curious fancy

Let’s try all of the fonts, shall we?

Of course, you have the starndard

And now we’re just gonna make it bigger

Why tf not, just make it EXTRA LARGE and bold everything

Ahh, the classic Times New Roman™

Oh god no, this looks like it belongs in an old fashion newspaper

Oh fuck, here comes the fancy af shit, hells yeah

  • Bullets, I guess??
  1. Lemme get yo numba, gurl

anonymous asked:

Can you do a Bucky x Reader about a librarian who helps the Winter Soldier learn about what he's missed since the War. He comes in so much that she starts to fall for him but doesn't want to compromise their librarian/patron relationship. So that leaves Bucky to use his old charm to win her heart. Sounds totally sappy I know.

buddy, i hope u know that im a hoe for sappy things :)

words: 1146

warnings: my garbage mouth, fluff is not my strong suit but neither is anything else whoop here we go, there’s also like three (3) whole dialogues in this rip

also, i didn’t completely “finish” this request so to say, i just kinda left it as an opening for possibility, im sorry

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anonymous asked:

imagine a mermaid au where shiro tries to court keith by giving him pretty necklaces or bracelets made of pearls and stuff but in the end, what wins keith over is a really pretty looking dagger. sure its only really meant for decoration but heck if it doesn't make keith's heart race

honestly going by Keith’s mom giving the bom blade to his dad, nothing says “I love you” like a magical, ornate ceremonial knife. It’s hereditary lmao 

That’s so neat though!! I wonder if Shiro found it in a sunken pirate ship or something, or if it was somehow forged by other mer in the ocean? I’m sure Keith would treasure it though, unsheathing it in shallow waters under patches of warm sunlight, watching the way light filters in and refracts off the blade amidst the shimmering tide 

Something There - Part Five

Pairing: Jefferson x Reader

Warnings: some naughty words and one suggestive situation 

Word Count: 8164

Part One  Part Two  Part Three  Part Four

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Much to your delight and slight worry two weeks had passed without John and Lafayette bringing up your blunder outside the coffee shop. John was ever cheerful and with everyone having a full course load it seemed that he didn’t have time to worry about the fact that you were obviously flying by the seat of your pants with this “internship” or so you were inclined to believe. Lafayette was the one who made you worry. He hadn’t brought up the subject up, but you could tell by the odd looks suspicion that were always followed with a glint of amusement in reaction to how uncomfortable you looked that he was biding his time. Lafayette always knew when you were lying and you were on edge waiting for the moment he finally decided to pounce.

Last week Thomas had told you there was a new collection of books arriving from his parent’s home in Virginia that he would be adding to the library’s vintage and rare book section. You were set to meet him Wednesday evening to help look through the titles and organize them, on top of that he had promised to play you a song on his violin. He had finally admitted to you that he played when you had accidentally knocked over a stack of handwritten sheet music off a shelf in his study. Curiously he had never once played you that song you had walked in on him playing that day at school.

Economics was as eventful as ever, your professor had assigned a project for students to pair up and come up with a solution to help lessen the budget deficit within the government. Alexander had automatically claimed you as his partner that would help him take down his “enemies” in the class. You wanted to roll your eyes but the idea of the debate the professor was putting on was bringing out your competitive side. Thomas might be your friend, but there was no way you were going to let your emotions get in the way of the last big project of the semester.

“I think our ideas will blow everyone out of the water,” Alex said triumphantly.

“Don’t forget Jefferson is well versed in foreign government. He will most likely pull ideas from what other countries are doing at the moment. We have to stay on top of that so he doesn’t surprise us,” you commented without looking up from the laptop.

Alex shared a desk with you and set off researching topics from France because he assumed that would be Thomas’s country of choice to pull ideas from. He wasn’t wrong, you agreed one hundred percent. You glanced up and gazed across the room. Thomas and James were both engrossed in their notebooks. Thomas looked up to grab a book and made eye contact with you. His lips turned up into that arrogant smirk and you returned one back in return. You quickly grab your phone from your back before opening a new text. You could tell by the look in his eye that he was confident in what he was working on.

(Y/N) 1:40pm - You’re looking pretty confident over there. -

The Asshole 1:42 - You don’t think you’re going to win this debate do you? I’m not going to take it easy on you because I care about you. -

Because I care about you. You stared at your phone for a moment letting those words sink in. Don’t overthink that, you are just friends (Y/N).

(Y/N) 1:48 - I wouldn’t expect anything less. We still good for Wednesday? -

The Asshole 1:49 - Of course.

“Who are you texting?” Alexander teased and attempted to look at your phone.

“Just a friend,” you laugh. Keep telling yourself that.

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✶  Tailored skirt and blouse co-ord  ✶  Crossbody satchel  ✶  Clog sandals  ✶ Unique Vintage umbrella {similar, with cats}  ✶  Velvet ribbon  ✶

Today I’m wearing yet another one of my own designs! I got this co-ord tailored last month using two different types of indigo dyed fabric. I’m having a bit of a love affair with indigo dyed cloth at the moment - it’s so vibrant and unique, even though the dye will stain anything it comes in contact with (I learned that the hard way!) This is a more vintage inspired look than I’ve been going for of late, but then I find colder weather to be more conducive to retro looks like this. There’s something a bit 40s about the cut of the skirt and blouse, and with my old Unique Vintage umbrella in tow, I rather feel like singing in the rain! 

Although vintage and vintage inspired fashion has forever been my jam, I’ve never been too fond of the styling that typically accompanies 40s and 50s inspired looks. Here’s my top tip for rocking mid century inspired ensembles without going all the way into pin-up territory: keep your styling simple. I’ve styled this co-ord with a minimalist crossbody satchel and equally pared down clog sandals - both timeless, classic pieces that can blend in with any era. And instead of the standard pin-up coiffure, I’ve pulled back my hair with a velvet ribbon and let my natural curls do their thing. So the overall look has a vintage air while remaining timeless and contemporary. 

I’ve linked to some of my favourite plus size co-ord sets this season in the widget below. Just swipe through to see my picks! 

cosmere small pet headcanons:

Siri: Siri has had a ridiculous amount of hamsters over the years omg

Kaladin: listen my boy Kal’s room is full to the brim of rat cages he has at least ten lazy fat boy rats. He kisses their noses.

Renarin: also rats, but smaller girl ones who love to explore. He teaches them cool tricks and makes lots of toys for their cage. Probably had a ferret at some point too.

Elend: His bunnies are all named for historical figures. He reads to them.

Shallan: Gerbils! they have paint brush tails and she loves to watch them dig and burrow. They make her laugh which is good.

Steris: She has lots of sweet, curious, fancy mice who sit on her shoulders while she does the house accounts.

Adolin: Adolin’s Instagram is dedicated mainly to pictures of his beloved chinchillas; Angelcake and Princess Daisy.

Vin: A ferret. It adores her and sleeps in her clothes. 

Tien: this boy adopted lots of baby mice and fed them too many treats

Run Away with Me [Reader x Edward Kenway]

[This is my first ever imagines for folks. I did this as a gift for a friend, and the reason I am reposting it is because I might continue it onwards as another idea for it won’t leave me alone. Imagine being a waitress at the local inn and a childhood friend of Edward Kenway when he makes his way to port…and to you.] (Here), (2), (3), (4), (5)

Only a few more hours to go, or at least this is what you’re telling yourself as you clean up one of the tables in the tavern you’ve been working away at for several months now. Long hours with lousy coin of which to pay for what you needed, but hey—work was work. The back of your hand to your brow, you sigh with relief that everything appears just about in order only to lose that idea all together when you hear the door open once more to allow in customers.

Your eyes widen, heart racing to the point you feel breathless as your fingers clench the tray in your hands…that lousy Jackdaw Captain…

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Wait For Me

(unf can we just take a moment and appreciate that gifs like this exist? x)

Really kinky smut with Hayley where she teases you alot and ties you to the bed and stuff (like what Toni wrote in the Skype Sex one) please and thank you

Toni here. The layout to this one turned out to be something that felt like a bad porno or something, haha! But gosh it was so fun to write. Warning, slight BDSM or idk, some consensual violence!? It’s smutty either way and if you’re horny like I always am when writing this, you should read. 

You knew things were going to be complicated when you started dating the lead singer of a famous band, which was touring the world seventy percent of the year. You knew you were going to miss her to the point where you could cry yourself to sleep at night and cry with her over the phone. What you didn’t know though was the fights that would come along with it.

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I’m calling this the year of treating yourself to everything red, schmoopy and heart shaped, whether or not anyone else treats you. So, instead of a gift guide this time, here’s a treat guide for a self-love and self-care themed Valentine’s day ❤️️

Lovedrobe heart cutout dress 

Red heart crossbody bag   

Heart mesh top 

✶ RAID ribbon tie ballet flats 

Chocolate strawberry jar candle   

Crimson velvet and lace lingerie set 

✶ Trop de Love enamel pin 

Rose hearts bath bombs 

Dream and sugar tea set 

✶ Burgundy heart fairisle pajamas