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Out of curiosity I counted every time Mika has said “Yuu-chan” (excluding the times when the demon took Mika’s appearance) and every time Yuu has said “family” for the SQ quiz. The left one is for Yuu and the right one for Mika.

Why am I surprised

In Which You Rescue Rocket (Guardians of the Galaxy Fluff)

As requested by anon: can you do a fluff of rocket raccoon please

This turned out to be a tricky prompt…I tried my hardest, I swear! Also credit goes to the gif maker.

The man you called your father was twisted in the worst of ways. Emotion was a foreign concept to him, and you were pretty sure that he was physically born without a heart. It was the only explanation for the things he did and the way he so off-handedly justified himself by saying that it was all “for science”. But you knew better. You knew that experimenting with the actual lives of others couldn’t possibly benefit any sort of legitimate research question or theory. Everything he did, he did out of selfish curiosity.

You’d lost count of the amount of poor souls that had come through his lab. Most of them started as animals. Cute, innocent animals that you’d learned to stop growing attached to, as they never lasted past one or two of his experiments. At least until he came along.

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anonymous asked:

When you have the chance can you write another part to innocent Lo? If not thats okay ily -em

(I wrote this while on the road in Philadelphia? [I’m from Pennsylvania] so yeah, sorry for not posting, I kinda… couldn’t)

Title: Scientific Curiosity

Word count: 1,272

Warnings: lil bit of self deprecation but, again, mostly flufffff

Taged friends: @blog-toxicwolves @patton–here

It’d been three weeks since Logan came, in all senses of the word. And since then, things’d gotten… complicated.
Worst of all, Virgil wasn’t even sure if Logan had noticed.
Small touches turned electric, even in public settings, flushes, gentle eye contact colored their conversations. And sometimes, after a long day, Logan would venture to Virgil’s room, nuzzling himself under the covers and into the crook of Virgil’s neck, falling asleep just like that.
And no matter where they were, Virgil could always feel the flush to his cheeks when their eyes met, could feel the echo of Logan’s moans in his ears while he slept…
Generally? He just couldn’t get Logan out of his head.
Not that this was a particularly new discovery (or ‘infliction’, as Logan would correct with a twinkle to his eye), after all, the irregular drum of his heart would beat for no other, and it was a lonely tempo he’d learned to tango to, the dancing shadows his only company…
Oh, he thought, that would make a good poem.
Then, he remembered, he left his only working pen in the pocket of his hoodie.
Now if only he could find his jacket…

Meanwhile, in his own room, Logan was making his own discoveries.
A low moan echoed from his throat, muffled only slightly by biting down on the sleeve of Virgil’s jacket.
It smelled like him, Logan realized through panting breaths as the tantalizing strokes over his member grew rougher. The absurdly long sleeve of soft cloth pulled over his hand, Logan’s back arched, hips bucking into the feeling that brought him closer and closer to the edge.
Yet, after the feelings Virgil had brought forth… he just couldn’t achieve the same effect.
And no matter how informative that was about the virtues of sex, it was indescribably frustrating.
Thus, he may or may not have stolen Virgil’s hoodie to try to remedy this.

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Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 693

Warnings: pretty detailed description of gore, fluff.

A/N: This is a LATE submission for @uniquewerewolfsuit’s Oh, the Horror! Challenge. My prompt was the movie Saw. I know the scene described is not completely exact. I’m going off what I remember from when it watched the movie in theaters. You know, whenever that was. Haha. Enjoy.

Originally posted by godshipsit

Castiel was always a little curious. Most of the time, he could fight the urge to peek at your vibrating phone, or poke his nose through your slightly opened bedroom door. But, sometimes, the urge was too great. It’s not that he was controlling. Quite the opposite, actually. He urged you to do your thing. He was just curious as to what that thing was.

You had made the mistake of leaving your bedroom door open, and your Netflix on pause. You had been watching a movie you hadn’t seen in a while, when Dean asked you to join him on a supply run. The last time Dean went to the store alone, you ended up eating beef jerky for dinner three days in a row. You were not going to let that happen time.

Castiel approached your television, finally getting the hang of navigating Netflix. The remote sat on the edge of the bed, tempting him as he took a seat beside it. He grabbed the small remote and held it for a moment, before giving in and pressing Play.

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Out of curiosity I counted all the lines of FFVII characters in the original game. Note this is not a manual count. What I did is to:

1. Paste the script from RPGamer to excel and end up with speakers and actions on the first column
2. Replaced all named with Name@ and used @ to separate unique values into different coumns
- I messed up here but Im too busy to correct 3. Used COUNTIF function to count the leftover speakers in the first column while actions might have been separated by the @ sign. Might.

Edit: Nanaki is searched under two names so the two figures is his

So I can say these lines are approximate rather than exact. Probably actual is a bit less

LOONA Theory: The Mirror Realm

Because I have a lot of free time and I spend it rewatching LOON∆ MVs, I’ve began to notice some details I hadn’t seem at first glance. This theory is something I thought of after watching too much Choerry’s MV.

Also, this theory goes agains the theory that Choerry is the link between the cute and the girl crush LOON∆VERSES.

So, everyone remembers the scene where Choerry finds some round mirrors on the grass, right? I’m calling that place the Mirror Realm for better interpretation and to help everyone to not get lost in this theory.

The thing is: out of curiosity, I decided to count how many mirrors there was on this particular scene. I have to be clear to you that, at first, I paused the MV because I thought that the position of the mirrors would be drawing something. Like a star constellation or something like that. I thought that because I remember when Oh My Girl did their first comeback with the song “Closer”, there was a special MV from top view, where it showed us that their choreography was based on the zodiac signs.

Ok, since the mirrors positions didn’t remind me of anything, I decided to count them. And there is 12 of them! 12! LOON∆ will be composed of 12 members and there is 12 mirrors on the Mirror Realm, of course.

Now, for me to explain a little better my theory, I have to briefly tell you a bit of Love Cherry Motion storyline:

Choerry seems to be an ordinary girl, who decided to visit her friends HaSeul and YeoJin. They play together during their summer vacations, having plenty of good time. Till Choerry eats a cherry, that makes her dreams about this other world. When she wakes up, she’s not with her friends anymore. The place she seems to be is abandoned. A reflection calls her attention and when she looks to find where comes the reflection, she founds a blonde girl (since the image is blurry we don’t know if it’s Kim Lip or JinSoul), who runs aways. Choerry follows the mysterious girl and end up at the Mirror Realm. At this part, she seems to look through every mirror, but all of them seems normal. Till she finds her mirrors, who gives her a cherry. And let’s face it, if you were in her position, you would also find it very strange.

Since it seems she only find her own mirror intriguing and the others mirrors to be normal ones, I believe that each mirrors can only work with their correlated member. As I said before, there is 12 mirrors, so this theory might be right.

“But, Mirella, what’s in the other side of the mirror?” you ask me. And let me tell you that the MV itself give us the answer:

For now on I will can the scenario (from the scene above) the Inside World and the scenario where Choerry was living her ordinary life as the Outside World.

As you can see in the image, the Inside World is rather different from the Outside, but it has his points. Choerry from the Inside is in the same pose and wearing the same clothes as the Choerry from the Outside, so it proves that was in fact Choerry from Inside who gaves the cherry. Also, I believe the upside down tree is there to represent and make an illusion. Who can’t that be? Choerry from the Outside World is in the middle of the nature, and since the Inside World seems to be focused only on the colour, the tree is up there to simulate nature, when the Choerry from the Outside World looks through the glass and see the reflection of the nature around her.

Now to the main point (that I already told): this Inside Worlds is focused on the colour. In Choerry’s case, the purple color. It represents her essence.

Now back to the MV’s storyline: Outside Choerry accept the cherry from Inside Choerry and eats it. The cherry seems to be some kind of key to knowledge, to find her essence. I believe that because after that scene, the nature from the Outside World, that was green, turns into purple. That’s how Choerry is seeing the world from now on. She passed through a transformation and is now able to see the world differently, based on her essence.

Now following this theory of mine, I believe that Kim Lip and JinSoul passed through the same process, we don’t know when. They found the Mirror Realm, accepted a gift from their Inside selves and discovered their Red and Blue essence.

Now, what will happen in the future is unclear. Are the previous member (HeeJin, HyunJin, HaSeul, YeoJin and Vivi) also going to find this Mirror Realm and discover their true colors? And what are the future member to debut going to tell us?

PS: about the begin of Cherry Love Motion MV, where Choerry is playing with her friends, eats the cherry, dreams and wakes up in another place: I think there is two possibilities here. Or all the begin was a dream and she truly wakes up at the abandoned place, or she was with her friends but she slept for a really long time (let’s say years) and her friends abandoned her there.

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Bucky is very capable cat that can manage and adapt to any mess he gets himself into (mostly, though help won’t hurt, usually there is quite a lot of mess)

(obviously my take on leaked Antman scene ;)

a personality glitch

for @cassianweek​ - May 17: Favorite Relationship

I was sitting here debating between rebelcaptain and sniperpilot but then realized: what about Kay! I’ve never written their dynamic before so, here we go! (another fic inspired by a random line in the novel)

word count: 950

i. curiosity. 


Cassian looks away from the view he’d seen countless times to face Kaytuesso. He was still getting used to being addressed by his first name by a droid - one in an Imperial casing, no less. 


“How did you join the Rebellion?”

Cassian stiffens. “Why?”

“Well,” Kaytuesso begins, “You’re quite young for a rebel, and the Rebellion appears to not recruit child soldiers, am I correct?”

Cassian nods slowly, insides crawling at the thought of children being whisked away to war. Never again, he thinks. Let me be the last. 

“And I have seen no sign of your parents or any other relatives, whether it be on the base or in your files.” 

Cassian inhales sharply at the thought of his family. He brushes off his reaction as something else: “You have access to my files?” 

“If I said ‘only the documents that require low-level clearance’, I would be lying.” Kaytuesso cocks his head, mechanics whirring. “I am a security droid, you know.” 

“I know,” Cassian replies, eyebrow arched. “That’s why I took you.” The droid looks at him, as if he was wondering whether to take the reply as a compliment. Apparently satisfied, he turns back to the ship’s controls, mapping the route to their destination.

They fall silent, the only sound being the hum of their ship through hyperspace, unanswered question hanging in the space between them.

 ii. trust.

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mostie01  asked:

A pirate dooku falls in love with mermaid Jocasta.


“What shall we do with a drunken sailor?
What shall we do with a drunken sailor?
What shall we do with a drunken sailor?
Early in the morning?”

It was this one song, this shanty as the land-dwellers called it, that roused Jocasta from her drowsing on the soft corals near the shore. The reef was relatively save from sharks or other such predators, but the danger of humans was greater. Still, Jocasta loved it here. The colors, the different fish and beings that traveled through the water, it was always a different experience and the mermaid loved all of them. Sometimes, if she was really lucky, she would even find something that belonged to the land. She would collect it, most of the time at least, and bring it to her treasure horde, that was basically just a cave under the water. 

Many of her friend called her obsessed and perhaps they were right, but even they tended to visit her cave every so often to inspect the things she had found. Sometimes, they collected ideas on what the things were and what they were used for. They never really knew, since mermaids and mermen kept away from the land and the land-dwellers. After all, everyone knew the story of the evil land-dweller, who would do any give anything to capture and imprison one of their kind. And then there was the matter of the activity they called ‘fishing’. The stole their friends from the ocean and ate them. It was no wonder that nobody from under the sea liked the land-dweller. 

“Way-hay, up she rises
Way-hay, up she rises
Way-hay, up she rises
Early in the morning”

The shanty continued on, sung by a strong and deep voice. Sometimes, the owner of that voice, would actually step slightly into the water, never further than his knees, but it was enough to get at least a little look at him. It was always exciting, when did a mermaid get the opportunity to see a real land-dweller after all? She didn’t get too close to him though, she did not want to get spotted after all. 

“Put him in the long boat till he’s sober,
Put him in the long boat till he’s sober,
Put him in the long boat till he’s sober,
Early in the morning”

“Way-hay, up she rises
Way-hay, up she rises
Way-hay, up she rises
Early in the morning”

There was definitely something different about this man however. The other land-dwellers Jocasta had seen, did not wear that much clothes - a dolphin had told her how it was called - and they had darker skin. Also, this man was always alone and he followed the same routing every day. At morning, he would come to the shore, look out into the sea and after he had sung his song, he would vanish again. Jocasta would not see nor hear him for the rest of the day, he would only return in the afternoon and then he would sing another song. It was strange if Jocasta was being honest. 

“Put him in the scuppers with a hose-pipe on him.
Put him in the scuppers with a hose-pipe on him.
Put him in the scuppers with a hose-pipe on him.
Early in the morning”

“Way-hay, up she rises
Way-hay, up she rises
Way-hay, up she rises
Early in the morning”

It almost seemed as if he was waiting for something, the way he looked over at the horizon. Jocasta knew that the land-dweller had arrived with a large ship - again something she had learnt from a dolphin - and it had looked as if he had been thrown out of it. Jocasta had not stayed to look more closer however, too afraid had she been for her life then. 

But since this fateful day, when the sea had been in uproar, the man was on the island, all alone. Perhaps he was waiting for the ship to return?

“Shave his belly with a rusty razor
Shave his belly with a rusty razor
Shave his belly with a rusty razor”
Early in the morning”

“Way-hay, up she rises
Way-hay, up she rises
Way-hay, up she rises
Early in the morning”

Without having noticed what she was doing, Jocasta had swam up, towards the surface. Thankfully she had noticed her movements and had barely stopped herself from emerging. Granted, she would have gotten a much better look at the land-dweller then, but he would have undoubtedly spotted her too. 

But the longer she hovered there, far enough from the singing land-dweller, the more she began to wonder, if it would truly be so bad. What could he do? It did not look like he had any weapons on him and there was certainly no net on him. He was just standing there, knees deep in the water, without the things called ‘shoes’, he had on his feet - dolphins were really intelligent and knowledgeable - and staring at the far away horizon.

Perhaps she should just do it. What could happen? She could always flee into the depths of the ocean and she knew for certain, that he could not follow her there. 

Taking a moment to collect herself, she made the final decision and with a strong stroke of her fin, her head emerged from the water. The feeling of her wet hair not floating around her, was strange, but not unpleasant. The sun on her skin warmer than usual and her sight on the man was much better too. Barely out and Jocasta knew, it had been worth it. 

For a moment, the song stopped, a pair of sea blue eyes came to rest on her. They were wide and the land-dwellers mouth was ajar with shook. Then, he shook his head, as if to clear his thoughts and continued to sing, with a slightly trembling voice and his eyes, never left Jocasta’s form.

“Put him in bed with the captain’s daughter.
Put him in bed with the captain’s daughter.
Put him in bed with the captain’s daughter.
Early in the morning”

“Way-hay, up she rises
Way-hay, up she rises
Way-hay, up she rises
Early in the morning”

There was no fast movement coming from him and Jocasta could feel no ill intent coming from the land-dweller. She had soon learnt to trust her feelings and instincts, which was probably the only reason why she swam forward, closer to the being that seemed to be as much fascinated with her, as she was with him. 

In delight, she noticed that he had something on his head that resembled on of her treasures. She had no idea what it was, but at least she now knew the use.

His features were quite strong, his hair a dark brown, but his most striking features, were his eyes which reminded Jocasta so much of the ocean she was living in.

“Take him and shake him and try to awake him.
Take him and shake him and try to awake him.
Take him and shake him and try to awake him.
Early in the morning”

“Way-hay, up she rises
Way-hay, up she rises
Way-hay, up she rises
Early in the morning”

He stopped singing after this verse, he always did, but something told Jocasta that it wasn’t the actual end of the shanty. 

She didn’t know what to do now. He was still staring, quite rudely if she might add. The young mermaid did not dare to speak or to move.

“What do we have here? A stranded fish, aye?” Jocasta grimaced at being called a fish, she was anything but a mindless fish. “No, you are a pretty lass, no fish. Hm, tell me lassie, have you come to bring this old sea dog out from his misery by dragging him under the surface?”

“Why would I want to do that?” she spoke, before she could stop herself. In horror watched she, as the land-dweller tilted his head, still looking at her. “And what kind of misery?” she asked after it was clear that she had NOT made a huge mistake.

The land-dweller opened his arms and motioned for the island behind him. “I a trapped lassie, on this god-forsaken sand beach. Left by my men, those landlubbers, sons of dogs.” He growled. “They mutinied me, left me to rot and you ask what misery I am in?”

“Oh,” Jocasta retorted. If she was honest with herself, then she had not even understood half of the things he had just told her.

A thoughtful look appeared on his bearded features and there was something else in his eyes. First, the mermaid thought it might be desire, but it was too soft for that. Admiration perhaps, wonder… or just plain curiosity.”

“Lass, why don’t you keep this old sea dog company?”

“Will you sing?” she asked hopefully and swam just a little bit closer.

He threw his head back and laughed, it was a merry sound. “If that is what you want, aye.” 

To Jocasta’s surprise, he actually sat down exactly where he was standing. The salty water now reached him to his chest, but the man did not seem to mind, quite the opposite actually. Jocasta took it as an opportunity to swim even closer. She remained out of his reach, but her fins must have been palpable in the glittering water. And truly, his cold eyes watcher her for a moment longer, then they turned back to her face and with a smile on his bearded features, he began to sing. Jocasta allowed herself to slightly relax. She didn’t close her eyes however, she had to stay alert at least somewhat after all. But at least, she finally got what she had always wanted. And he seemed nice too…

disgraced | jungkook

a/n: all i could think about was a fallen angel au when the first short film for wings came out.

word count: 1.6k

summary: curiosity was a pure thing, something he had believed in wholeheartedly… until he found himself on the earth with his wings scorched off his back.

The harmonious voices had once rippled through his mind constantly, offering a serene sound in his head as the bristles of his brush streaked across the blank canvas. His wings were a blinding white, larger and held more grandeur than the older angels and he was proud of them. Against the never setting sun, his wings cast a shadow on his easel but Jungkook didn’t mind as he peeked above the canvas to glance at Taehyung whose wings squirmed when he thought his younger friend wasn’t looking.

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loyal-to-the-end  asked:

Out of curiosity, not counting Zhou Cang, who would you say would be worst choices for adds for each group?

  • Shu: Lady Xiahou (mother of Zhang Fei’s children) - all the obvious reasons.
  • Wei: Cao Zhi. A lot of people seem fond of him, but he’s a totally irrelevant figure. The only thing he’d bring would be a foil for the Cao family, but there are much better choices for that.
  • Wu: Zu Mao. A lot of people seem to equate him with Cheng Pu, Huang Gai, and Han Dang. Zu Mao was brave and honorable, but not very important. His position would better go to Yu He or Sun Jing.
  • Jin: Jia Nanfeng. It’s hard to think of a likely Jin add who would be objectively terrible, but she certainly comes to mind. There are worse choices, but none of them seem likely.
  • Other: Yan Liang. He’d just be there to make Guan Yu look good and take credit from Qu Yi. Screw that noise. (And Wen Chou, too, but Yan Liang, I think, gets thrown around more).
Flora Dialogue
Fire Emblem: Fates
Flora Dialogue

For derpymagicarp and 4 anons!

Out of curiosity I was counting requests and the total amount of characters and… there’s only 4 characters left that HAVEN’T been requested. All of this means that I’ve done over 55 of these things at least… holy crap.

Same ol’ disclaimers.

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anonymous asked:

Will u do a very ute SONAMY story. It can be short or long your choice

Thank you anon for the request! I know just the thing to write! 

Setting: Sonic Boom universe, after the puppy-con episode that will appear in the future! Also I imagine the game puppy-con being a console game. 



He didn’t think his day would get any weirder until his companion told him that she might be going crazy. Again.

“I…what did you say?”

Sonic stood in the entrance of her living room, leaning against the door frame and adjusting his weight between his feet. Jerking his head up, he peered at her through the luminous contrast this room emitted. The walls were painted with a bisque yellow so that whenever the sun glinted through glass the color emulated into your face like a mirror. However because of that, it made Amy’s pink fur look platinum, silky and smooth. But the biggest difference were her eyes, the sunlight made the green within them look gold, so vivid they instantly grabbed your attention. Her quills hung over her shoulders like a bridal veil as she watched him with amusement.

“I said a new game of puppy-con is coming out.”

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