Ok, so, the gang’s enjoying Chinese New Year, and checking out a curio shop.

The owner presents them with “a golden mask,” 

asking if anyone wants it. There’s no mention of price.

Fred makes a weird comment about “clown faces being more his vein,” but Daphne says she’ll take it.

Again, absolutely no asking about the cost.

The gang immediately starts talking about how they should get something to eat, and… leaves without another word? And no transaction seems to take place?

…hold up, and no one’s holding the mask when they walk out! 

Did Daphne think again, and decide not to purchase the random trinket of unknown value, age, and price–

…but she has it in the next scene, all wrapped up in brown paper and string? She’s a sorcerer!

Maybe we don’t want to know how the gang had it hidden while exiting the shop.

Wow! Genetics can be a crazy force of nature. I had to share this found photo with you guys!

“Frog with eyes in its mouth as a result of macromutation. A macromutation is a mutation that has made a significant impact on an organism, caused by a change in a regulatory gene that’s responsible for the expression of an array of structural genes.

It’s been suggested that the cause of the mutation was the result of a parasitic infection by a trematode worm (Ribeiroia ondatrae). Trematode infections have reportedly been linked to an increasing number of amphibian limb mutations, particularly missing, malformed, and extra hind legs.”