Ok guys, I seriouly feel out of place like it’s bad enough that for some stupid reason eevvveerrryyyoonneee and their 5 legged dinasour thinks that i’m not a “real lesbian”, i don’t “look” like one i don’t “act” like one, i get asked how many girls i’ve slept with or many chicks i’ve gone down on, way personal don’t you think? anyway it’s bad enough I deal with that and then I have to feel misrepresented, it kinda sucks, theres all these thin women who are let’s face it like AMAZINGLY hot i mean drop your laptop while theyre walking by hot BUT why arent the full figured equally AMAZINGLY oh-shit-i-just-spilled-my-coffee-from-starring-at-this-gorgeous-godess-of-a-woman-walk-by plastered all over the net? like i know i shouldn’t take it personally and people are of course going to get all butt hurt and have a bitch fit about this post blah blah blah  but I honestly feel like the oddball out and that sucks because 90% of the time i am but yeah anyway what do you guys think? 

maniacmessiah asked:

5, 12, 13 <3

Thanks bun <3

5: Where’s one/some of your favorite places to be?

My bedroom, the tiny cafe in my town, and the stage at my school~

12: What are your dreams?

To work at AH/RT, preferably as a concept artist like Patrick, and for one of my art posts to get really popular~

13: Tell me a story about your past.

Ok so. Once upon a time, when I was a little Curfy at my first Band Camp, the (at the time, soon to end) long-standing tradition of the Furniture Wars returned for one last year of glory. Basically, Furniture Wars were when the cabins (divided by sex and grade) would storm into other cabins and take their couches and chairs and tables and stuff, and then have to defend their stuff when others would try to take it. Well, little Curfy was oblivious of it all until the Freshman and Sophomore boys came to the Freshman girls’ cabin.

Like the other girls, I tried to defend the cabin, but they came prepared. Long story short, I ended up with a pair of dirty socks rubbed in my face and a bleeding face from scrubbing it so hard.

Then the Senior and Junior boys tried to storm the Freshman and Sophomore boys’ cabin later in the week. One of the Sophomores threw a Senior down the stairs, and they retreated, but then they came by in the middle of the night and stole their cushions so that when they got up in the morning they’d go to sit on the couch and just fall on their asses.

So the Sophomore and Freshman boys plotted their revenge. The next day, from my cabin all the way across the feild that the cabins are in, I heard a hell of a lot of screaming coming from the Junior and Senior boys’ cabin.

Basically what happened was that the Sophomore who threw the Senior down the stairs came running in, yelling “WE’RE TAKING THIS COUCH!!!! WE’RE TAKING THIS COUCH!!!”, shoved that same Senior to the ground, and picked up aN ENTIRE FUCKING COUCH ON HIS OWN AND RAN OUT

Later in the week, after the Juniors and Seniors had gotten their couch back and the other boys’ couch in the cabin, that same Senior was doing an impression of it and broke the couch.

Needless to say, there were no more furniture wars after that.