cure to blindness

If you RP a healer and you say...

“I can fix your blindness!”

“You’re deaf? I’ll cure it!”

“Don’t worry, I can mend whatever made you mute.”

“Hold still, I’m currently in the process of removing that character trait that you like RPing.”


Are you a Light-wielder? The virtue of Respect dictates that you must only help those who welcome your help.

Do you get help from the spirits of the wilds? Who are you to interfere with the natural order unless the person’s life is otherwise in danger?

Channeling some chi? What you would deem a defect may instead be the source of their personal strength. 

In short, ask permission. No, it doesn’t have to make sense to you. Ask permission anyway.

90’s power tracks to scream along to in the car with the windows rolled down

// she’s so high - tal bachman // closing time - semisonic // jeremy - pearl jam // come as you are - nirvana // my own worst enemy - lit // mr. jones - counting crows // champagne supernova - oasis // friday i’m in love - the cure // bittersweet symphony - the verve // semi-charmed life - third eye blind // basketcase - green day // everlong - foo fighters // what’s my age again? - blink-182 // 1979 - smashing pumpkins // alive - pearl jam // high and dry - radiohead // smells like teen spirit - nirvana // losing my religion - r.e.m. // wonderwall - oasis // (listen)

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Good evening (at least where I live) I have one question about sour Shapeshifter AU: how did Tracer and Winston lost each other ? Sorry if that was already asked

 In a really stormy night. They lost track of each other and Tracer accidentally ran in the opposite direction. She wandered alone for a lot of time until she was found by Hanzo in Morrison’s territory, and Morri invite her to stay because he see how tired she is. They’re actually half convinced that Winston is her imaginary friend because she always talk about him and how he created this “glasses” that kind of cured his blindness and super-hyper improved his vision like isn’t Winston just the BEST??!
Yeah, they definitely think that Winston is just an imaginary friend <.<

However… Winston is still looking for her! ;w;

  • canon light: described as good looking/handsome
  • fanon light: a transcendent god of beauty. one of his tears can cure the blind. his hair is spun of gold and his eyes are like a thousand burning suns. one time helen of troy looked at him and exploded out of pure jealousy
Blind Adrien Au w/ Reverse Love Square

This was such a good concept that I just could not resist adding some tidbits of my own head cannons XD

-Adrien hates signing autographs because he’s insecure about his handwriting (specifically cursive) for obvious reasons

-He’s actually better at video games than Marinette (marinette is still really really good) and he’s the only person that has ever defeated her and that both baffles and makes her fall for him even further

-Chloe is always trying to “cure” Adrien’s blindness or force him to act like “everyone else” (like tossing his cane to the side so that he could walk “normally” without bumping into things or offering him to pay for potentially life threatening surgery to cure is blindness) ***i know this is just an AU but this made me hate her so much more

-He LOVES going to Marinette’s Bakery and he either just eats pastries the entire time there or he just sits there and enjoys the smell (and Marinette’s parents do not mind at all) and this actually inspired him to want to one day become a chef

-Because of his frequent visits he also gets to be around Marinette, and gets to know her more and more.

-Because he dreams of being a Chef (which is something he keeps from his father) he wants to learn how to cook, and the only one willing to teach him is Marinette and her Dad

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How does the godsfall world handle disabilities? Has that changed since the godswar? As far as I remember, there really isn't any disability representation in the podcast yet (aside from, arguably, Brannic, whose portrayal has gotten better but is still kinda ableist), do you have any plans for that in the future?

Before the Godswar, everything was relatively easily curable. Going by the D&D rules, a Cleric can cast Lesser Restoration as a 2nd level spell, which cures blindness, deafness, paralyzation and poison with practically zero cost. And Greater Restoration, while needing 100 gold to be sacrificed, is still rather easily attainable for the miracles it can achieve. On top of that there were (and are) many miraculous healing places in the world, like the waters of Ani and tea from boiled Ironwood sap, not to mention the Gods and many Demigods, all capable of curing practically any mortal ailment. In old Khalgun, only the poor bore disabilities and that class structure made it a cruelly stigmatized thing.

After the Godswar and the destruction of magic, people with disabilities are seen far more often in a society that is still struggling to recover from near extinction. In most places there is tolerance and accommodation, some better and more compassionate than in our cities of today (I am looking squarely at you, Chicago). 

As of now, the only character referenced with a disability is a old, blind Gnome from Rylend that is said to be the reborn God of the Astral Realm, but there will be more inclusive characters entering the show soon.

- DM Aram


“Collateral Damage”

 National Federation of the Blind member john Pere explains why he refuses to become collateral damage of the Foundation Fighting Blindmess’s #HowEyeSeeIt campaign.


“Hi. This is John Pere, and I’m with the National Federation of the blind.

The Foundation Fighting Blindness is currently running a campaign to raise money for research to help find a cure to blindness, called HowEyeSeeIt, but there’s a big problem.

Right now, what they do is they have people—sighted people—wear a blindfold, and then ask them to do routine things, like maybe take care of their child for a minute, and then report on that. The problem with this and a lot of the things that they suggest the person do with the blindfold is it has the unintended consequence of making people think that their experience is similar to what a blind person really goes through.

I am a blind person, and I am able to have a job, I get to work every day, I’m able to read the paper using a product called NFB Newsline, I’m able to use a computer, I’m able to travel anywhere in the world using my long white cane, and I’m able to live the life I want because I’ve gotten the training needed to live as a blind person. The key is that you’ve got to get the training. Now if you don’t get the training and wearing the blindfold a minute, blindness will seem like a tragedy. But see, there’s a real problem with portraying blindness as a tragedy.

I lost my job because my employer didn’t think I could work as a blind person People are losing their children; they’re being taken away by social services because the social workers think, just because you’re blind, you can’t raise a child. People aren’t getting the proper education because people in school think “oh if you’re blind, you won’t be able to perform with the same level as your sighted peers.”

So the biggest problem facing blind people around the world today—hundreds and millions of people—is the low expectations that sighted people have of blind people, and the Foundation Fighting Blindness is doing a program to make it worse!

Now, it’s okay for them to raise money to try to find a cure to blindness. But to hurt the lives, and the opportunities, and the future and the hopes of all blind people alive today, to make us the collateral damage, is unacceptable! And I urge the Foundation Fighting Blindness to cease and desist its program called “HowEyeSeeIt.” Please.”]

The difference between Tobias and Jake

Tobias: *Is shuffled back and forth between his aunt (who occasionally prevents him from going to school to run her errands) and his alcoholic uncle, watched his father being eaten alive in front of him, finds out that his mother who left him has extreme brain damage and no memories of him as a baby -even after he saves her life and cures her blindness she still cares more about her dog than her son. Lives alone in the woods eating live mice. *

Tobias: Wow I have had horrible family experiences. But I am not going to take this out on everyone around me and instead will be very compassionate. Oh you tortured me for hours and then tried to murder me? No, I’ll get Rachel to spare your life. Oh you betrayed us all, gave up our only weapon and probably lost us the war? Not an excuse for your boyfriend to treat you badly. I’ll go tell him off.

Jake: *His brother, mother and father are made Controllers*

Jake: *Murders over 17000 defenseless Yeerks, who were not hurting anyone, not being in anyone’s bodies, who were blind and deaf to the oncoming attack, who at that point were living in the Pool Ship because they literally cannot go home because Andalites have occupied their planet*

Aka Jake commits genocide and totally got away with it because the humans were the ones who won the war. And his friends all feel bad for him for how rough he had it with his family.

Imagine that you are blind. You’ve lost your sight and family during Loki’s attack on earth four years ago. You despise him and have fantasized about giving him what he deserves. But, a few months after the incident, you’ve met a charming boy who goes by Lok. During the course of a few years he has warmed your heart, taught you how to forgive, love and feel happy again. Now it’s 2016 and with the advancement of technology came a surgical cure for blindness. You decide to do the procedure in hopes of being able to see Lok’s face. After a few weeks your eyes have healed enough for you to see. You soon rued ever opening your eyes because standing before you wasn’t the sweet boy you’ve come to love, but the very god who had slain your family. 

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If iggy was do become a vampire , would that cure his blindness or will he just have enhanced hearing to replace his sight ?

I’m just gonna answer this cause I’ll forget my answer.

But this is another Teen Wolf reference.

Cause I’m trash.

Ignis isn’t fully blind like Deucalion. He can see at some certain times, especially when he loses control a bit. He’s still blind though, but yet he isn’t.

You know an allistic person is trash when, no matter how many times you try to explain to them why autism doesn’t need a cure and that we dont want a cure, they keep trying to condescendingly explain to you that yes in fact you need a cure, speaking as though they know infinitely more about autism than you, the autistic.