curious duck

Today’s crew profile is with our amazing executive assistant, Joy Adams! 

•  When did you become interested in animation and why?

After school I knew I wanted to be in children’s entertainment, but didn’t know specifically how. But after I interned at WGBH, the studio that produces “Arthur" and “Curious George”. I saw all the amazing opportunities in animation and knew that it was the right industry for me.

•  What was your first job in animation?

My first job was receptionist at Nick Animation Studio. As receptionist I got to know everyone at the studio, and what they do. And by having that opportunity to get to know so many people, it helped when I decided I wanted to move up in the company.

•  If you could befriend one animated character, who would it be and why?

Daisy Duck is sassy and fun. I’d love to be her friend!

•  What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

I’ll always remember when I as told that when starting off not to feel like your first job traps you into that career forever. You can never know what you'll ultimately end up doing, and you shouldn’t feel like you have to know exactly what you want to do before you start working. You learn about what you’re good at and what is important to you in the industry as you go. You’ll always end up in the right position when you work hard and are open to any possibilities.

•  If you had to eat one kind of food every day for the rest of your life, what would you pick?

Broccoli. Oddly enough it’s been one of my favorite foods since I was a kid.

Hello Everyone! Here’s a small list of tips I’ve made that help me study better. Hope you find them useful :D

1) Clean Your Study Place : This is the first thing you’ve got to do. Cute bunny necklaces and perfume might go well with the colour of your desk but they are seriously not the items to be on your desk. Get a scrap of cloth you dont use anymore and wipe your desk. You’d be pretty surprised to find the amount of dirt gathered on your desk.

2) Go for a walk : Or do any activity that refreshes your mind . This is a tip generally for breaks, but i believe “A fresh mind retains larger information”.

3)Get your study materials : Gather all your materials,pens,papers,paper clips, higlighters, notes, post-its. its much better this way than turning your table upside down and searching in the middle of your study session.

4)And some snacks :   Healthy snacks, period. a few slices of orange or banana. Or even Apples, studies show they improve retention power.

5) And lastly, Drink a glass of water :  for clearing your mind.

Aaaand…. You are ready to open your books and do a Hermione.

Tip: I maintain a small notebook on my table for writing down random thoughts that crop up , which otherwise will distract me. During the little breaks i take, I find myself reading questions like “ do ducks get fever”