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Food Preservation Skills: Learning to Cure and Smoke Bacon

We’ve started a new rule. In an effort to gradually reduce our meat intake, the Hubs and I are also trying to learn more about preparing certain meat products at home. If we can’t make it, then we don’t buy it, and so we don’t eat it at home. For months now we’ve been grinding our own meat to make sausages, chillis, hamburgers, etc. It’s a lot of work, but removing that convenience and instant gratification made us more aware of our meat consumption.

Bacon…is something that’s been difficult to give up, but if we can make our own, we’re committed to stop purchasing the industrialized version of this product. This is our first time making bacon and our first time smoking meat, which is a food preservation skill we’ve been wanting to learn. Without a smokehouse or a lot of outdoor space, we used our grill to simulate the smoking effect. Not saying we did everything perfectly - we need a lot more practice - but this homemade hickory smoked bacon may be the first time I’ve had real smoked bacon, as opposed to the liquid smoke that’s poured over the commercial products. Homemade bacon is also hammier…it doesn’t crisp up the way store-brought does. I’m also delighted that I can better control the flavoring and amount of salt to use when curing the meat.

How do my other homesteaders do smoking? We’d love to hear your experiences! Anyway, 10/10, would try to make our own bacon again!
Lloyd Hall

Meet the man responsible for helping to make the modern preservation of food and other products a reality for billions of people across the world today. While his research helped to combat spoilage and rancidity in food, he earned 59 U.S. patents too. Oh, and also improved the bacon-curing process (you’re welcome for that one). So, what else did he do?

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The Best Sort Of Workout

Flood warning?

You hated cardio with a burning passion. 

But you loved food and wine far too much to actually diet, so this was the compromise. 

To counteract the pizza and two bottles of wine you and your boyfriend had gotten through the previous night, you were now sweating like a pig in the middle of your apartment to a fast paced work out video. 

Spencer had been called into a work this morning, just for a quick meeting about the latest case he’d gotten back from. He’d groaned when his phone had gone off, his head obviously sore from the night before. 

Being the awesome girlfriend you were, you dragged yourself out of bed fixing him a coffee to go and the best hangover cure you knew: a bacon sandwich. He’d come out of the shower and given you a big soppy kiss when he’d seen what you’d prepared, calling you the best girlfriend ever. Well duh…. 

After he’d left you grabbed a quick shower yourself before running to the store and picking up some items you needed. After a quick tidy up, you were bored so decided that it was time to bite the bullet and get on with your exercise routine. Spencer wasn’t due back for another hour or so anyway. 

You’d changed into a purple sports bra and some cropped sports leggings, pulling your hair into a messy bun on top of your head and starting the video. 

You’d just finished the forty minute long dance work out and were starting on the stretches and the cool down part when you heard the key turning in the apartment door. Spencer must be home early. 

“Hey baby,” you called out, mirroring the image of the instructor, arms reaching high above your head. 

“Erm….What are you doing?” Spencer had seen you working out before, but you normally stuck to the treadmill and light weights that were kept in the spare room. The dance video was new. 

“New dvd I bought. It should be over in ten minutes or so.” You breathed out between stretches. 

“Okay. Do you want anything from the kitchen?”

“Water. Lots of ice please.”

You heard him rummaging in the freezer, and then the soft plunk of a glass being set down on one of the tables next to the couch. 

Spencer settled himself down on the couch, kicking his shoes off. 

“So what did they want you for at work?” You stood with your legs spread, leaning down over each leg in turn touching your ankles and feeling the muscles in your calves pulling. 

Spencer didn’t respond. 

“Spencer?” You glanced around seeing him staring at you, his jaw slack and his eyes glazed. 

“Huh?…. What?” He realised you were looking at him. 

You giggled. “What did they want you for at work.”

The dvd was now instructing you into the downward facing dog yoga pose. 

“Just some paperwork relating to………” Spencer trailed off, as you let out a groan feeling the muscles in your back stretching as you followed the instructor. 

“Are you okay?” You could see him from the position you were in, although he was upside down. He was fidgeting uncomfortably on the couch, a flush on his cheeks. 

“I’m…. I’m erm, gonna go to the bedroom until you’ve finished.“ 

You pulled yourself up from the pose slowly, reaching for the glass of water he’d bought you when you were upright again. "Why?” You bought the glass to your lips taking a long sip, feeling the condensation from the ice cold water dribble down your chin and neck, disappearing into the sports bra. 

Spencer’s eyes followed the droplets, his tongue flicking out and wetting his lips. He coughed before standing up and making a move to go to the bedroom. 

“Spencer, what’s wrong.”

He stopped in his tracks, turning to you and you could see what was wrong. His trousers had grown tighter around his groin and the flush on his cheeks darkened as he realised you’d seen. 

You smirked at him, “Really Spence? I’m all sweaty and disgusting.”

He cleared his throat again before speaking. “It’s not my fault! You’re …. You’re not wearing much, and you keep letting out little noises w-when you stretch.”

He was stuttering, embarrassed that you’d caught him out. 

“Do I? What sort of noises?” You were playing with him now, taking another sip and purposely letting more of the cold liquid run out of your mouth and down your neck to your chest. To be honest, the cold water felt amazing on your warm skin and you shuddered. 

Spencer’s eyes followed the water again as he croaked out, “The same sort of noises you make when we’re in bed together.”


You walked over to him, running your hand gently over his thigh, grazing his hard on through his pants and hearing him whimper. 

“Let me have a shower and maybe we can go make some of those noises together. I’m disgusting right now.”

“No, no shower. Can’t wait that long, you’re never disgusting to me anyway.” His lips crashed into yours moving frantically against your mouth, his hands quickly going to your bare waist. 

You walked him backwards until his legs hit the back of the couch again, him sitting down and you climbing on top of him, placing your glass of ice water down next to you. You reached behind you, pulling your trainers off, letting them drop to the floor. 

His mouth parted as he sucked on your bottom lip grazing it with his teeth as you tugged his tie loose, chucking it over the back of your couch before working on his buttons. 

Reid’s hands moved off your waist and you heard a clinking sound before feeling something cold, hard and moist against your neck, an ice cube from the glass. You gasped at the sharp sensation, it wasn’t unpleasant just a shock. Spencer began moving the cube over your neck, his lips leaving your mouth and following the wet trail the ice left behind. The tingle of the cold followed by his warm mouth was driving you crazy and you arched backwards in his lap, your chest pushing out as you moaned. 

When the cube reached the edge of your sports bra, Spencer pulled the fabric away letting it fall between your cleavage, the remaining ice quickly melting and pooling between your cleavage. 

“Spencer…. What are you doing?” He was fishing in the glass for another cube, a smile playing on his lips as he pressed another to your bare tummy.

“Cooling you down Y/N.”

He dragged this one down over your stomach, your muscles tensing against the cold object. When he reached the top of your leggings, he peeled them away from your skin, feeling for your underwear before pushing the ice cube down into your panties. 

You bucked and cried out as the ice cube slipped lower, the cold water quickly melting and running down past your sensitive clit. This was new but you definitely liked it. 

Spencer’s long fingers reached for your bra, gripping the edges and pulling it up and over your head, before pulling at your hair tie. You shook your hair loose, Spencer running his hands through it before reaching for the ice again. 

This time there was no gentle rubbing over the skin, he just placed it directly onto your nipple, it hardening instantly as you squealed a little. It was so cold on the sensitive flesh that it was almost painful. Spencer was watching your reactions, his own breathing growing heavy. Moving the cube to the other nipple, he quickly latched his mouth on, warming you again with his breath. 

His tongue flicked out and you ground against his lap leaning you head back, feeling the hard bulge beneath you. 

Your eyes closed as Spencer nibbled and sucked at your chest, you continuing to tug at his buttons, shoving his shirt down and off his shoulders and back. When the ice melted, he moved to the other nipple doing the same, you rasping out a moan as he bit down harder. His hands moved down your back, reaching the waist band of your leggings and slipping his thumbs in, tugging them down. 

You raised yourself off his lap so he could lower them the rest of the way but he moved you, gently pushing down and to the side so you were lying flat against the couch now. He tugged the leggings and your panties off, your underwear damp from a combination of the melted ice and your excitement. Kneeling on the couch, he lifted one of your legs, hooking it up and over the back of the couch. You actually felt slightly self conscious, you were completely naked apart from your trainer socks and the way he’d moved your leg meant that you were wide open to him. 

You could see his eyes running from your face down your body, before settling between your legs. “I wonder…..” he murmured to himself before pulling out another cube, settling the glass on the floor besides you. 

Using the new cube his traced a line from your ankle down to the tops of your thighs, following it again with his lips. By the time he reached your center, you were quivering and the cube had almost melted from your warm skin. 

You watched as he reached for another piece, a smirk on his lips. “I wonder how long this would take to melt if I…… ?”

His words trailed off and you felt him push the ice cube inside of you. Your hips lifting up in shock, you couldn’t tell if you liked the feeling or not. “Fucking hell Spencer!" 

"Does it hurt?” he was suddenly concerned. 

“No it’s just… Freezing.”

“Then let’s hope it melts quickly. Here, I’ll help.” He lowered his mouth, wiggling down on the couch to get into a better position. You heard him unzip his own pants, them falling onto the floor seconds later as he moved out of them. 

His tongue started exploring between your thighs, lapping up the melted liquid that was already seeping out of you and swiping over your hardened nub. You could see his own hand moving and from the groans coming from his throat, you knew he was stroking himself whilst his tongue stroked you. 

You gasped as he flicked out, alternating between fast little laps with just the tip of his tongue and slower longer strokes with the flat of it. Your hands gripping the sides of the couch, you looked down seeing him glance up at you, his eyes wild. He pursed his lips, sucking at your clit and then pressing his tongue hard against it, licking a line up slowly. Your leg juddered, the sensation almost making you come there and then.

“I think… I think it’s melted now,” you choked out. 

“Hold on, I’ll check.”

Your eyes widened as your felt his tongue push deep inside you, retreating and then entering you again, curling up inside you. He repeated the movement a few more times until couldn’t cope with it anymore.

You reached down pulling at his hair and tugging him up to you. 

“I need you to fuck me now Spencer.”

“I was fucking you Y/N…. Just with my mouth.” A wicked grin was on his face as he licked his lips. 

Oh my god. You pulled him down to your mouth, you tasting yourself on his lips and tongue. He shifted and seconds later, filled you with his length, groaning as you tightened around him. You scraped your nails down his back as he began to thrust, his hair falling over his forehead. 

Grabbing your hips, he moved to his knees so he was more or less upright, one of your legs still hooked over the back of the couch and your other locked around his waist. Your butt was completely off the couch down and you had no way to move back against him, choosing instead to squeeze around him every few moments. 

He reached up with his hand, tucking his hair back behind his ear and then moving it between your legs to your clit, pushing himself harder into you as he did. 

You were getting close when he leant back down over you, your ass now back on the cushion. 

Pulling him in for another kiss, you began to push back against him in time with his thrusts, now having the leverage to do so. 

His fingers working faster on your clit you felt yourself beginning to lose it, your moans coming thick and fast as you came, seeing the grin on his face as he watched you. 

“So fucking beautiful,” he whispered, looking down into your eyes.

Your walls contracting as you orgasmed sent him over the edge and with only a few thrusts more, he came, following you by maybe half a minute at most. 

He collapsed on top of you afterwards, your skin sticking to each other, your sweat mingling. 

“Well that was a hell of a work out Dr Reid,” you chuckled out when you finally got your breath back. 

“You know, sex can burn almost as many calories as a thirty minute jog Y/N. And it’s much more fun.”

“I’ll remember that next time Spencer.” You laughed with him. 


What I know for sure is less and less:
that a hot bath won’t cure loneliness.

That bacon is the best bad thing to chew
and what you love may kill you.

The odd connection between perfection
and foolishness, like the pelican
diving for his fish.

How silly sex is.
How, having it, we glimpse
our holiness.

What I know is less and less.
What I want is more and more:

you against me—
your ferocious tenderness—

love like a star,
once small and far,
now huge, now near.


What’s so funny about this? When a doctor gives you some medicine or operates on you for a disease and you get better and the disease disappears, you can say you are cured. When ham, bacon, sausage or other processed meats are preserved with chemicals and additives to keep them from edible for long periods, this meat can also be called cured. I’m not sure I would eat cured meat, depending on what disease it had. And THAT’ what’s so funny!


Chef Pink had worked in some of America’s finest restaurants, but she was troubled: the farmers who supplied the produce she spun into culinary gold couldn’t afford to enjoy her food. Meanwhile, her partner, Courtney Rae, just wanted to make pickles and kombucha. Together, they found a way to combine their passions and open a sandwich shop where all are welcome: Bacon & Brine.

“We make diamonds out of culinary coal,” Chef Pink says of the operation. Using ingredients sourced from no further than ten miles away from their home base in Solvang, California, Bacon & Brine’s menu reflects what’s on offer from local farmers — no more, no less. House-cured bacon. Whole pig roasts. Vietnamese spiced pickles. Salted caramel bacon donuts (yes, you read that right).

Now, the duo is preparing to open a full-service restaurant, with plenty of room for culinary and nutrition classes, private events, charity fundraisers, “and whatever else our community might need us to do.” Help them build out their delicious dream here.

Grünkohlessen (Eating Kale)

Eating kale is a social tradition in northern Germany during winter time. Friends or family gather for an extended walk outside, bringing a handcart with hot non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. During the walk, they are passing their time by playing games such as Boßeln, a kind of road bowling game in which the teams throw a ball ahead of the route with the aim to need as little as possible throws for the distance covered. Incidents like the ball falling into roadside ditches spice up the game. The destination of such an outing is usually a rural pub where hearty kale dishes as shown above are served to warm up again after the long walk in the cold. The kale is usually cooked in a strong boullion together with onions browned in pure pork fat and thickened with rolled oats. The potatoes are first cooked, then cut into chunky cubes and fried with onions until light brown. The types of meat shown here are bacon, kassler (cured, salted and lightly smoked pork cutlet), Pinkel (a smoked sausage containing wheat or oats groats in addition to the meat) and Mettwurst (a strongly cured and smoked type of sausage).

I’m forever bitter that we never got to see Lexa’s past with Costia how she was BEFORE Titus was a shittit and convinced her love was weak, before she had to grow up to fast, before she had to rule an entire group of people and unite people and have her loves head brought to her on her bed! ¡! Or lexa AFTER she accepted that she was so in love with her dirty space bisexual and that love was NOT weakness (ur a weak ass titass) and “blood must not have blood” like honestly she was the most complex character and they totally fucked her characterization up??? By killing her???? X2??? For some shit plot that don’t make no sense??? The potential of her meeting the arkers, being bros with them and how they could learn from each other and grow and learn to do more than. Just survive!!!!! But she was just some love interest for ur main character for a bit before u killed her off in a shitty way (x2) and the wasted potential had made me so salty I could cure bacon for the entire worlds population for 146128 years. I miss lexa. The gayest gay, smallest smol, she fukin cries when girls kiss her and is so extra and wears raccoon paint and I just—

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Kabby + 29 (if you're still doing these)

29. Cooking Together

They’re eating better on what Raven has coyly termed the Nuclear Roadtrip of Doom than they did in five months in Arkadia. Grounder hunting parties know what their doing, and in the weeks they’ve been on the road, they’ve eaten squirrel, hare, pigeon, wild turkey, venison, and hog. And because Marcus and his marksmen abilities have been deemed more than adequate by their Grounder compatriots, from time to time they get the choicest cut of meet from their kill. 

Abby’s never had bacon before. She’s read about it, of course, and has seen it in videos from Earth-that-was, but she’s never eaten it before now. 

She understands why people used to be so obsessed with it. 

“Do you want more coffee?” Not waiting for her answer, an assured yes, Marcus takes the empty tin cup from her hand and walks over to the pot of coffee left to stay warm on the other side of the fire. Cooking and brewing is new for both of them – both knowing at an early age they were going to be assigned to things that weren’t culinary tech, they were never given any practice at it. 

Sitting in the grey dawn light, Abby tends to the slate tile they’ve been using as a griddle. 

Fresh bread and butter from a local farmer, fresh eggs from the village they passed through yesterday, and cured bacon from belly of a wild hog he took down a week ago. They might all be dead in five months, but at least Abby can say that they’ve had real bacon after a lifetime of algae composites and protein powder. 

Marcus sits down next to her, brushing his shoulder against hers. “Morning,” he murmurs, leaning to kiss her. 

“Morning,” she answers, then places the bacon strip by strip onto the hot slate. They sizzle and pop, curling up as they begin to cook. 

Yesterday, two of the Grounders got into an argument about crispy bacon versus soggy bacon. Then a conversation was started about all the different ways to make eggs – they’d never heard of half of them, not that they’d ever had eggs to eat until a few months ago. But Indra effused about the qualities of eggs over light so Abby thinks she might try to make them like that this morning. 

They both take long sips of coffee, sweetened with maple syrup – something recommended to them by King Roan. 

Food. Who knew it could taste good? 

(Or like anything at all.) 

“Hey, wait for–” Abby chides Marcus as he reaches out to snatch a strip of bacon. Shameless, he tilts his head back and eats almost all of it in one bite. Cocking an eyebrow, she sighs. 

“Try it,” he offers, bringing his fingers to her lips to feed her the last bite. 

It’s salty and greasy and chewy and delicious. Humming, she closes her eyes. “I think I like it soggy.” 

He cleans off his thumb by sucking it between his lips, letting it go with a loud pop. Then he takes off another piece, ripping off small pieces to feed to her bit by bit as she flips the bacon, shuffling it to the cooler edge to cook the eggs in the bacon fat. One, two, three, four. Then she considers toasting the bread, but decides to save that for a special occasion. 

More IBD related tips

I saw your recent post about Crohn’s tips and thought I’d follow up with some more general IBD, IBS, and colitis related tips (with added omnivore wisdom). I was diagnosed with fairly aggressive ulcerative colitis something like two or three years ago, had a terrible flare up about six months after my diagnosis, and have been working on rigging my diet so that it doesn’t add to the problem. I also have a couple of family members with varying degrees of IBD and IBS, so this is sort of a compilation of what we’ve learned through the years. Keep in mind that every case is different and your mileage my vary.

What I can’t stress enough (and the previous submitter mentioned something very similar) is how important potatoes, eggs, rice, turkey, chicken, and smooth peanut butter will be during rough patches. They’re all relatively easy to cook and easy to digest, and you can spice them up with things that won’t aggravate your gastrointestinal (GI) tract. My favorite methods of delivery are over-easy eggs on toast (very light on the butter, cooking spray is a better idea if you’re really not up to anything exciting, and you can lightly season with herbs or salt and pepper), deviled egg salad (which is just my mom’s deviled egg recipe, very light on the mayo, yellow mustard, and salt and pepper to taste, mixed with the hard-boiled egg yolks in a bowl, and then I just toss in the chopped up egg whites), turkey/chicken burgers (which again, you can season how you like, I usually go for turkey, some bread crumbs, an egg, some salt and pepper and maybe some oregano all mixed up and made into patties), mashed potatoes (which can be made with chicken broth or sour cream instead of milk and butter, depending on how you handle different kinds of dairy), baked potatoes, chicken and rice, peanut butter sandwiches, and my unnamed weird hybrid hash made from an over-easy egg over leftover rice and crumbled turkey burger (egg cooked separately, rice and turkey burger warmed up together in a pan).

In general tips, if you do eat meat and fish, try to stay away from red meat and pork as much as possible, especially cured meats like bacon. Red meat and pork is harder to digest and cured meats (not sure why) can upset your GI system. Shellfish is almost always fine, and white fish is a good option.

Nuts and food that breaks down into hard nubs are usually no good, so if you like nuts, try smooth nut butters instead.

I just learned this recently, but many new studies are linking turmeric to easing of IBS type symptoms. Turmeric can be found in things like curry powder and yellow mustard, so if you know you can handle foods with those in them, definitely see if they help you!

Dairy tolerance varies from person to person, but most people with colitis tend to be lactose intolerant. Yogurt, especially greek yogurt, is low in lactose and can also be a way to get a little bit of fruit and sweetness. Goat milk (and cheese) can also be more easily digested than cow milk varieties, and as a general rule hard cheeses like Parmesan are usually better than soft cheeses like Brie and mozzarella. There are lactose free products available, as well as soy and rice alternatives, and I know for a fact that the Lactaid brand ice cream tastes just like regular ice cream. Also look into supplements that aid digestion of lactose if you’re super into dairy and don’t want to give it up (like me).

DRINK A LOT OF WATER! It’s good for you, and a lot of drinks have either tons of sugar or artificial ingredients that can disagree with your digestive system. If you like a bit of flavor, try tea, but stay away from coffee and soda if you can.

If at all possible, nix the acidic foods, especially tomatoes. Low acidity tomatoes do exist however, and my mom and I have been experimenting with adding baking soda to tomato sauce to counteract the acidity. I haven’t had as much trouble with acidic fruits, though, so try those if you’re up for it.

Fried and very fatty/heavy foods are also generally a no-no, as are heavily processed foods. This can be difficult because colitis and Crohn’s can leave you super exhausted and low on spoons, and most easily prepared foods are one or the other. Instant oatmeal is a good option, as are low sodium soups (I’ve found Progresso and Campbell’s Select to be pretty decent), and I always keep sliced white bread and smooth peanut butter on hand for sandwiches. Other options may work better for you, so experiment!

I know all of this can sound prohibitive and daunting, and believe me, cutting foods you love out of your diet is hard. Probably the most important thing to remember is moderation. Unfortunately, some of these things will make you feel sick, and that’s not great. But it’s much much better to allow yourself a small treat every now and then than to binge on something and get really sick. So know your limits and remember that your body is going to learn quickly whether or not it can handle something, so listen to it! You’ll both be much happier in the end!


Cafe by the Ruins (Baguio City, Benguet)

After our four-hour drive up north from Manila to Baguio, G’s family and I had our first meal at Cafe by the Ruins. This cafe is one of the city’s best-known restaurants so it was packed with people - we had to wait for an hour for a table but the meal was definitely worth it. I also appreciated how the servers, in spite of the crowd of people wanting to eat here, were attentive and efficient.

Nothing satisfies hunger from long travel more than a hearty Filipino meal. All of us chose a dish from the Breakfast Selections (which came with coffee or tea and a bowl of fresh fruit): Bacon and Eggs which had thick slices of home cured bacon, one egg, and riceRuins’ Breakfast which had smoked Baguio-style longganisa made in the cafe, served with fresh tomatoes and eggs and garlic rice, and off-menu, the Embutido (meat loaf) and Beef Tapa (cured beef).I had the Tinapang Bangus, itlog na maalat which includes smoked boneless bangus (milkfish) served with salted duck egg and chopped tomato salad, but since I wasn’t fond of salted duck egg (sorry!), I asked for a fried egg instead. I liked their fish a lot because it wasn’t as salty as other smoked milkfish I’ve had. I think the pandan leaf they placed inside the fish helped tame down the flavor.

Also, you cannot go to Cafe by the Ruins without trying their freshly baked bread! By the time we ordered, they had only two types of bread left: Bolillos (rolls with a crunchy crust) and the Foccacia (fragrant bread with garlic and rosemary), which we had with Kesong Puti (Carabao Cottage Cheese) and Basil. Served warm, both breads were soft and tender and delicious with the cheese and basil.

This definitely made for a perfect first stop for our visit to Baguio!