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I’m calling this the year of treating yourself to everything red, schmoopy and heart shaped, whether or not anyone else treats you. So, instead of a gift guide this time, here’s a treat guide for a self-love and self-care themed Valentine’s day ❤️️

Lovedrobe heart cutout dress 

Red heart crossbody bag   

Heart mesh top 

✶ RAID ribbon tie ballet flats 

Chocolate strawberry jar candle   

Crimson velvet and lace lingerie set 

✶ Trop de Love enamel pin 

Rose hearts bath bombs 

Dream and sugar tea set 

✶ Burgundy heart fairisle pajamas 



Fluorite is the fusion between Amethyst and Peridot. She likes to make puns and be with friends. As a hardcore gem, Fluorite knows how to keep her pals happy, and although sometimes she can pass out of the line, she has a lovely and shiny heart!

Curious fact: Fluorite is known by shining in the night or in dark places, showing her carisma and love in the fusion.

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Anyways I feel like Matt and Esther are that type of couple where like one of them could be like doing something, like Matt talking excitedly about the new book he’s reading or Alec Lightwood or Esther modeling or running around Italy or London or some great city, and the other is watching them with a full on, soft grin on their face, so content and happy and in love

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FUN FACT: Humans have explored less than 5% of the ocean… 

How much of you is left to explore?


Happy Lunar New Year! \(‘v’)/

I matched the characters to the zodiac the best I could. (My housemate said I should’ve made Prussia the cat, but I thought that was too sad.) Please don’t make fun of my animal anatomy. I can’t draw animals. 'OTL

If you can’t read my handwriting, a full list of the zodiac descriptions are below. They aren’t accurate, obviously. I took the traits from different sources. 

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Probably gonna liveblog some more stev uni later, if anyone’s interested. If not, do yourself a favor and blacklist #shark watches stev uni !

I’ve done some watching during the week so I’m starting with The Return and Jailbreak! I’ve heard that these are two of the best episodes so I’m excited to finally get to them.

So I can definitely say everyone has a crush on Even Bech Næsheim:

Isak Valtersen: “DU ER MANNEN I MITT LIV” do we need any other word?
Bonus: he’s the one returned by Even. He’s the chosen one. The one Even loves. His boyfriend.

Magnus Fossbakken: *always shocked when he sees Even* dancing chicks clip: *OPEN MOUTH #SHOOK #SHOOK #SHOOK* *heY GUYS LET’S MEET EVEN* *HUGS HIM*

Jonas Vasquez: *good looking guy though*

Noora Sætre: kitchen scene: *stares fascinated at Even* *stares at him the entire time she shows up in the clip*

Eskild Tryggvason: *so who’s that guy, I met him in the bathroom this morning who’s him ****heart eyes curious is he gay????**** *

Eva Mohn: *he’s really handsome you lucky pig* *you better watch out for me I might steal him*

I read the script and I saw this man in conflict with himself, reaching, pulled, sort of compulsively toward the future.  He’s an engineer, he’s an industrialist, he’s an inventor, and he’s actully deeply gifted.  He could have been one of the great industrialists that changed the world, and he wants to, he has an innate gift for that.  He’s open-hearted and curious and wants to explore his life and his work, but he’s weighted down by the past and the past is haunted in one respect, it’s haunted physically and emotionally, and he’s accountable for that.  And so there’s this amazing tension between escaping his inheritance physically in Allerdale Hall and emotionally, and rushing towards who he wants to be.  So I found that fascinating and we talked about that and we explained that even bigger and made his struggle to take control of his destiny even stronger, in a way.
—  Tom Hiddleston on Sir Thomas Sharpe, his character from Crimson Peak, at The Nerdist Podcast 

I think I’m learning to love all this:
The skeletal frame to encompass
My fragile head and heavy heart.
Curious eyes to wander
At the stubby little fingernails
Held by my dainty wrists.
Big broad shoulders
for even bigger hips.
Shorter legs encased
in golden tanned skin.
A crazy mane of untamed hair
Fluttery lashes and furrowed brows.
A haphazard chaos of confusion
And intrigue to bliss
A self-assessed jolie-laide
And yes, I am proud of this.


status/frases wpp em inglês
  • curious mind, adventurous heart - mente curiosa, coração aventuroso
  • she’s the type of girl that can be so hurt but can still look at you and smile -  ela é o tipo de garota que pode ser tão magoada, mas ainda pode olhar para você e sorrir
  • be the one to guide me, but never hold me down - seja o único a me guiar, mas nunca me segure
  • your lies were my favorite - suas mentiras eram minhas favoritas
  • she didn’t  want to be sad - ela não quer ser triste
  • I got a war on my mind - eu tenho uma guerra em minha mente
  • I just want to go somewhere where nobody knows my name - Eu só quero ir para algum lugar onde ninguém sabe meu nome
  • how many nights have you wised someone would stay? - quantas noites você desejou que alguém iria ficar?
  • and all the good girls are at home with broken hearts - e todas as boas meninas estão em casa com o coração quebrado
  • I see things that nobody else sees -  Eu vejo coisas que mais ninguém vê
  • I’m not good with feelings - eu não sou bom com sentimentos
  • I love the things you hate about yourself - eu amo as coisas que você odeia sobre si mesmo 
  • we are the kids our parents warned us about - nós somos as crianças nossos pais nos alertavam sobre
  • my cigarettes are better for me than you are - meus cigarros são melhores para mim do que você é
  • I guess I’m just a mess - eu acho que eu sou apenas uma confusão
  • you were the song stuck in my head - você era a canção presa na minha cabeça
  • he was her favorite drug - ele era a droga favorita dela
  • I want to write poems on your skin with my lips - Eu quero escrever poemas sobre sua pele com meus lábios
  • is my soul too dark for you baby? - minha alma é muito escura para você baby? 
  • life’s too short to drink crappy coffee and cry over boys who don’t care - a vida é muito curta para beber café de baixa qualidade e chorar por rapazes que não se importam
  • we all do things we said we would never do - todos nós fazemos coisas que dissemos que nunca faríamos 
  • you don’t understand and I can’t explain - você não entende e eu não posso explicar
  • all those fairytales are full of shit - todos aqueles contos de fadas estão cheios de merda
  • this wold sucks, so I made my own - este mundo é uma porcaria, então eu fiz o meu próprio
  • he’s so bad but he does it so well - ele é tão ruim, mas ele faz isso tão bem
  • just because I let you go, doesn’t mean I wanted to - só porque eu deixei você ir, não significa que eu queria.
  • you’re always in my mind. Am I always on yours? - você está sempre na minha mente. Estou sempre à sua?
  • you save everyone, but who saves you? - você salva todo mundo, mas quem te salva?
  • paradise is where I am - paraíso é onde estou
  • don’t say maybe if you want to say no - não diga talvez se você quer dizer não
  • we try to hide our feelings, but we forgot that our eyes speak - tentamos esconder nossos sentimentos, mas esquecemos que nossos olhos falam
  • everything I like is temporary and it fucking sucks - tudo que eu gosto é temporário e isso é uma merda
  • maybe I’m just too fucking complicated for anyone to love me - talvez eu seja complicada pra porra para qualquer um me amar
  • but she can’t be what you need if she’s seventeen - mas ela não pode ser o que você precisa se ela tem dezessete anos