Little Mix debuted with #15 on Billboard’s Bubbling Under Hot 100 (representing the songs that will potentially get on the official chart), is curently at #43 on US Radios chart and holds #126 on Itunes US, all of that just one week before their promo trip!!! (x) (x)

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NAME: Danny
NICKNAME: Dan, Rot, Shota-senpai 
BIRTHDAY: 4th of July 
GENDER: Non Binary
HEIGHT: idk like 4′9′’
AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: 5 or 8 depending on how much work i have 
FAVORITE FAMOUS PERSON: Do the Game Grumps count? 
FAVORITE BAND: Curently NSP and Twenty one Pilots 
DREAM JOB: Illustrator or Mortician 

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On another note, continuing the fact Peridot lost her foot and I imagine it isn’t coming back, I think once she is in a safe place with the other home world gems she forces herself to regenerate. 

This is her curent outfit, notice the v-neck design of her torso? In the extended theme (x) we see her in a screen shot with what I hope to be yellow diamond;

It’s not easy to see for most of her outfit, but her neck leads directly into her torso and it is a different color. Maybe it’s the lighting, or maybe it’s a new Peridot outfit!


listening: some jazz music on the Steamers website.
eating: just finished a sammich at Baker Bros.
drinking: water
wearing: dark jeans, white t-shirt, purple hoodie, sandals.
feeling: confused.
weather: low 80s… sunshine for miles. (I’m in Texas. I really can see for miles.)
wanting: an overwhelming sense of peace. 
needing: to decide.
thinking: about everything at once.
enjoying: the fact that as soon as I get home from Texas, I get to go to Chicago.
wondering: if he’s just that nice to everyone…


Hey taylorswift! My name is Cécile and I come from Paris. In 7 days, I’ll be singing and dancing at Gillette with you ! I flew 3,624 miles to see you ! Well, not really, I’m curently in NYC to spend a few days and visit the city. I’m loving it so far btw, I understand why you fall in love with it. Then, I’m heading to Boston. This is actually the first time i’m coming to one of your concerts (the first one was Selena’s) and I’m very exited about it because even if I’ve been a fan of yours for many years now, this era is my favorite one. Now that my English is getting better, I can talk to other people around the world without feeling like « that crazy fan »… In fact I’ve made a lot of friend here thanks to you. I now have a group of supportive friend who are always here for me.

I’ll be wearing a black top similar to the black leather catsuit you’re wearing during the tour. I made it with my grandmother. To be honest, we had very little time to do this (one morning) because I don’t see her often and I’m INCAPABLE to do this kind of thing on my own. I was supposed to bring my guitar that I’d made out of corks to finish my badass look but it was too heavy for my luggage and too big so I needed to bring my gluegun and as small as is it, it looks too much like an actual gun… I didn’t want to get in trouble the moment I had to get pass custom… Anyway ! I’m very proud of it, even though I can’t take it so here’s a picture!

I’ll be in section 108, row 25, seat 17 on the second night. I’m alone so hopefully I’m make friends there :)

P.S : I’m very exited to see HAIM !!!

adam/kavinsky headcanons

[thanks nopupil who finally got my ass in gear and contributed like half of these headcanons]

  • otherwise known as ‘coke and cola’
  • this is literally all - ALL - because several months ago i read that’s how you seduce a straight boy and at the end k and adam are having …well as much of a heart to heart as is possible for them to have at the current point in time, and adam thought “No one has ever been gentle with Adam, and he is starting to suspect that no one has ever been gentle with Kavinsky either.” and i was just like ‘fuck i completely ship this now, so anyway:
  • ok obviously this takes place in the future sometime after k gets back from rehab bc that is where i pretend he is in bllb and also bc there is no way this could ever happen unless k gets some help first, adam and k in the curent context of the story just could not work
  • but they really have a lot in common they’ve just reacted to it differently. so i feel like when kavinsky gets back from rehab and has calmed down some him and adam could really relate to each other
  • they both have abusive fathers, were probably very lonely growing up w/ few friends. they both tend to try to do everything by themselves, their way. they’re both kind of posessive and insecure and aren’t really that good w/ rejection. [they’re both ronan’s type coughcough]
  • it starts w/ adam and ronan breaking up [idk when they’re 20ish] bc adam has gotten fed up w/ cabeswater always trying to control him and burns it down
  • well of course kavinsky notices this and seeks adam out next time he’s back in town. like he’s not even really mad about it bc he’s been trying not to dream so much stuff since rehab anyway and also that’s just such a ballsy thing to do he’s more secretly impressed than anything else
  • at first we were going to have them just run into each other at some random gas station and end up driving around all night. but i feel like it’s far more likely that k actively seeks adam out and they’re stopped at the same red light and k is like teasing him about not being able to race in that shitty car and then he follows him to a gas station and ends up bringing up cabeswater etc etc
  • and if adam has distanced himself from ronan at this point [although we have plans for this to all end in pynchinsky but that’s another post] then he’s probably not really talking to gansey or blue very much either right now. i mean gansey and ronan are like so far up each other’s asses, and blue is w/ gansey, and adam and noah never seemed very close to begin with. so here kavinsky is showing up when adam is feeling particularly lonely and everything just slots into place.
  • i feel like they would balance each other out bc k is so loud and adam is so quiet. like when blue and adam first met and he was like 'well i can be ok w/ you doing everything loud if you’re ok w/ me doing everything quiet’. like adam can kind of calm k down when he needs it and k can bring adam out of his shell a little bit.
  • and k is still having his fourth of july parties - although slightly more subdued now - and he turns them into huge birthday parties for adam and adam just doesn’t even know what to do bc he’s had so few actual birthday parties in his life
  • although really i see them more as a like …very close friends with benefits kind of thing i guess. bc i personally hc k as aromantic pansexual so like he loves adam, but in more of a best friend way.
  • and also I don’t think Adam would be SO good at keeping a relationship. like he’s always thinking about other shit and would probably have this very detached approach to what a relationship should be like [which idk i see ronan as being like VERY into a relationship once it starts for real] so him and k could just like chill and do whatever and wouldn’t be upset if the other one wasn’t there for a few days
  • and there’s also a kind of evil!adam and k ruling the world au that we’re working up but that doesn’t really mesh with this / actual canon so that’s probably also another post

For some reason, all the colours I’ve stitched so far, doesn’t differ all that much in shade, which is kinda a shame… Nevertheless, I can actually see parts of the image now ^^

The credit for the drawing I’m curently stitching goes to Misachi-Chan on dA, with this beautiful drawing of Skyhold from Dragon Age: Inquisition. Thank you for letting me do this <3

Okay this is random but I need to say it.

Im curently watching Pretty Little Liars,OUAT,Scream and Teen Wolf.And every show gives me more pleasure than PLL.

Like cmon Marlene,that was the best show ever,these filler episodes are just making me mad it’s just so annoying.I don’t trust the writers anymore,they promised us this is the season of answers and by far we have some answers and a billions of questions.

I don’t care about Sara,or that random Clarck dude,or Emilys buddy from Haiti,or fucking romance between Emily and Bethany(Sara) like give us something real not this shit because your show is going downhill for past 2 years,and it’s not interesting to watch anymore.The only things that are legit are first episodes and finales,nothing else.

im lowkey back to the drought days when we didnt have info about the girls at all and im curently searching for updates on the american trip, i feel like a spy or something lmao

talked to my dad and sis. curently calling frined to get the ok to come over. i didnt do anything. im safe

sweetolie asked:

Do you study Physics/Chemistry curently? If so could you make a study guide to study those subjects as you've done for maths? or direct me towards a guide of that sort?

i’m planning on doing a more detailed post on this later but here are some basic tip: 

  • listen in class and make notes - this saves time from studying where instead of learning the content at home you can revise and practice 
  • spend up to an hour each day reviewing the content done in class - this may involve rewriting notes or completing associated questions 
  • ask questions - if you have unanswered questions this will hinder your ability to understand and utilise the formula or concept during the exam
  • do practice tests 
  • watch online videos and demonstrations - they are particularly helpful in physics as they provide a demonstration of the overall concept