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Sketchy Behavior | Hellen Jo 

Never afraid to speak and/or draw her mind, Los Angeles based artist and illustrator, Hellen Jo and her characters can be described as rough, vulgar, tough, jaded, powerful, bratty and bad-ass - AKA her own brand of femininity. Known for her comic Jin & Jam, and her work as an illustrator and storyboard artist for shows such as Steven Universe and Regular Show, Hellen’s rebellious, and sometimes grotesque artwork and illustrations are redefining Asian American women and women of color in comics. In fact, that’s why Hellen Jo was a must-interviewee for our latest Sketchy Behavior where we talk to her about her love of comics and zines, her antiheroines, and redefining what Asian American women identity is or can be; and what her ultimate dream project realized would be.  

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Can someone link me to any articles about scientific research behind gender identity/ sexuality?
(What in our biology affects these things/ what is different in individuals that creates different gender identities and sexualities)

ID #84038

Name: Ani
Age: 14
Country: USA 

hi! My name is Ani (Ah-Nee) and I’m really passionate about physics, computer science, electronics, architecture, and European history. I love DIY and journaling. I love learning and I’m hella cuirious and hella bi. I also love music and sketching buildings and structures. I’m a fan of Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and PJO. I tolerate all viewpoints as long as they are reasonable and not violating anyone’s rights. I wanna attend MIT and become a scientist. Currently learning how to hack. I also enjoy conspiracies and scary things. I also write sometimes and read a lot. Memes are good.

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noun | da·guerre·o·type | dəˈɡerəˌtīp

An early photographic process invented by Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre in 1839 employing an iodine-sensitized silvered plate and mercury vapor. The image is formed when the light-sensitive plate is exposed to light through a camera lens. A daguerreotype was a unique, direct positive image that could not produce copies.

Art History Glossary: A helpful list of art and architecture terms to support curious rookies.

LGBT History Month - Lesbian Fiction

  • Oranges are Not the Only Fruit, by Jenette Winterson
  • Trumpet, by Jackie Kay
  • Tipping the Velvet, by Sarah Waters
  • The Well of Loneliness, by Radclyffe Hall
  • Curious Wine, by Katherine V. Forest
  • The Black and White of It, by Ann Allen Shockley
  • The Girl on the Stairs, by Louise Welsh
  • Kissing the Witch, by Emma Donoghue

“She was a real scholar of history—just curious about history, and obsessively read history—and understood how important it is who writes the history. And she knew it was up to her to define her husband’s legacy because he could no longer do that, and it had to be done quickly because there were dozens of other people ready to jump in and publish the first book about him, and she needed to be there to control it—and she did brilliantly.”

do you ever think about how severely lacking pureblood education must be because i do and i wonder how they managed.

Time is a River: Chapter 01 


 When history professor Lance McClain stumbles across a mysterious object, he has no idea it will lead him and his friends to a time ship crashed in the year 2016.  But with this amazing discovery comes a dire message from the two future refugees onboard: Lance and his friends must become paladins, protectors of time itself.  Now, they must struggle to preserve history all while preventing the rise of an immortal despot, bent on destroying everything in his path to conquer the future, including the paladins themselves.


The stranger’s hand shot out, grabbing Lance’s shoulder.  It didn’t seem like much force was being exerted, but the man’s grip on his shoulder was unnaturally strong.  Lance tried to wiggle out of its grasp, to no avail.

“Give. Me. The bayard.”

The hold on Lance’s shoulder tightened briefly and he let out a yelp of pain.  Lance felt fairly certain he was bruised down to the bone now.  He looked up and stiffened in fear, because, yep, the man’s eyes had definitely turned gold.  

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Hetalia Fandom Hub March Interview: @aph-belarusia!

An award-winning writer who, let’s face it, is probably the actual APH Romania answers our questions!

Hiya! Can you quickly introduce yourself for everyone?

Hello everyone! My name is Sayu, I’m 24 years old and I’m in college studying Languages and Literatures.

I’m a fanfic writer and perhaps some of you may know me from my long and detailed historical/eerie fics featuring rare pairings.

How long have you been in the fandom and how did you get into it?

10 years I think?

I found a doodle made by Himaruya with the Axis and the Allies and I instantly got curious.

I’ve always loved history so I thought it would be a perfect chance of seeing all the world nations represented along with their history and traditions.

I knew that the anime would have its premiere in a month or so and as such, I waited impatiently for that day.

I distinctly remember watching the first episode on the day it aired on a strange Chinese website that I magically found. Raw and everything.

I could have waited for the subtitled version but no I had to watch it immediately.

Unbeknownst to me, I probably signed a contract with Himaruya on that day, promising to him my soul and complete devotion to his creation and after all these years later I’m still here.

You’ve been in the fandom a long time! What has been your proudest moment over the years?

The first moment was when I overcame my fear of showing my works to the public and it was all because of this fandom. Only four years ago I decided to share a fanfic for everyone to see and up until that moment no one had ever seen my writing.

It was a moment on which I felt extremely proud of myself, I had nothing to fear, my words had value.

The second moment was the whole Hetalia Fandom Awards hosted by this blog. 

I’m the first person to admit that I am tremendously insecure about my writing. I push myself to the limit until it reaches perfection but I never think that it is enough. And since I don’t think it is enough I assume that others will think the same.

When the awards started I was not even aware of it but @missbelgium was the first person to nominate me for writer of the year and suddenly other people started to nominate and vote for me. 

I was in awe. In all honesty I never thought I could win but I was already so happy that so many people supported me and understood my hard work and appreciated it that I felt like a winner already. 

Then I won. I cried actually. Not because of my victory but because I saw my growth as an author from four years ago until now. 

My hard work had been worth it, I managed to reach people with my words.

What is your favourite thing about Hetalia?

Probably how mutable the time plot and each character personality can be, plus how creative I can be with that premise.

As a literature student I always pay attention not only the works that I read but also to the period they were written and what characteristics can be found on the author’s writing that cause them to be so unique.

I guess I always bring that sort of mentality with me when dealing with this fandom.

It is true that the characters do have their basic traits and dynamic personalities and I’m always very careful when dealing with those, as I want to be sure that I’m not butchering their individuality but as history is always in a constant change then, in my point of view, so will the characters and their attitudes and points of view.

I always like to give them depth and not merely just stick with the basic portrayal.

As for the characters that have little to none development by Himaruya I consider them as a blank canvas on which I can start building them as I please after I make the proper researches on the countries’ history, folklore, costumes and everything.

It’s really amusing for me to portray all the different mindsets of each character and make them interact with each other.

What kind of research do you recommend for people who want to build upon Himaruya’s less-developed characters as well?

This question is very subjective, I have my methods while other people will certainly have theirs and it also depends on what the artist/writer is more interested in developing but I’m more than happy to give some tips.

The first thing I do when I want to develop a less developed is to check if there’s any entry on Kitawiki about them even if it is only basic information. That way I can avoid mischaracterizing the said character and it also serves me a guide line for their construction. 

I personally spend an enormous amount of time researching about the country’s history. I dare say that I spend more time researching than actually writing on my fic. 

That being said, Encyclopaedia Britannica has to be one of my elite websites for my researches. I find it to be way more reliable than Wikipedia and it covers several topics with an extremely detailed accuracy. I highly recommend it.

Google Scholar is also a precious help if you want to explore some topics even further. There’s plenty of thesis and books available for consulting that can be quite useful.

Finally, libraries are an excellent source of information, read and re-read those books, take notes, compare material, think in what way you can apply that knowledge on your work.

What do you enjoy most about writing?

As I’m answering this question I can think of several of reasons about why I enjoy writing but if it was on a day on which I was feeling frustrated about my work and/or with a huge author’s block I would say that I absolutely despise it.

Of course that I would be lying, I love writing it’s part of who I am but these sudden changes of feelings are precisely the reason why I adore it.

Writing, at its best, is as temperamental as its author.

I use writing a lot as a coping method, many times to ease my anxiety. On those times I usually take the opportunity to drain my worries and afflictions to the paper and the characters end up being vessels of my troubles but also my soothing balm.

It is impressive how writing 3 or 4 lines make me feel better instantly.

And in the end, if a person comes to me and says that they felt my words as if the character itself was actually saying them or that I dragged them to the middle of the scenery with my descriptions, I can’t help but smile because in the middle of my chaotic state I managed to create something beautiful.

Finally, is there anyone in the fandom you look up to?

I look up to so many people it’s impossible to name them all but there are 3 people that are essential to me in this website, without them I would have not had the courage to keep writing.

Their constant support means the world to me, so a thousand thanks to @dislittle-sparklederp, @vixenofthemist and @shes-beauty-shes-gray.

Apart from them, I have to give a shout out to those who create content for their rare ships and new artists/writers.

For your efforts and willingness to offer this fandom your creativity in order to enrich it even though sometimes your art/fic is ignored and yet you keep insisting and being passionate about it… I already look up to you all.

A big thank you to @aph-belarusia for being our interviewee! Everyone, please show this creator your love!