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Listen listen, listen. I love your Lup and Taako. So much. a lot. but when they stand next to each other IPRE days and there's no color I CAN NOT tell them apart AT ALL. I love them so much I wanna tell my twins apart help :<

my hc is that the only difference between them is that taako has buck teeth heres a handy timeline

Why all of the Disney princesses are awesome

Snow White

- was a survivor of attempted murder, and was resilient to not let that horrid and traumatizing event bring her down or let it ruin her life

- was a victim of emotional abuse, and didn’t let the abuse get to her

- would save a baby bird from danger and make sure it found it’s parents

- knows how to hold a rocking party with friends


- survivor of emotional abuse from her stepmom and stepsisters for many years, and stayed kind towards others

- despite her family treating her so wrongly and poorly, she just wanted to spend a night with them and have fun with them, and just be like a normal family “ Prince Charming, who “ ?????

- she’s sassy as fuck “ Well I don’t want to interrupt their “music lesson “ during her stepsisters bad singing

- even though she had a short time to be at the ball, she was grateful for the opportunity anyways


- Gives up her happiness, to perform her duty as a princess for her kingdom and her kingdom’s future and knows that she must do her job as a princess. That’s pretty brave and selfless.

- that gorgeous blonde curly hair !!!!


- she’s the first Princess that goes forward to make her dreams come true, rather than just wishing, hoping and waiting.

- she’s adventurous, curious, loves to explore, learn about new things and new cultures and new world

- she’s the first Princess to save her love interest, but once, but twice


- different, odd and a misfit from the common crowd and gives no fucks

- “ Women shouldn’t read “ Well shut the fuck up, I’m going to do what I love and enjoy anyways.

- takes no bullshit. You are a asshole ? Got no time for that. She’s outtie.

- sees the good within people, but is also isn’t naive, she knows that some people are just plain monsters, through and through.


- will stand up for her rights, and won’t be pushed around

- is quick, sharp, intelligent and a fast learner

-wants to learn more about the outside world and her people

-if you try and lie to her or manipulate her or treat her like she’s a fool, she’s not having that shit


-will fight for her people, her family, her world, her home, her culture

- she’s the first princess to save the day, not the guy, not a male sidekick, she’s the one the saves the day, while Snow had the Dwarfs, Cinderella had her mice friends, Aurora had Prince Phillip, Ariel had Eric, and Jasmine had Aladdin. ( Belle is debatable imo )

- loves the earth and nature and will protect it from harm


- she saves China, I mean, come on

- she never gives up, no matter what. If she fails, she will just try even harder to succeed and will find a way on how can succeed.

- brave, determined, strong mentally and physically, a kind friend

-teaches girls that it’s okay if you haven’t found yourself yet- if you don’t give up, one day you will, and you will conquer

- pushes gender norms

- another female princess that saves the day, not her male love interest, or sidekicks, is also the first princess to defeat the villian in battle, like a previous male character like Phillip or Eric would


- is hard-working, and never gives up on her dreams, and will work hard to get there

- teaches that dreams are done by sweating your butt off, giving up on fun sometimes, sometimes having to work more than one job, than just wishing and hoping, you have to take action, and make that dream happen

-ambitious and smart and realistic

- teaches that you shouldn’t take a short-cut, find a lazy option, cheat or gamble your way to success, the only to get there is through hard work and effort

- again,another badass princess that saves the day on her own


- is kind to everybody

- is cheerful, positive, warm and supportive towards others, even people who seem “scary “, she knows inside, that we all have dreams

-is brave enough to step outside her  zone and new and strange places and territories

- anger her by harming one of her loved ones and she will fucking tear you apart

- a talented artist

Anna and Elsa

- teaches girls that family love is just as important than romance love, if not more so

- Anna goes through a abusive relationship and isn’t put off love forever, she learns her lesson, doesn’t let Hans bad treatment of her ruin her or let her become a toxic person, like he was, and moves on with a better man, and a healthier relationship

- Elsa goes through basically being locked up with lack of other human contact, fearing her powers and fearing what other people think of, to come out as better and stronger person

- Elsa teaches that sometimes its best not let what others think of you, and just say “ fuck it “ and just be yourself and be free

- Anna teaches the difference between a unhealthy relationship (whirlwind romance,quickly trusting people, getting into a deep relationship with somebody you don’t even know )  and healthy one ( somebody who gives you his jacket when you are cold, holds you close when you are scared, is worried about your well-being, getting to know somebody first before leaping in, somebody who asks for your consent before kissing you, will do anything to make sure you are safe and okay )


- will do anything for her island and people and make sure they’ll all okay

- her leadership skills are A++

- no “ you are forced to marry this boy so you can become his queen”, BS, Moana is the future leader

- is brave to fear the unknown waters, learn new skills, and battle monsters

- is understanding, and understands why somebody acts the way that they do

- is extremely independent

in short, they are all awesome, even the three originals.

adjectives for the signs
  • aries: passionate, piercing, warm, intense
  • taurus: soft, kind, sturdy, stable
  • gemini: eager, playful, whimsical, talkative
  • cancer: earnest, sweet, timid, gentle
  • leo: ambitious, confident, rugged, powerful
  • virgo: analytical, precise, bright, practical
  • libra: fair, sparkly, indecisive, sophisticated
  • scorpio: dark, silky, captivating, sarcastic
  • sagittarius: untamed, curious, adventurous, mischevious
  • capricorn: calculated, deep, timely, efficient
  • aquarius: lost, unique, dreamy, flowy
  • pisces: flexible, mellow, creative, in-tune
Lilith in Astrology
  • ~Dark Moon Lilith~
  • Aries Lilith: Impulsive, Independent, Passionate, Rebellious, Fierce, Physical.
  • Taurus Lilith: Sensual, Natural, Desire, Inspired, Deep-Rooted, Resourceful.
  • Gemini Lilith: Honest, Communicative, Adaptable, Charismatic, Curious, Mischievous, Clever.
  • Cancer Lilith: Imaginative, Mysterious, Volatile, Emotional, Affectionate, Artistic, Strong, Perceptive.
  • Leo Lilith: Expressive, Compassionate, Creative, Playful, Dramatic, Stubborn, Curious, Generous, Suggestive.
  • Virgo Lilith: Pure, Attuned, Aware, Talented, Natural, Respected, Mature, Instinctive.
  • Libra Lilith: Peaceful, Balanced, Graceful, Flirtatious, Magnetic, Tactful, Adamant, Lively, Observant.
  • Scorpio Lilith: Intense, Desirous, Influential, Passionate, Seductive, Powerful, Resilient.
  • Sagittarius Lilith: Adventurous, Cheerful, Curious, Truthful, Generous, Knowledgeable, Friendly, Tenacious, Lively.
  • Capricorn Lilith: Sarcastic, Mature, Ambitious, Strong, Dominant, Authentic, Experienced, Romantic.
  • Aquarius Lilith: Enticing, Uncoventional, Liberated, Expansive, Experimental, Unique, Friendly, Revolutionist, Inspired.
  • Pisces Lilith: Ethereal, Romantic, Dramatic, Intuitive, Artistic, Empathetic, Compassionate.

Seals pay a visit on a Galapagos Beach

Sun through the houses

Sun in the 1st house:  With the sun in the first house, great effort is put into creating and maintaining a good self image. The way you are perceived by others is paramount to first-house sun people. Accept that you need to be a leader or an innovator, and go for it, but be careful not to be overbearing with others. A sunny disposition is generally attributed to this placement and a positive confident attitude is normally displayed. 

Sun in the 2nd house With a second-house sun, a person’s identity is developed and expressed by defining personal values and accumulating objects of value. You have the ability to attract money and resources, but you can’t always hang on to it or it doesn’t bring you the happiness you expected.   Avoid over-identifying with what you have. Take pride in the solid and secure foundations that you build, as well as the lasting relationships you aim to maintain, while being careful to avoid possessiveness.

Sun in the 3rd house: Gemini, the natural ruler of this house, gives Geminian overtones to all traits. You is driven to learn, explore and enjoy their immediate environment.  You have an uncontainable desire to acquire knowledge. You relish in taking various pieces of knowledge and putting them together like puzzles that need solving. You’re observant, optimistic, flexible and you’re a superb communicator, able to relate ideas clearly to others. You would make make an excellent teacher, lecturer or writer.  

Sun in the 4th house: The chart holder with a fourth-house sun is not happy unless their home life is happy. Because the fourth house can be deep and emotional, the sun here has to work extra hard to liven and inspire things. They thrive and excel in a home that is active, alive, open and loving. If they aren’t in this type of home environment, they will not feel invigorated about their life. They will strive to make the changes necessary to give them the home and family life they need. 

Sun in the 5th house: The sun is comfortable in its own house. In fact, it is driven to shine here. At its best, it creates a chart holder who is confident about who they are and how they affect others. You want to be noticed for your unique and special qualities and your creativity. You are happiest when you are expressing yourself in a special way and attention comes your way as a result. You have a flair for drama and/or sports. You are proud of your fun-loving attitude towards life. As you demonstrate your ability to shine, avoid grabbing center stage all of the time.

Sun in the 6th house: The work that you do, and the services that you offer, are very important to your sense of identity. In order to feel good about yourself, you need to be busy with daily activities and to produce work you can be proud of. Focus on finding a suitable and rewarding avenue for expressing this part of you, being extra careful to choose an occupation in which you can express yourself. You are sensitive to criticism about the work you do, and you work best when you can create your own schedule.

Sun in the 7th house: Libran traits are accented with the Sun in this house. You take pride in your ability to negotiate, and to establish harmony in your relationships. It is important to you to have a partner, as you feel incomplete without one. You can be fickle about partners because new partners inspire them and allow them to see themselves in new ways. You’re self-confident, popular and have favorable dealings with your superiors. You’re good at public relations, sales and promotions.

Sun in the 8th house: You have a great urge to go farther or deeper into life every step of the way. You want to experience more, and your desires are both powerful and intense. It is hard for you to find satisfaction in common experiences, and you have magnetic power if you choose to use it wisely. You are fascinated with what lies under the surface, and at some point in your life, self-improvement is a big interest. You are attracted to unexplored or taboo areas of life, and you avoid all things superficial.

Sun in the 9th house:  You have a deep need to understand the world around you. You have high ideals and you have your eye on what’s on the horizon. You are looking ahead, and at times can seem quite restless. You are proud of your knowledge and of your morals. Be sure to avoid self-righteousness in your enthusiasm to share your knowledge. When used correctly, you are a tolerant, adventurous, and curious person, and you want to see the best in people and in life

Sun in the 10th house: The traits of Capricorn are much in evidence. Your career takes on greater than average importance. You feel the need to improve your career and is usually successful and involves your whole personality, possibly at the expense of your marriage and friendships. You’re ambitious and intrigued by power, which may make you too authoritative and dictatorial. You’re a leader in whatever you do and people pay attention to you. You may become arrogant or rebellious if you let that attention go to your head.

Sun in the 11th house: The Aquarian traits are stressed here and you simply want to do your own thing. You have many clear-cut objectives and usually achieve what you set out to do. You have a strong desire to gain recognition through mental achievements and inventions. You have strong organizing abilities and are usually a leader in any group you are involved with– societies and groups are an important part of your life. You’re apt to be a humanitarian with concern for universal human dignity and brotherhood

Sun in the 12th house: You have a tendency to be introspective and need some space and seclusion in order to pull up your strength. You may avoid the spotlight, and if you do find yourself in a public role, you tend to hide your true self behind that role!  However the sun sheds his light on this house giving the native zero worries under stressful situation. No matter what the problem is, the native will sleep sound, and will be able to see all the secret dealing happening behind or against him or her. This also can take a native to foreign lands.


Spotted at the Zoo! Meet cheetah cubs Tombi-Jeanne and Ilangha. The sisters came from @sdzsafaripark to be ambassadors here. At just over 16 weeks old, the cubs are adjusting well to their new home. Tombi-Jeanne seems very bold and Ilangha is a bit more curious and less adventurous. The cubs will soon be introduced to puppy pals Elvis and Murray. Wish them luck with their important new roles at the Zoo. 

After being locked inside today because of the snow storm I decided to paint. I picked random pictures on google and whipped out my old watercolor paint and I have to say it was a lot of fun. I haven’t touched my phone in hours.

Look, I know I’m possibly tooting my own horn here, but I just need people to know how much a comment like this means. I am floored. I am humbled. I am giddy. And I am motivated. I have lost my writing mojo for a while now, but comments like this lift me up like nothing else. 

*cries tears of gratitude and determination*

Bless you, fandom. This is the kind of stuff that makes all the hard work worthwhile.

Triple Goddesses
  • Maiden: (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer) Expressive, Enchanting, Adventurous, Curious, Confident, Expansive, Youthful, Enthusiastic, A person who attracts others with innocence and energy, They'll make you better.
  • Mother: (Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio) Fertile, Sexual, Fruitful, Powerful, Guiding, Responsible, Harmonious, Peaceful, Intellectual, A person who attracts others with stability and compassion, They'll make you complete.
  • Crone: (Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces) Free, Spiritual, Visionary, Enlightening, Philosophical, Fulfilled, Transforming, A person who attracts others with wisdom and inceptions, They'll change your life.
Humans could be space cats

I know a lot of the time we are considered space orcs or Australians

I love them

But like? Cats are weird, they are self domesticated and aren’t usually even considered ‘domesticated’ because most of the time they just walk into houses and the humans are like WELP ok. (How I got the cat currently on my lap)

But I laugh because some times these traits that are described in the tag sort of make me think of a cat and how you know cats can just be weird and humans don’t really know how to explain them???

So like imagine our humans just Being like cats to aliens. Like we just show up on ships or planets and we just start surviving.

The aliens just sort of…. allow it. It is for study purposes! Why go to a human territory when there is a human right there?

And humans as we are, we have this cool ability of assimilation. You know when you are learning a language and the best way you do is to go to a place and just surround yourself? Sort of force your brain to learn the language to survive? And if not we learn the social cues well enough to at least know what is going on.

But we also aren’t usually bad like residents. We are curious and adventurous. We like learning things and watching things work. We start to mimic their language and understand what noise means what and what a certain emotion looks like to them.

We are excellent hunters. We start figuring out how to kill what and what tastes good.

He happily learn their culture and get excited and bond with individuals.

We sort of just adopt into the culture.

We can still be dangerous and destructive but over all we are very independent in our actions and if we seek out others or go on our own it is in our own accord.

Some humans are shy, some are loud and talkative, some like interaction, some don’t.

It happens on ships and planets aliens don’t know how but sometimes you just Acquire a human.

They have weird behaviors you don’t always understand, sometimes they know and will tell you sometimes you have to look it up
Yourself but they don’t really understand you and are eager to learn or just don’t care. Sometimes your human is gone or they stay for as long as they live.

They are amazing crew mates and good friends, they come from their weird death planet and love to explore, sometimes you have to keep them on watch. Because they have no concern for safety. Sometimes they like to sit on the ship and watch controls.

Some are fluffy, or completely naked, or big or small, they have many different 'races’ as the planet has called. The are strange creatures from their strange planet that can some how fit with with almost anyone in the universe, happy to just be accepted, some get assigned…. and the few crews that wake up to a distress call and squire a human…. or if on a crash a human lands on your planet…

Those stories have unique and special stories.

zodiac compatibility !!

all in one, all the pairs possible !!

aries + aries: lively, animated, daring pairing
aries + taurus: stubborn, competitive pairing
aries + gemini: best-friend-like, adventurous pairing
aries + cancer: caring, contradictory, emotion full pairing
aries + leo: adventurous, fun, lively pairing
aries + virgo: understanding, can-learn-a-lot-from-each-other pairing
aries + libra: romantic, cute, balanced pairing
aries + scorpio: vivacious, mysterious, badass pairing
aries + sagittarius: badass, active, adventurous pairing
aries + capricorn: contradictory, strong pairing
aries + aquarius: rebellious, animated pairing
aries + pisces: innocent, child-like, romantic pairing
taurus + taurus: loving, shy but romantic pairing
taurus + gemini: talkative, friendly pairing
taurus + cancer: romantic, calm, loving pairing
taurus + leo: proud, fancy, hard working pairing
taurus + virgo: secure, loyal, down-to-earth pairing
taurus + libra: old-style romantic, cute pairing
taurus + scorpio: badass, stable, hardworking pairing
taurus + sagittarius: contradictory, animated pairing
taurus + capricorn: secure, comfortable, calm pairing
taurus + aquarius: calm, animated, pairing
taurus + pisces: lazy, calm, loving pairing
gemini + gemini: childish, best-friend-like pairing
gemini + cancer: emotional, understanding pairing
gemini + leo: child-like, fun loving pairing
gemini + virgo: intellectual, curious pairing
gemini + libra: light, animated, lively pairing
gemini + scorpio: vivacious, badass pairing
gemini + sagittarius: adventurous, curious pairing
gemini + capricorn: intellectual, understanding pairing
gemini + aquarius: cute, animated, talkative pairing
gemini + pisces: innocent, childish, dreamy pairing
cancer + cancer: emotional, empathetic pairing
cancer + leo: understanding, strong pairing
cancer + virgo: cute, empathetic, emotional pairing
cancer + libra: romantic, calm pairing
cancer + scorpio: mysterious, secretive, loving pairing
cancer + sagittarius: bright, childish pairing
cancer + capricorn: balanced, connected, understanding pairing
cancer + aquarius: dreamy, bright, lively pairing
cancer + pisces: empathetic, caring, emotional pairing
leo + leo: fun, animated, lively pairing
leo + virgo: organised, caring, balanced pairing
leo + libra: cute, artistic, childish pairing
leo + scorpio: vivacious, intimate pairing
leo + sagittarius: best-friend-like, loving, adventurous pairing
leo + capricorn: understanding, empathetic pairing
leo + aquarius: rebellious, animated pairing
leo + pisces: dreamy, playful pairing
virgo + virgo: intellectual, loyal pairing
virgo + libra: romantic, light, loving pairing
virgo + scorpio: hardworking, secure pairing
virgo + sagittarius: curious, explorative pairing
virgo + capricorn: understanding, cute, down-to-earth pairing
virgo + aquarius: intellectual, contradictory pairing
virgo + pisces: contradictory, can-learn-a-lot-from-each-other pairing
libra + libra: romantic, childish, cute pairing
libra + scorpio: loving, intimate pairing
libra + sagittarius: fun, bright, talkative pairing
libra + capricorn: understanding, calm pairing
libra + aquarius: light, bright, artistic pairing
libra + pisces: similar, old-style romantic pairing
scorpio + scorpio: intimate, deep, strong pairing
scorpio + sagittarius: rebellious, vivacious pairing
scorpio + capricorn: hardworking, empathetic pairing
scorpio + aquarius: intellectual, lively pairing
scorpio + pisces: mysterious, emotional, strong pairing
sagittarius + sagittarius: fun, similar, philosophical pairing
sagittarius + capricorn: understanding, intellectual pairing
sagittarius + aquarius: adventurous, animated, daring pairing
sagittarius + pisces: curious, intellectual, dreamy pairing
capricorn + capricorn: understanding, empathetic pairing
capricorn + aquarius: fun, smart, light pairing
capricorn + pisces: emotional, close, successful paring
aquarius + aquarius: rebellious, daring, fun pairing
aquarius + pisces: philosophical, dreamy, innocent pairing
pisces + pisces: spiritual, empathetic, understanding pairing

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Okay I am dying over here. Everyone is talking about the swimming scene and no one is talking about the "I expect too much of him" scene. I NEED AN ANALYSIS OF THIS SCENE SO BAD, LIKE WHAT DID YAMATO MEAN WHEN HE SAID HIM AND TAICHI DIDN'T GET ALONG, I'M SOOOOO CONFUSED!!!!!!! Can you analyze this scene or direct me to someone who has cause I am going crazy, I don't understand what is happening

Oh lord, I told myself I wouldn’t be the 28-year-old grown ass woman pointing fingers at screenshots screaming “SEE?! SEE?? I TOLD YOU SO” but they’re making this too easy! LOL

I’ve been rambling about these two for seven years straight in this blog now.

That everybody usually has high expectations for Taichi, that’s hardly news.

That Yamato is particularly bad at it, we all knew that too! He’s been like that since the classic series, he always seems to fail to cast his frustrations aside and act understanding when it comes to Taichi in particular.

I think what makes me giggle about that scene is just how self-aware and conscious Yamato is of his attitude towards him now!

This basically confirms that when Yamato slamed his hand against the wall and Taichi ran away from him, Yamato realised again he worsened the situation between them. There’s a moment suddenly he doesn’t seem as frustrated with Taichi as he seems frustrated with himself! And God this means he felt bad, like, really bad for forcing him into that kind of situation.

Now it makes sense - more than ever - that Yamato suddenly tries to lift some of that pressure from his shoulder. It’s when he tells him more Ultimates in the team won’t require Omegamon as often. 

And of course Yagami Taichi is absolutely IN AWE…. this is Ishida fucking Yamato GOING EASY ON HIM. Acting KIND and UNDERSTANDING. WHAT THE HELL. THAT SURE EXPLAINS THE BLUSH?? 

Of course Yamato cares, we know that, even Taichi knows that, it’s just that Yamato admiting it right to his face is such a rare sight! lol

Taichi just need his boyfriend to calm the fuck down.

It took me AGES to figure out Yamato’s personality I swear but I suppose once we come to understand him he’s surprisingly very easy to read. lol