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90’s power tracks to scream along to in the car with the windows rolled down

// she’s so high - tal bachman // closing time - semisonic // jeremy - pearl jam // come as you are - nirvana // my own worst enemy - lit // mr. jones - counting crows // champagne supernova - oasis // friday i’m in love - the cure // bittersweet symphony - the verve // semi-charmed life - third eye blind // basketcase - green day // everlong - foo fighters // what’s my age again? - blink-182 // 1979 - smashing pumpkins // alive - pearl jam // high and dry - radiohead // smells like teen spirit - nirvana // losing my religion - r.e.m. // wonderwall - oasis // (listen)

If you RP a healer and you say...

“I can fix your blindness!”

“You’re deaf? I’ll cure it!”

“Don’t worry, I can mend whatever made you mute.”

“Hold still, I’m currently in the process of removing that character trait that you like RPing.”


Are you a Light-wielder? The virtue of Respect dictates that you must only help those who welcome your help.

Do you get help from the spirits of the wilds? Who are you to interfere with the natural order unless the person’s life is otherwise in danger?

Channeling some chi? What you would deem a defect may instead be the source of their personal strength. 

In short, ask permission. No, it doesn’t have to make sense to you. Ask permission anyway.

His (C.H.)

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A/N: This imagine (and the next couple of parts following this) are based on text post that some bloggers that I follow reblog. This will most likely have three parts to it (including this one). Sorry that I haven’t written in a long time. I didn’t have much inspiration. I hope you enjoy this though :)

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“I’d be his if he asked.”


I turned away from my locker to see one of my very few friends making her way towards me. I smiled as she got closer. “Hey, Pheebs. What’s up?”

“You’re not doing anything tonight, are you?” She asked.

I turned back to my locker. “Just studying, per usual. Why?”

“You’re not going to the game?”

I shook my head as I shut my locker. “No.”

“You’re really going to miss the game to study on a Friday night instead?” She asked me incredulously.

I clutched my books to my chest. “You know I don’t do well in crowds.”

She raised an eyebrow at me. “Not even for a Calum Hood?”

I flushed. “He doesn’t even know that I exist.”

She rolled her eyes. “You two have gone to the same school since the fifth grade and practically had almost the same classes since freshman year. How could he not know that you exist?”

I shrugged. “I’m a nobody.”


“What? It’s true. I’m shy, I barely have any friends, I keep quiet in class, and the only club I’m active in is the music club.”

“But that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know you.”

I sighed. “If I just say yes to going tonight, will you drop the whole ‘Calum knows I exist thing?’”

She smiled triumphantly. “Good. I’ll pick you up at six.”

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Who You Are (Part 2)

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 2,781

Warnings: swearing, violence, mentions of alcohol use (I think that’s it?)

Summary: You are on a mission of your own when you get caught by a certain superhero.

Part 1 

There was never a time in your life that you thought you would ever come in contact with a superhero. Nonetheless The Spider-Man. Sure, you had seen him on television many times over the past seven years—since he first appeared as a superhero— but seeing him in person was like nothing you could have imagined. He was pretty lean compared to the other superheroes, but you could see the definition of his muscles through the tight suit. You could tell from your position that he most likely nearly towered over you. As you were scanning him up and down, he let out a cough.

You could feel the burning of your cheeks as you looked back up at the white sockets, where his eyes would be. You could suddenly feel the pressure of the flash drive sitting in your hand and slowly bring it slightly behind you, while keeping your eyes on him.

“Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?”

“Do you think you can be more original?” You snap back at him. He’s quiet for a moment, but you can’t tell what he’s doing because of the mask that covers his whole face.

“I think you have something that doesn’t belong to you,” he finally says.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I guess we are doing this the hard way then,” he suddenly webs the wrist holding the flash drive and pulls you towards him so you are chest to chest. His left hand is holding the wrist of your fisted hand, and your face is inches from his. Your breath hitches and before you realize it, the flash drive is gone. It’s then your teammates begin to speak.

“Y/N? Do you have the flash drive? Where are you?”

The only thing you can utter comes out as a soft whisper, “Spider-Man.”

“Shit. I knew this would happen,” Rick groans, “Ida we’ve got to go.”

You break from the spell and rip your wrist out of his hand. Anger bubbles within you and you take a couple steps back.

“You guys aren’t serious!” I scoff.

“Sorry Y/N, but we can’t get caught again.” You hear a quiet click and you know they are gone. Fuck.

“Some friends you’ve got there.”

“We aren’t friends. I’ve only known them for two months.”

“I’d hate to send such a pretty girl to jail, but you broke the law,” Spider-Man reaches to grab your arm, but you flinch away.

“You don’t know what this company has done to thousands of people. They’ve lost their jobs, their money, even their homes. We were just trying to give the people their money back.” You try to explain, but the police are closing in on you and soon enough you’re being handcuffed. They lead you out of the building and you keep your head down. Once you reach the doors, you glance back to see that Spider-Man had already disappeared.

You rubbed your sore wrists from where the handcuffs had sat before they were taken off. You decided to clasp your hands together in front of you as you wait for the detective to come and talk to you. Your eyes scan around the interrogation room, noticing specifically, the large rectangular two-way mirror on the left of you. What have you gotten yourself into?

Your attention is drawn away by the sound of the door opening. In comes a tall man in a black suit. You study him. You can clearly tell that he’s been working this job for many years by the tired lines across his face, and the slight graying of his hair.

“Good afternoon Miss L/N. My name is Sergeant Stan Carter,” he says as he closes the door.

You don’t say anything and continue to stare blankly at him. He comes towards the other side of the table you are sitting at and sets down a folder with your name on it.

“Trying to rob from Oscorp wasn’t a very good idea for you and your friends. In fact it was pretty stupid.” He stares at you pointedly. “Speaking of your friends, where are they?”

Although you are angry at them for leaving you, you stay quiet. You didn’t want to say anything that you may regret or get you into anymore trouble than you are already in.

“It mustn’t have been hard to get you to work with them. From what I have here, it looks like your father lost his job from Oscorp. So, you did this for what? Revenge?”

You try not to let the Sergeant’s words get to you. He didn’t know what they are doing. No one outside of Oscorp did. You had the opportunity to help someone else’s family, but you failed. This is why you didn’t do field work. You always fucked up.

“Says here your mother is gone. Left you before you turned one…that must’ve been hard knowing your own mother didn’t want you.” You began to clench your jaw, and your hands moved to form fists.

“I understand that you were also quite the outcast at school. Kids said you were weird. So is that why you joined that little band of amateurs? You felt accepted for once?” He taunted. At the point you had enough. You shot up from your seat and slammed your hands on the table; but before you could get a word out, the door opens once again.

“Sergeant. There’s a Nick Fury here to see you,” a petite woman in a cop uniform interrupts. She sees me standing over the Sergeant and looks to him and asks, “Is everything okay in here?”

“Everything is fine,” he dismisses her. He sighs and stands up. “We’re not finished here.” You sit down and put your head in your hands, slightly pulling on your hair in frustration. Sergeant Carter doesn’t come back in for another twenty minutes, but when he does, he opens the door and growls, “Well…it looks like we won’t be continuing this conversation. You’re off the hook.”


“We’re done here. Your stuff is at the front.”

You stare at him with disbelief before standing up and walking past him, through the door. The female police officer introduces herself as Officer DeWolff. She guides you to the doors where your personal belongings were being held and sends you on your way. Once you reach outside, you immediately notice a man with an eyepatch leaning against a black SUV staring directly at you.

“Y/N L/N. My name is Nick Fury, I am the director of a government organization called S.H.I.E.L.D. I would like you to take a ride with me.”

“I don’t know who you are, why should I just hop into a strange car with some guy who claims to be part of the government. What would the government want with me?” You can’t imagine what they would want with you. You had stayed on the down low with your powers all your life. There’s no way they could know.

“Just get in the car,” he says as he opens the door.

You humph and hop into the passenger seat, crossing your arms. He closes your door, and walks around to the driver’s side, gets in, and starts the car. He pulls away from the curb and starts driving away from the jail.

“May 5th, 2013. A 16 year old who was paralyzed from the waist down from a car accident was suddenly able to walk. She went to your high school. As a matter a fact, she was one of your closest friends.”

You try to keep a poker face when he brings up your only best friend. “I don’t understand what that has to do with me.”

“You were the last person that saw her before she got out of bed and started walking.”

“So what? You think I did something to help her? That I healed her paralysis? That’s impossible.” You scoff, rolling your eyes.

“September 27th, 2015. A man claims a young girl cured his blindness and gave him his sight back. He just so happened to be your neighbor, whose children you babysat.”

“You must be mistaking me for someone else.”

“Then prove me wrong.” He glances at you and raises his eyebrow. You stare at him with disbelief and sigh.

“What do you want me to do?”

“I want you to join my team. I think you could be a vital asset to the Avengers. You could be saving lives.”

“What if that isn’t something I want to do?” You weren’t a hero. You didn’t even know if your powers were a gift or a curse. When you healed someone, a little part of you suffered from it. You’ve gotten nosebleeds, severe headaches, and even a seizure. The more you used your power, the more damage you did to your body. Could you really do this on a daily basis?

“You don’t have to decide now. I’ll give you a month to give me your answer.” Fury continues as he pulls up to your apartment building. He turns his head in your direction, “Do we have a deal?”


A week had passed since you spoke with Director Fury. You still couldn’t make a decision, so instead you procrastinated by carrying on with your daily routine, going to school, calling your father, and working your part-time job as a bartender.

After a long day at school, you were ready to settle down on the couch and watch a little bit of t.v. before heading off to work. As you walked into the kitchen, you passed your old-school landline phone and saw the light flashing, letting you know you had a voicemail. You walked over to the phone hanging on the wall and pushed the button. You were not expecting to hear him completely drunk.

“Hi honeyyy, I jus wan’ ed ta talk to ya. I miss youuu soooooo mush. Okayy, byeee.”

You were shocked. He rarely ever got drunk, but when he did it was because— You jogged over the the calendar hanging on your pantry door and looked for today’s date. Today marks the day of your mother's’ “disappearance”. You had never known her. Dad says he doesn’t know what happened to her. She just didn’t come home one day. He called the police department and put out a missing person paper. The police investigated, but the whole trail was cold. They assumed that she left willingly.

Your father hasn’t taken it well since. You quickly get your purse and sweater and rush out of your apartment door. Since the subway wasn’t a far walk from your apartment, you decide to take a train to Queens where your father lived. The ride there felt longer than usual. You sat in one of the seats closest to the door and put in your headphones. You decided to look around the train and noticed brown eyes staring back at you.

He was wearing a t-shirt with some nerdy science pun, jeans, and his hair was parted on the side, which was kept in place by hair gel. He realized you saw him staring and blushed, looking down at his feet. You smiled slightly before looking away.

The train came to a stop and you walked quickly out, making your way towards your fathers home. Just as you had reached his street, you heard a loud explosion and screams. You turn toward where the sound came from and start running as fast as you can. When you get there, there are many people lying in the streets wounded, others running, and the arrival of police and firefighters. You feel something swing past you, and you turn around to see Spider-Man making his way to where the explosion took place.

“Help me! Please! I need help!” Screams a woman straight ahead of you. You pull up the hood of your sweater so it hides a majority of your face and rush towards her to find that she has a deep laceration on the side of her stomach. You quickly place your hands where she is holding hers and tell her to move them. You can feel the thick warm blood coating your hands as you close your eyes and focus on slowing the flow of blood.

“I need a paramedic!” You shout once you accomplish your task. One of them hears you and starts rushing towards you and the woman. You back away as he and his partner take over for you. You continue to help others that are injured, not healing them completely, but making sure they were stable. All of a sudden you hear a crashing sound and see Spider-Man fighting something you had seen before, but not quite the same.

The creature resembled Venom. Venom was once a man until an alien parasite called a symbiote gave him spider-like powers—much like Spider-Man’s. Unlike Spider-Man though, he killed anyone that got in his way. This creature was not Venom. His symbiote gave him a blue suit. This new guy was red.

Spider-Man and the creature are in the middle of the street, hundreds of feet from the injured civilians. Spider-Man goes to punch the Venom look-a-like, but is stopped short when his fist is engulfed by a larger, red hand a foot away from the creature’s face. He then throws him into the side of a bus. Spider-Man hits it so hard he leaves a large dent before falling onto the ground. The creature runs towards him, but before he could attack, Spider-Man shoots a web at a street lamp and swings away to the top of a car. Agitated, the creature roars and picks up the bus, throwing it at Spidey’s position. He tries to swing away again, but it’s too late. Somehow he gets up and shoots webs with both of his hands at the monster’s arms and goes in for what looks like a drop kick. The creature catches him by the throat and then throws him through a building. He lets out another roar and then disappears, swinging away into the darkness.

You waited for Spider-Man to come out, but he never did. You became worried, even though he had put you in jail the week prior, and take off towards the building. You have always admired what he did. Saving lives no matter the cost. You couldn’t just leave him. As you came close to the building you felt a sharp pain in your head. Dammit. I’ve healed so many people, what if I can’t help him? You ignore the thought, refusing to give up easily. You make your way to the doors and immediately start climbing the stairs. The lights of the ceiling are torn out, furniture, paper, and glass are scattered all around the floor.

You spot him laying on top of a broken cabinet, not moving. You do your best to get through the mess and once you get to him, you kneel down and feel his chest for breathing. You glance down his body and see cuts and bruises peeking out of his torn suit. You look back at his head and see the mask is still on. You hesitantly reach your hand towards the bottom of his mask and slowly start to raise it.

Your movement is stopped short when a hand suddenly grabs your wrist, yanking it away from his mask. He raises his head to look at you, but doesn’t say anything.

“I’m sorry,” you whisper to him. He must not still be sure of you because he doesn’t release your wrist.”

“You’re the…girl from the Oscorp…robbery,” he winces as he tries to speak.

“Damn, I was hoping you wouldn’t remember me,” you say teasingly.

“I could never forget a face like yours,” he replies. A smile begins to grow on your face.

“I can help you if you let go of my wrist.”


“Let go,” he releases you and you put your hands over his chest. You close your eyes and feel a tingling sensation running through your arms to your hands. You don’t stop until he suddenly sits up and says, “You’re bleeding.”

You shakily raise your hand to your nose and wipe away warm liquid. You look down at your hand to see a tiny pool of blood, and glance back up at him before the most painful migraine comes over you. You feel your eyes roll in the back of your head and blackness fills your sight.

Part 3

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Colors of the Wind- Dino Fluff/Angst (Soulmate!AU)

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Request: seventeen dino soulmate au? thanks!

Genre: Fluff/ Angst

Word Count: 2396

Member/Group: Chan (Dino) of SEVENTEEN

A/N: I woke up to write this at 6:00 in the morning, but I actually think this may be one of my favorite pieces of writing that I have done so far. (It definitely is the longest.) I hope you all enjoy reading this, and let’s get on with the story!

 When you finally meet your soulmate, people say that color is finally visible to your eyes. At the first second your eyes meet, a wave of color just splashes across your vision and you can finally truly see the world around you. Every young girl and boy dreams of the day when their life will no longer be black, white, and gray, but vivid hues of reds and blues. It changes the way you view the sky when you can finally tell the clouds from the atmosphere and plant are no longer gray but a bright green that seems as if it will rub off on your fingers if you touch it for too long. You were no different from every other teen as you dreamed of this day, but there was one problem: You were blind.

 It hadn’t always been that way. You still had memories of the way the Earth around you looked when you played in the garden and skipped on the sidewalks, but when you were only seven years old, something terrible happened. The strongest fever you had ever experienced shook your whole life around, and it caused many issues with development, mainly your eyesight. As you lived in the countryside most of your life, there was no real access to medical care unless you had the money to pay for it. Spoiler: your family didn’t. All your parents could do was make you as comfortable as possible as you lost the only thing that would ever help you find love when you were older. There were many days were the symptoms were not as bad as anybody thought they would be and your family thought there was a chance you would make a full recovery, but all that optimism was thrown out the window when you woke up and burst into tears finding that you could no longer see.

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KKC reminder [and a pit of a PSA I suppose]!:

Auri is not a child. She is an adult that attended the University. The University doesn’t let children into their school [Kvothe and Elodin being the only exceptions to this rule due to great knowledge]. She isn’t a little teenage girl or younger; she is a mature adult who went to learn and further her education.

I’m also guilty of viewing her as younger than she is due to her mannerisms, her speech patterns, and the way she presents herself. It is very child like and very much so reminiscent of how a kid would inspect people and the world around them. But, we also need to remember that Auri is also technically mentally ill. Being ‘cracked’ isn’t just a word for shits and giggles; these people have severe trauma from learning in the university and accidentally dabbling in the wrong places their minds couldn’t sustain. 

As we know, canonly, the KKC world doesn’t even have a word for Bisexual [Give word made by the friend group int he book was Ambisexdrious]. While these people can canonly cure blindness [Explained to Kvothe while he is visiting the Medica that they had manged to do so], they don’t fully understand mental illnesses nor how to deal with them [Thus the making of the building away from school grounds that holds all those poor cracks students]. So with the lack of words for such trauma, other than cracked, and having more of an ability to help physical illnesses than mental illnesses, it leaves those students and Auri in a tight place; much like people in today’s society.

What I’m trying to say is that as a fandom, we need to stop viewing Auri as a small girl who is too young to possibly even be there, including myself, and view her as the adult she is. She views the world and presents herself the way she does because she is mentally ill and has harsh trauma from what happened to her; making her regress into a more ‘basic’, child like manner of personality. I, myself, am also guilty of viewing Auri almost as an actual child even though I have mental illnesses and trauma of my own! So I’m not blaming one person or another here, I’m trying to pull us together and understand that Auri isn’t what we keep drawing and imagining her to be.

TL;DR : We all goof up sometimes and view Auri, an adult woman, as a child and we need to not paint her as a literal child. 

Naruto Characters Appreciation

Gather round brothers and sisters of the Naruto fandom, because this shit needs to be preached.
There are certain characters in this show that do not receive the love that they deserve and I’m here to share who I think needs some more admiration and a round of fucking applause. Note; down to personal preference, so please feel free to share yours.
Haku – This guy has such a beautiful concept of morality around him which is to be loyal to your friend, do anything for them; but the dark twist is that he is willing to get himself killed, being completely selfless and never regarding his own desires. Yet this is the touching part. His one desire, his dream is to be used by this friend. Considers him a master. But imagine that; being so devoted to someone that nothing else matters, and never feeling afraid because they make you feel at home. This character represents the selfless outlook on life, living to help others and find happiness in others happiness. This is why Haku is my favourite character. He also has a fucking cool mask.

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Zabuza Momochi – What can I say? He’s gorgeous and was the first ever proper villain introduced to the show and manga. Sure there was Mizuki, but fuck him he was a pilot episode villain. But what’s more? Zabuza was a villain who redeemed himself. Maybe not completely, but he realised his faults and is just an over all nostalgic character. If that’s not enough to convince you – he has sharp teeth (fantastic for kinky biting during foreplay) and he’s great with kids. I can proudly admit that Zabuza is my number 1 anime crush. Ooooh how I wanna tear those bandages off and whisper “bite me stud muffin, biiiiiiteeee.”

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Sai – He is a character that can change your views on how to live your life. In all seriousness, although he has no concept of “emotions” he is actually a very complex character and is my favourite character to write about. Constantly he asks questions to find out more about the world and its many different attributes and ways of living. I find him a fantastic character because he shows that juxtaposition between innocence and selfish people. Of course, Sai is no innocent guy. When he is introduced, he comments on Naruto’s balls right away (like damn, he is my spirit animal). However, he is brought into this world outside ROOT, having forgotten about emotions so he’s basically brand new to the whole human interaction thing beside doing missions. He is always so curious, asking questions based on the values of friendship and based off from the responses from those he asks, it really goes to show how much we take the small things in life for granted. Sai makes us realise the beauty in life, that the small things really are meaningful – we just need to cure our blindness to see them.

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Ino Yamanaka – By far my favourite kunoichi if we exclude the older generation. Overall out of the women she is ranked 4th so pretty damn high. Most of the reason why I believe she needs more appreciation is because she is the Yang to Sai’s Yin. She was one of those who actually took time to talk to Sai and that’s why I called it from the start that they would end up together. With Ino’s way of living, being this very independent and outgoing girl, she would be perfect in teaching Sai emotions without coming across as well, a bitch. And may I emphasise her strength as a shinobi. During the war, she was informed that her father was going to die. She cried for less than a minute and then got over it with a snap of her fingers, proceeding onto a very important battle plan – connecting to the minds of the allied shinobi forces. Plus, we all love a scary mother. She scares Inojin with love <3 Note; Ino and Sai fucked. Can you imagine how romantic that would have been? Her coaxing him through it? *wiggles eyebrows*

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Tsunade Senju & Mei Terumi – The reason I have put them together is because it’s for the same reasons. They are both just very empowering women, inspiring also. One of my favourite fights is the Five Kage vs. Madara Uchiha. Mei’s being all awesome with her lava (her voice is brilliant – that seductive charm) and Tsunade delivers a final blow – she fucking cracks Madara’s Susano'o. Not to mention they are both Kage and the first women to be Kage ever. Mei restores the Hidden Mist’s reputation from being the “Bloody Mist” (courtesy of Yagura – FUCKING OBITO YOU CUNT NUGGET) to an “Alright Mist” or whatever. Basically, she had to pick up the pieces left by some asshole (OBITO). And Tsunade, to me – the strongest of the sannin. She is also responsible for Sakura, Ino and Tenten becoming kick ass. Tenten wasn’t her apprentice but was initially inspired by her. Note; I love Obito, he’s my favourite character (joint with Haku). My poor onion baby~

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Kisame Hoshigaki – His back story plays a major role in this. From the beginning he had been obeying rules, this strict code and always remained loyal to the mission. He killed his teammates (one whom he may have had feelings for) for the sake of the mission but the reason I admire him is because he never complains about how sad his life is. He killed is teammates like it was no fucking deal. Even the girl who possessed romantic feelings for him. Furthermore, though be it subtle, he represents discrimination that is present in the world we know of today. Because of his skin colour / origins, he is isolated more so in the Akatsuki. Every time I see him, I always get the vibe of how lonely he is and how he’s perhaps trying to fit into the world but it does not work – because of the cruel path he has chosen. To remain loyal to the mission, never let the code fall into enemy hands; and perhaps his constant discrimination and isolation is what made him choose this way of living. I got your back, Kisame. You will always have beautiful eyes to both Killer B and I.

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Kakuzu – Right, I’m going to say it straight out. He’s fucking hot people. He has killer back muscle, arms that flex perfectly (imagine those arms being either side of your body UNF UNF, PIN ME TO THE WALL AND RAVISH MEEEEE) and he has a temper that a stereotypical love sick teen would feel like they could change. Can you imagine trying to calm that hot junk down? Okay, you may actually die before you could even try, but if you survive long enough to put your hands on his cheeks— Okay, back to why he needs to be appreciated more. His history was fucking cruel. He failed to assassinate the Hokage (baring in mind, he must of put up a pretty good fight to be able to walk away alive) and his reward for coming back alive, with intel on what Hashirama’s abilities are (that could be of great use for future plans)? Imprisonment and torture. What. The. Fuck. It actually makes me empathise with Kakuzu. His own village tortures him which should be what another village would do if they captured you so you can understand why he killed the village elders and left. Remember, he escaped from prison – so not only is he strong but intelligent. And fun fact; those tattoos around his wrists – shows how many times he’s been in prison. He is strong as fuck, immortal and has sexy stitches that could be great foreplay (*cough* tentaclepornwhat *cough*) Basically, I just want him to be my sugar daddy

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Konan – Perhaps the most divine, serene and enchanting character. There are many religious connotations around her being an angel of death / judgement but her way of thinking it what intrigues me. She appears so monotone and unmoved by everything, all but a mask that covers up her tragic past. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about how after Nagato’s death, she ruled over Amegakure, guarding where Nagato’s and Yahiko’s bodies were and we actually see her smile as she looks up to the sky, thinking about the legacy both Nagato and Naruto have left behind. Konan fights Tobi with bravery and determination to protect their legacy and dreams. My favourite quote by her “I will be the pillar that supports their bridge of peace” and the rainbow appearing behind her was definitely one of the most memorable moments for me. To the very end, she fought Tobi, intending to bring an end to the evil he has caused – only to be strangled to death. The reason I find her death so tragic is because of how mundane it is. Many characters went out with a bang but Konan died from something that anyone could easily do, thus representing how there is no hope (at this point) at all of achieving peace and her fight was for nothing. A sad way for an angel to die

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Kabuto Yakushi – Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t like this fucker. Dislike him a lot (although I sympathise with him). He needs appreciation because of how far he had come. His past was very sad, from the moment he entered the orphanage. This may sound evil, but I love seeing kid Kabuto cry. Because it’s so fucking cute. And those big glasses- awh, baby lemme hug you. And what ROOT had done was evil yet so clever with the photo manipulation and over all, Kabuto just did a lot of shit – trying to be someone he’s not and comes to the conclusion that being himself was all he ever needed to be. A moral that all of us must follow. Note; When I first saw Nun Kabuto, I wanted to laugh but then I was like “good for you, son.” and patted him on the back (of my laptop screen.)

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So far, this is all I have. There are others that need appreciation, but those above are the ones that needed detail. Personally, I still feel characters such as Itachi and Sakura need more appreciation but maybe for another time. Feel free to add on your NCA’s (Naruto Characters Appreciation) and I’ll definitely check them out. Have a good day!

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How do you think Zoe or Lucas or even Clancy would react if they had a deaf friend?

Let’s do all three!



-Zoe would probably bump into you in the middle of the street and try to say sorry, but then sees your hand flailing and apologetic smile

-She’s pretty smart so it will click fast

-Zoe would pull a pen out of her bag or vice-versa and it would end with lots of notes shared between two strangers in the middle of the street

-Being friends with Zoe is entertaining

-She’s very keen to understand sign language and it often leads to lots of laughter on your behalf

-She understands that she doesn’t have to overexaggerate her mouth movements but sometimes talks a little slower so that you can understand her more clearly

-Zoe might just go to some sign language classes and surprise you next time the two of you meet up

-You walk up to her and she signs ‘hey, want to hang out at my place?’ and when you ask when she learnt, Zoe would follow it up with ‘thought it’d be cool to surprise you.’

-She learns that understanding sign language is a lot harder than learning it

-Sometimes Zoe gets frustrated and just writes notes for you to read or to converse in

-She’s very understanding and likes to listen to you speak, despite you being uncertain about it



-Would probably meet you at a young age when he’s visiting the doctor’s or a therapist

-He would get frustrated at the first few meanings, not understanding that you can’t hear him or understand what he is saying

-Lucas would probably pick up some sign language here and there, maybe using it to interact with you as a child or teenager

-When you and Lucas get phones, he’d probably be very eager to text you as he could have a proper conversation with you without getting confused or muddled!

-He’s not keen on physical contact but in public, he tries to make sure you don’t stray or get lost by holding a piece of your clothing or arm

-Lucas likes that you don’t ever complain or get annoyed at his rambling. The only times he gets a little annoyed is when you ask him to slow down, but he knows you can’t help it. 

-Lucas has very shaky and jerky movements, so learning sign language is a large challenge for him. It takes a lot of patience and time, but eventually, he can sign a proper conversation with you.

-He’s a very proud man, so the fact that he’s learnt a new skill makes him very boastful

-You find it rather endearing but his family… Not so much. 

-Lucas has probably looked up how to help deafness and to allow you to hear multiple times

-He relies on technology too much

-Lucas’ argument is ‘if they can cure blindness, they can cure deafness!’ which you counter-argue that they haven’t cured blindness- only blurry vision- and you don’t need to be cured

-That might lead to a fight, but Lucas would crumble and apologise eventually. He was in the wrong, despite trying to help.

-Legitimately has a passage in his ‘fuck you’ journal with:

‘____ got mad at me because I said I wanted to cure their deafness. All I wanted was to fucking help! Fuck you!’

-There would also be a passage deeper in the journal saying:

‘I think _____ is really upset with me. They won’t talk to me. I think I really hurt their feelings. Fuck me!’

-He doesn’t have a great understanding of certain emotions and such, so it may take time for him to apologise.



-Clancy probably meet you during a production or a film festival

-He knows some sign language from just exploring the internet, so it’s not too tough for you two to chat

-Learning more sign language is really enjoyable for both of you! It’s like a secret language for when you’re around other people.

-Clancy wouldn’t treat you any different than someone who can hear. He’d happily take you on filming productions and just to hang out.

-He’d probably have you tag along when he’s filming Sewer Gators, despite his asshole bosses’ protests

-You would have to promise not to stray too far. Clancy’s very paranoid that you’d get lost and that he wouldn’t be able to call out for you.

-The whole production would be you and him just laughing over stupid stuff whilst filming his boss and the surrounding area

-If Pete and Andre do anything to annoy the two of you (more likely Pete), you and Clancy would happily bitch about him via sign language

-Clancy may convince Pete and Andre to let you become part of the team. You’d be in charge of researching areas to visit.

-Clancy is very goofy and would be a man who’d say ‘I’ll be your ears, you be my eyes’ during productions. 

-Clancy really needs glasses. He doesn’t like to wear them, but staring at screens forever and editing has destroyed his corneas.

-The two of you fangirl over books and movies together

-He doesn’t mind watching movies with subtitles turned on. As long as you’re both happy and comfortable, everything is good.

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Where can we find your nudes??

Buried somewhere under the apartment, right next to the cure for blindness. Good luck.

Polyjuice theory??

So in book two when Harry and Ron use polyjuice to transform into Crabbe and goyle Harry no longer needs his glasses because goyle has 20/20 vision. So my question is; to what extent can polyjuice potion temporarily heal a person? Could you in theory give some to a person who’s dying and transfigure them into someone healthier for an indefinite amount of time? Could it temporarily cure the blind or paralyzed or mute? Does it extend to temporary relief of psychological trauma like Nevilles parents? What are the limits?Also in goblet of fire when barty jr. tranfigures into mad eye it temporarily removed his eye and leg. So in theory you could also retain injuries from polyjuice. If that’s true then what happens when you take polyjuice of a dead person do you die temporarily? Do you die permanently? Do you become a zombie? What happens? Could you become temporarily pregnant on polyjuice???so in theory say you tranfigured into a pregnant woman, if you were able to sustain that for 9 months would you give birth to the baby? Would that baby still exist if the polyjuice wore off? Also what would happen if you attempted to polyjuice intact an infant? We know animals don’t work but babies are the same species obviously, however the physical difference is extraordinary and if you tranfigured into an infant would you retain your intelligence?

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Ink and Reaper with a blind SO?


Ink is horrified that you can’t see! He’s an artist so he can’t imagine not being able to see the beautiful works of art around the world. He travels throughout the Multiverse and goes to every Alphys or Undyne to see if they can cure your blindness. If they cannot, Ink is dejected, but he finds a way to show you another form or art: music. If you cannot see beauty, then you can hear it. Ink is still more of a visual artist, but he goes to Dancetale and every music based AU to gather up the best songs for you listen to. He’s also really good with describing things to you too, so can picture things in your head yourself. 


He tells every blind joke there is in the book. Death is kind of glad that you can’t see him with him literally being Death as well as a skeleton and all. He wears extra layers clothing to make sure you don’t touch his bones while he leads you around. You don’t need his guidance, but it reassures your safety. He doesn’t want to reap your soul anytime soon. 

The most significant man of the 21st Century. And you don’t even know his name. Research and spread the word. This is the only article you will find on his HISTORIC victory over the US supreme court.

Dr Sebi

This is the man who has been CURING (not treating) people suffering from diseases and ailments such as AIDS, DIABETES, PROSTATE INFLAMATION, SICKLE CELL, BLINDNESS among many others, Using only natural Herbs and Minerals from the Earth.

In 1985 Dr. Sebi placed an ad in The Amsterdam News, The New York Post, and The Village, the ad read…..

“Aids has been cured by the Usha Research Institute, and we specialize in cures for Sickle Cell, Lupus, Blindness, Herpes, Cancer and others.”
The ad ran for 2 years before he was attacked by the Attorney General of New York. Dr. Sebi was told to remove the ad, when he refused within days he was served with a arrest warrant. According to Dr. Sebi the Attorney General bragged that he was going to “put Dr. Sebi under the jail!” The charges read to the jury was as follows..

Mr. Alfred Bowman aka Dr. Sebi, you are hereby charged with practicing medicine without a license, selling products not approved by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) and claiming to cure Aids, and other diseases which is a fraudulent claim.”

Dr Sebi was told to bring 1 person for each of the diseases he claimed to court with proof from a reputable doctor that the individual had the disease, then proof from another reputable doctor that the person was cured. Instead of bringing 1 for each disease, approx 70 people filled the court all with proof! The judge shook his head according to Dr. Sebi and said I did not ask for all of this. To make a long story short, the judge after seeing the proof and speaking with Dr. Sebi turned to the states attorney and asked, “Did you investigate the man?” She said, “No” The judge then said, “well, the answer he just gave me, he cures AIDS. You all are in trouble.” Dr. Sebi was then found NOT GUILTY on all charges by the state of New York and the supreme court because he was indeed curing people of the various diseases, including AIDS. Dr. Sebi had cured 5 AIDS patients before he put the Ad in the papers. The media asked Dr. Sebi, where are all the so called black leaders??? This is a historical moment! A African American that is curing AIDS in America! Yet none of them have come out to celebrate your victory and make the big announcement.

Disease is a multi billion dollar industry, there’s money to be made in sickness. So why would anybody publicly announce that these diseases are being cured? Do you know how much money sickel cell centers collect each year?!! Cancer Research Centers?? Diabete Centers?? and the list goes on! The prescription companies pay the television shows salary. So of course your not going to see this being announced on the television. Until today you the reader probably haven’t even heard of Dr. Sebi. Now that you have, research this man, support this man, and spread the word! He has tried to spread his cures to the world and none of your major countries want to support him until recently. China has stepped up and givin him millions of dollars to create a bigger center and organic herbal, fruit and vegetable gardens needed for his continued research. Lets help stop the senseless deaths in the African American community and even the world! Spread the word!! SPREAD THE WORD!!!

SPREAD THE WORDDDDDDD!!!!!!! And research this great man. His story is amazing.

Why has the media never mentioned anything about him and his cure??