Can there be an Etsy for fine art? In fact, yes!

Cureeo aims to eliminate some of the drudgery of sales from the artist’s workload, and some of the tedium of hunting from the collector’s life. They hope to make fine art collecting more accessible to potential buyers who might lack the experience or confidence (or funds) they think they need in order to walk into a gallery.

I’m so excited to introduce Pepper Coate of Cureeo as January’s guest curator!  I’ve had my eye on Cureeo for a while now and love the site’s clear aesthetic.  As head curator, Pepper’s taste is impeccable.  In addition to the gorgeous art for sale, Cureeo offers a recently launched Buyer’s Guide that makes the process of collecting more transparent and a little less scary.  It’s pretty amazing! 

Here’s more on Pepper and a brief introduction to Cureeo’s “1k” collection:

Pepper Coate is Director of Artist Development at Resident of Chicago and born in Kansas City. Lover of present moment and old-fashion characters. Addict of art and tea. 

Objects of the Everyday’ is a collection of works that display the simple structures surrounding us. Fundamental forms are taken from our living space, nature, and beyond to display perfect balance of color and shape.