Hands are probably my favourite part of the body. One of the first things I see or feel about a person because naturally I give an acquaintance a hand shake (or when I’m drunk I judge everyone by giving them handshakes and seeing how firm they are before pitting them against each other).

Hands have veins that show and if I ever hold someone’s hand (especially my little grandma’s when she was alive), since I was little, I’ve always gently pushed down on them because they’re just fascinating. People need those to live, their blood runs through them.
I would also pinprick her finger for her to test her diabetes and I was never worried about hurting her, I was just so confused and so curious about how and why.

Then, after the veins, you’ve got the muscles and you can tell what people do from their muscles.
Push your thumb into your index finger, does that muscle in between show? It’s often from climbing or playing guitar (barre chords are a muscle builder) along with the muscle on the back of your hand, in the middle, between your index and middle.
Are they double jointed? Mine definitely aren’t. Do their fingers bend differently to yours? I can barely bend my fingers into a straight position, let alone backwards.
What lines do their palms hold? Do they have a long life-line? A long love-line? My life line is full but crossed and my love line? It’s fading but long.
How do they hold your hand in theirs? Which fingers are between which? Are their nails long? Do they bend their fingers around yours or around your hand?
Do they bite the skin? Are they anxious? Are their hands warm or cold? Even in summer? Are their hands clammy? My hands are perpetually cold, mostly due to an illness but in summer I can’t handle heat so they’re often hot, therefore clammy. It’s a gift. How many lines do they have on their knuckles? Do their knuckles dimple?
Do they have bracelets? Rings? What type of rings? On what finger? Do they mean something to them? Is it their grandmothers?
Any scars? What’s the story behind them? Freckles? Do they look like constellations?

Literally, you can tell everything by someone’s hand and I’m curious about all of it. I just want to know and invest myself sometimes. Just a thought..

FUN FACT: Humans have explored less than 5% of the ocean… 

How much of you is left to explore?