The Memorable Dance - Remus Lupin x Reader

It was an early Saturday morning and Gryffindors were having their Quidditch practise. (Y/N), the team’s beater, was curently daydreaming in the middle of the practise. She just hoped that James won’t figure it out and yell at her.
The bludger was flying towards her and everyone shouted at her to hit it. But, (Y/N) just heard a beautiful melody of waltz in her head. She wasn’t thinking about anything else, except the melody that was occuping her mind. She didn’t hear panicking shouts of James, Sirius and her other teammates. Her vision started to blur. 

The time and place looked like they changed. The Quidditch pitch became the big, elegantly looking hall.
When (Y/N) looked in a mirror, she couldn’t regnorize herself. She was wearing long, purple ball dress and matching gloves to the elbows. Her (h/c) was in a perfect bun from which were falling curls.

She was still slightly confused and decided to sit in the corner of the room. Only then she started paying attention to her surroudnings. On one end were musicians, while the middle of the Hall was filled with boys and girls who danced to the rhythm of the music. Everyone were harmonized. 

To her surprise, (Y/N) noticed that Lily and James danced together. Sirius was dancing with one blonde girl from Hufflepuff and even Peter had a partner! Remus was nowhere to be seen thought.

When the last notes of the waltz were played, dancers bowed one to another and withdrew from the floor. The musicians started playing the new melody. Some new dancers came forward. In one corner stood some excited girls who waited for the dance invite. The excitment on their faces was so obvious and (Y/N) concluded that it was their first dance. Obviously, Sirius came and took one of them to the dance floor. Just when Sirius and the girls left, someone caught (Y/N)’s sight. The boy turned around and caught  (Y/N)’s look.

It was Remus. He was dressed in a very nice black suit with matching tie and white shirt under it. Remus stretched out his hand for the (brunette, blonde etc.) girl to take.

“May I have this dance m’lady?” He asked and bowed a little. (Y/N) tried to say something but nothing came out of her mouth. The boy on who she had the crush for a very long time now was asking her for a dance? 

“I…uh…” She was completely out of the words. Now she regreted that she rejected her mother when she wanted to sign her for a dance class. (Y/N) knew that there will be a day she needed to know the steps but…

“Yes.” She said a little insecure. She putted her hand on Remus’s one. Even through the gloves she fet the warmth of his hand.

They stepped up on the dance floor. He putted his hand around her waist, while holding her hand with his other one and they started to dance. (Y/N) felt how her legs moved surprisingly easy and fast under his lead. Just like she took dance classes her whole life. She felt flurry of adrenaline and her steps became more freely and refined. (Y/N) noticed the gaze of his chocolate brown eyes on her. Remus had a big smile on his face, showing his perfect white teeth. She was looking into his eyes for too long and literally lost herself in them. (Y/N) stopped following the music and the steps. In that moment for her there just existed his brown eyes.

Suddenly, there was a loud noise that roused her from looking into his eyes. That was a loud applause sent to her and Remus. (Y/N) looked around not knowing why they deserved that loud applause.

“That moves were very stunning (Y/N)” Remus had a big smile on his face. “You left everyone speechless. I didn’t know you could dance that well. Your parents signed your for the best dance lessons then.”

“Dance lessons?” The (brunette, blonde etc.) asked him slighty confused.

“Yes.You couldn’t learn all those steps by yourself in a big royal hall like this.”

“Royal hall?” (Y/N) asked now even more confused. Now Remus looked at her surprised. He was acting strange for sure.

“It is impossible that you’re here for the first time?!” He furrowed his eybrows.

“I…uh…Excuse me for a second.”She left him and walked through the nearest door. (Y/N) found herself n a big balcony. The air was soothing fresh. That coldness was very needed for her to clear her mind. On the large clock on the tower the midnight was coming. Light waltz started playing again and (Y/N) felt hot air on the side of her neck. She turned around and saw Remus standing right behind her.

“Can I ask you for another dance?” This time (Y/N) didn’t think. They started to dance lightly, just the two of them, moonlight and the sky full of stars.

“Can I ask why you left?” Remus asked hugging her more tighly around her waist.

“Some thing need to stay a secret right?” She smiled.

The loud ‘dong’ was heard from the clock. It was midnight and (Y/N) felt strong pain in her head. While it resorounded in her head she heard loud shout again. The bludger hitted her right in the head.

Above her stood James, Sirius and most important person - Remus. James was shaking his head at her clymsiness and Sirius showed his smirk afte (Y/N) opened her eyes. Remus was however, looking like someone died. When he saw you open your eyes, he lifted you up and pulled you in for a kiss. Your face gone literally crimson red and you heard few wolfwhistles.

“Yeah get some Moony!”

“Those bloody idiots”

I can’t help it. Here some thoughts about the newest episode of TWD : 

- I can’t deal with people saying Rick is like Negan anymore. Rick has done some crazy shit but this ? Nope nope nope. Negan is a sexist abusive son of a bitch who likes to play with people and their fear. Rick ain’t like that. Negan was going to take Maggie for God’s sake and make her one of his wives.

- I’m curently extremely grateful for the existence of Father Gabriel and what he did to protect Maggie. To quote Abraham : “That, my friend, is some damn fine genuine outside-the-box thinking !”. 

- I really hope that during the scene at the graveyard, Daryl was being -despite his current state of mind- observant and noticed the dirt on Gabriel pants so he would understand that Maggie isn’t really in that grave. He doesn’t need that now… 

- Did you notice how he was shaking at the beginning ? Fuck. Someone get him out of this already please. 

- I wanted to cut the Savior who was molesting Enid in half. ENOUGH OF THAT. Not to mention all the sexists comments towards Rosita and Michonne…. And enough with Dwight’s obessions. He is pathetic really. 

- Rosita and Michonne rock. Seriously I have so much admiration for the women of TWD. I can’t wait for them to put an end to this Negan dictature. 

- Speaking of strenght… I’ve had issues with Rick but boy do I love him. After that episode I just wanted to hug him. He put aside his ego and pride. Because it’s all about family in the end. Family is everything and he knows that. 

- All in all, it was (again) really hard to watch. Enough with the constant torture, humiliation and abuse already. 

PS : I miss Carol and everything hurts. 

Imi pare rau, dar...

…eu nu port chestia aia la gat.
…eu nu port palarii.
…eu nu ma incalt cu adidasi de baiat.
…eu nu port bluze mulate si cu decolteu.
…eu nu sunt la curent cu ce asculta ceilalti.
…eu nu port tricouri cu trupe rock, desi eu ascult rock de la o varsta frageda.
…eu nu ma bag in seama.
…eu nu incerc sa par interesanta.
…eu nu sunt la mila atentiei voastre.
…eu nu suport dramele.
…eu nu pot sa fiu relaxata cand cunosc pe cineva.
…eu nu pot sa fiu ca majoritatea.
…eu nu tin pe toata lumea aproape.
…eu nu stiu sa tac.
…eu nu ma pot abtine.
…eu nu gandesc cu turma.

Jackson rap changed so much ...

its not the  JYP rap style “  Look at me don’t be so shy, …. I think we’ll be a hot couple ‘

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I remember once when members said that after 10 years they see Jackson as music producer …agree

I havent been satisfied with my art style, so I experimented with something a little bit different…
I wanted to draw some face expressions :D
This looks like I mixed FoolishCaptainKia , Cartoonjunkie and some other ppl styles … ;u; (cuz they’re so awesome!!! ) and also some of my crapy art style features xD
(I didn’t use their art as a reference I just used some Marks face expressions as references :D )
I like it better than my curent art style, but I feel kinda bad cuz I feel like I stolen other ppl unique style…parts?… ;_; i dunno…

will i ever be able to write a 5k+ jimon fic thats not like,,, absolutely ridiculous oh my god

Hi guys! Thank you so much for +1,000 followers! THAT’S INSANE! HOW? Also….I’m really bad with words so….yeah…bear with me and my bad grammar. First I want to thank everyone that supports me and my art and the people that requested any drawing of mine until now! BUT for now on it will be a little different….

I’ll soon open comissions, so I thought about doing small doodle requests only during live streams on saturdays for the people who can’t pay for my art. It’ll have a limited of 4 requests per livestream! I hope you guys understand that requests take a lot of time in which I could be practicing my skills and working on personal stuff and ideas. Although I appreciate every request made so far it’s a quite time consuming. SO I’ll be streaming in a couple hours on Twitch and doing small requests! I’ll post it letting you guys know once I start!

Also! I’m curently watching Mob Psycho 100 and LOVING IT! So I’ll do fanart of it too! I don’t know if you guys like it tho? But obviously I won’t stop doing MM fanart EVER! Again THANK YOU SO MUCH! LOVE YOU ALL!

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Ignore this if it's already a thing, but uh Kuramama anyone??? i think it would deffinitely be something that Shisui said without knowing the Kurama was around

Oh!! I believe ramabear once wrote that as a typo of Kurama and it became a thing in some of the earlier chapters, but I’d completely forgotten. Thank you for reminding me, because I am curently snickering so hard at the image of Shisui calling Kurama this. 

(Kurama would absolutely definitely without a doubt beat him up for it but is too covered in kids to move. Tragic.)

cred că ai apărut prea târziu în viața mea. mult prea târziu. am un mare vid în inimă. e o prăpastie fără capăt, pe care o privesc în fiecare dimineață în care mă trezesc; o prăpastie al cărui curent îl simt biciuindu-mi mintea când îmi întorc ochii de la ea; o prăpastie care e acolo în fiecare noapte, așteptându-mă să mă întorc acasă. și oricâte lucruri aș arunca în prăpastia asta, oceane, mări, munți, vulcani, iubirea ta, încercând să o umplu cumva, totul e absorbit în ea. totul dispare în ea. întocmai cum stele și asteroizi dispar în acea gaură neagră din mijlocul galaxiei noastre. doar că vidul ăsta e în mine, înțelegi? m-a acaparat complet. și orice ai încerca să-mi oferi tu acum, oricât de multe eforturi ai depune, nu dispare. nu dispare, pentru că privesc în vid și văd o reflexie în oglindă, care nu-ți aparține nici ție, dar nici mie. e reflexia unei fantome care mă va bântui toată viața. iar fantoma asta locuiește și ea în vid. îl controlează. și nu o pot învinge. nu o pot, îmi e imposibil. fantoma mi-a luat și mie viața în clipa în care a murit.
ABC's of me

I got tagged by @halfblood-fiend thank you darling!!!

A- Age:  36

B- Biggest fear: Death

C- Curent time: 02:30 pm

D- Drink you last had: tea

E- Every day stars with: cheking my phone.

F- Favorite song:  I have a few…. Civil war by Guns n Roses

G- Ghosts, are they real: Of course

H- Hometown: Karmiel,  north of Israel

I- In love with: My husband and Cullen (yes i admit!!!)

J-  Jelouse  of:  People who don’t have trouble paying bills

K- Killed someone: Ehhhh? No!

L- Last time you cried: Yestarday

M- Middle name: I don’t have middle name.

N- Number of siblings:  Just on brother Alex

O- Occupation: Medical secretary

P- Person you last called/texted: My husband

Q- Question you’re always asked : “You don’t have a driving license?”

R-Reasons to smile: My girls

S- Song last sang: You simply the best 

T- Time you woke up: 06:30 am

U- Underwear color: Black

V- Vacation:  Europe

W- Worst habit: I think im to sarcastic

X- X-rays you’ve had: Ancle , back, chest

Y- Your favorite food : Humus

Z- Zodiac sign: Taurus

I tag: @elven-rogue @uriellactaea @x-nolights @nerdyskirt @slothquisitor only if you want to….☺


I don’t think “Studyblr”s are mad about desk tours but I’m in love with my new set up and had to share it! I always feel like the space at the back of my desk is wasted, so it’s now home to my collection of ‘to-read’ books.

I’m curently writing an essay on personal values and how they influence our work in social care; the two mental health textbooks are for research before I start my work placement next week! I’m extremely excited but super scared at the same time >.<. I hope you’re all well and enjoying this beautiful Autumn ^^

So far the crack ship baby drawings have been so much fun, ahhh i am loving this so much, but unfortunately i need to close out any additional requests just so im not overwhelmed and can complete my current listing.

so my curent list is as follows

@blazsword-second (completed awaiting posting)

@moon-wolfie (completed awaiting posting)

@lupushowler (completed awaiting posting)

@dewdusts (completed awaiting posting)

@ask-luciavampire (completed awaiting posting)

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@emo-lover (completed awaiting posting)

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@ask-sexy-solaris (completed awaiting posting)

@asklittlebat (up next)

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@ifadeu337 (waiting)

I am considering making a mass post of all the crack ships all at once so i dont flood the blog with each individual post ^^; this may take about the week to do, and that also means my next update will for sure be delayed until next week, i hope no one minds but im really enjoying this and would enjoy finishing it (besides next update was going to be abit large so it may have been delayed anyways ^^;)

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and wish everyone the best with whatever they do!

…Yeeeah, I really need to make a start on working my way through all the asks that are curently sat in my inbox (there’s a LOT so I’ll not be getting to every single one today, but I’ll do what I can) o_o