As cathartic as having Acnologia curbstomp Eileen’s corpse was for me, it was in extremely poor taste. Is Mashima incapable of giving his female characters an ounce of respect? This arc has been type of abuse against women after another, from sexual abuse to torture to literally desecrating their corpses

Off the top of my head, we have:

  • Lucy being harassed in the bath and humiliated by Brandish
  • Lucy being forcibly undressed by Jacob and objectified by Loke, who has sworn to protect her
  • Brandish being objectified by Macao and Wakaba, who wanted to move her into a sexier pose, when she was a prisoner
  • Aquarius humiliating Brandish
  • Levy being turned into a plot device and having her own suffering minimised to focus on Gajeel’s suffering
  • The ladies of Sabertooth and Blue Pegasus being sexualised even when crucified and unconscious
  • Kyouka uncomfortably sexual torture of Erza
    • Psycho lesbian trope
  • DiMaria humiliating Kagura and Chelia
  • DiMaria humiliating and torturing Lucy (with sexual overtones to both)
  • DiMaria’s literal everything.
    • Psycho lesbian trope double bonus
  • Mavis’ being held captive in her own body by Invel, and the creep factor that followed
  • Eileen’s attempted torture of Mirajane (again, uncomfortably sexual).
  • Eileen turning Hisui into a mouse, which I imagine was torturous for Hisui and her father alike.
  • Rahkeid’s orgasm magic which to be fair, violated everybody affected by it, but with special attention put on the women affected by the author.
  • Rahkeid directly assaulting Yukino (and Lector and Frosh, but Yukino was the one sexualised here)
  • Making use of DiMaria’s attempt to torture Lucy and Juvia’s apparent death not for Lucy and Juvia’s own arcs, but as excuses to send Gray and Natsu into berserk mode.
  • Eileen’s literal torture in her flashbacks, followed up by the desecration of her corpse.

I’m sure I’ve missed some, and that’s not even getting into the stuff from Tartaros.

this arc disgusts me

Catalogue for a Cabinet of Curiosities

Item: Rock carving of a woman called Toby

This was discovered in the Brazilian rainforest, relatively recently. It gained its curious name from the adventurer who found it. Missi Cyanide claimed that she had been told the title of the little carving in a small round stone by beams of information sent to her from the local tribes people, whom she was studying at the time she came across the pebble. The image is of an apparently female human figure - compact, neat, curvy, sensual. It has been called “Aphrodite” by ignorant museum personnel. How it rescued from the American Museum of Purloined Articles and taken into the care of the cabinet is a story of espionage and criminal secrecy. It may not yet be told. The image is stroked for comfort.

Estimated Value: Love


Looking up Beresford Street in Boston to the Charles River and MIT. The fire house across the street has a Dal. People kept stopping by to pet her and she was so happy about it. I couldn’t get a great photo from so far away and I couldn’t zip line from the third floor of the Hynes Convention Ctr either.

Catalogue for a Cabinet of Curiosities

Item: The Sound of the Distance

This sound was trapped in between the nightingale’s tweet and the ocean’s sombre roar. It was preserved by caresses from icy fingers. It was probably first manufactured by mermaids, though this may be mere rumour. The sound was handed down through an English bourgeois family for generations, following its symbolic participation in the civil wars of the 1640s. The Diggers loved it. When heard, the sound makes the listener yearn for love. It entices dreamers to dream better. It touches the heart like the sight of your face touches mine.

Estimated Value: Eleven

and while i’m blowing off steam: other things people say to me personally that is rather annoying

“oh you don’t seem bipolar!” (said like it’s a compliment b/c apparently bipolar seems a certain way)

“doesn’t spd and bipolar clash? they’re like the opposite things?” (wow i didn’t realize one mental illness negates another.)

“you don’t seem very asexual to me.” (thanks for the feedback. please leave more in the feedback box right outside where i put my trash)

“oh so you’re really happy sometimes, huh? that must be great.” (no comment)

“bipolar? so you have split personality?” (again. no comment)

i mean you don’t know things unless you ask (nicely) about them but in some cases you could just…maybe not be this way?

Of course, I’ve saved the best for last:

2) “Asexual? What’s wrong? Were you abused or something?” (let’s try 1) none of your fucking business 2) it’s an orientation- not a disorder

1) “I’m not saying this so you’ll have sex with me or anything but, I think….” (the rest of what they said was so stupid I won’t even bother you with it. apparently ‘I’m not interested’ and ‘I’m also a/graysexual’ doesn’t cut it these days. You have to spell out ‘Go fuck yourself.’”