warnings: fluff and a small part with language

A/N: hey sweety! hope this is what you were thinking of when sending me the prompt <33 It’s just something fluffy and short!

If you could sue Mother Nature for paying you a visit once a month, you’d do it in an instant.

Why couldn’t she just knock on your door and say “Hello (Y/N), you’re not pregnant, goodbye.”

Instead, she had to make you bleed out of your vagina for 4-7 days, packaged with mood swings and pain.

Sometimes the pain was manegable, but tonight you woke up from it. And waking up from pain is never a good sign.

Stephen was on the other side of the bed, so you got out of it, trying your best not to disturb his sleep and went into the bathroom to make yourself a hot-water bag.

Once that was done, you grabbed your blanket and moved to the couch. You doubted you would get any more sleep tonight. The pain would keep you up all night and you’d move a lot to find a position that didn’t hurt. 

So it was best to just stay on the couch. Stephen needed his sleep.

The pain was getting worse by the second and at one point, you simply gave up trying to fall back asleep.

So you tried to make yourself as comfortable as possible, with the hot-water bag on your stomach and grabbed a book off the coffee table, turning on the light behind you to at least get some reading done. 

You hadn’t done that in ages. A shame, really. You always loved reading.

You only got as far as a few pages, before Stephen started mumbling in his sleep. You turned around to see what was going on and jumped a little when he woke up yelling your name.

“(Y/N)?!” he frantically looked around when he didn’t find you lying next to him, then he got up and was ready to fight whomever was hurting you.


You quickly got up and ran over to him.

“Wait! I’m okay! Stephen!”

You placed your hands on either side of his face, pulling him down to kiss him over and over again, only quick kisses, until he realized that you were here and okay.

“(Y/N). I thought.. I..,” he gulped.

“Yes, I know. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. I.. got my period and I was having cramps so I crashed on the couch,” you softly caressed the sides of his face with your thumbs, trying to calm him down. “Go back to bed.”

“Not without you.”

“I won’t be able to sleep and will turn every five seconds because of the pain.”

He thought for a second, then knelt down in front of you.

Your first thought?

‘Holy shit, he’s proposing NOW?!’ 

And then you started to panic.

“Stephen, oh god, please don’t, not now!”

“Wha..- I’m not proposing (Y/N).”


“Oh. Oh, yeah. That’s cool, I didn’t think you were,” you laughed it off, but you wanted to press a pillow against your face and scream as loudly as possible.

But he simply smiled at you and used his magic on your belly.

You watched him with curious eyes.

In a matter of seconds, your cramps were gone. 

No pain anymore. 

None at all, in fact.

“Are you fucking kidding me right now? You can do that?”

He got up, a smug grin on his face.

“I’d like to go back to the marriage thing, because if you think I’m ever letting you go now, knowing that you can do that, you’re wrong.”

“I’ll keep it in mind then.”

The two of you made your way back to the bed and you were able to fall asleep with your back pressed against his chest.

Dinner // H.S.

I open the oven and take out the chicken before turning it off and attending to the green beans on the stove. I fan myself with a nearby magazine to cool my skin. It’s hot. Too hot. I leave the stove after checking that the knobs are all correctly turned, walking over to the living room to turn the temperature down a few degrees. As I turn to make my way back to the kitchen, I hear the jiggling of keys and the click of the lock. A few seconds later, the door opens to reveal a very exhausted Harry.

“Hey, baby. How was your day?”

He scoffs and drops his messenger bag onto the floor before collapsing into a chair at the dining table.

“Not the best, (y/n).”

I walk over and stand behind him, rubbing his shoulders and neck lightly. He had been in the studio every day for the past two weeks and I’ve been noticing how stressed he is. They’ll be touring before we know it and it’ll only get worse.

“How come?”

“We were supposed to be done today, but I kept screwing up this one verse. We ended up just leaving for the day, so we’ll all have to go back tomorrow and-“ he sighs and rests his face in his palms, “I’m just so out of it.”

“You’ll get it tomorrow and it’ll be done early in the day. We’ll do something to celebrate, I promise.” I remove my hands from his shoulders and walk back into the kitchen to make plates for us both. “But, for now, how about we eat, yeah?”

He forces a grin and stands up to join me in the kitchen, opening the fridge and pulling out a beer bottle.

“Y/N, you want anything to drink?”

“Erm, yeah, grab me a beer as well.”

He does so and brings them to the table, along with silverware. I fill our plates with chicken, green beans, and salad before joining him at the table. He sits across from me, but he’s not so far since the table is more of a small square. We start to eat in silence and I mostly watch him stare at his plate and I can tell he’s beating himself up over his little mistakes. I already know there’s nothing I can say to comfort him, but I do know something that I can do. He’ll never admit to it, but he absolutely loves being possessive, and I know I shouldn’t like it, but it’s basically the hottest fucking thing he does. He does need a distraction.

“So, work was interesting today.”

I smile wickedly at him and he finally looks at me.

“Oh yeah? What happened?”

I look down and push my green beans around with my fork, still grinning deviously.

“There’s this new guy at the office; he’s quite cheeky. He kept showing up at my cubicle to talk to me and he’s really quite handsome. He even went out and got me Starbucks.”

I glance up and he is staring at me now, his fists balled up on the table. I try to hide my excitement, but I can see the jealousy burning in his eyes.

“Really. And what else?”

I look up innocently and flip my hair over my shoulder. He’s impatiently awaiting my reply.

“He asked me on a date.”

In all honesty, I laughed in Tommy’s face, pointing at the picture of Harry and I on my desk. He was disappointed, but I could really care less. I already have the man of my dreams and I couldn’t ask for anything more. For the sake of my desire to have Harry fuck me on this table, I lie straight to his fuming face.

“I said I’d think about it.”

I pretend to think little of my response, putting one last bite of chicken into my mouth before deciding I’m done. I look up and his face is red, his eyes narrowed and dark. I pick up my plate and carry it nonchalantly to the sink. I rinse it off, and dispose of the few leftover pieces. As soon as the water shuts off, I feel two large, warm hands grasp onto my hips. Harry presses his crotch into my behind and I try to hold back a moan, but the tightness of his pants against my thin yoga pants is too much. I turn to face him and immediately, he roughly pulls my shirt over my head, letting it fall to the counter next to the sink. He doesn’t kiss me, but presses his lips to my neck instead, pulling the skin between his teeth and sucking harshly. A bruise appears quickly and he releases my neck, rolling his tongue over it soothingly. His mouth finds its way to my ear next as his hands run over my torso before reaching to my back and unhooking my bra.

“This mark is proof that you’re mine.”

He hisses the last part in my ear making my legs feel like jello. His hips push into me harder than before, holding me up between him and the counter. I don’t respond to him, because I don’t want him to be done yet. If I agree, he might just return to his dinner. Instead, I maintain a straight face so that he creates similar hickies on each of my breasts, the contact causing me to pant uncontrollably. My chest rises and falls under his mouth and I feel myself get incredibly wet. I wrap my arms around him, tugging at the hem of his shirt, but he grabs my wrists, slamming them against the cupboard and pinning them there. The harsh contact with the wood makes me cry out, but I love the feeling.

“I’m going to show you, Y/N. You’re mine. No one else’s.”

He flips me around and pushes my back down so that my chest is flat against the freezing countertop. I feel his warm fingers hook onto my pants and thong, pulling them down and leaving them at my ankles. I try to turn around to look at him, but he presses my cheek onto the cold granite. He removes his hand, but I don’t dare move my body, no matter how curious I am. I see from the corner of my eyes as his shirt falls to the floor. I close my eyes and gulp as I hear the zipper of his jeans and the light noise of the material hitting the floor. One of his hands grips onto my hip as I feel his hard member between my thighs. I instinctively spread my legs shoulder width apart to give him room. I want him so badly and he doesn’t even realize what I’m doing. That’s the point. I want jealousy pumping through his veins the entire time. My eyes are still closed when he pushes himself into my entrance without any warning, making me gasp as he fills me up. My hands smack onto the surface, trying to claw at it. Once inside, Harry instantly pulls back, thrusting back in ten times harder than the first time. My lips part, resting against the counter, moans expelling as he continues to thrust, slowly out and very quickly in. His free hand runs up my back and finally reaches my head. He holds tightly to a tuft of my hair, pulling on it lightly. My head lifts from the cold surface and he bends down to run his lips along my shoulder. The position makes his thrusts hit the perfect spot, making me scream loudly. He pulls my hair again and I arch my back, lifting my chest off of the counter as well. His other hand leaves my hip and holds onto my breast instead, holding my body there.

“Say it, Y/N. Say you’re mine.”

I can’t speak. I can’t do anything but whimper and pant in pleasure. He slams into me, this time his hips slapping against my bottom and he stops there. I long for more friction. I need it.

“I’ll stay right here until you say it.”

He tugs at my hair again and leans down to nibble at my earlobe. His lips are tantalizing me even more.

“I’m yours, Harry! Please, fuck me!”

I can feel his devilish grin against my shoulder as he pulls his body back up to stand up straight as he continues the movement of his hips, making my jaw drop in ecstasy.

“All mine, Y/N!”

I feel my climax approach and moan loudly as his fingers reach around my thigh and rub tight circles around my clit.

“All yours, Harry! All yours! Ohh, god. I’m clossse!”

He gyrates his hips to hit my g-spot each time and the loud, deep groans escaping his throat send me over the edge. My legs shake and tremble when he slows his pace down, coming as he mumbles my name over and over under his breath. As we finish together, he pulls out and when he is no longer holding me up, I let myself fall to the floor. He pulls his pants up and joins me, sitting on the wooden floor and pulling me into his arms comfortingly, kissing my lips passionately. I try to catch my breath between kisses, finally resting my head on his shoulder and chuckling lightly.

“I guess I’ll say no to that date, then.”

To people replying about the afro hair: yes, its bad to touch anyone without consent but in this case its also racist cause white people treat her like a curiosity, like she was this foreign thing in exhibit for them. Thats awful. We live in a very white town so I get it, they probably never seen a black person before but this still doesnt give them the right to TOUCH. HER. If you think her hair is beautiful, give a compliment. She’s not here to satisfy your curiosity. She is a person, not a “something interesting”. Same goes for the hair. Its a part of her, not just an object you can touch and grab.

Even if you ask for permission first, think about it. She is working, she has to be nice to customers. We all have. If you did it on the streets she would tell you to f**k off, but she can’t do that on the clock. Sometimes she allows them to touch her just so customers dont be upset. She shouldnt have to do that. I am a mixed race guy (latino/european) and I get a lot of “exotic”, “where are you from” even though both my parents and I were born and raised around here and its already bad enough, I cant even imagine how awful must be for her to have people touching her like that.

And I say white people cause yeah, its ALWAYS middle aged white moms who put their paws in her. Black and other non-white folks usually know better. I’ve seen non-white girls ask about her hair, which products she use or how to keep the afro so puffy, which salon she goes to. Little kids that tell her she is pretty and her hair is cool and ask if she can be their friends. That is curiosity, but it is also respect.

Dont matter how curious you are, you dont get to touch someone’s hair just because. You shouldnt even ask to, unless you are close friends enough to allow that (and even so she should be able to tell you no).

Dating James Potter Would Include...

Requests are open!!!

Prompt: Anonymous: Hey! Your Blog is awesome! Would you mind doing a ‘Dating James Potter would include…’ already thank you! :)

A/N: No, thank you!!! You’re too sweet!

Warnings: none

Originally posted by marauderseraimagines

  • James would try so hard to hide his feelings at first. “I do not under any circumstances like (Y/N). That’s-that’s so gross.”
  • He was never really too subtle with the fact that he was crazy about you from the start.
  • But then he wouldn’t leave you alone. Every second of every day he would pester you. He would continually search for your approval.
  • He would be jealous but from afar. Even after you were dating, he trusted you. Although sometimes jealousy took over and he would quietly pull you back to him.
  • “You are not going on a date with him. No, I can’t let you ruin your life.”   “Then how am I ever supposed to find anyone if you keep trying to control my life!”                                                                                         “You have me! And I love you but you’ll never see it because you’re too busy with people who don’t care about you.!”
  • James is so cocky. Anytime he did something minorly impressive he would come to you and tell you how well he did. 
  • He would show you off and tell anyone who would even remotely listen that you were his and he was madly in love with you.
  • He would also be so clueless even after you were together.
  • “Make me.”
  • The other marauders following you guys on dates and quietly, or sometimes not so quietly, cheering James on.
  • Him trying to prove his love for you
  • “Prongs, if you don’t kiss her I will.”

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Paring: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 785 (finally, something short)

Warnings: make-out sesh, language?

A/N: Here’s my entry for @marvelous-fvcks writing challenge, the words I choose is dream so, here it is! 

“Hey, babe?”

“Yes, doll?” Bucky answers without looking up from the book he was currently immersed in.

You plop down on the spot next to him, putting your head on his shoulder. “Do you have a dream?”

“A dream? Like what?”

“I don’t know, like— write a book, go to Disney World, climb mount Everest or something like that”

Bucky puts the book down as a frown pulls at his eyebrows. You watch his lips part open, then close again. It’s hard to refrain from laughing when he looks like a fish pulled out of water.

“I can’t practically hear your mind working, baby” you tease with a smile tugging at your lips. You scoot closer to him, wrapping your arm around his thick middle while you lean in to press a soft kiss to his jawline. “Please talk to me”

His thoughts drifts away. He was physically there but his mind was somewhere else. A dream. It’s been to long to remember the last time he had an actual dream. For years the only thing that ever plagued  his mind were the cold, dark nightmares that haunted him while he slept.

“I… I never though about it” he finally says after a long moment of consideration.

You shrug. “That’s okay. I was just curious, it doesn’t really matter”

While standing up you’re stopped by Bucky’s arm trapping your wrist.  You turn to look at him over your shoulder, eyeing him curiously; unsure of what’s he’s trying to do exactly, you let him do as he pleases, letting your body compliant to whatever he wants to do.

Squeezing your arm he pulls you snug against him until your legs are on either side of him, straddling him, your chest flush against his. Your hands instantly go to either side of his face, feeling his stubble tickle your skin.

Without wasting another second, Bucky crashes his lips against yours. Gently at first, testing but then your hands are fisting and tugging at his hair and he is done for. He kisses you with wild and total abandon, his tongue sweeping inside your mouth do duel with yours.

You pull away first, when air has become a pressing need. You open your eyes to find him staring at you, his eyes blown with lust and desire. You bump his nose with yours, eliciting a smile to form in Bucky’s lips.

All you did was ask one innocent question yet the conversation took a rather unexpected yet pleasant turn.

“I do now.” He says throwing you off guard. Your mind is still dizzy after the kiss you have to think twice about what he said.

“Well, what is it?” You ask, after processing his words.

Bucky ignores your question and goes to pepper kisses across your neck. He nips and bites at the skin there, making you moan; you’re almost sure you’re going go wake up with bruises the following day.

“Bucky” you whine through closed eyelids. You feel him smirk against you skin; if you weren’t so lost in his touch you would’ve smacked him for being such a tease.

He traces your jaw with his mouth, then goes to kiss you earlobe, your eyelids, the corner of your mouth until he finds your lips once more.

“As much as I’m enjoying this” you whispered between kisses “you didn’t answer my question”

He abruptly detaches his lips from yours, making you curse the moment you opened your mouth to speak. With an annoyed groan you roll off his lap and take a seat beside him, pulling your knees to your chest.

“So…?” You encourage him.

“It’s you” he says “You are my dream, Y/N. You’re my first dream, babydoll; one I cannot stop myself from having. And from that dream will come many more, I’m sure, and it’s all because of you. If it weren’t for you, I’ll probably still be sulking in my room at the tower, but know I have a dream and I want it with you.”

Tears begin to prickle your eyes, but Bucky thumbs them away before they’ve fallen. He keeps his palm on your cheek and you lean into it, placing your hand on top of his.

“Did you come up with that all by yourself?” You tease with a smile

From his chest reverberates a laugh that has you smiling even wider “Well, I’ve been told to have a way with words”

You roll your eyes playfully “You’re such a cocky bastard, Barnes. I can’t believe I’m marrying you”  

“Well, believe it fiancée” He grabs your left hand, kissing the finger were your engagement ring sat “ ‘cause I’m never letting you go”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way”

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I’m bored so…

If you guys found yourselves in Daniel’s position, how would you react to everything? Like, if you found out vampires exist, if you had interviewed Louis and had become “the Devil’s minion”, with all that entails?

Gimme answers doesn’t matter how long just pls I’m bored.

There are some ships you can warm up to, and some you just can't get into at all.

It doesn’t mean the ships are any less valid or important. They just aren’t for you. So I don’t judge when someone says they don’t ship my ship. Chances are I don’t ship one of theirs, and that won’t change simply by reading more fanfiction or viewing more art. Some ships either click or don’t. Others take some warming up until they click. I usually give a ship a chance before I decide which category it falls under. Sometimes you warm up to ones you wouldn’t expect.

Anyone care to share the ships they’ve warmed up or just can’t get into?

Fitting In - Batfamily x Reader

Originally posted by deryhana

Requested by Anon - Bruce’s daughter(reader) is sent to live with him after her mom dies(probs in her teens). She doesn’t think she fits in because of everyone else being heroes and she feels neglected so she runs away. And how Bruce and the rest of the batfam reacts, and they look for her?

You never expected to meet him, but here he was.

He was exactly how your mom described him all those years ago when you asked her about your father.  Tall, dark, and handsome with a charming smile that made a girl lose her mind for a night. Of course, the man sitting in front of you was tall, dark, and handsome, but the charming smile was nowhere to be seen.

You were facing each other in the living room of the apartment that had been the only home you have ever known. 

It had only been two days since your mom died, but your life as you knew it was falling apart. 

“(Y/N),” your father, Bruce Wayne, spoke gently to bring your attention back to him. “I want you to know if I had known about you, I would have helped you and your mother.” A bitterness burned inside of you at his words.

“We did fine without your help, Mr. Wayne,” you replied coldly, not liking how he insinuated your mother needed help raising you. Sure, money was tight, but your mother made sure you never missed out on anything. She took on both roles of mother and father easily, and you loved her for it. Your heart ached as you realized she won’t be able to be there for you again.

Bruce pursed his lips, studying you with an intensity that made you looked at the ground in self-consciousness. “I know, (Y/N). I’m sorry you had to lose her the way you did,” he answered softly. Your eyes started to fill with tears, but you held them back, refusing to appear weak in front of him. 

“What is going to happen now?” you asked, glancing up to meet his solemn blue eyes. It was the question playing in your head ever since you learned your mother was killed. The uncertainty of it all scared you like nothing else. 

“…You’ll come live with me at my home,” Bruce said firmly as if he feared you would argue with him. Given that your other option was foster care, a argument never crossed your mind. 

“Okay,” you agreed, emotionless. He frowned at your tone before standing up.

“Alright then,” Bruce stated, glancing at the small apartment around him. “I suggest we better start packing what you would like to bring with you, and what will go into storage.” He looked at you, waiting for a response. You just nodded your head, hoping you would have the courage to pack everything of your old life without breaking down.

Therefore, you moved into Wayne Manor. The size of the place was daunting, just like everything that had to do with Bruce Wayne apparently was. Your new room was the size of your mom’s old apartment with it’s own bathroom attached. Bruce and Alfred, the butler who helped you pack your things, moved everything into your new room before leaving you alone to unpack. 

It didn’t take you long to unpack, considering you didn’t have that much stuff in the first place. You thought about taking a nap, but you started feeling a little trapped, so you decided to explore Wayne Manor instead. 

Wandering around, you found several bedrooms. Most of them were empty despite evidence someone occupied it, however two of the doors were ajar. You peeked into one to see a sleeping man curled up on a bed. Quickly stepping away to not disturb him, you glanced into the other open bedroom door. A teenage boy, maybe a little older than you, sat at a computer typing rapidly. He was working so hard, he didn’t notice you. 

You left the bedrooms to walk down the stairs. Taking in the grandness of the place, you silently wished your mother could have seen this. She would have loved to explore this house with you, but she was gone. You swallowed hard at that thought before focusing on exploring. 

Eventually after finding a ballroom, the kitchen, dining room, a den with the largest television you had ever seen, and several sitting rooms, you found yourself standing outside a closed door with loud voices resounding from it. Recognizing the deep voice of Bruce, you pressed your ear to the door.

“Father, there is no place for a civilian among us,” a snotty young voice snarled. “It’s bad enough we have Drake.”

“Damian, (Y/N) has every right to be here like the rest of you do,” Bruce argued. “She is my daughter, and your half-sister. I expect you to treat her with respect.” You froze in surprise, not knowing he had another biological child. Frowning slightly, you wondered why he didn’t tell you that earlier. 

“Is she to participate in our nightly work as well?” the snotty voice, Damian, asked with disdain. You furrowed your brow in confusion by the words “nightly work”.  It took you a second to make the connection, but you did. Bruce Wayne must be Batman, Damian must be Robin, the sleeping man must be Nightwing, and the boy with the computer must be Red Robin. It made perfect sense.

You weren’t too surprised by the revelation as you figured Bruce had to have a secret of some sort. Heck, even your mom said there was something off about him back during their one night stand. You found yourself grateful it wasn’t the sex dungeon like you thought.  

“No, (Y/N) is not going to be a part of our work. She doesn’t have the proper training, and I don’t want her to be involved in this. (Y/N) is to have a normal life,” Bruce explained, making your heart ache a little. You don’t know why, but you felt left out. Of course, you never expected to develop a deep connection with anyone in this house, but with Bruce’s insistence, you found yourself more of an outsider than you originally thought. 

TT,” Damian huffed. “So, she will be a waste of space.”

“Enough,” Bruce yelled, making you flinch at the volume. “Go to your room, Damian. I expect you to be civil to (Y/N)…” He said more, but you left the door when you heard angry little footsteps approaching. You ducked into one of the sitting rooms as the door opened and slammed shut. Enraged mumbles and pounding footsteps echoed down the hall and up the stairs. Once they faded away, you slipped out of the room to head back to your bedroom. 

On the way back, you bumped into the sleeping man, Nightwing, who was stumbling down the stairs half-awake. 

“Oh, hi,” he greeted, running a hand through his messy bedhead. “You must be (Y/N).”

“Yeah,” you answered quickly, not liking how he studied you. 

“I’m Dick,” he said, holding out his hand. You looked at it for a moment before timidly taking it. “So, you’re exploring?”

“No,” you snapped, narrowing your eyes while you dropped his hand. He smiled at you, sensing the truth.

“You don’t have to be so cold, you know. We’re family now,” Dick replied cheerfully. 

Giving him a disbelieving look, a small amount of sarcasm dripped into your voice. “Right.” Dick frowned at your tone and was about to say something else, but you turned away to escape to your bedroom. The boy with the computer poked his head out when you passed, having been aroused from his work at the sound of your conversation with Dick. He stared at you with such calculating eyes that you literally sprinted to your bedroom.

You slammed the door shut behind you, locking it securely. Sighing with relief at escaping them, you sank to the floor. Tears stung your eyes as you wished for the hundredth time that your mom had never died. You wished more than anything in the world for her to be here now. Your heart ached for one of her hugs, but you knew it was never to be. 

Getting up from the floor, you curled up onto the bed, hugging your favorite stuffed animal to your chest as the sobs started forcing their way out of you. 

Hours later, you found yourself sitting in the massive dining room, eating dinner with the rest of the family. You had been officially introduced to each one of Bruce’s sons, including a new one who had shown up for the dinner. Bruce had insisted you sit next to him, which you noticed left Damian seething. He glared at you as if he could wish you out of exist.

Tim, the boy with the computer, sat down beside you, still studying you with those wary eyes. Dick sat across from you, giving you reassuring smiles and attempting to start a conversation with you. Jason, the new arrival, simply focused on his food only glancing up once and a while to stare at you with curious eyes. For that matter, Bruce was watching you too as if he couldn’t figure out how you could exist. 

The meal fell into an awkward silence when Dick’s attempts to keep the conversation going failed. You picked at your food, unable to force yourself to eat. Your eyes still burned from crying, your heart still aching. Staring at the fancy food on the plate, you wished you were eating one of your mom’s cheap boxed meals. You knew you would never find a meal like that in this household. 

“Is the food not to your liking, Miss (Y/N)?” Alfred asked, appearing at your side. You jumped a little, having been lost in your own thoughts.

“No, it’s great, sir. I’m just not hungry,” you replied, feeling all six men’s eyes on you. Jason chuckled, making you blush in self-consciousness. 

“You can call me, Alfred, Miss (Y/N). The formality is not necessary,” Alfred insisted, sending a disapproving look over to Jason. Jason choked, stopping his chuckles. Dick and Tim smiled at Jason’s predicament, while Damian continued to glare at you. “Is there something else you would like to eat instead?”

The boys’ mouths dropped open, giving you the impression Alfred never made that offer to anyone else. You wanted to ask for one of those boxed meals, but you knew it wouldn’t be the same. “I’m fine, thank you,” you answered, feeling Alfred’s frown. 

“Very well, Miss (Y/N),” he remarked stoically. He turned to enter the kitchen, purposely leaving your full plate in front of you in hopes you could be prompted to eat some more. Your heart warmed at the fact he seemed to care. 

TT,” Damian sneered, speaking for the first time in your presence. “A waste of food and space.” You flinched at his words, ducking your head down.

“Damian,” Bruce scolded, taking his gaze away from you. “You apologize right now.” The other three boys froze at Bruce’s voice while Damian appeared unaffected.

“Why should I apologize when what I said is true?” Damian replied smugly. Your eyes started stinging with unshed tears. You could feel Tim and Jason watching you as you sank lower into your seat. Dick sent Damian a reprimanding look, but this was also ignored by Damian.

Bruce stood up in his chair, the rage on his face terrifying. “Damian,” he growled, his voice a warning. You watched him curiously while being frightened by his intensity. Now, you could see he was Batman. A little burst of joy sparkled into your heart at having evidence to support your theory. 

“She is ruining our lives. Is she not the reason we can not patrol tonight?” Damian shouted, standing up from his own seat. Bruce frowned, glancing down at you to see if you reacted to Damian’s use of the word “patrol”. Everyone followed his gaze, staring at you. 

You gulped before opening your mouth. “Oh, it’s okay. I already figured out you are Batman,” you admitted, sinking lower into your chair when everyone’s eyes widened in surprise.

“How?” Bruce demanded. He used the same voice he used with Damian, even though you felt like he didn’t have the same intention. 

“Um, well,” you began, noticing Alfred slipping into the room. He remained in the shadows, waiting for your answer. “You have the wealth and power to produce the equipment to be Batman. Also you have enough sons to support the number of Robins you have had. I also overheard you and Damian talking earlier about “nightly work”, which supported my theory.” The men around you started going bug-eyed as you continued with a little bit more confidence. “My mom talked about how many scars you had, and given your social status, it had to be either from BDSM or because you’re Batman.”

No one reacted, blinking at you in amazement. Damian was the first to recover, his anger returning tenfold. Without warning, he grabbed his steak knife and threw it at your head. You ducked, but it would have hit you if Bruce hadn’t caught before it landed.

“Damian, go to your room,” Bruce ordered coldly. Damian huffed before stomping off, sending you a cold glare that send a shiver up your spine. Once Damian was gone, Bruce sat down and the meal continued like nothing happened. You couldn’t eat before, but you certainly couldn’t eat now with the lump in your throat. You wanted your mom more than ever.

“Don’t worry about him,” Tim spoke for the first time. “He threw knifes at me too, but he’ll stop once he gets used to you.” You must have given him a funny look for he blushed before looking down at his plate.  

“Yeah, the demon spawn just jealous,” Jason remarked, giving you a half-hearted smile. “He can’t stand how you could figure out our secret so easily. The only one to do that was Timbo.” Tim elbowed Jason in response to the nickname.

“I hope we didn’t freak you out, (Y/N),” Dick soothed, giving you a tight smile. He seemed to be the only one who sensed your panic from almost having a knife in your head. You kept glancing at the knife on the table. Bruce noticed your staring and handed it to Alfred to take to the kitchen.

The meal was over soon after, allowing you to escape to your room. No one stopped you as you sensed they wanted to talk about some Batman business. You were relieved, but the feeling of being an outsider only grew as you heard them start talking like normal people as soon as you left the room. 

Entering your room, you were sadden, but not surprised, to find your favorite stuffed animal hacked to pieces. You approached the animal after locking your door, sinking onto your knees to stare at it. Funny enough, you found it a representation of your life. Whole and happy before your mother died, broken and desolate after. 

You grabbed a small shoe box, and began to clean up the bits of stuffing. After everything was gone, you threw the box into the garbage can before climbing into your bed. The sobs started soon after as you found yourself almost wishing the knife had hit you after all.

As the weeks passed, life didn’t get much better within the manor. You found yourself alone often since everyone was busy doing vigilante stuff. The only one you saw on a regular basis was Alfred, but he was busy chasing after the others. Somehow, the loneliness only made you miss your mom more.

Things only got worse when Bruce insisted you start school at Gotham Academy. The uniform was uncomfortable. Also the twenty minute drive there and back with Damian and Tim was not a enjoyable experience either. Damian hadn’t done anything to you after throwing the knife and destroying your stuffed animal, but he still glared at you as if wishing you out of existence. Tim would try to make you comfortable, but he seemed at a loss in the situation. 

School wasn’t much better as you were placed in advanced classes, therefore automatically rejected by the other students. It was known that you were Bruce Wayne’s illegitimate daughter since Bruce had the nerve to sign you up under his last name, dropping your mother’s completely, and everyone seemed to hate you for it.

The only good thing about school was the challenge your advanced classes gave you. It was enjoyable, even though it was soured by the presence of the other students. They had a habit of gossiping about you when you were in earshot, so you could hear every words. You never knew people could be so cruel. 

Then, one night when you were laying in bed after having dinner by yourself with the horrible words from your classmates echoing in your head, you decided you had enough. 

 You were sick of being alone at ‘home’, bullied at school, and missing your mom so much that your eyes stung with tears throughout the day. The need to escape was all consuming in your mind as you got up to pace your bedroom to develop a plan.

In the end, you decided to run away. You wrote a note, placing the extra money Bruce had forced onto you on your first day of school next to it. Luckily, you still had some money from your mom that could get you somewhere away from here. 

You dumped your school stuff out of your backpack, and packed only the essential items. Distracted as you were, you reached out to pick up your stuffed animal only to remember it was gone. A few tears escaped your eyes, running down your cheeks as your desperation to get away from this place grew.

An hour later, after you were sure everyone was down in their ‘cave’ to patrol for the night, you slipped out of the manor. The night was cold, but you kept going anyway, walking the hour to reach Gotham. It took you another hour to find a train station, and purchase a ticket for the next train. You didn’t bother to see where it was going for your only thought was to get away.

“Master Bruce, there is something you should see,” Alfred announced, hurrying to the parked Batmobile. Bruce jumped out of the car, pulling down his cowl as he went. Damian jumped out of the other side.

“What is it, Alfred?” Bruce asked, frowning at the piece of notebook paper Alfred handed to him. Bruce opened it, his frown deepening as he read.

“Father?” Damian questioned seriously, walking around the car to peek at the note. Bruce ignored him to glance up at Alfred for confirmation. Alfred’s solemn expression was all he needed before dropping the note to run towards the batcomputer.

“Damian, I need you to scan all security cameras in the city for (Y/N),” Bruce ordered as he began to type rapidly on the computer. “Alfred, call the others and have them search the city for her.”

TT, why do we need to look for that imbecile?” Damian sneered, trotting up to Bruce’s side. 

Bruce spun onto Damian, grabbing him by the collar. His voice dangerously low, the voice he used on criminals. “(Y/N) is your sister.” Alfred watched the two from a far corner of the cave where he called the others to begin the search for you. “She ran away, because she didn’t feel like she belonged, and it’s our responsibility to get her back.”

Damian gulped, his eyes widening at his father’s tone. “Yes, Father.” Bruce dropped him before turning back to the computer. Being terrified of his father for the first time in his life, Damian went to work on finding you. 

“Master Bruce, the others are currently searching the city,” Alfred reported carefully approaching Bruce as he hacked into Gotham’s transportation system. Bruce only grunted in response. Alfred hesitated before speaking again. “What do you plan on doing when you find Miss (Y/N)?”

Bruce spun around, giving Alfred a confused look. “I’ll bring her back,” he answered simply before typing on the computer once again. He started hacking into the train company’s database to find any tickets sold tonight around the time you left. 

“Yes, that is fine, Master Bruce. However, have you thought about what you will say to Miss (Y/N) when you find her?” Bruce’s fingers stopped on the keyboard as his scowl deepened in thought.

“I’ll figure it out when we find her, Alfred,” Bruce replied. He went back to work as Alfred went upstairs to wait in case you came back. 

Hours later, you sat in your coach seat on the train, speeding towards somewhere. You counted the money you had left, wincing at the meager amount. The train cost more than you figured.

Meanwhile, the train was mostly empty except for a few people scattered among the remaining seats. You sat by yourself, staring out the window at the dark world outside. Honestly, you didn’t feel anything about running away. No guilt or remorse, just nothing. 

Your heart ached for your mom as you thought about how she would have reacted to you running away. She would have been furious that you caused your father so much worry. Though, part of you argued he wouldn’t care that you ran away, but the impression of your mother’s fury at your actions remained.

Suddenly, you felt a presence next to your seat. Glancing up, you were shocked to see Bruce Wayne, dressed in regular clothes, standing there. His eyes studied you intensely before sinking down into the seat next to you. You eyed him while you tried to figure out how he got on the train when it hadn’t stopped anywhere. 

“(Y/N),” he began, clearing his throat as if he was trying to come up with something to say. “I made a mistake when I brought you into my home.” You froze, giving him a hurt look. He realized how he worded it, and quickly correcting himself. “No, I didn’t mean bringing you into my home was a mistake, I meant how I handled it was wrong.”

Bruce stopped a moment, running his hands through his hair. You chuckled a little bit, making him look at you in surprise. “You’re not very good at this.”

“No, I’m not,” Bruce laughed along with you. “No wonder Alfred was telling me to plan out what I was going to say before I found you.” He sobered, “I am sorry, (Y/N). I was not acting like a father to you, being too selfish and thinking you needed time alone to grief, but I should have known better.” Bruce held out his hand gently. “But I’m going to be here for you now if you can forgive me?”

You looked at his hand, your entire soul craving for human comfort. Part of you wanted to stay angry, but you found you didn’t have the energy for it. Slowly, you took his hand. He smiled at you before wrapping his fingers around yours, the warmth of his hand soaking into your cold one. You gave him a half-hearted smile, tears falling down your cheeks. Turning away, you tried to hide them, but Bruce wouldn’t let you. He let go of your hand, pulling you into a tight hug. 

It was like a dam opened up, and you sobbed the way you did when you first heard of your mother’s death.  Bruce didn’t mind, letting you cry into his shoulder while his hand gently rubbed your back. He didn’t say anything, but he didn’t need to. 

Eventually, you calmed down enough to speak and you found yourself telling him everything. You told him about life with your mother and how much you missed her. Then, you moved onto your first impression of him, and the idea of living in his large house. He smiled at that as if understanding how you felt. You went on to explain about how you felt like an outsider because you never saw the rest of the family except for dinner the first night. You also talked about school and what the other students had been saying about you.

He listened to everything, his hand holding yours throughout your entire speech.  His thumb rubbed the back of your hand gently. When you were finished, he opened his mouth to speak. “I am so sorry I didn’t know what you were going through, (Y/N). I should have known, but I’m willing to support you in any way I can.”

“Thank you,” you said sincerely, your heart warming for the first time in his presence. You found the ache of your mom’s death lessened after your talk with Bruce.

Bruce paused a moment before daring to ask his next question. “Will you come home, so we can try again?” 

You wrinkled your nose in thought, debating about the loneliness, Damian’s violence, and the bullying. Though, you understood you didn’t really have a choice, you felt like you had to give Bruce another chance. “Yes, I’ll come back,” you replied, making Bruce sigh with relief. He smiled at you before timidly leaning forward to press a kiss to your forehead. You were surprised by it, but you found you enjoyed it just the same. 

“But I want you to understand the danger you put yourself in by running away,” Bruce scolded sternly. “Gotham is dangerous enough during the day, but to be alone at night…” He shivered before meeting your eye. “Just promise me, you won’t run away again, at least not alone.”

You laughed a little before nodding your head. “I won’t,” you promised as he pulled you into another hug. 

Eventually, you fell asleep with your head resting on his shoulder with a content smile on your face. 

You and Bruce rode the train to it’s destination, which turned out of be New York City of all places. Bruce bought you both two tickets back to Gotham after calling Alfred. You had about three hours before the train, so you explored the city together.

It was a special time, and you learned a lot about your father. You wondered how much you missed out on since he wasn’t part of your life until now. 

Eventually, you both made it home after another long train ride. Alfred picked you both up at the station. He hugged you with relief before scolding you for worrying him so much. You apologized, feeling his love for you through his scolding. 

When you all arrived home, you were bombarded by your adopted brothers, who you knew more about now that Bruce explained how he adopted each of them. Dick hugged you to death, promising you the world if you didn’t run away again. Jason gave you a one-armed hug with a meaningless threat about how if you ran away again he would dragged you back by your hair. Tim simply gave you a smile, glad for your safe return. 

Damian was nowhere in sight until you entered your room to unpack and change into fresh clothes. He was sitting on your bed with a wrapped package in his hands. You watched him uneasily as he handed you the package.

TT, it’s not a bomb,” he huffed when you didn’t make a move to open it. You gave him a suspicious look before opening it slowly. Your mouth dropped open when you saw what was inside.

It was your destroyed stuffed animal, but repaired to it’s original state. You picked it up, staring at it in disbelief. You felt the tiny, almost invisible stitches that put it back together. “How?” you asked, glancing at him. Damian looked down, pursing his lips in embarrassment.

“Pennyworth found the remains of your animal and interrogated me about it,” Damian admitted reluctantly. “When you ran away, he insisted I right my wrongs.” He turned away from you, a slight blush appearing on his face. You looked back down at the stuffed animal. 

“Thank you, Damian,” you whispered, taken back by his kindness. Deciding to chance it, you placed a kiss his cheek. 

TT,” he huffed before quickly leaving the room. You laughed at him, hugging your stuffed animal to your chest. Somehow, you started to feel at home.   

Driven Motive: Part 2

Author: @lovefilledtragedy

Pairing: Mitch Rapp x Female Reader/OFC

Word Count: 4.3k

Warnings: Cussing (you’ve all been warned before), pissed off Y/N, pissed off Mitch, intense fighting (of course)

Summary: After two weeks since agreeing to become a part of Orion, Y/N is finally brought to Stan Hurley to be more properly trained in his recruitment camp at the Barn and is introduced to the other ‘damaged good’, the one and only Mitch Rapp.

Author’s Notes: IT IS MITCH TIME EVERYONEEEEE. Ha, this is going to good. I am so happy that so many of you loved the first part of Driven Motive, I feel honored honestly. Time for this shit to officially kick off, hope you all enjoy. Thank you again to @were-cheetah-stiles, @redstringlovers, @rememberstilinski@ninja-stiles for proof-reading and editing and @mf-despair-queen for proof-reading, editing, and also coming up with one of the best ideas for this part, you all are wonderful. ALSO, definitely read Part 1 if you haven’t herewatch this, and of course this as well to get a better grasp for the scenes that I decide to add in on this part with my own twist on it. MOVIE SPOILERS AHEAD

Part 1 –> Part 2

Originally posted by im2old4thisotp

It had been two weeks since Y/N had last spoken to Irene and was told that she would be trained to become a part of an elite team called ‘Orion’. Today was the day that she was going to be meeting her superior, Stan Hurley, and potentially her new partner, Mitch Rapp. She made her way to the jet black SUV that she was instructed to meet by and searched for Irene, not seeing her anywhere in sight. The driver of the vehicle opened the back, right hand side door for Y/N and gestured for her to step in. “If you are looking for Ms. Kennedy, she has already left to take another recruit along with her. She will be meeting us there.”

She nodded to the driver, thanking him as she closed her door and he got back into his own seat, starting up the engine. She pulled her long black hoodie tighter to her chest as she shifted herself in the backseat of the SUV, tossing her luggage next to her.  Y/N looked out the window as she took in her surroundings as they drove out into the forest. Andrew would have loved it out here, she thought. She ran her fingers through her long Y/H/C hair and pulled it all over her right shoulder as she cleared her throat to keep herself from getting worked up once again over the fact that this training still continued to feel somewhat pointless to her. Mansur and his group were already wiped out, and Y/N continued to kick herself over the fact that some fuckhead had completed her set mission before she had the chance to jump into action. She knew that if she ever found the one responsible for taking that chance away from her, it was going to be ugly.

Just a short time before, Mitch had also found himself in an SUV on his way to the Barn under the watchful eyes of Irene. He had been held under supervision by the CIA for over a month due to his attempt to wipe out Mansur himself. He sat in silence for the majority of the ride before asking a question that had been on his mind, “So, what do I need to know about this guy?”

“He’s a warrior,” Irene answered, keeping her eyes out the front window, “the best I’ve ever known. He is going to be teaching more than you couldn’t teach yourself, you’ll also be partnered up with another recruit here as well frequently.”

“And why is that? I can handle myself, I don’t need someone slowing me down. ” Mitch stated.

“Both of your performances are off the charts, you each have been training yourselves for a long time. You need to understand Mitch that this other recruit can become a necessity for you; she’s tough.”


“She.” Irene smiled to him before turning herself back in her seat.

Mitch took his eyes off of Irene and continued to look out of the windows, curious now about this other recruit he would soon be meeting. He grew more and more curious over the matter as they continued down the road.

Y/N looked out the window off to her right as they approached their destination. A older man stood at the base of the stairs of the large building behind him and proceeded to take a drag off of his cigarette while he removed his dark shades away from his cold blue eyes. You perceived that he was Stan Hurley, the Cold War veteran who was going to be your superior.

Y/N noticed Irene exit the SUV in front of the one she was placed in as she stepped out to approach Stan and shook her head in annoyance. “I thought you said that you were going to stop smoking and started using those nicotine patches?”

Stan proceeded to take another drag off of his cigarette before tossing it to the ground, approaching Irene. “Guess I’m just a terrible listener, just like Rapp appears to be.”

Irene pursed her lips together and crossed her arms over her chest, “I told you to drop the matter, Stan. He’s off the charts good, you and I both know that,” she stated, glancing to the SUV Y/N was in. “And now that we have someone else who can train as strongly as him and has been through the same tragedy, he may even become better.”

“Since when did you figure it was a good idea to bring two violent kids together to become a part of Orion? They could kill someone in here or even one another, Irene. Have you thought of that at all?”

“It is going to be your job to make sure that doesn’t happen,” she smiled, pleased with herself at Stan’s annoyance, “I will be in contact with you in 48 hours. I will be heading to London in the morning. Don’t fuck this up for us, Stan. Do you understand? They’re already both impressive.”

Stan nodded back to Irene as she headed back towards the first SUV, opening her door as she signaled for Y/N and Mitch to step out of the vehicles. Both Y/N and Mitch opened their doors simultaneously and heard one another’s boots hitting the ground, causing both of them to look at one another. Y/N was taken back by his appearance and assumed that he was the other recruit Irene had mentioned to her before that she would be partnered up with often. His dark brown hair was shaggy and went past his ears, causing the ends to curl up slightly. He appeared like he hadn’t slept well in a while, his honey brown eyes were glossed over and the dark circles under them were apparent, similar to hers. He wore a black t-shirt which was buried under a dark blue plaid flannel and a light grey jacket and scuffed up denim jeans. His blue travel bag hung from his hand. She noticed that his boots were similar to hers, the dark black leather had scuff marks on the fronts, possibly from tripping or hitting pavement as he walked in them. She found him intriguing, and she noticed that while she was staring at him, as she positioned her leather bag over her right shoulder and her suitcase in her right hand, he was staring right back. Both remained motionless until they were sent back to reality when the SUV’s engines hummed together and wheeled off out of sight. Y/N and Mitch both walked towards Stan and stopped in front of him together as Stan met them in between, his voice booming over them both, “Rapp, Y/L/N, eyes front and center.” Y/N’s assumption was right, he was going to be her new partner.

Stan glanced over at Mitch first and scoffed at him as he looked him up and down, “Let me guess, some bad shit happened to you and now you want to go and kill those mean old terrorists, am I right? What makes you think you can make it through my selection process?”

“My guess is if you and I go hand to hand, you can probably figure out inside of 20 seconds whether or not I have what it takes to make it through your selection process. So, what do you say?”

Stan continued to stare Mitch down before taking this attention towards Y/N, who was clearly annoyed by this other recruit already. Stan wasn’t taken back by her gender or size though she had seemed taller in the photos and videos Kennedy had sent him to fill him in on what he was expecting from Y/N. Y/N was only 5’4” and a half, making her not only the only woman in the group, but also one of the smallest. Stan could already tell that Y/N wasn’t going to let some jackass standing over 6’0” or more fuck with her. “And what makes you think you are cut out for this shit, hm?” Stan questioned. “All because your boy toy was killed, you think that you have what it takes to make it through my selection process as well, just like this one?” he questioned, pointing at Mitch’s face, his finger inches away from Mitch’s upturned nose.

Y/N tilted her head to look up at Stan, never flinching or taking her eyes off of him as he towered over her. “Yes sir, I believe I do. I want to do more than what I began to set out to do; I want to earn my place here,” she turned and glanced up at Mitch next to her and rolled her eyes slightly, “unlike him, who’s too smug for his own good.”

Mitch bit his bottom lip, straining to keep himself from lashing out or saying something that he would regret. Stan pursed his lips together to hold in a fake laugh, but shrugged it off and nodded to the both of them, “If you both truly think that you can handle all of this, you each have a room available up the stairs and to the right, you have the last door on the right hand side,” he stated, nodding to Y/N, “and you have the last door on the left hand side, directly across from her,” he stated to Mitch as Mitch glanced down at you, “You’ve both got 10 minutes to get your shit together and to meet us outside in the Circle; don’t be late.”

Y/N and Mitch both nodded and broke eye contact with Stan before saying “Yes, sir” in unison. She brushed past Mitch and entered the large building first, noticing the stairs that Stan had mentioned off to the left hand side. On the rest of the lower level, there appeared to be an entrance to the training location, an open kitchen and dining hall, and an assortment of classrooms. She approached the stairs and began her ascent, glancing around for anyone else in the building, but it was only her and Mitch, her footsteps echoed as she continued up without him.

On the second floor, there was a large restroom and shower room directly facing the stairs, and on both sides of the hall, there were various rooms. She turned to her right and proceeded to her assigned room, not wanting to fuck up and disregard Stan’s directions on the first day, and turned the knob, finding it unlocked and ready for her. She closed the door and set her luggage down on the floor by the bed. Opening her suitcase, she removed her large hoodie over her body and reached for her dark grey tank top. Pulling it over her head, she decided to glance out the window at the view she had access to. She noticed a small group of large and tall men proceed to make their way out into the forest area behind the Barn. She realized that they were heading out to the Circle, so she began to make her way down to follow them down, noticing that Mitch was behind her as well. Y/N placed herself by him as they approached the makeshift circle formed by the other men before Stan’s footsteps could be heard coming through the trail. Stan pushed his way past two other recruits, locking eyes with the majority of the group surrounding him and he proceeded to the center of the circle, “Let’s begin this shit show, shall we?”

Stan had gone over some of the basic tactics for the group to use while in combat with one another, and after explaining each, he decided it was time for some recruits to take what they had just learned and apply it. Stan scanned the group until his eyes landed on Mitch, and he approached him, handing him a knife as he took a step back from him, “Kill me.”

Mitch glanced at Stan, then the knife in his right hand, and then back at Stan. Without another second of thought, Mitch rushed forward, attempting to bring the knife into Stan’s left side as Stan brought his right fist up to Mitch’s jaw, hitting him hard enough to grab his arm and flip him over onto the ground hard. The knife that was once in Mitch’s grasp was now in Stan’s as he proceeded to press the tip of the blade against the middle of Mitch’s throat.

“People think you can slice a man’s throat like this; that’s only in the movies,” Stan stated sarcastically, pushing the blade a bit closer. “Right there.” He pretended then to push it in, causing some of the group to look at one another. “Do it. No noise, no mess.” As he slapped at the grip of the blade, Mitch glared up at Stan angrily and grunted as he flipped himself over to get back onto his feet. Stan tossed the knife onto the ground between Y/N and another recruit, “Victor, you’re up…you too, Y/N.”

Mitch stepped out of the center and went back to the spot he was previously, keeping his eyes pierced on Y/N and watched as Victor and her began to dance circles around one another, fists raised. “Let’s go!” Victor yelled, trying to get Y/N to come after him, but neither decided to take the initiative to start. Stan decided to take it into his own hands, swinging his leg up to knock Y/N over on her back. Y/N kicked her legs up to try and stop Victor from hitting her, only kicking his hands away from a split second before he punched her jaw. Stan came up to Victor’s side and right hooked his jaw, giving Y/N the advantage.

“You’ve got to have eyes in the back of your head,” Stan stated, touching his temples with his two pointer fingers as he proceeded to go around the two of them. Y/N swung her left leg up onto Victor’s neck, bringing him to the ground with all of the force she had and got a couple of punches in before hearing a gunshot ring out from the gun that Stan had, causing her to flinch and cover her ear. “You flinch, you die!” he shouted as Victor jumped onto Y/N’s back, locking his right arm around her small neck to roll her over. They both continued to roll around as they tried to gain dominance over one another, “Orion is about the mission, it ain’t about you.”

Y/N was able to get Victor trapped into a chokehold with her calves, his face turning red as he tapped out, whacking at her leg repeatedly until she decided to let him go even though she didn’t want to; she could’ve twisted her leg just right to snap his neck easily. “You go down out there, you’re a ghost; you don’t exist,” Stan declared, “There’s nobody, nobody, coming back for you.”

The rest of the day was filled with combat attacks, target practices, and runs, leaving Y/N more exhausted than she had been previously. She continued to think about how important it was for her to be there for Andrew and that she was going to fight to do this for him even with Mansur and this group gone. Though she was wiped out, she continued to beat the majority of the group there, but right there beside her was Mitch. Irene knew that when they both would be placed under Stan’s training for Orion that they both would be off the charts, and though they hadn’t been there an entire 24 hours, they outshined the competition indefinitely.

Instead of joining most of the group in the dining hall for dinner later that night, Y/N decided to go off upstairs to the shower after she waiting all day to do so. The mud and dirt shattered all over her face and arms and the various cuts that she had gained made her skin crawl. After returning to her room to grab herself a long black t-shirt, black leggings, her towel, and her first-aid kit to clean off her cuts and scars, Y/N stepped into the empty shower hall, proceeding to remove her newly stained clothing and placing the new articles of clothing and her kit she had grabbed on a shelf directly above the shower stall she entered. She rotated the faucet on to hot, letting the heat and steam roll off of her body as she rubbed her tender muscles. Losing track of time, Y/N didn’t even bother to care that someone else had entered the shower hall, hearing the man grunt as he removed his shirt. Y/N poked her head out from her stall curtain, looking to see Mitch.

Glancing up to look in the mirror, he saw Y/N’s eyes and jumped, “Oh fuck, sorry… I, uh, I guess I drowned out the noise of the water running and didn’t even realize that someone else was in here at all.”

Y/N laughed as she scoffed at Mitch, “Oh, you’ve gotta be shitting me, Rapp, it isn’t like you haven’t been in the same room with a woman before, let alone one that was naked. Relax a bit.”

Mitch kind of chuckled at her response and continued to rub his left shoulder, seizing at the pain. Stan fucked his shoulder up pretty good, and Mitch knew he would feel it for a few days or so.

“Pulled muscle?” Y/N asked, noticing Mitch’s face scrunch up as he gritted his teeth.

“Is it that obvious?” Mitch huffed, rolling his eyes.

“Hold on, just stay there for a second,” Y/N said as she ran her hair through the warm water one last time. She turned off the water, drying herself off quickly before she reached for her fresh clothes. Mitch watched her, his breath hitched when he saw the curvature of her breasts as she pulled her long black t-shirt over her shoulders, bending down to pull the soft fabric of her leggings over her toned legs. She grabbed her towel and threw it over her shoulder and reached for her first-aid kit. She pushed the curtain back and approached Mitch, searching through the kit, “Let me see if I have something for it in here.”

Y/N found her small travel container of Blue-Emu and popped open the cap, taking a small amount and running circles on Mitch’s shoulder, trying to let the cream absorb onto his skin. Mitch seized again, the pulled muscle aching under her touch.

“There, that should help somewhat,” Y/N said as she closed the container and placed it back in her kit, locking the laches before grabbing the rest of her things and exiting the shower hall to get some rest.

Mitch smiled a bit at her before clearing his throat, “So, you got a first name at all, Y/L/N?”

Y/N kept her back to him, just turning her head slightly for him to see the side of her face as she answered, “Y/N, and yours, Rapp?”


“Well Mitch, looks like we’ve got another long day ahead of us tomorrow. Plan to meet me at 0700 hours down in the training room and please don’t be late, I can happily start without you if that is what you prefer though. Have a good night,” she smiled and walked out, turning towards her room.

“You too, Y/N,” he said to himself, knowing she couldn’t possibly hear him by any means. His small lopsided grin stayed on his face as he turned to exit the shower hall down to his room, glancing at her door before unlocking his and closing it quietly. Mitch knew he would be in for a restless night due to the fact that he couldn’t stop thinking about her, but little did he know that she was thinking of him as well.

Both of them sighed as they laid back on their beds, the feeling of guilt washing over them both as they thought about their previous lovers. Was it wrong to think about someone that they had just met so soon? Wrong or right, neither of them got much rest, the thought embedded in their minds as the overwhelming insomnia they both knew so well consumed them.

Early that next morning, Y/N had already been up and moving before the majority of the group was even awake. She had spent the majority of the night raging against the thought of Mitch on her mind. She kept telling herself that she needed to focus on the task at hand and on her training for Orion, but she couldn’t seem to drop the matter. She became angry, the tears that began to build up in her eyes managed to fall down her cheeks, staining her face as she tossed and turned, praying that sleep would take over, but it never did. Her Y/E/C eyes burned as she stared up at the unfamiliar ceiling above her as she waited for the alarm on her phone to go off.

Tying her long hair up into a messy bun, she readjusted her tight black leggings, her dark burgundy tank top, and her black and white Nike’s before descending down the stairs to the training room. She approached one of the long blue mats in the corner of the room as she sat down, pulling her legs in front of her as she began to stretch. She pulled her arms out in front of her, reaching her toes when she heard footsteps approaching her.

“You’re right on time, I’m impressed.”

“I’m not that much of a fuck up, you know.” Mitch stated, placing himself on the mat beside her. He was wearing a black tank top, dark blue jeans, and his dark black combat boots. His toned chest was tight in his shirt, making Y/N slightly blush as she checked him out.

Y/N laughed as she pulled herself to her feet, balancing herself as she swung her right leg up to kick Mitch’s jaw. Before she could make contact, Mitch grabbed for her leg, causing Y/N to wince as he twisted her leg behind her.

“That’s the best you could do? That was the fucking dumbest move I have witnessed in a long time.” Mitch scoffed, tossing Y/N to the ground as he stood above her.

“Really? Because I actually thought that yours was.” Y/N stated, tossing her legs up as she slammed them into Mitch’s chest. He tumbled over trying to catch his breath. Y/N threw herself on top of him, swinging her fist into his jaw, his head impacting the mat as she did. Before she could get another hit in, Mitch grabbed her fist, throwing her arm back, all of his strength tossing her small frame away from him.

Y/N felt herself heat up with anger as she lunged towards him, wrapping her arm around his neck, locking him in a chokehold. Instead of letting her get the satisfaction of being able to take him down, his large hands gripped her wrist, pushing his fingertips on the her bone, causing Y/N to yell out in pain, bringing her elbow into his pulled shoulder.

He grunted loudly, managing to get himself out of Y/N’s grip as he grabbed her small frame, lifting her into the air as he body slammed her onto the mat. He watched as she laid there, a smirk planted on her face, “That’s all you got? You’re such a little bitch, Rapp. Do something!”

He felt his skin boil as he reached for her neck, the veins popping out from his hands and his arms as he watched her struggle. She grabbed his hands as her eyes became fuzzy, staring into his. He felt himself shake as his eyes met hers, realizing in that moment he had taken it too far. Her eyes were beginning to look lifeless, almost exactly how Katrina’s looked before she was shot once again right in front of him. He felt the hot tears burn in his eyes as he let go, Y/N coughing as she slowly pulling herself up from her place on the mat, his handprints apparent on her neck.

“I’m-I…” Mitch shuttered, the shakiness prominent in his voice. His breathing was rattled, coming in loud intense huffs from his nose.

“Sorry?” Y/N huffed, closing her eyes as she rubbed where his hands had been, straining as she tried to continue to speak, “Don’t waste yo-your breath, Mitch. T-trust me, it is not wor-worth my time. You should have just kept going…” She glared at him, her Y/E/C eyes became dark.

Mitch clenched his fists together as he tried to take a step towards her. He stopped dead in his tracks as a familiar voice echoed through the room.

“That’s enough, both of you,” Stan said, crossing his arms over his chest, “I do not need the two of you dipshits in here trying to kill one another. Get the fuck up and get ready for target practice; that’s an order.” he barked.

Mitch continued to keep his fists clenched to one another, his nails digging into his palms. He watched as Y/N stood up, pulling her bun tighter on top of her as she brushed her shoulder past Mitch. Y/N nodded towards Stan as she walked out, turning back slightly to give Mitch an unforgiving glare as she continued out the door.

He bit the inside of his cheek as he approached where Stan was. “Next time Rapp, try not to end her life, will ya? I know that Irene wants you both to work closely with one another, so I don’t need to clean up after your fucking mess, you got that? Grab your shit and get the fuck outta my sight.”

“Yes, sir.”

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And THAT pretty much explains why Min Hyuk is “not interested in women”. Well that, and a certain “mysterious” girl who saved his life 10 years ago and whose painting he keeps hidden in his closet. TWO stepmothers (probably money-hungry)! That must be one hell of a dysfunctional family - a father who wants to dictate his life, half-brothers who see him as rival,… - no wonder he wanted to get away from that mess and isn’t eager to have romantic relationships with females.

It makes sense that he keeps being drawn to Bong Soon who is spontaneous and outspoken and couldn’t lie even if her life depended on it; Bong Soon who is so utterly unimpressed by his wealth or looks.

“I have a long list. It could be my half-brothers, my competitors, and players from the game whom I fought in reality. I don’t have a clue. There are too many suspects.”

So naturally, it turns out that MH’s life isn’t as easy and carefree as other people paint it; his success didn’t come without costs. Now it becomes clear why he was so unperturbed by the threats at first - he’s been targeted his his whole life. And he thought that this blackmailer is another one of them, but then he realizes how much dangerous this person is and tells Bong Soon to leave him alone because the last thing he wants is for her to get hurt because of him. No matter how curious Min Hyuk is about her or how much he enjoys being with her, it’s not worth risking her life - he already cares too much for her and is too much of a good person to do that. There is something so heartbreaking about the way he so readily resigns himself to face his enemies alone because he’s so used to being alone, dealing with everything alone and taking care of himself.

It’s very likely that no one has ever protected him, except probably for his mother, but suddenly here comes Bong Soon, the woman who was so reluctant to become his bodyguard at first, who is determined to stay by his side and protect him despite all the danger.