curious in control

Folklore and belief

You bring your beliefs, and your ancestor’s beliefs, with you.

Your parents raised you to believe in a god and a saviour and, to some extent, fate guided by what they hold faith in.

But you don’t believe in anything much these days

You loved fairytales and horror stories as a child, and, as a child, believed some things you knew were nonsense even as you made sure not to dangle your legs in reach of anything under the bed, even if you mentally went through a list of things that would keep werewolves and vampires at bay, even if you went looking for fairies in places that weren’t quite nature and weren’t quite human places.

But you, while not quite an adult, are not a child anymore, not by law, and not in mindset, and don’t believe in anything much these days

You don’t really do superstitions, so the rules don’t make sense to you, but the salt packets are free, so there’s no harm in taking a handful or so, and your roommate does the cream thing.

You think it’s a waste of good milk, but ey, you didn’t pay for it, so it’s not a problem.

You don’t believe in anything much these days, but the fact that the milk, and the cream, and whatever other dairy products are placed at the door are gone each morning, gives you a strange chill that takes a while to dismiss.

Eventually, you just don’t think about it, but…

The coincidences keep stacking, and you don’t believe in anything much these days, not that you know everything, not that the world is safe, not that everything is predictable, not that science has figured out every answer already.

People bring their beliefs, and their ancestor’s beliefs, with them.

You notice. Eventually, you notice.

When your roommate disappears, you take over her habit of leaving dairy at the door.

You’re not the only one who is aware that avoids the water. Others may mutter something about horses, when pressed, but you worry that one day you’ll hear a voice from beneath the waves that will say “here is the place, where is the man?” as a prelude for a disappearance or unlikely drowning. Maybe yours. Maybe some other unlucky soul who’ll get curious, or who’ll, say, lose control of their car and drive into a creek not four feet wide and one foot deep and disappear to nowhere, car and all.

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Listen guys, I am confused after watching this commercial:

This totally looks like a flashback to 2x07 and Magnus showing Alec his cat eyes, scared that Alec might reject him or whatever. Most likely before they were getting intimate?

But Todd talked about a flashback to season 1 which would involve Alec and about the struggle of Magnus’ goatee which he now has in season 2.

So…. does this mean that there will be 2 flashbacks? And the one to 2x07 is the damage control after the huge backlash that happened after 2x07???

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So I went through Zayn’s following list and one particular follow caught my eye:

Yes, that’s right an account with a Ziam handle. What’s really interesting to me is the day the follow happened:

According to ziamxherbs Zayn followed her on Mar 26th, the day after you-know-what.

Aside from this curious Twitter follow, I also noticed that hours before Liam’s announcement Zayn RT’d a tweet from a Ziam fan account and a day before that he RT’d another tweet from another Ziam account (and check out her actual Twitter handle lgbtziam–I mean). Actually in the span of two days (Mar 23-25) Zayn interacted with only four fan accounts, two of which are with Ziam Twitter handle: this shade or coincidence? Of course we can never be sure if it was indeed shade but the appearance of Ziam accounts on Zayn’s Twitter TL and on his following list around the time of the baby announcement is rather interesting no?

And Zayn has done this sort of thing before. Remember when he favorited an old tweet of his which says Liam is HIS man the day before the first Sophiam pics hit the fandom (I wasn’t in the fandom so I’m relying to the old posts I’ve read about that x x )



tam tam

I’ve seen some random Tamlin things floating around my dash the last few days and I just want to say…

Yeah, people deserve second chances. (And sometimes third chances, tbh.)

Yeah, he may have suffered a sense of powerlessness, he obviously had difficulty controlling himself even in ACOTAR with his talons popping out every time he got upset.

Yeah he was facing the downfall of his court and a life of servitude to Amarantha.

But… those things + loving Feyre don’t make what he did ok? I’m not sure what is with the intense desire to defend him. He fucked up. It’s pretty clear. And loving someone is never an excuse for that. Nor is mental illness. We still have to be held accountable for our actions.

Anniversary (M) | RM

Originally posted by bangtan-sarang

*Request* Hi! I would like to request a namjoon smut about your first time with him?? It can be his first time too? It’s your anniversary with him! Thanks love!

Description: Getting through a year of a relationship is a gift of itself. Being in a relationship with BTS’ leader, RM, for this long is winning the world. Saving yourself wasn’t too hard since your time together was always limited. For your anniversary, he makes the time for you to give him his present.

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 2k

I take deep breathes as I finish styling my hair. I haven’t been this nervous for a date night since my first date with my boyfriend, Namjoon, and that was a year ago today. Our anniversary seemed to come so quickly. I honestly didn’t think Namjoon and I would get to this day. When we started dating it was a little rocky with him being on schedule but somehow we ended up getting through the hard times and so far it’s been worth it. He’s worth it.

Tonight was a big deal for me. Not only was it our anniversary for being together for one year, I’ve decided to make it special. Although we’ve been together for that long we have yet to have sex. It’s not because I didn’t want to but with Namjoon’s schedule we kept prolonging it. There’s also the little issue with me being a virgin that help accept the excuses to not do it.

I take one last look at the purple lingerie that I’ve been saving for this day. It was simple but sexy. I cover it up with a maroon dress that reaches just above the knee with black heels. This is probably the most effort I put into an outfit for date night since our first date. After a while I found that Namjoon loved what I wore no matter what it was, either it being casual or dressy.

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Jace Beleren

Pre Mending or Post Mending: Post

Age: mid to late 20s

Color(s): Blue

Magical abilities: Telapath, illiusioist, Living Guildpact

Race: Human

Homeplane: Vyrn

Know Visited planes (that we’ve seen in cards): Ravnica, Kamigawa, Zendikar, Regatha, Innistrad, Kaladesh, Amonkhet, Ixalan

Sets/Storylines: Lorwyn, Magic 2010, Magic 2011, Agents of Artifice, The Purifying Fire, Worldwake, Magic 2012, Magic 2013, Magic 2014, Return to Ravnica, Magic 2015, Magic Origins, Battle for Zendikar, Shadows over Innistrad, Kaladesh, Amonkhet

Known Other Planeswalkers (that we’ve seen as a planeswalker card): Garruk, Tezzeret, Liliana, Bolas, Chandra, Sarkhan, Vraska, Ral, Gideon, Nissa, Ugin, Nixilis, Tamiyo, Sorin, Dovin, Ajani, Saheeli, Samut*

Bio: Brilliant, curious, and always in control, Jace is a master of mental magic: spells of illusion, deception, and mind reading. His powers allow him to manipulate enemy mages by countering their magic or using their spells against them. An adept analyst, he has an optimized plan (and a backup plan) for every situation.Growing up as a magical prodigy on his home plane, Jace Beleren sought out the training of the mysterious sphinx Alhammarret. Under the sphinx’s training, Jace learned to control his abilities. However, when Jace discovered that Alhammarret had been using him for political manipulations and had even hide that Jace had unlocked his planeswalker abilities, he confronted his master in a fierce mental battle. The battle badly damaged Jace’s memories and caused him excruciating pain. This distress caused him to planeswalk away, tearing him away from his home plane. Jace awoke on Ravnica, his memories shattered and his former identity forgotten. Jace’s absence of memory now fuels his insatiable appetite for knowledge and truth.

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Hey!! I just wanted to ask if you could write a Harry x evie fic, maybe one where they're trying to hide their relationship from their friends? Thanks!!

Oh Anony, this was so much fun to write. Thank you for the prompt. Here you are, hope you enjoy it. 

Title: Subtle you are not AKA The Five Times Evie and Harry tried to keep their relationship a secret Plus the one time they failed.
Word Count: 3216
Rated: G.
Note: On AO3

I. Ben

Ben knew he was late. The appointment he’d set up with Evie had been for noon, but of course the meeting with the council had went over the allotted time. Grumpy having taken an instant dislike to something Genie had suggested and things only escalated from there. Ben had to defuse the situation before things got out of hand.  

Fifteen minutes later and he finally arrived at Evie’s dormroom. He only hoped she wasn’t too angry with him for making her wait. Ben knocked lightly to announce his presence, giving the doorknob a quick twist, surprised when the door didn’t budge. He waited a moment and listened only to hear a soft giggle followed by someone shushing another.

“Evie, I’m sorry that I’m late. The meeting got a little hairy towards the end but I was able to settle things. I hope you aren’t mad. Evie?” Ben’s smile wilted, staring at the closed door, “if you’re busy I can come back another time.” Another giggle was his only response. The young king just making out some rustling before Evie gave him an answer.

“No, it’s fine Ben. I was just working on another commission. Give me a second and I’ll let you in.”

Ben nodded, despite knowing she couldn’t see him. Rocking back and forth on the balls of his feet, the king waited, greeting any student who happened to pass by.

“Sorry for making you wait, Ben,” an innocent smile graced Evie’s lips as she pulled open the door. Ben’s brow rose as he took in her appearance. Her normally perfect hair was in disarray, though it looked like she had tried to calm it down before answering the door. The top she wore was slightly skewed, delicate hands quickly working to smooth out a few wrinkles.

He waved her off her apology with a smile, thinking nothing more of it, “no I’m sorry. We made this appointment and I was the one late.”

“Yer majesty,” Harry cooly addressed from where he lounged on Evie’s bed, giving the king pause. If he noticed the lack of boots and socks on the pirates feet, he didn’t say a thing.

“Don’t mind him,” Evie reached for his hand, pulling him towards the little platform for him to stand. Ben didn’t miss how her eyes lit up when she looked at the pirate. “He was helping me with one of my latest orders.”

She waved to the beautiful blue cape draped across Mal’s bed.

“For Chad?”

Evie nodded, ignoring the snort that came from her bed, “how can you tell?”

Ben laughed, “peacock feathers gave it away.”

Evie clapped her hands together, “right! Well let’s get started on that new suit!”

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This Request is so cute, haha ^^~ I hope you enjoy it !

Rfa x Innocent MC

It is obvious that MC is innocent, everyone knew it. But you’re way too innocent. And of course, there are wolves bad guys waiting for you out there.


- Innocent ???

- What is innocent??????? *cough* sorry…

- He’s also quite innocent himself so don’t worry bae you’re not alone

- But that doesn’t mean he’s totally innocent I mean he’s in college, c o l l e g e

- He think it’s cute that you always curious about Seven’s dirty jokes and get flustered afterward

- Also, he lives whenever you ask him somethings because you being curious it’s so cute!

- Being innocent is cute, MC! But don’t trust stranger!

- Sometimes he would take you out to his hospital to see your eyes widen as you watch him cured animals

- One time yea only one because who tf date to messed with his love a co-worker walk up to you and start a friendly conversion

- Not until they whisper to you “do you have any way to help me get some more cash ?” no, not today

- You tile your head aside, not fully understood their request. But little did you know, Yoosung heard everything howisthatevenpossible??

- He waves you with a smile and signal you to come close

- And that moment when the co-worker knew… they’re fucked up done

- He taught you how dangerous is it to trust a stranger, didn’t forget to added a story he make up to freak you out and tease you

- You still innocent as you are, tho

- But remember not no trust any stranger like before

Zen ¦ Hyun Ryu

- All men are wolves bae!!

- He cautions you about this multiple times but… well, you’re helpless

- Just a another part that he loves about you

- Loves it when you two are cuddling and he told a clinched pick up line just to see you turn into a blushing mess

- “I love you so much… I have to protect you from the b e a s t ”

- “B… beast?! Where !?”

- He just laugh

- And this other times, he love to see your round eyes filled with curious contact with his eyes

- Control the beast… Hyun

- He sure does lives this side about you but low-key afraid of people taking advance out of you… which is a lot

- For example, this one time you two go on a coffee date, he excuse himself to goes to the bathroom

- And just after he gone, some people show up in front of you, his fans

- They ask bunch of question, some mention you to help them take a picture of him shirtless or working out

- You freak out due to those huge amount request, and question they’re asking for

- Just right when you’re about to nod, Zen show up

- “Bae? Are you okay?” Before you could answer, he gave his fans a smile… along with a quick glance

- “I’m sorry, but we’re currently on a date right now, well… you see, when people are on dates, you shouldn’t interrupt them” He smile “So, now, please excuse us”

- He turned at you, after those fans ran away

- Bring your hand ups and kissed it

- “Sorry for making you with you wait, bae, let’s continue, shall we?”

- Lecture you a bit for trusting people so easily but end up kissing all over your face

- All men are wolves, bae!


- She’s quite surprise herself

- Because you seen to be very bold and mature in the chat room

- Or… did you ?

- But still, she loves this side of you

- Didn’t says it out loud but she loves when you question her with a cute expression

- She does get a bit annoyed at times when you ask too much, especially with question that you could find out yourself or too personal

- Low-key afraid of people taking advance and using you through you kindness and your innocent

- And lots of times she caught customers flirting with you

- Or trying to lie an excuse so that they won’t have to pay

- Most of the times when people approach and try to take advance of you is when she wasn’t around

- She would probably brush it off and insist then to paid

- Tons of apologies for each other

- She apology for not be there

- You apology for trusting people too much

- But whatever it is, she will protect you

- Still gave you a lecture each times like that lol


- Don’t get me wrong, this man here actually loves that side of you and thought it was cute

- But he just doesn’t understand

- Why did you always questioning him ????

- Like this once time…

- “MC, don’t wear too short… I might not be able to control myself and eat you up”

- “Jumin… but… you can’t eat a human…?”

- …

- Still cute, tho

- But he’s also warn you to not trust anyone, since he’s rich so of course he had some rivals

- One time one of the security guard try to flirt you

- “Let’s be friends, cutie, that black head cannot even gave you a smile, haha”

- “Umm… ? Okay…?”

- And suddenly, a wild Jumin appear !

- “Excuse me ?” “Oh.. Mr. Han!” The security guard became panicking and back away

- He just turn at you and give you a kiss, didn’t forget to tell you not to trust anyone while he’s not around

- That guard probably get fired, lol

Saeyoung ¦ Luciel ¦ 707

- He of course knew that you were innocence, due to the fact that you trust a stranger to go to an unknown apartment and never get his jokes, but when you did get it…

- You guys are the best meme buddies, lol

- But aside from that cuteness, he also worried about you being too innocence

- What if someone from his agency approach and took you away ?

- Another reason for him not to push you away, you may get taken away or get in dangerous 

- But it’s also annoyed him that sometimes you didn’t get what he means

- Not because you didn’t get his jokes, tho

- Let’s have an example, like this time he tried to confess to you (you sure loves him and say you love him multiple times but he doesn’t have the chance to said it to you yet)

- “M…MC! I love you… a.. a lot..! I’m sorry for.. um, sometime being so distance to you, I just.. just..” Before he could finished his sentence, he could feels his vision get blurry because of tears

- You just gave him that innocence smile that he loves so much

- “Ah.. don’t cry, I’m sorry if I did something wrong”

- Well, he just speechless, since it didn’t ends as he thought

- But at least he got to tell you

- Bonus: you feel for his prank every times

- And after living with him for a while, you eventually get a bit less innocence

- I mean… who won’t ?

V ¦ Jihyun Kim

- This man is not innocent as you thought, so don’t worry he takes care of you pretty well

- Make sure to explain everything you don’t understand

- But please stay away from Seven’s dirty jokes, MC 

- He, whenever looks into your eyes, his world seem to be stopped

- Your eyes look at him as if you wanted to ask something

- And he would desperate want to answer it

- Also afraid that you would be used or take advance of

- Wellhisfearcametrue

- At the party when you guys first attend together

- This man came up to you, turns out he is also a photographer

- But what you didn’t know is that he is one o V competition, high-key jealous of V 

- And without hesitate, he ask you, but almost like demanding “Hey, I think you should told him not to take any photograph, don’t you see how worse his eyes are? Don’t you feel bad for him?”

- You feel guilt start to build up inside of you, why didn’t you thought of it sooner?

- But V came up and pull you into his embrace, right in front of the guys

- “It’s not your place to comment about whether or not I should retire, and beside, can’t you see that you are freaking my love out ?“

- And after that, he became even more protective.

- But you love it, tho

85. “You’re the worst hostage I’ve ever had.”

Originally posted by jiyoongis

“So, they’re letting the nerd interrogate me? They must think I’m going to be easy to crack.” You were borderline cackling, despite being handcuffed quite tightly to an uncomfortable wooden chair.

You could tell the boy standing in front of you, Jimin, was nervous. You knew all about the Bangtan Boys; they’d been one of your gang’s rivals for quite some time. And therefore, you knew all of their members, including their tech expert Park Jimin, who most definitely seemed to have never interrogated a hostage in his life.

Your already broad smirk seemed to widen as you watched his hands fidget with a glass of water on the table before you. He brought the cup, shakily, to his lips and took a long sip. You could tell he was trying to come off as cool and composed, but the way his eyes darted around the room frantically gave him away.

“So, tech expert, get on with the questions,” you gestured with your fingers in a ‘get going’ motion as much as the handcuffs would allow. Jimin placed his glass down, swiped the bangs on his forehead, and inhaled.

“I…I’m not the only tech expert in here,” he said. His words shook at first, and then found their footing at the end of his sentence.

“Was that a question or a statement?” you snapped back. Jimin recoiled at your seemingly, sudden angry tone, however you only wanted to toy with him. “You know, I’m really thirsty over here, too. I know I’m your hostage and everything, but I’d like to be treated with a little hospitality.”

“Namjoon wants me to find out what you know,” Jimin replied, his adam’s apple bobbing as he spoke. “And then I could get you a drink.”

“Are you scared of him?” you asked.

“Who, Namjoon? No… I… why would I be scared of him?” Jimin’s tone was becoming more curious as you took control of the conversation.

“Because, he’s the big bad leader. And you, you’re like me. We’re the techies, the nerds, the geeks. We sit behind our computers all day and wait for orders. And the other members, they push you in a corner, too, don’t they? You’ll never compare to them.”

“That… that happens to you, too?” Jimin asked, amazement flooding his features. Gone was the nervousness he felt before; now the two of you were on stable talking ground.

“I like you, Jimin,” you said slowly sinking down in your seat and spreading your legs. You watched as Jimin’s eyes travelled between your thighs, his throat moving again in a gulp. “You know, if you let me out of here, we could leave. We could leave our gangs behind, and prove to them who the real assets are.”

“You’re trying to trick me!” Jimin cried, tearing his eyes away from you. You smirked at him, running your tongue over your lips.

“I wouldn’t dare trick you, Jimin. I would dare to ask you for a glass of water, but I wouldn’t dare tease about leaving my gang with you.”

“I… I… couldn’t. You’re just trying to get me to let you out of here.”

“Well, did it work?” You chortled.

“You’re the worst hostage I’ve ever had,” Jimin snapped, turning his back to you.

“Have you even had another hostage other than me?” Jimin didn’t answer, instead walking towards the door and turning the knob.

“Think about my offer, Park Jimin!” You called after him, your voice carrying over your cell, light and airy. He barely glanced over his shoulder at you as he closed the door, but you could tell by the way he chomped down on his bottom lip that he actually was.

- Admin PeachJin 🍑

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Could I ask for the cast reacting to an apprentice who has one or more tattoos? Thank you and keep up the awesome work!❤️

So, to be honest, this was a bit difficult to write, as there aren’t any specifications as to how big/small or where they’d be or what the tattoo(s) would be of, but *in a western cartoon cowboy voice* I’ll get ‘er done! (I’m so sorry. That was horrible! I won’t do that again xD) I’m also going to have various tattoos in different spots all over MC’s body but for different characters if that’s ok? If anyone would like to see different tattoos of different variations that I didn’t write about feel free to write it down and ask it after the Halloween event-unless ur going to make it a spooky tattoo. ⚠️WARNING!!! This ask is SOMEWHAT NSFW! ⚠️ So if you aren’t into that, you should just skip over this.

Asra: Could have been innocently walking past MC’s room when he catches a glimpse of them. They could be innocently standing by their bedroom window, gazing out, when the moonlight would highlight some pastel colours behind their left ear. He’d immediately stop dead in his tracks and lean in the doorway, stealthily, watching their ear for any sign of the colours he saw a moment ago, just to make sure he isn’t crazy. He’d watch as MC, in their cozy clothes, runs their fingers through their hair, their thumb exposing a fairly small but easily recognizable tattoo behind their ear. He only smiles as his eyes dart all over the magician tarot card, the colours being so soft and gentle that it’s no wonder he hasn’t seen it before. The sight evokes all kinds of thoughts and worries within him: was it about me; was it for me; it’s so beautiful; have their feelings for me returned; do they really care about me; am I overthinking this; when did they get this? His feelings lead him to walk over to MC, without a sound, as MC gazes through their window at the ominous fog covering the cobblestones of their street and hug them from behind them, wrapping his arms around their waist slowly. MC slightly jumps and almost panics until they recognize the feel of his caramel skin and his sweet but intoxicating smell surrounding them, making them giggle at their own fear and his sudden affection. He softly kisses the tattoo, reminding MC of what was there. They’d stand there nervously in his arms as he nuzzles their neck for a moment before they ask him quietly, without turning to him: “do you like it?” Asra lifts his head from their neck and makes a heartfelt sigh, making MC worry again, only to hear him say: “I think it’s beautiful. But it’s disgusting compared to your beauty.” MC only giggles again, his response easing their nerves, as Asra goes back to nuzzling their neck again and begins to leave a trail of kisses from their ear to their collarbone, each kiss more passionate and lingering longer than the last.

Nadia: Could be very teasing about it. MC could be eating dinner with her, sitting next to her at the top of the long table, when she notices a few marks around their hand. She’d instantly ask MC of the marks aloud, making MC confused as they had been deep in thought until they follow her gaze. They look down at their hand and smile, as they lift their hand to eye level and position it so that the back of their thumb faces her. The mark, could be of a colourful seashell on white sand and the sight of it would make Nadia feel homesick. She’d feel something turn in her heart as the memories of her homeland flood her mind. MC would look at her intently as they watch Nadia’s eyes soften and lose focus as her cheeks colour a deep pink. She’d grab MC’s hand and cradle their it in her hands holding it gently but gripping strongly as if wishing to hold onto her memories as long as possible. Then she’d look up at MC and apologize once she recollects herself and explain to MC how the tattoo brought up some wonderful memories for her and she’d even ask them why get a seashell as a tattoo. She’d then lift their hand and kiss the tattoo, as a gentleman would kiss a lady’s hand, making MC’s feelings swarm and their cheeks redden. Nadia would only let out a small giggle, feeling amused, before she expresses how surprised she is that MC’s skin is so soft and sweet, especially since she’s sure they didn’t have the materials she has at their disposal. She’d then remember how Portia had brought her some new bath products and would insist that MC tries them out. Feeling a little uncomfortable at first, they hesitate before Nadia would insist and escort them to the bath. Nadia would send Portia for the product and ask MC about the tattoo as they undress themselves, nervously, and they’d explain the backstory of it. When MC finishes explaining Nadia would walk up to the bath,completely ignoring MC’s expression of horror, as they’re standing right next to it, and dip her finger in the steaming after before letting out a content moan and turning to MC with a smile. She’d stand right next to them as MC climbs in and relaxes in the warm nearly hot water neglecting the fact that Nadia’s head had appeared next to their ear. Nadia would whisper about how she’d want to know about their tattoos and about MC’s taste when Portia would walk in.

Julian: Could wake up breathing heavily and in a cold sweat in the middle of the night at Mazelinka’s house before realizing MC is in the bed with him. He’d look to the feeling of warmth at his side and see MC’s peaceful expression and smile before moving a few hairs out of their face. He’d run his fingers along their warm cheeks, reassuringly, and begin to lay back down again before looking at their forearm and seeing a distinctively dark shadow. He’d rub his eyes again, focusing this time, to see that the shadow could actually be a skull and in the place of crossbones were a pair of blades each one gleaming at the sharp edge and pointing away from the dark and ominous skull. Without a second thought, he’d move their arm so that he can see it clearly waking up MC. He’d only grit his teeth and grow silent and still as MC awakens sitting up and looking around the room, confused, for a moment, before their eyes rest on Julian and letting out a soft sigh. He’d look away from them, ashamed with himself, before apologizing for awakening them saying that he didn’t mean to. His brows would furrow as he’d look back at their arm and focus looking at the details in the blades and the shadows and highlights of the skull. The tension would disintegrate and the room would, somehow, brighten as his teeth emerge from between his lips as they stretch out into his signature cocky smile. He’d explain that the tattoo reminds him of death and/or danger and, if he didn’t know any better, he’d claim that MC has a love for danger. MC would only laugh at his conclusion before asking why and he’d point out that MC was running with him, and that they came so if their own will, and with each point he makes me leans closer and closer to MC’s quenching lips. MC, refusing to be teased again, uses their hand to put pressure on Julian’s wound forcing him to grimace in pain and retreat back to his side of the bed and to lay on his back. MC takes the opportunity to straddle him and put just a little more pressure on his wound as they lean in real close to his face smiling-“I’m in charge now, Doctor”

Muriel: wouldn’t know what to say. He could be visiting MC in the shop or just watching them when he notices something dark along MC’s side. Curious, but very self controlled, he says nothing and decides that he’d ask MC himself about it. At the end of the day, when MC is finally alone, he would approach them as quietly as he can, learning only later that he’d have to apologize as the sounds of chains dragging on the floor in the middle of the night scared MC, making them sit up in their bed, sweating a river-full, and making their eyes dart to every shadow in the room. Once Muriel is in MC’s prescience, he looks down with his eyes closed and seems to practically be squeezing his eyes closed, before he asks about what he saw earlier today. They’d hesitate at first, not sure as to what he’s talking about until Muriel opens his eyes and looks at them. The feeling MC gets from looking into his eyes is crushing; there were so many feelings within his eyes and all were conflicting with one another, in what felt like a hurricane of feelings, making him seem so powerful for being able to control all of those emotions well, but realizing this constant conflict within him made MC feel weak and pitiful. Without speaking, they get up from their bed and lift up their garments on one side exposing the tattoo. They look up at Muriel and laugh seeing that his eyes are squeezed shut and his head is now facing the floor completely and sweat is beginning to bead his forehead and shoulders.After some insisting that Muriel looks, he’d open his eyes and feel some sense of joy or happiness at the sight of triangles and squares and rectangles side to side and overlapping each other to form a simple tattoo of a wolf howling at the moon. He would close his eyes again but gently this time not sure how he should react to such a beautifully abstract tattoo. The only thing that comes out of his mouth, a while his head is down and his eyes are closed is why, and as MC lets their garments fall back down they begin to explain that on the night of a full moon their loved one was slaughtered by a pack of wolves. He only begins to squeeze his eyes closed and memories of his own begin to swarm his thoughts: men bleeding on the floor and in pain begging for help, men screaming and running for their lives. He could imagine the pain MC went through as tears cloud their vision and begin to roll down their face in small but quick streaks. Unsure of what to do, he decides to do the one thing he used to do to protect an old friend-he gives them a hug and daubs their back in small circular motions letting MC openly cry their eyes out on his chest.

Portia: Would probably admire it no matter what, to be honest. She could arrive at MC’s room, in the early hours of morning, to escort MC to breakfast, and about to call out good morning, when she notices some marks on the back of their neck. Curiosity drives her as she leans in closer, getting a good look at MC’s neck, when she finds herself in amazement at the design. In black, bold and a combination of thick and thins lines form a phrase with a floral pattern boarding it. Portia only gets a moment to register what she just saw, before MC begins to stir and so she swiftly stands back but still leans a bit forward, to help get MC’s attention. MC stirs and opens their eyes to see Portia’s happy expression. Feeling a bit invaded, MC gives Portia a confused and somewhat curious expression before she winks explaining that she was just admiring their ink. They’d ask her if she wanted to see it completely before she nodded and they nervously shrugged their sleeping garments off their shoulders, and possibly moving their hair out of the way witha few fingers and in one small movement, exposing all of the back of their neck. Portia practically gasped when she could finally see the quote completely. Within a rectangular floral and “bleeding” border were two lines worth of words each one inscribed in the skin gently and delicately to result in its simply sophisticated and elegant style. Portia asked why they would get a tattoo of a quote and on the back of their neck, explaining that she isn’t judging just curious before asking said question. They’d explain that the quote was a lesson they a learned from a deceased loved one and that they wanted it there so that it can really only be seen if they show it to someone beacause it’s important to them. Portia would automatically feel pity swarming her heart and not hesitate to give MC a big, warm and smother in hug.At first they hug her back and just focus on fighting the nemories of the loved one, until they can’t take it anymore and just squeeze Portia tightly finally letting their eyes release the dams within them. Portia squeezes them back, ending up in a heartwarming cuddle on MC’s bed.

Lucio: Could catch a glimpse of some ink on MC a while laying on his side in bed next to them. MC could, maybe, have gotten a little scared earlier that night and decided to visit Lucio where he invited them to sleep next to him. As MC lays on their side, facing away from him, trying to ignore the feel of his warmth on their back, and the excitement from smelling nothing but his scent, Lucio gazes upon them. As he analyzes, what he thinks is, MC’s sleeping body, he feels his curiosity tug at him as he notices that peeking out from under their sleeping garments, on MC’s collarbone, there seems to be some black ink staining their glowing skin. MC feels his eyes on them and they try their very best to appear asleep, as Lucio moves to be sitting up beside the them to get a better look at them. MC can’t help but open their eyes and slowly turn to him, meeting each other’s gentle gazes and sit up to properly see his eyes in the darkness of the room. Lucio says nothing as he leans forward, now face to face with MC, closing the distance between them so that their lips are only a short distance apart. MC feels their cheeks heat up, and their palms begin to sweat, as a small panic begins to rise in them the closer he gets to their face until he suddenly stops and they feels something sharp poke their collar bone. They look down remembering the tattoo and slowly but nervously, shrug their sleeves of their garments off their shoulders only exposing the top half of their chest revealing the big black inked tattoo of a bird. It’s eyes were paralyzing and it’s black feathered wings outstretched as if moments away from at its prey. Lucio smirks as and leans forward again this time gently caressing the bird affectionately and stroking it’s wing as if to feel it’s feathers as he uses his metal arm to push MC back down in the bed. His eyes would flare with passion before he towers over them and begins to kiss all along their tattoo before kissing lower and lower…

-Admin Seraphina

The Meeting (Part 1)

*****This fic switches between Alex and Maggie - all in 3rd person. The ~~~~~ represent the switches. I hope you can follow along and enjoy! 

Alex Danvers never thought she’d be fit for a relationship. Yeah, she dated around here and there, but the guy was either too boring or too dumb to understand the way her mind wandered. She assumed it was her, that she was the problem.

Maggie Sawyer, on the other hand, always pictured herself with a girl, regardless of the comments she pretended not to hear or the bickering when she held a girl’s hand in public. She tried so hard to please the world by hooking up with boys in high school, but it only felt right when she was with a girl. But the thing is…she hasn’t found the right girl.

Alex gave up on her life love soon after J’onn recruited her for the DEO. Her relationship with Kara has always been the most important to her. She didn’t really have time to go out on dates either, not with chasing around aliens all day. She didn’t know that was about to change, and quite frankly, neither did Maggie.


Maggie went about her usual routine in the morning; brewed a pot of coffee, threw on a leather jacket and black skinny jeans, and bolted over to the precinct on her motorcycle. All the men in her unit gawked at her whenever she would pull up and swiftly remove her helmet revealing her dark hair and dimples. Their looks were unrequited. She immersed herself into every case file that was waiting for her on her desk. After all, everyone knew she was a badass, even though at first her petite size made her chief question her abilities to protect the city. But of course she proved them all wrong. That was just the way Maggie Sawyer rolled; she didn’t take shit from anyone.

The morning seeped into the afternoon slowly, making Maggie grow hungry quicker than usual. She decided to take an early lunch break to hit the city for some lunch. She jumped on her motorcycle and went straight to the food trucks. Maggie found a spot just close enough to the food trucks so she could read the menus while leaning against her bike. She inevitably chose “Burger Joes” only because she was in the mood for some fries and a milk shake. She observed two girls in line that seemed attached hip.


Alex and Kara spent their morning training at the DEO. They recently got new weapons that would help humans fight harder against aliens, including new protective wear. Of course Alex couldn’t resist trying them out, and Kara obliged. Alex felt like a whole new person and could not stop jumping up and down at the thought of defeating an alien all on her own. After being in the training room for hours, the sisters were famished and decided to take a lunch break downtown at the food trucks. They were both in need of a good old fashioned milk shake and fries.

While they were waiting in line a revved up motorcycle pulled up right behind them. Alex turned to check it out, curious about the man controlling it. The driver stood up and took off their helmet uncovering their dark wavy hair. Alex’s breath caught in her throat at the sight of…her.

“Should I get the double cheeseburger or just two cheeseburgers?” Kara pondered her choices, waiting for Alex to tell her what to do as usual. It was silent for a few moments until Kara nudged Alex on the shoulder. “Hello, earth to Alex.”

“What?” Alex whipped her head back to focus on Kara.

“Did you just see an alien or something?” Alex’s little sister made an obvious turn around to take a look at her surroundings.

“No, no. It’s just that girl is driving the same motorcycle I have. No one else would ever think to get that but me,” it wasn’t just the fact that the girl had the same motorcycle as Alex, it was that Alex has never been so drawn into someone’s effortless beauty the way she just was. She’s never been so drawn into a woman’s beauty the way she just was. Kara giggled and glanced back at the confident woman leaning against her bike.


Maggie noticed the two, she assumed best friends, right away; especially the slender woman with short brown hair. She’s seen a lot of beautiful women, sure, but this one…her mind even seemed beautiful which perplexed Maggie. She soon became intrigued, so she had stepped in line right behind them before anyone else could. She had been intent on trying to listen in on their conversations, and she could tell by the way the taller one was peeking at her motorcycle that she was interested too.

She didn’t know if she should say something to start a conversation. Maybe initiate one with the topic of motorcycles? No. Too nerdy. She thought to herself. Maybe compliment her? On what? Everything. Shut up you dumbass. Her tongue tied itself in a knot so she stayed silent. She was usually good at this, meeting new women and putting herself out there, so why was it that all of the sudden she couldn’t even introduce herself or bring up one her favorite topics?  She really is beautiful. Maggie analyzed Alex’s posture and her clothes and, well, her body. She seemed resilient and lionhearted and her legs…they were long and built. Maggie bit her lip as she made eye contact with her.  

The shorter, more stout girl started a conversation, so she listened in.

“Should I get a double cheeseburger or just two cheeseburgers?” She asked. There was no response for a bit so she continued on, “Hello, earth to Alex.” Then came a confused “What?”

Alex. Her name is Alex. Maggie was glad she could put a name to the girl’s face. She wondered where her mind was at in that moment, and wondered if Alex blanked out often.


Alex never blanked out. Never. Her mind was constantly racing; with new facts, always having to know where Kara is, and with anything that has to do with any type of alien or weapon ever. She never blanked out. Not like this. She managed to get out her order and step to the waiting line.

“Can I get a name for your order?” The cashier asked.

“Kara,” she said then joined Alex.

“Are you okay?” Kara grew worried, which happened often enough that Kara always knew Alex would say yes.

“Yes, I think I’m just really tired and hungry from all the fighting today,” Alex offered.

“Well, you should be. You were kicking a lot of ass. A lot of my ass,” Kara giggled at herself for cursing which only made Alex join in. She glanced back over at the girl ordering her food.

“Can I get a name?” The cashier asked her.

“Maggie,” she returned.

Maggie. Alex looked her up and down, noticing her NCPD Science Division badge on her belt. Science Division and a cop, not bad. She couldn’t take her eyes off of her.

“Alex, are you sure you’re okay?” Kara nudged her big sister again. “You’ve been acting really strange since we got here.”

“I…I’m fine.” They continued waiting for their food. Alex froze when Maggie rubbed past her to reach the napkins.


Maggie discovered the other girl’s name was Kara. Maybe she could research them both when she got back to the precinct. No that’s against the law. She had to do something. But what? She questioned herself hoping for an immediate answer. Maybe “accidentally” brush against her. That’s good. Do it. She noticed a small gap between Alex and the napkins and decided to take a chance. She stepped just close enough to where she felt Alex’s skin. She almost stopped breathing as she suddenly wanted nothing more than this stranger to become someone.

It was crazy, she hasn’t even said one word to this random girl and she’s already thinking about her becoming something more. That doesn’t ever happen. Not to Maggie Sawyer. She was dazzled and wanted more than just a brisk touch.

“You work in the Science Division of NCPD, huh?” Maggie was taken aback by Alex’s question. 

“I..I do,” Maggie shyly replied, her fingers clasping onto her badge. She noticed.

“That’s your bike too?” Alex nodded towards her motorcycle.

“It is.”

“I have one myself. I switched over to it because of the easy shift in gears and accelerated speed,” Maggie’s face showed nothing but shock.

“You know about ducatis?”

“Do I?” Alex scoffed but in the most adorable way - like she was incapable of being harmful to another human being.

“I’ve had this bad boy for a few years now, and I couldn’t be happier,” Bad boy. Maggie, what the fuck.

“Kara, your food is ready,” the lady behind the counter called out. Dammit.

“See you around…?” Was all Maggie could get out.

“Alex…Danvers,” Alex’s whole body was turned towards Maggie’s at this point, sending a dry patch into Maggie’s throat.

“I’m Maggie Sawyer. See you around, Danvers,” Alex couldn’t hide her smile and Maggie couldn’t hide her blushing. She was stuck between thanking God for Alex’s food being ready and hating him for letting her go too soon. Her eyes followed Alex and Kara until they were no longer in sight. She sighed when her name was called for her food.


Maggie’s touch took over Alex’s mind. Kara, the food, her surroundings seemed to fade away only leaving Maggie. You have to say something now. Oh my God. Oh my God. Okay. I have to do it now. Her mind was running round frantically trying to come up with what to say. The badge. 

“You work in the Science Division of NCPD, huh?” Alex switched back to her confident side. Kara stepped out of the way so the two could talk.

“I..I do,” Maggie tucked her hair behind her ear and her fingers found their way around her badge. Alex noticed everything.

“That’s your bike too?” Alex didn’t know what got ahold of her, but she wanted to crawl through every inch of this stranger’s brain.

“It is,” Maggie was shy and couldn’t keep her hands still.

“I have one myself. I switched over to it because of the easy shift in gears and accelerated speed,” Maggie’s face grew surprised.

“You know about ducatis?” Maggie took a step towards Alex. Holy shit. Okay calm down, Alex.

“Do I?” Alex huffed but chuckled lightly.

“I’ve had this bad boy for a few years now, and I couldn’t be happier,” Alex couldn’t help but grin. She said bad boy. That was so cute. Alex’s thoughts were interrupted when Kara’s name was called. She snapped out of the bubble she suddenly found herself in with Maggie.

“See you around…” Maggie wanted more.

“Alex…Danvers,” she needed one last look at those dark eyes and dimples.

“I’m Maggie Sawyer. See you around, Danvers,” Kara displayed the overloaded milkshake making Alex’s mouth water. Not that it wasn’t watering before that. Alex followed Kara down the sidewalk and into the park behind the food trucks. 

“Who was that?” Kara asked.

“Just some girl…a cop,” Kara seemed to focused on the two cheeseburgers in her lap to notice Alex’s shaky voice. Her mind never left Maggie.