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Canada's British Columbia declares state of emergency, battles over 180 wildfires

A state of emergency has been declared by the Canadian province of British Columbia (BC) to battle over 180 wildfires, many of which are considered out of control.

The BC Wildfire Service said over 173 fires were reported on Friday (7 July) alone as lightning storms rolled over several parts of BC.

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Several raging wildfires in BC are expected to worsen as hot, dry, windy weather continues to obstruct the efforts of the firefighters to control the fire.

No deaths or injuries were reported. Authorities are requesting people to take precautions to stay safe. An estimated 7,000 people had been forced out of their homes. The fires have spread across hundreds of kilometres, CBC News reported.

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“The weather situation is not favourable,” John Rustad, BC’s minister of forests, lands and natural resources operations, told Reuters. “There is very aggressive fire behaviour that makes it very difficult to directly attack.”

Around 260 firefighters from across Canada are due to arrive in the province by Monday or Tuesday, Rustad added.

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Saskatchewan premier Brad Wall said his province was sending three aircraft and 30 firefighters to the affected areas.

Police from the Vancouver area are headed to the region to help. BC Public Safety Minister Mike Morris said it might become necessary to call in the military, CBC News stated.

Officials said buildings have been destroyed, but they did not release any numbers. Some evacuees had made their way to a make-shift emergency centre at a sporting facility in Kamloops, some 250 km (155 miles) northeast of Vancouver.

It is the first state of emergency declared by the province in 14 years. The last state of emergency was declared in August 2003, which was also to deal with wildfires.

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Dogs' keen sense of smell may hold key to curing Parkinson's, Malaria and certain cancers

Dogs may hold the future to curing a host of human diseases by sniffing out the symptoms years before the most advanced of medical apparatus can.

In what is one of the first projects of its type, two Labradors and a cocker spaniel will this month reportedly start trials to test whether they can detect the early signs of Parkinson’s disease as the condition manifests itself with a subtle musky smell that appears years before the body starts to degenerate.

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If they are able to do so, it means treatment could start before the brain is too badly damaged for drugs to treat the disease effectively, as is often currently the case.

Dr Monty Silverdale, a consultant neurologist and a researcher on the project at Manchester University, told the Sunday Times: “We have many potential treatments [for Parkinson’s disease] but we need to get them started much earlier.

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"You can compare it with cancer where the drugs also tend to work only if you get in early. The treatment of Parkinson’s disease is 20 to 30 years behind cancer.”

The dogs – Jack, a chocolate cocker spaniel; and Nan and Peanut, two black Labradors – will be tested on their ability to assess swabs from 700 people. Half of them will be diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and half will be a control sample.

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Betsy Duncan Smith, wife of Ian Duncan Smith and a trustee at the charity Medical Detection Dogs, where the three dogs are housed, said that she believes the research will have profound consequences.

“We already know what an amazing sense of smell dogs have and how it protects us on a daily basis,” she wrote in a blog post for the Hippocratic Post.

“Dogs are used extensively to sniff out explosives, illegal drugs and other contraband.

"Thanks to the pioneering work of Medical Detection Dogs … we also know that dogs can detect the odour of human disease.

"Our research has demonstrated that they can do this with incredible accuracy. The charity’s dogs routinely score around 95% accuracy rates and can find the odour in dilutions of up to a part per trillion – the equivalent of a drop of blood in an Olympic sized swimming pool.”

She added that aside from Parkinson’s disease, dogs were also able to sniff out certain cancers and Malaria – one of the world’s most deadly diseases.

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anonymous asked:

Hello there! I don't know if it has been brought up yet, so I hope you don't mind me asking you - my favorite all-you-can-read meta-SPN-blog! From what we can gather in 12x01, it seems like Mary and John hit off right away, but isn't that a different story than what Cupid told us in 5x14? "Oh, they couldn't stand each other at first, but when we were done with them? Perfect couple!"

Aaah, good point. I haven’t seen it come up yet although having to travel on the second day of reactions to the show means I’ve maybe missed quite a lot.

I think I reblogged or scrolled past something mentioning at least in passing how this was the ideal version of the story, the one that is the Official Family Story of how it all happened - of course it’s heavily romanticised because it sounds like something Dean could have been reciting to himself as a story all his life and he’s taken a lot of blows to his idea of the family history, but I think this has endured no matter what - and telling it to Mary this way is uncomplicated and unchallenging. In the immediate moment he has no reason to gut her understanding of her own life SO much, and so we know that Dean knows that there’s more too it than that, but he chooses to tell her the fairytale anyway.

I actually suspect that bumping into each other moment was the moment the cupid chose to strike, since it makes sense that’s when they first “see” each other.

Oddly enough, in my rewatch/inflicting the show on my mum for the first time, we just passed Wishful Thinking, which includes this little speech from the girl who was wished into loving the skeevy asshole who started the whole thing:

Yeah! It’s the funniest thing. We both grew up here, but I never really knew who he was. Not by name anyway. Until one day last month, it was like I just [sighs] I just saw him for the first time. He was just… glowing. Oh, just glowing.

and also I’m thinking of this from a Dabb episode, in 8x14 the woman who was demon-dealed into being in love talking about the experience after her husband was dragged off by Hellhounds:

I really am. And… I know I shouldn’t be because I loved Carl… I think. I just can’t remember why.
I mean… Carl grew up around here. We went to school together, and he was always mooning over me. But I never – I used to make fun of him.

When did you two get together?

Valentine’s Day, 2003. I was at this party. Carl was there, and it was like I was seeing him for the first time. You know, suddenly he was cute and smart and funny. It was magic. Carl and I were happy for 10 years. Now he’s dead, and I’m not sad or angry. I’m just…fine.

I’m feeling somewhat certain that Cupid magic is much more powerful in the sense that I feel like this can’t be broken in the same way to have basically near-amnesia as Hope did, going back to not even remembering Wes or what she did while she was enthralled under the wish… With Alice she remembers everything but the instant the deal expires, she can’t summon up the feeling any more (it’s also interesting that demon deals don’t undo on death in any other case, but clearly faking love is a huge leap and without genuine feeling it can’t last in the same way deals for health or life in a loved one obviously don’t undo when the dealer dies, e.g. Ellie in the same episode could have died but her mom would still have been cured of Parkinsons for the rest of her life)

In any case we’re more concerned with the before, so:

Are you saying that you fixed-up our parents?

Well, not me, but… Yeah. Well, it wasn’t easy, either. Ooh, they couldn’t stand each other at first. But when we were done with them–Perfect couple.


March 23rd you walked out of a movie theatre. Slaughterhouse Five. You loved it. And you walked into a big marine and you knocked him flat on his ass. You were embarrassed and he laughed it off and said you could make it up to him with a cup of coffee. So you went to [some place I can’t decipher] and you talked, and he was cute and he knew the words to every Zeppelin song, so when he asked you for his number, you gave it to him even though you knew your dad would be pissed.

(I suspect Mary actually threw John on the floor and passed it off as knocking him over while he was too stunned to process it, and she was horrified she literally threw him on the floor and was having a moment about being a violent, socially mal-adjusted hunter when he asked her out >.> This story feels excessively tidied up even without taking into account the cupids)

Anyway this is all the first spark stuff that leads straight to a date, to asking for a number, etc etc. So I’m guessing it’s a lot like the other 2 cases I mentioned - John and Mary living in the same town, seeing each other around, and fate having got them that far… they take one look at each other, and dismiss each other and breeze past each other in the street, if they even really looked at each other at all.  

(And the cupids, who love love and aren’t sinister at all because they’re too goofy to be in deep in Heaven’s twisted up stuff, watching like a rom com clutching their faces in horror like OH NO THEY HATE EACH OTHER. Seeing it as their duty to fix what is “obviously” an incredible love story waiting to happen despite the fact it wouldn’t happen if they didn’t do it…)

They could easily have never spoken, never known who the other was, and probably not even eyed each other up in the street casually, because John seemed fresh back from the war at that point (I mean I’ve seen meta trying to work out his timeline and he has to fit in a LOT before he meets Mary to the point where his life has no room to breathe, but in 4x03 he did at least seem to be acknowledged as just recently being back - with the PTSD and all, I wonder if he was really thinking of himself as on the market at all) and Mary could EASILY have agreed with Samuel about civilians and felt like finding someone “in the life” would be simpler, especially with the way they moved around a lot - the fact she wants to rebel and leave the life could have sprung from her change in situation when she met John and it’s fascinating me where this conflict came from in her - if she REALLY never wanted the life or if it was something “necessary” for her because of the way her entire life was one big manipulation - and how that affects the choices she makes now and how that reflects on Sam and Dean and the choices THEY make - after all they started discussing this a little last season as well…

Argh, there’s so much in here. :P I can’t wait to see what more we learn about this as the season goes on because it’s clear that at least that story Dean told her is lacking a lot of key information - and I’m wondering if Dean would EVER want to tell her that, or if he’s going to lie by omission and let her believe it for as long as possible… in which case, does something ELSE force Mary to find out about it all?