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I’m still legit pissed off about Nuka World being the last DLC of Fallout 4 and only the second of two story DLCs.

where is my Lyons Pride and Sarah Lyons DLC?!

Where is my post-BOS Danse DLC?!

Where is my “return to the capital wasteland” DLC?!

Where is my pre-war DLC?!

Where are my Piper, MacCready, Cait, Deacon, Preston, X6, Curie, Hancock DLCs?!


You had so much potential, WHY ARE YOU THROWING IT AWAY?!

People having a rough time at the moment, or whenever you may need a pick me up, remember;

Ada: Loves you

Cait: Loves you

Codsworth: Loves you

Curie: Really loves you

Danse: Loves you

Deacon: Loves you

Dogmeat: Really really really loves you

Gage: Loves you

Hancock: Loves you

MacCready: Loves you

Nick: Loves you

Old longfellow: Loves you

Piper: Loves you a lot

Preston: Loves you

Strong: Loves you

X6-88: Loves you behind those shades

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Yay, a Fallout reactions blog that isn't dead! Fallout 3 companions reaction to meeting Dogmeat for the first time?

You bet ur ass I’m still active

Cait: Pretended to not really have much of an opinion but secretly adored him.  She laughed whenever he sneezed. 

Curie: LOVES HIM. The expression of pure joy is all over her face, hesitant to give him pats until Sole demonstrates that it’s okay. She really enjoys watching him go about his business. 

Codsworth: Treats him like a fellow person, talks to him in a conversational tone. 

Danse: Didn’t really say much when he first met him, but would later commend him on how well he does in combat. 

Deacon: Talked to him that kind of baby-voice. A lot of, “who’s a good boy?!” 

Dogmeat: He can’t really meet himself, but if he could I’m sure he’d love himself too. 

Gage: “Looks to me like you’ve already got a right-hand man boss..?” Smiled at Dogmeat a lot. Everyone loves a good dog. Told Sole to keep him away from the pack though. 

Hancock: “This guy’s even more charming than I am!” 

MacCready: Seeing Dogmeat brought him back to his days in Little Lamplight. They had several dogs running around the place, so MacCready grew up loving them. 

Nick: He treated Dogmeat like an old friend he’d met before. Often thought about how useful his nose would be during some of his cases. 

Piper: Absolutely delighted to meet him! There are some cats around diamond city, but almost no dogs, so seeing a nice one is always a treat. 

Preston: “And who is this?!” knelt down and gave Dogmeat all the rubs he deserves. 

Strong: Underwhelmed by how smol he is, so he doesn’t really pay much attention to him. Mutant hounds pack more of a punch. 

X6-88: He doesn’t really care much for animals in general, and Dogmeat was no exception.  

Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.
—  Marie Curie

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Omg you have the funniest URL ever I love it dude. Could you possibly do some Steve headcannons if you haven't yet? He needs a high five

eeehehehehe thank you
of course I can do my son’s hcs thank u for the request
these are kinda bad tho sorry

- Does, in fact, very much need a high five.

- And many other forms of attention + appreciation
- Constantly had to remind Soda to wear clothes

- Soda has to remind him to 👏button👏up👏his👏shirt👏

- He’ll pretend his back hurts just so Soda and him can take a break to fix it

- but most of the time he doesn’t have to fake it.

- He doesn’t just fix cars he can fix a lot of things!!

- He likes to take apart watches and clocks and stuff to see how they work and see if he can put them back together.

- So whenever anything of the gangs breaks they go to Steve to fix it.

- Most of the time he gets all pissy because it’s just that they forgot to put the batteries in or they needed changing

- but he’s secretly happy to help

- So when big buff guy Steve isn’t fixing cars or anything else, you know what his working and fidgeting fingers could be doing?

- Making flower crowns.

- He would probably sell them tbh.

- He’ll never admit it but he really loves it when Soda gets all gentle and stuff (even like from not a shippy perspective)

- Like if he gets busted up in a fight or anything and Soda is taking care of him and just

- He internally melts.

- Has weird ways of showing affection such as: headbutts.

- Will boop his forehead to Soda’s every chance he gets.

- Mostly when he needs c om fo rt

- So Soda will just stand there with a nice smile and rub his shoulder softly as Steve gets his Attention™ for the day.

- And then he’ll step back and go “gross what are you doing”

- “I had bird shit on my hand I was wiping it off.”

- Really likes lemonade

- Pony is like his little brother you

- So is Johnny

- But mostly Pony because one night Dally and Steve got a lil bit tipsy and just

- “I think johnny and Pony are like my new lil brothers”

- “Hell no man Johnny’s mine you take Pony”

- “Fair deal”

- Wants a big dog more than anything

- Has a small and secret fear of Darry but doesn’t let it effect anything

- Yeah it’s canon that he’s smart but I hc that hes SUPER SMART bye

- Likes to doodle on napkins.

Companions react to Sole being really into makeup?

I LOVE THIS PROMPT <3 thank you anon omg <3

Cait: She teases sole over her passion, telling her she looks really girly and it’s a waste of time in the commonwealth. She does begin to learn an appreciation for sole’s love when she teaches Cait a way to cover up the scars she’s secretly self conscious about, although still not sure in the beauty aspect, she’s grateful and respectful of the cover up techniques she’s be taught. 

Curie: She helps sole create natural new palettes of eye shadows and lipsticks from the flowers they have grown, the pair will spend hours in the lab creating the perfect shades to match sole’s outfits. Curie teaches sole her favorite eyeliner and eyebrow routines while sole teaches her contouring and blending. 

Codsworth: Although he didn’t understand the need for makeup or what it really added to sole’s appearance, he’d complement her every-time she tried something new, “Good work Mum! you look positively smashing!”

Dogmeat: Why is sole angry with him, all he did was roll around in the pretty colored powders he found? wasn’t he colorful like her now? 

Danse: He’d told sole a million times, lipstick is not part of the brotherhood uniform especially in blood red. He didn’t mind her passion but not when she was representing the brotherhood, worried he might have insulted her though he gifted his friend with an assortment of orange and black eye products. “If you want to represent the beauty of the Brotherhood, I’d much prefer you use uniform colors”. 

Deacon: He was beyond impressed and supportive of sole’s makeup obsession, the fact this contouring thing could change your whole face without the need of a scalpel was revolutionary to him. He began having sole teach him how to add new features, freckles, scars, slimmer nose ect, eventually using them himself when undercover. He even carries around his own little “tool kit” as he likes to call it. 

Hancock: It made him proud to see the confidence that sole would blossom when spending a good hour or so perfecting her makeup, the smug smile and also vain vibe she gave off always made him light up. “Strut it baby!!”, “oh girl you know how to make the glitter work, show me that supermodel pout”. He’d constantly egg her on and tell her how’s she the real jewel of the commonwealth. 

Nick:  He’d often tell sole she was pretty and didn’t need the makeup, not realizing how offensive it sounded towards her passion, he’s and old sole and didn’t realize how his statement came across. After being yelled at by piper he apologized, telling her he didn’t mean to offend her, he began purposely going out of his way to call sole “A beautiful doll” and could “easily be hung up in a gallery” trying to show support for her talents. 

Maccready: Sole tried and tried again to explain the importance of makeup and grooming to him, he never could quite understand it, he told sole it didn’t really bother him. Trying to get her point across a night before a trip to the third rail sole sculpted Mac’s beard and brows for him. He had no choice to admit the power of grooming and makeup to her after the amount of “chicks” wanting a peace of him. 

Preston: Preston himself loved to be prim and proper so fully understood sole’s passion, the two would secretly swap techniques that they loved, sole careful to keep Preston’s secret, she even on occasion would use his face for practice, knowing he wouldn’t mind and loved to be of assistance, he didn’t dare leave sole’s room with it on though.  

Piper: She believed the freedom to express yourself was empowering, sole’s passion and skill for makeup made her almost proud to be female, she’d tell sole how much of an artist she believed them to be, and awkwardly ask them to give her a makeover on occasion, the confidence it gave her with perfectly winged liner made her feel lucky to have a make up artist in the family. 

Strong: When sole tells him red lipstick is the blood of her enemies, she expected him to be impressed,she did not expect him to be impressed to the point he greeted her one morning, her favorite lipstick smushed all round his mouth. “Strong ready for battle!!!!”

X6:88: “What do you mean you’re beating your face?! Sole are you hurting yourself in there!”. X6 kicked down sole’s bedroom door to find her applying makeup, “you said you where beating your face not painting it”. Sole couldn’t help but burst out laughing as she explained what she meant and how she wasn’t exactly painting her face either, slightly understanding he offered to help, telling the others “he couldn’t wait to help beat sole’s face”, he didn’t understand why they where so horrified. 

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ss finding an old piano and starts to play it (can you include maccready?) ♡

Cait: ”What’s with this sappy shite? We’ve got raiders to kill,” Cait huffs impatiently, crossing her arms. When Sole doesn’t respond, she sighs and leans on a wall. “Are you seriously gonna make me wait an’ listen to this?” Again, no response. Cait sighs and sits down on the ground, waiting for Sole to finish, and refusing to admit to herself that Sole’s song was rather lovely.

Codsworth: ”Oh mum/sir, I do remember this song. Really brings a tear to the old mechanical eye,” Codsworth said weepily. “I am so very glad that you remember, it was such a popular hobby of yours…” Codsworth drifted off into a nostalgic daze, smiling inwardly as he remembered the family he misses so.

Curie: ”This sounds beautiful, such a marvelous piece. Did you learn this before the war? It is a shame that so much art such as this has been lost,” Curie listens intently to the lovely music.

Danse: ”Must we stop?” Danse turns to look at Sole. When Sole begins to play, he sighs and decides to wait.. “This does sound very… soothing,” he says awkwardly, unsure how else to describe it. Nonetheless, he enjoys taking a break to appreciate music he rarely heard otherwise.

Deacon: ”You’re a pianist? Heh, pianist. Need me to drape myself over the piano and sing, boss? I’ll wear a sparkly dress, too,” Deacon jests, but peacefully (if a little awkwardly) enjoys the rest of the song.

Dogmeat: Dogmeat loves it, he snuggles up by Sole and even joins in a little by howling with the song.

Hancock: ”Ooh, you’re full of surprises. I haven’t heard music this pretty since Magnolia. Yeah, this is nice,” Hancock comments, getting comfortable somewhere and closing his eyes. 

MacCready: ”Aw, you’re making me tear up over here,” MacCready comments snarkily, but quietly listening to the song anyways and blushing furiously when he actually begins to tear up.

Nick: ”This takes me back,” Nick smiles. “Good music is hard to come by nowadays.” He sits down and tilts his head back, relaxing as he enjoys the melody.

Piper: ”Aw, Blue. I’d never had pinned you for a pianist. This sounds… beautiful,” she smiled softly.

(I’m very sorry I had three more characters but I am extremely tired so I hope this will do)


Marjane Satrapi To Helm ‘Radioactive’ Marie Curie Story

Oscar-nominated Persepolis director Marjane Satrapi is set to helm Radioactive, based on the 2010 graphic novel by Lauren Redniss, Radioactive: Marie & Pierre Curie: A Tale Of Love And Fallout.

Born in Poland in 1867, Curie (née Skłodowska) moved to France in 1891 and married Pierre in 1895. They worked together to develop the theory of radioactivity, techniques for isolating radioactive isotopes, and discovered two elements, polonium and radium. The pair were at the dawn of a new scientific and technological era which ushered in the nuclear age.

Fo4 friends romanced react to seeing sole in Vera Keys dress that they borrowed from six?

Ahhh I love crossovers from different fallout games, veras dress is so beautiful as well O-O 











Okay but imagine the companions reactions to you proposing/giving them the other wedding ring: 

 Piper: Would be a stuttering blushing mess, “I-I mean, like, you’re sure Blue? With me? Like for real??!?" 

 Preston: He’d be beaming, his face would light up like never before as he agrees. Through in an affectionate "I love you too” in there. 

 MacCready: Nerd would pick you up and spin you around, probably fall to the ground and pepper you face with kisses. 

 Curie: Enthusiastically repeating “Oui Oui Oui!!!” While slightly bouncing with excitement. 

 Danse: Would be silent for a moment. You think he’s about to say no when he softly asks “Are you sure?” After you nod yes he tried to put it on, only to forget he’s wearing power armor so it doesn’t fit. 

 Cait: Tries to be as stoic as possible, but she starts crying. She never thought she’d ever be this happy.

 Hancock: puts the ring on, but doesn’t say anything, he takes your hand and brings to to the balcony of the state house in Goodneighbor. He calls everyone to the square and announces the engagement loudly and excitedly, much to your embarrassment. Dips you for a kiss just to show off even more.