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Just curious how you feel about the lack of reproductive or parental rights of fathers. Saw reproductive rights in your bio and it's exclusively women that have them in the west.

Why do you think that only women have reproductive rights in the west?

People with penises can make decisions about when and if they want to procreate, and in addition their insurance covers unnecessary stuff like Viagra. The one thing I can think of is if a person is forced to pay child support for a child they created as a rape victim.

In addition, women (I’m assuming what you really mean is, people with uteruses) DON’T have full reproductive rights in the west. Why on earth do you think we do?

When Gamma got to know Private Leonard Church as “Gary” during the time loops in season 3, I wonder if he ever felt bad about the part he played in torturing Alpha into splitting. We don’t know how the AI were coerced into the task by the Director. If the AI we consider “bad” had any choice at all. 

Sigma was one of the ringleaders of the torture, but the only independent action we see him take is to manipulate Maine and try and reunite the fragments in the Meta. Maybe they all liked Alpha. 

Gamma does seem almost fond of Church at the end, and when they speak again in season 5, although like most of the Freelancer AI, he is most on the side of his Freelancer than anyone else.

(is the s/o a Winston gijinka? kidding, kidding.)


> Tracer knows about her partner’s strength, but it still scares a little whenever she sees it in action.

> The first time it happened was because Tracer was caught off-guard by an enemy soldier.

> It scares her, because she is never sure if her s/o will revert to their old self after that.

> Her s/o is very conscious about that, and sometimes becomes worried that they’ll scare Tracer away.

> Tracer always dispels those thoughts quickly though.


> Mercy was scared at first, and then she became curious about her partner’s power.

> Similar to Tracer, the first time she saw them in action was when she was targeted.

> Her s/o is happy to let her run the occasional test on him, because they’re also curious about how to control the power.

> Mercy tries not to show that she gets startled by her partner’s power in action, but sometimes they notice.


> Pharah was startled the first time she saw it, but later grew to find it really cool!

> She’s all about how to use her partner’s power tactically and protecting them from harm.

> Sometimes she’ll train with her partner to see if they can control the power better.

> She’s strong enough to at least withstand her partner’s power for a little while, so she is not afraid.

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What’s that ticking noise?||Rolf&Open

Tick, tick, tick.

The weird sound matched Rolf’s as he tapped his head with his quill. The boy was trying to study for his History of Magic test tomorrow and that silly little noise wasn’t letting him. The boy sighed and closed his eyes for a moment. If I ignore it, I can keep working but the sound kept going.

tick, tick, tick. 

The boy got sick of it and got up. He needed to find out what that mystery sound was. Rolf was a curious being, leaving a mystery without solving wasn’t his thing. The boy followed the sound as it became louder and louder. He finally reached a door and he pressed his ear on the wood of it. Yes, that was it. The source of the ticking sound was behind that door. He should have known better than to just come in but he was too curious to control himself. The boy opened the door carefully and called out. “Hello? someone there?”