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Just imagining Lotor drunk made my heart explode! 💖

Oh anon me too!!!

I see him being a very sappy and happy drunk, full of giggles and smiles and being so curious about everything.

Just imagine a drunk Shiro and Lotor coming out of the bar and Lotor noticing people staring at him so he goes up and starts chatting with them, not understanding why they look a little on edge because some giant purple alien is being so friendly to them.

Then he mentions how he’s an Emperor and the ladies and men are just fawning over him and Lotor has a smug little smirk with a purple blush across his face.

But he’d also be easily distractable and wind up following a raccoon wanting to pet it because, “Shiro this small creature is so fascinating! It looks like its wearing a mask and look at those tiny hands!”

Curiousity- *staring intently at the sleepy time tea*

Empathy- Curiousity. Think about this

Curiousity- *reaching for the sleepy time tea*

Empathy- Curiousity. We know what happens when we drink that.

Curiousity- *reaching for a tea ball* but… What if…..

Empathy- no H- Curiousity it’s the same every time we’re going to embarrass Ellis

Curiousity- *turning on the kettle* W-what if… It’s different this time…

Empathy- no- Curiousity we’re gonna get like, tea high and-

Curiousity- *setting the lid on the fancy mug to let it steep for at least 30 minutes* I- I just want to check… If it’s the same…

Empathy- *long long sigh*


Calf with 6 legs. Stillborn, thrown away, went through a trash compactor, and I dug through a landfill to find it. 2 extra front legs on the right side, deformed spine, fused ribs, split knee joint, and other deformities.

The Six Pack Turtle ~ Often, when humans discard their garbage, there is little to no consideration where it goes or what it affects.  In the case of this unfortunate turtle, he found a six-pack soda ring that became tightly fixed around his shell.  As the turtle grew, the ring constricted his shell growth as well as internal organ development.  This turtle ultimately died as result of this man-made deformation.  Thank you so much to SkeletonMuseum on Instagram for sharing.


Little kitten! I actually didn’t articulate this one, Tomsimagination from IG did. He paid me this little fella for articulating his puff adder skeleton because he doesn’t like working on snakes if the ribs all fall off.