To celebrate reaching a certain Tumblr milestone tonight (thanks Districtusa!) here is the first time I’ve publicly shared my tumblr crushes

  • curiositycounts
  • 14-billion-years-later I’ve only been following him for less then two weeks so being this high on my list you know he posts some good stuff.
  • onminimalism
  • torley Hands down the most inspirational and interesting person I know on the web. See his site for some excellent eclectic music albums
  • hisprophets
  • (has since deleted their account)
  • thingsorganizedneatly
  • lgbtlaughs
  • sheminecrafts Even if you don’t play Minecraft, and I don’t much anymore, still very much worth a follow for the bucket loads of beautiful screen shots she posts every day.

Each one of them is stuffed full of win that I always look forward to coming home to tumblr after work.

I’d also like to give a shout out to these guys. You might not find anything you want to follow in the list above but do seriously consider this bunch here. I wish most of my real life friends were as cool as them.

Thank you all! This bizarre collection of web clippings has been the most successful thing I’ve ever done on the web and I own each and every one of you a beer for helping me do it.


“The more you know, the more amazing the world seems. And it’s the crazy possibilites, the unanswered questions,that pull us forward. So, stay curious”.

“Più sai, più il mondo sembra fantastico. E sono proprio le possibilità insolite, le domande senza risposta, che ci spingono avanti. Perciò rimanete curiosi”.