“(Left) We are friends from high school. Back then whenever we hung out, I thought he shouldn’t become a teacher, but right now I’m majoring in biology education, and he’s majoring in math education.”
“(Right) One time during one of our science tests we were using sodium. If it touches the water it quickly reacts and boils. So, we stole a chunk of it and spit on it. The reaction was so quick it caught on fire. We weren’t caught, but..”
“(Left) That sort of behavior convinced me that he might not be the best example for other students.”
“(Right) He’s wrong. Wouldn’t this just show my true academic curiosity?”

“(왼쪽) 고등학교 때 친구예요. 그 당시 항상 붙어다니면서 봤을 땐 얜 선생님은 하면 안 될 것 같았는 데 지금은 수학교육, 생물교육을 전공하고 있어요.”
“(오른쪽) 한번은 과학 실험시간에 나트륨을 사용하고 있었어요. 근데 그게 물에 닿으면 반응이 빨라서 끓거든요. 그래서 나트륨 덩어리를 훔쳐서 거기다 침을 뱉었는데 반응이 너무 빨라서 불이 붙었어요. 들키진 않았지만.”
“(왼쪽) 이런 행동이 학생들에게 모범이 되지 않아보였거든요.”
“(오른쪽) 아니에요. 이거야 말로 진정한 학문적 호기심 아니겠어요?”


I must have restarted my uberhood about seven times now and I’m never happy with it. Anyway, have a few pictures from my new uberhood. I know I haven’t been active in the sim community for awhile but university has been a priority. I know some people have an issue with changing maxis premade’s faces but I always prefer them this way.

In order, 
Lazlo Jeramiah Curious
Traits: couch potato, slob, ambitious, flirty, hopeless romantic

Pascal Roderick Curious
Traits: genius, family-oriented, unflirty, natural cook, good.

Vidcund Ignacio Curious
Traits: neat, unflirty, genius, hot-headed, green thumb.

Bella Enriqueta Goth
Traits: dramatic, hopeless romantic, green thumb, proper, perfectionist

Cassandra Persephone Goth
Traits: shy, artistic, supernatural fan, rebellious, genius

Badlands Ask!
  • Castle:What annoys you a lot?
  • Hold Me Down:Are you an atheist?
  • New Americana:What's the most extreme or intense thing you've ever done?
  • Drive:Can you drive a car?
  • Hurricane:What's your favorite type of weather?
  • Roman Holiday:Where in the world do you really want to go?
  • Ghost:Do you plan on ever getting married to someone?
  • Colors:What's your favorite color?
  • Colors Pt.2:What's your least favorite color?
  • Strange Love:Have you ever been in love?
  • Haunting:Do you fear people or do people fear you?
  • Gasoline:What drives you to do your best?
  • Control:What absolutely terrifies you?
  • Young God:Who is your favorite God or Goddess from Greek Mythology?
  • I Walk The Line:Are you a careful person?
12 Things Every Twenty-Something Should Do For A Productive, Successful Life

1. Travel.

2. Accept uncertainty.

3. Be curious.

4. Be open minded.

5. Learn from adversity.

6. Foster the growth mindset.

7. Get out of your comfort zone.

8. Don’t hold onto the wrong things.

9. Don’t wait for the right time or the right thing to say.

10. Don’t look for the perfect scenarios, partner, or job.

Two more things twenty-somethings should do for a productive life.

Curious baby rat on a sewer grate next to a grocery store. There was the whole family including alarmed mom nearby. Not sure how I felt about the mom.. She was a rat, lol. Many humans are prejudiced against rats. Baby rats were cute.

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