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Frisk would be a great bard, with that absurd CHA score. Not to mention, that haircut is totally optimized for poofy hats.

Frisk the Halfling Bard who in-game is like 20 and yet they look basically exactly like Frisk curently is as a ten-year-old because Halflings be small. They refuse to kill their opponents and so their spells focus mostly on confusing, calming, or incapacitating foes. They’re also pretty good at stealth thanks to their small size.


So if I remember well this was released at a comiccon. Its supposed to illustrate the new powers Ladybug is going to have. The thing is that it reminded me of something and couldnt grab what it was. Then it hit me like wait… There’s five powers… And 5 side miraculous… WAIT A MINUTE-

I kind of thought that there might be more into it so I looked well at what could be hidden in the picture and thats where I stopped to look at Pearl of Heart : Cure the akumatized
So I was like wait… Isnt that Ladybug curent power?! So I kind of decided again to think even more about it!
I kind of placed the miraculous of the butterfly in front of the pearl of heart power.
And then I just realized something.

All the Miraculous could fit with the name of the powers or the meaning of the pearl or stone.
-Pearl of the Sea: The turtle lives in the sea
-Pearl of the Mysteries: The fox is a tricky animal that is well known to represent something mysterious.
-Stone of the Sun: It says flying power and if I remember well a Bee can fly :)
-Stone of the Moon: For the Peacock Im actually not sure but you know it might be according to the powers???

 So if Im right I think that when Ladybug will be able to use these powers, she will be able to counter all the miraculouses…

So yeah. Holy crap if Im right Ladybug is gonna become hella OP.

Can you write an imagine where the reader turns off her humanity because Enzo tells her Stefan doesn’t feel the same way that she does. 21 47 110

Hey guys, I’m sorry I haven’t been posting a lot. I’m going through some things. My mom has cancer so I’ve been really distracted. Trying my best to keep it together, love you all. And thanks @rock-n-magick for helping me write this, give her some love.

“Oh, for God’s sake! If I catch you eye raping Stefan one more time, I fear I might have to gauge my eyes out.” Your best friend’s voice made you look away from the youngest Salvatore.

“Enzo!” You scolded, kicking his leg.

“I’m only speaking the truth, love.” He grinned.

“I wasn’t eye raping him either, I was simply admiring from a far.”

“I’ll never understand why you keep chasing after him, he’s in love with Elena.”

You stayed quiet, folding your arms over you chest. “I know he is, but I also know he likes me. I mean, we have chemistry.”

Enzo sighed, leaning his head against the couch. “What will make you believe me? What will make you see that Stefan doesn’t feel the same about you?”

“Enzo they’re friends, that’s it.” You shook your head, why was he so obsessed with that topic?

“One day the light will shine bright and open your eyes, then you’ll see.”

A couple of weeks passed and it was the perfect day to take a walk. Enzo strolled into the boarding house, walking past the den to get to your room.

Suddenly Enzo paused and turned around, as something caught his eye. Stefan was on top of Elena, their eyes locked. None seemed to even notice him; there was something in the air; it made Enzo pull out his phone and sneak a picture.

“Y/N?” Enzo said softly, walking into your bedroom and shutting the door.

“Hey! I was just about to call you, wanna grab a couple drinks at the Grill?” You smiled warmly.

He sighed, running a hand through his hair. He knew what he was about to do would hurt you, but it just had to be done. “I need to show you something, Y/N.” he spoke slowly.

“What do you mean? Is everything okay?”

Enzo sat on the edge of your bed. “As your best mate, I will no longer allow Stefan to toy with your emotions. I will no longer allow you to be so blind.”

You peered at the photo Enzo was showing you. You felt something in your chest knot up and tug harshly. You blinked slowly and the silent tears fell down your cheeks as you looked up at Enzo. “But… But I thought they were just friends… We had so much chemistry and such a bond and I- I-” You stumbled, chest heaving as you felt your heartstrings break. You felt so many emotions flood over you that you collapsed into Enzo’s chest.

“Y/N, you can’t be this blind, Stefan and Elena belong together! He doesn’t love you, he never truely has and he never will, okay? Open your eyes!”  Enzo ran his fingers through his hair.

You sat and stared, confused as to why you weren’t bleeding all over the place, even though your heart had just been crushed and battered. “Why? Why doesn’t he love me? Am I not good enough? Why does it hurt? Enzo, it hurts.” You craddled yourself numbly. “…Everything hurts.”

It seemed to him a good idea at the time.  “Turn it off.” You faced your best friend, cheeks moist with tears. Enzo cupped your cheeks. “It’s okay to turn it off, nothing will hurt anymore. Okay? You’ll feel nothing.” Your eyes searched his one last time before a dull look filled them. The last unshed tears fell as you blinked, face finally expressionless.

You pulled away, wiping your cheeks. You threw your hair into a high pony tail and grabbed your coat. “You were right… I don’t feel anything.” You turned towards Enzo. “And my God, it feels good.” You smirked.

He stared at you, taking in your new attitude. “Where are you going?”
“Have a snack. Are you in?”

“Why not? It seems like I got a new murder buddy.” Enzo laughed.

It was past midnight when you look around; bodies upon bodies littered your bedroom floor. You and Enzo had been celebrating life in general by drinking and feasting, completely disregarding the human lives.

“Try her!” Enzo spoke over the music as he nudged you the girl he was curently sucking dry. You grinned, brushing her hair our of the way as you began gulping down her warm blood. Enzo watched you in amazement before joining you on the other side of her neck.

Suddenly, the music stopped. You looked up to see Stefan holding the remote in his hand, arms crossed, an annoyed look on his face. You smiled, blood dripping down your chin.

“What the hell is going on?” Stefan scanned all the bodies that littered the floor.

“Hi Stefan.” You smiled and pushed the girl off your bed, her body hitting the floor. “Came to join us? We’re celebrating.”

“You turned your humanity off.” Stefan observed.

“I did! And it’s been a blast!” You giggled, Enzo eyed you.

“Enzo.” Stefan’s low voice accused, but before Enzo could speak, you went on.

“Alright, ‘dad’. If you’re here to complain, you might as well just turn around and leave.”

Stefan looked back at you, surprised. Ever since you two met, you had never used that tone with him. You always spoke to him with chaste adoration, but now it seemed as if he was only a bore, some stranger that was in the way of your fun.

“Well, I do live here.” He commented, crossing his arms. “Your behavior is unsettling.”

“Well,” you mimed him, “Some people would also find unsettling the view of you and Elena almost having sex downstairs, but hey! Not me!” You chuckled emotionlessly as you watched his eyes widen from your comment. “Ah, this is so boring. Enzo, come on. Let’s go before daddy gets us grounded.”

As you walked past him, Stefan felt a heavy weight settle on his heart. He glared at Enzo. “I hope you know what you’re doing.”

Enzo stared back at him; a flash of doubt in his eyes. “So do I.”

Stefan couldn’t get the thought of you out of his head, he couldn’t believe what was happening. You were one of the most compassionate people he knew, you rarely fed from people, blood bags only. You cared for human life but now you were tearing through people like there was no tomorrow. 

A knock rang through the house, pulling him from his thoughts. 

Liz stood at the door, a grim expression on her face. She held a file and looked at Stefan. He knew this was about Y/N. “Everything okay?”

“Not even close. Stefan, Y/N has ripped through the town like a plague, she’s killed more than 20 people in the last week. People are noticing and I can’t keep blaming peoples heads being ripped off on some animal.”

Stefan nodded, “I’ll talk to her.” 

“Fix her.”

“I will.”

You stumbled in, a guy strung around your waist as the two of you walked towards your room. You planted your lips to his sloppily as you opened your bedroom door. 

Stefan sat on your bed, no expression on his face. 

“Whose this?” The guy beside you quizzed.

“No one, baby.” You smiled and glared at the youngest Salvatore. You turned towards your guest and told him to go to the den and get some whiskey. He quickly stumbled out. “You’re ruining my night.” 

“Am I?” Stefan shrugged. 

“What is this about? I have plans for tonight.”

“Like screwing that guy’s brains out and then draining him?”

You smirked to yourself. “Jealous?”


You walked over and placed yourself on his lap, gripping his shoulders. “It could always be you, just ask.”

“Not when you’re like this.” Stefan gripped your hips and removed you from his lap. 

“I’m not like anything, Stefan. This is me, accept it and move on.”

“This is not you.” Stefan could barely contain his anger, he felt like you had died and someone was living in your body and using your voice.

“It is-”

“You know something, Y/N? You’ve only heard his point of you, you never asked for mine.”

“What the hell are you getting at?” You crossed your arms over your chest. 

“What Enzo saw last week was nothing. Elena and I were just-”

“I don’t wanna hear your bullshit” You turned to walk out the door. Stefan had you pinned against the wall in an instant, his face inches from yours. “Get off of me!” You growled and pushed against him. 

“Stop.” He said calmly. 

“I don’t wanna here this, Stefan I don’t care anymore. I don’t care about anything okay! Now mov-”

“Shut up and listen to me!” He screamed, his hand gripping yous roughly. “Just listen.” He took a breath. 

You weren’t gonna let him bully you, you stared into his eyes with defiance. “What happened last week was an accident. Elena ingested some wolfbane and she was losing it. She came after she and I pushed her, it got crazy and I fell when I was trying to restrain her. Yes, I still love Elena, but you never stop loving your first love. She won’t be my last though, okay? I love you, Y/N. I love you, not her. I want you, not her. And seeing you like this is breaking me.”

You looked away, his stare was too intense. “Don’t fight this, turn them back on. Turn your emotions back on and come back to me.” Stefan pleaded, his hands cupping your cheeks. His eyes were pure and pained and you knew they were honest. 

And just like that all everything came onto you like a wave, you felt like you couldn’t breath. Tears ran down your cheeks and you felt ashamed that you had terrorized the town. “Oh, what have I done!” You cried into Stefan’s chest. 

“It’s okay, you’ll forgive yourself.”

“I hurt everybody, I hurt you.” 

“It’s okay, shh shh.” He cooed and cradled you. “Please never leave me like that, I almost lost you.”

teen wolf prompt list #2

1.“literally everything about this is illegal.”

2.“you just want attention, you don’t want my heart.”

3.“you just want to make sure i’m never getting over you.”

4.“I can’t quit you.”

5.“I know I just spit blood all over you, and this is a really bad time but I have to tell you something.”

6.“there’s something you should know, in case I don’t come back.”

7.“I thought you forgot about me.” “never.”

8.“was that supposed to hurt me?”

9.“maybe I should stop and start confessing.”

10.“it’s okay, I didn’t expect you to love me.”

11.“I trusted you!” “that was your first mistake, your second, falling in love with me.”

12.“I have a plan.” “Is it a good one?” “I have a plan okay!”

13.“well unfortunately the best of the best was unavailable so we got the best of the mediocre.”

14.“you just hate the thought of me with someone new.”

15.“you shouldn’t be so trusting darling, the world is a dangerous place.” “you don’t scare me.” “I should.”

16.“oh god, you’re in love with him.”

17.“I don’t want to die.” “I won’t let you, if you die, I do too.”

18.“how long have you been standing there?” “longer than you’d imagine.”

19.“I am the one that listens when the line is dead.”

20.“that has got to be the lamest pick-up line in existence.” “oh honey that was just plan A.” “okay than what’s plan B?” “take you hostage duh.”

21.“they’re afraid of me. I don’t blame them, I’m afraid of me too.” “I’m not.”

22.“well this is a nice change of scenery.” “we’re in a jail cell?” “oh for the love of god I was being sarcastic!”

23.“I wanted you to fight for me and you didn’t, you just let me walk away.”

24.“A small fire, my exact words were set a small fire, this is not small!”

25.“you know I can kill you right?” “I’m already dead.”

26.“what do you mean work with him? He tried to kill me. Twice actually.”

27.“If I knew that would be the last time I held you, I would’ve held on tighter.”

28.“I always knew it was you.”

29.“she doesn’t love me, she’s not that stupid.”

30.“i’ll be the first to tell you, I’m a terrible liar.”

31.“am I going to regret this?” “probably.”

32.“I’ve lost count of the promises you’ve broken, so please don’t make anymore.”

33.“I’d take a bullet for you, I told you that before.” “except you’ll heal, and if you tell me one more time, i’m going to be the one pulling the trigger.”

34.“wow can we pretend for one second that you’re not a complete douchebag?”

35.“you’ve got to believe me.” “sorry I tend to not believe compulsive liars.”

36.“shut up.” “but I didn’t say anything.” “I don’t care shut up.”

37.“uh you have blood on your shirt.” “I suppose I do.” “You don’t just go nowhere and get blood on your shirt.”

38.“just take a deep breath or something.” “take a deep breathe? It feels like my insides are being ripped out, and you want me to take a deep breathe?”

39.“i’ll be there for you, but you gotta be there for me too." 

40."So I uh notice you’re kind of naked, is that intentional or..”

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Hi everyone! So I made a new prompt list to request from, I still have a couple to do from my other prompt list but since that one got popular I decided to make another one. If you want to request from this list make sure you message me saying PROMPT LIST #2 and the number and handsome hunk of man you want it with. Thanks a lot in advance!



Castiel’s Paradise and Jack the Young God

(Not a literal God)

So I’ve been saying from the beginning that I didn’t think Jack brainwashed Cas.  And I’ve also contradicted that in saying that he influenced him and that Cas felt Jack’s soul or Jack felt Castiel’s heart

Then it hit me.  

What Castiel described to Kelly.  The talk of a world without pain or suffering

I think Jack took/is taking Castiel’s pain away

Not controlling Castiel to serve his own ends. He may be doing what all young or inexperienced God’s do.   Trying to take the pain away, trying to fix the world:

Chuck did it (Old Testament)

Amara did it  (Taking pain/souls away)

Godstiel did it (trying to rid the world of evil)

I think Jack wasn’t afraid of Castiel and I don’t think he chose to ‘use’ Castiel.  I think he felt our boys pain (he felt his mothers)

I think in S13 if he brings Castiel back, he will straight up bring him back ‘wrong’

Because he thinks he’s helping.  He doesn’t know any better.  He doesn’t understand the spectrum of pain and pleasure.  Which is why we’ll get Cas back but not properly not right away

He has suffered so much, and S12 showed Castiel breaking down and on the verge of tears over and over.  He wanted to be a useful tool.  He wanted to save everyone

Castiel’s curent life is about pain, abandonment, rejection, hiding from his feelings (see possession by Lucifer)

Like Alesha and Mary.  He would be stuck in a situation where he can’t feel the pain.  Can’t feel the fear.

This would mean Dean and Sam would have to get through to him and Jack.  And if Jack IS trying to help and I think he is, he’s not just gonna let go and let Cas hurt again

Another angel type being felt Castiel’s pain and took it away

Possibly took his love for Dean,  SEEN AS THAT IS CASTIEL’S WEAKNESS

Castiel was battered (emotionally) as a human, HE needs to make that choice to return to being human.  But to be born again your old self needs to die (often literal in movies/television). 

If he takes back the pain it needs to be by his own choice

But I re-iterate, I think Jack is ‘helping’.  I think all the pain and suffering going away is his paradise.  This angel has been suffering for far too long and now he gets to play the part.  Be useful but feel next to nothing

Je me dis parfois que chacun d'entre nous a une tragédie qui le guette. Que ces gens qui sortent acheter du lait en pyjama ou se curent le nez au feu rouge sont peut-être à deux doigts de vivre une catastrophe. Que notre existence à tous, aussi médiocre et banale soit-elle, est vouée à connaître un point de basculement extraordinaire - une simple rencontre qui, à elle seule, provoquera tous les évenements importants de notre vie.
—  Robyn shneider
Can we talk about Suvi’s faith?

Alright, now after playing Mass Effect Andromeda I’ve become a huge fan of Suvi, because she is so sweet and her eagerness to learn and discover new things is just fascinating. But most importantly I might have hit a pitch that is technically impossible for a human to produce when she talked about her faith and her understanding of God. Because I feeel like the exact same way and I’m celebrating Bioware for bringing this subject up. I am also incredibly annoyed by the fact that people seem to think that religion and science are two complete opposites or once they know that a person is religios they autimatically assume that they must be stupid or retarded in some way.

I’m also amazed that they made a homosexual character the most religious of the Tempest lott (since it is also seen as a contradiction to be queer and religious at the same time).

However, as I roamed the Suvi tag, I noticed that people seem to assume that she is christian. But we don’t really know if that is the case. She never mentions a specific religion, so I’m wondering what had people thinking she is christian without a second thought. 

So I’m going to throw in my own thoughts on the subject here:
I’m starting with the fact that Suvi’s family name is Anwar. Anwar is undoubtedly an arabic name. And what religion dominates arabic culture curently? That’s correct, folks. It’s Islam. 
So has anyone actually ever thought of the possibility of Suvi being, in fact, a muslim?

Suvi tells us in game that she found God during her teenage years. I’d imagine her younger self going through her parent’s stuff because she is interested and fascinated by their research, eventhough she doesn’t really understand all of it yet and accidently finding a translated quran copy of the Anwar part of her family (it is possible that the family may have taken the mother’s last name, as well as the father’s).

Imagine Suvi opening the book on a random page and immediately encountering Surah 96,which starts with the words ‘Read in the name of your Lord who has created…’ - basically a call form God himself to seek knowledge - basically her first inspiration and argument to justify her belief and her scientific profession.

Imagine a Suvi who tries to figure out how to fast during Ramadan in a completely new galaxy (because the times of fasting are determined by the positions of the sun and moon, and in Andromed and especially on the Tempest she doesn’t have that, like she had it on Earth).

Imagine a Suvi, who instead of celebrating Christmas, celebrates the end of Ramadan by placing self made sweets for the entire crew, in a place where everyone walks by at some point of the ship’s ‘day’, so everyone will notice.

Imagine a Suvi who -like with Ramadan - tries to figure out the prayer times on the ship and on planets.

Imagine a Suvi who gifts Kallo with a charm that has a quran verse engraved on it. Kallo, who is not versed in human religion is confused at first, not quite understanding what it should mean, until she explaines that the verse is supposed to ensure him God’s protection and guidance during the flight, so he can maneuver the ship safely through the scourge.

Imagine muslim Suvi.
That’s my official headcanon now and no one can convince me otherwise!

Erik Lehnsherr x reader

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I’m on a roll lately with these! Anyways, this was requested by a friend from class so here ya go you know who you are you 😉

As always, unedited cuz I’m lazy

This is happening in Poland (it was pretty easy for me to write since I am polish) so it’s really up to you if you want to include Nina as Y/N’s and Erik’s child in the future or just make her not happen at all.

No warnings needed other than a little mention of smut.


You noticed a man, probably around your age walking around the shop. He had brown-ish hair and a nice stubble. His eyes were blue. You never seen him before, which was a new feeling for you. You knew pretty much anyone in Pruszków since it was such a small village. You did hear that a misterious ‘someone’ was to arrive here from America but you didn’t expect them to be here so fast. You did feel a bit nosy but it was hard not to hear something when everybody was talking about this one topic for the last week.

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Romanian Gothic (IV)

Hi my name is Curent™ and I have frightening evil air currents (that’s how I got my name) with cold air and oncoming fever that reaches around windows and a howling sound like a wolf and a lot of people tell me I look like the Vântoase (AN: if u don’t know who they are get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Cold Tile Floors™ but I wish I was because they’re major fucking hotties. I’m a curse but my energy is invisible and sneaky. I have temple-piercing winds. I’m also the gossip of the town, and I go to windows and doors in Romania where I’m in my 2185th year (I’m 4.5 billion). I’m a huge legend (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly flu-causing particles. I love the North Pole and I buy all my ice crystals from there. For example today I was wearing a frosted snowflake with matching cold viruses around it and an icy breeze, powerful speeds and airborne bacteria. I was wearing fear, anxiety, tears and illness. I was walking outside Romania. It was windy and cloudy so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. A lot of bunis stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.

The reason ive been less active...trying to get me away from my abuser.

I guess Ill just get right into it. I need help. And as always in this crazy fucked up world the answer: money. Yes im in desperate need of money. I am 22, I am still living with my dad who for a majority of my life has controlled and mentally and physically abused me. If some of you may know, I have been in a relationship for more than a year and we decided we wanted to go off and you know, make a life together. Sounds easy, I mean hey, 22 im an adult i should be able to go off and do what I want…no. My dad HATES me interacting with the outside world. If I try to hang out with friends he tells me im betraying the family and im a “honkey” lover. If I try to pick up more days at work he comes into my job and watches me, making sure im actually at work. He yells at me, even locks me out of the house and says he “didnt know I left”, When I hang with my boyfriend he calls me a slut, he tells me He’s using me for money and sex (just gonna put it out there couples help couples and we have EQUALLY helped each other). Whenever I try and tell my dad my opinion on anything he tells me im just a dumbass woman. Im fat and undesirable and people only hang with me to use me. He gets in my face, threatens to beat me etc etc…Its gotten me to a point where EVERYDAY I am fighting suicidal tendencies…I have attempted suicide over 50 times in 2016. Everytime I thought about doing it I told myself…it can get better, I have to hold on. I confided in many people who have tried helping me, some buying my art and some giving me money. On my birthday my boyfriend and I decided we would live together on April 17th, we have not been able to find anywhere to live but we can do that later, the rent at his house is pretty high, he lives with his mom who curently doesnt have a job so most of the rent would fall on him and I. We decided to move out on this date cause the weather would be clear and he would have some money saved, right after taxes and all and he said April just feels like a time of new beginnings. He felt my dad would come around to the idea…I know he wouldnt and it would be violent, possibly. I havent told him yet. And he doesnt work so sneaking out of the house would be impossible…I guess ill mention the other problem I have. Medicine. I suffer from trigeminal neuralgia. The medicine has been stripping me dry of money seeing as they only give me two weeks worth of it and I do not have health insurance right now, the one i was on told me I was making’too much’ and they could not help me anymore. So I am fucking struggling for money, I had a goal to earn between $4000-8000 before April 17th…and trust me i know thats pushing it! But I am determined. I have an art shop that I will be uploading in a few days and if people want to donate at Id appreciate it. My co-worker gave me an idea to put my story out there and just see what happened, doesnt hurt to try im sure I fucked up this whole thing im writing this in the bathroom on my lunch break so im rushing….im desperate. I need to FINALLY live my life…If you took the time to read this I appreciate it…and If you would repost this, id appreicate it too. Even if you cant donate or buy my art, just wishing me luck means so much to me!! Thank you for reading loves…