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Poe for Hogwarts sorting?

Hiravias - my boy is a purest Ravenclaw. If you ask him what motivates his journeys, he literally tells you it’s a nature research (finding and sketching new plants and animals, learning how they work), his quest is basically him choosing between two ways of seeking knowledge - a direct, blunt hunt or collecting and combining more subtle hints and learning to see deeper knowledge. He’s also intelligent, quick-thinking, rational and curiosity-driven, so no real question there.

Palegina - huh, tough one. 50\50 between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. Definitely loyal to the community and put it’s good before her own, but also kind of arrogant enough and sticks to her ideals like Gryffindor. Putting her in Gryffindor purely because Neville was from it too.

Eder - uh, I hate going by “elimination” route, but I have too, I guess. Not Gryffindor, his ideals and moral compass are non-existent, not searching for knowledge like Ravenclaw, very much at odds with his community and not motivated to repair it, so no Hufflepuff. Slytherin is the closest fit, since Eder always looks out for himself first, shrewd, but very clannish. Also kind of racist, so that fits too.

Grieving Mother - this is what a creepy Hufflepuff looks like, I guess? She’s definitely motivated by helping the community.

Durance - oh my god, this sweatball. Easy tho, Gryffindor. Brash, prone to action before thinking, irrational, tempretantial, judgemental, sees world in black and white, loves to stereotype. Totally brave too, you have to give him that. Also, imagine if before dying Dumbledore made a public announcement that went “Stay strong people… And FUCK gryffindor! Fucking assholes!” Gryffindor would go through exactly same faith struggles that Durance goes through.

Aloth - another tough one. Aloth is… not much of anything and isn’t really strongly motivated. Not brave idealist, not knowledge-seeker, not really community-giver too. I’d say Slytherin, in the end. He’s not very ambitious, but he’s motivated by finding a place for *himself* first. We know that Slytherins bundle up easily to be led by someone they think deserves to lead, and Aloth really wanted to be led too. Also, it takes a special kind of person to end up in a secret evil society.

Kana is complex. He’s an idealist enough for ten Gryffindors, he is a scholar and seeker of knowledge - he literally traveled the world to uncover lost texts, so good foundation for Ravenclaw too. But in the end, if you ask him what he values the most, he says “open-mindedness and loyalty”, his ideals and search for knowledge are motivated by desire to help his nation. So Hufflepuff.

So, the Sunless Skies (Prototype) Avatar Generator, made available as part of achieving the Sunless Skies Kickstarter social media goals, is fun to mess around with. Am just hoping the avatar generator in the actual game will have more choices for the hair / clothes / facial expressions.

Been wanting to be able to customize my Fallen London / Sunless Sea character cameos since I started playing in 2015.

This here is Leknaat, who has been my Fallen London character for a couple of years now. In my head, she’s sailed the unterzee, gained immortality (as part of the Seven Against Nidah storyline in Zubmariner), and will be heading out to the High Wilderness to inflict her brand of self-serving curiosity-driven callousness on the stars.

Headcanon where Naruto is the shittiest student in school; his grades suck, his attitude sucks, his personality sucks. He lives in an orphanage where he’s treated like shit and so he relieves the frustration by being an ass, cracking lame jokes and some occasional quick fucks. Then comes a school trip to a foreign country that Naruto almost got kicked out of for his shitty record but begs and manages to convince the teachers to take him. During the trip something changes inside him; for the first time in his life he feels free of all the anxiety and tension that was weighting his heart down at the crappy village he called home. 

On their last night, just as his class is about to get on the bus back home, Naruto notices a street fight unfolding in an alley nearby. He’s used to the sight as he participated in more of these than he could possibly count and driven by curiosity he goes to take a peak. The sight of four nasty looking guys trying to sexually assault a struggling raven makes his blood boil; even if Naruto liked to take part in an occasional wrestling, attacking an unwilling innocent party was not something he was okay with. Then the struggling man spotted Naruto and as their eyes locked, something inside the blonde’s head snapped and before he knew what was happening he was panting heavily with his fists covered in blood of the four guys now lying unconscious on the ground beside him. The pale guy who he’d just rescued smiled at him weakly; Naruto nodded his head back at the guy and watched him walk off before he disappeared around a corner. Naruto didn’t know what just happened but he felt like this was a moment that would forever change him; as if the bottomless pitch-black eyes with that one desperate look sucked out all the nastiness out of his soul. Suddenly remembering about his school bus leaving Naruto swore and was about to run back to his group when he noticed a notebook lying on the ground next to a puddle of blood. By the elegant cover and neat handwriting he deduced it can’t belong to anyone but the victim, though instead of running after him to give it back Naruto pocketed the thing and made his way back to the furious teacher waving at him to get on the damn bus. 

Sasuke Uchiha read the sign on the bottom of the cover and Naruto ran his fingers over the signature making a decision right there, on the school bus in the middle of the night with his fists still covered in remains of blood and dirt; he will change his ways, study hard, graduate and he will free himself. And when he will be free he will come to that town once again to return the notebook, he will find Sasuke Uchiha and thank him for giving him a future.

—  is a person driven by curiosity, never wasting an opportunity to know something more about the earth and it’s creatures.
+sherlolly because...deadlines? What deadlines?

I have a massive work deadline looming over me and what do I do to deal with this? WRITE SHERLOLLY OF COURSE. *maniacal laughter* I will cry about work later, but first, on with the Sherlolly! Just a bit of fluff. I like nervous, about-to-confess Sherlock. Here he is, trying to get Molly to move in with him. Haha :) Hope you like! x


Statistics (also on

“You know, Molly…” Sherlock began as he placed the last of the pipettes on their rack. 
“Mm?” she answered, not looking up from the ten petri dishes in front of her. 
“There are fifty-two weeks in a year.”
“Yes, I know that,” she said, finally looking up and walking over to his side of the table. 

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The water flowed rapidly where Aurora crossed the stream and headed towards the eastern area of The Moors. For some time now her people had been talking about a creature alike her Godmother - one that looked like a woman but had wings on her back. Maleficent had advised the girl to find the stranger, but honestly speaking it was more her curiosity that had driven the girl to search for the fairy.