Is Stefan cancer free? Yes and no….

Stefan is still in Stage 4, the post that’s been going around lately has a poor choice of words. As technically the cancer has been removed from his body he is not cured. There is a high chance the cancer could come back. I of course pray it doesn’t but spreading this screenshot/article is harmful if you don’t educate people about it first. Make sure people KNOW he inst magically cured.

People who don’t know any better will take this at face value and be like “lol dont needa donate now” when that’s not true. He still needs us and he still needs donations.

Please do not start celebrating that he’s cured but he happy and thankful the growth was removed. I know he’s fighting for us. He sees the support coming in from all over the world and I think that’s what inspires him so much to keep fighting this.

Do NOT spread false info and keep donating! So when people say hes cured, remind them of this post and that he still needs us.

Thank You.


Megahouse released the Petit Chara! series Smile Precure! trading figures from the 9th “Precure” anime series “Smile Precure!”. Was released in September 2013. Around 60mm tall, 660 yen ($5.55) each (6,600 yen ($55.47) for a BOX of 10 pieces). 12 kinds + lucky item ururun in total.