Cure Chocolat, Cure Macaron - Koi to Tokimeki no Macaronage (The Macaronage of Love and Excitement) - Romaji Lyrics

This song is so sweet and somehow sexy(?) ahhh I really love it!

After listening to the full version, I wonder if this will picturing the next episode? lol if it’s true than maybe we’ll see tears from one of them yes angsty is nice #no

I literally scream at Chocolat’s “kimi ga daisuki dakara” “because I love you” and Chocolat’s “atsui kono omoi wo tsutaenakya” “I need to tell this heated feelings” when I first listened it OMG CHOCOLAT OMG somehow from this song, I could picturing that Chocolat is so falling in love with Macaron’s teases all these time? lol

I’m in the middle of translating it now, but I’m not quite sure at the translation in some lyrics, so, I cannot promise anything…. orz…. why translating is hard

The kanji-romaji below. Romaji by me :D

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There are some anime out there that I really love, yes. PreCure and Higurashi being the best examples.
Sometimes when I’m bored, I’ll watch an anime that is rather short, just like Kiznaiver or Madoka Magica.

But overall? I wouldn’t classify myself as an anime-fan.
Most anime out there don’t match my taste at all. And I also don’t like how some anime have characters that just behave absolutely disgusting. Of course, disgusting characters exist, but when almost every single character in an anime behaves like that.. Ugh, no thanks.
And I swear, I’m so annoyed by certain stereotypes (especially Tsundere..).

Also, I am bitter about how Sword Art Online had such an interesting concept, but it got (in my opinion) screwed over by uninteresting main characters who also had a really forced hetero romance (Kirito & Asuna) and how the arcs after the first one were just flat out boring or weird.. (Remember the one-sided incest in the Alfheim-Arc? Yeah.. Me too, sadly..)

To be honest, if someone were to ask if I like anime, my answer would probably be: “There are some out there that I really enjoy. But mostly.. I don’t really like it.”

Why I made this post? I don’t really know.. I just felt like it, lol.

Oh, I liked Kiznaiver and Madoka Magica though, don’t get me wrong. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have watched ‘til the end, lol.