cured salmon

I had a wonderful day- I had some excellently cured smoked salmon, I was gifted a Rimbaud poetry collection by surprise. And I am basking in the glow of good news from two days earlier. Yet this debilitating fatigue I complained of earlier seems to be only intensifying itself. It’s as though my body is telling me it’s time to be put down…

Japanese Seafood

Salmon Caviar “IKURA”

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Ikura (cured salmon roe) is known for its juicy texture that pops with every bite, and a rich flavor that melts in your mouth. For those who enjoy caviar with a salty flavor, this Alaskan Salmon Roe Caviar is ideal. We also have “Shoyu Ikura” (which is Ikura marinated in a soy sauce, mirin and sake mixture) to create one of the most popular sushi toppings.

#71257 DIPAC IKURA, XIP 12/2.2lbs.
#71898 RED IKURA, XIP 12/2.2lbs.
#71896 SHOYU IKURA, XIP 12/2.2lbs.

Yet another restaurant that is escaping me right now, but one of the high points of the day food wise. It was just about the best piece of cured salmon on top of spinach, pickled onion and creme fraiche. On top was a pickled jalapeño; the perfect blend of tangy and spicy. All of this of course was on top of a really fresh bagel keeping with the traditional Bagel and Lox thing. This booth also had a pickle sampler which was really intriguing but by this time we were running out of cash so we didn’t have a chance to try it. 


Sandwich duo for a birthday. Experimenting with the tastes and stuff at home. 
Salmon sandwich with sourcream butter, wasabi-dream pillows and pickled cucumber. 
Winemarinated beefslides with pickled veggies, mustard butter and a skewer of herb fried chicken balls. 
The little shy fella’ in the corner is a pumpernickle circle with a golden soft cheese, cloudberry jam and fried parsley.

Cured Salmon with pickled ginger

I generally don’t like Salmon that much, unless it’s served as sushi or as a nice tartare by the beach with a nice glass of chilled rosé.

Given that I am in London and it’s still cold, I’ve opted for a Swedish method of enjoying salmon, with a Scottish twist (besides the fact that the salmon is Scottish…).

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