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Cure vol.53 : Sadie interview !

“S” “A” “D” “I” “E”. Each member explains his own way of life through these 5 letters.


Sadie cover special. In order to analyze the toughts of each member from various points of view, we’ve used Sadie’s name as a motif, each of the five letter “S” “A” “D” “I” “E” standing for a keyword. The responses ranged from serious to unique as each member opened up to us. Have fun reading this special interview as you take some time to read what Sadie have to say.


[S] Sciamachy (fighting an imaginary ennemy)

Tsurugi : I my case, the ennemy is myself. The ideal I create for myself, both for my appearance and the inside, I want to present as perfect, or maybe extremely strong. If I can conquer that ideal of a perfect image, then perhaps the “me” that exists now can become that imaginary me… I always carry that feeling with me.

- To aim for that ideal image, don’t you have to overcome some huge hurdles ?

Tsurugi : I hate to lose, so I don’t even want to lose to my imaginary self. In other words, defeating the perfect image of myself that I’ve created means that I have 100% control over myself. That’s how I aim for my goal of keeping control over my ideal.

- Aki, who is your “imaginary enemy” ?

Aki : I’ve never been one to use my imagination much. I always look at reality and I like everything to be real. Of course I do image training to try to create a better reality. But I try as much as possible for it to reflect something real.

- So you never indulge in flights of flancy ?

Aki : That kind of thing doesn’t have much meaning for me. This is my personal opinion, but if you fight an imaginary enemy I think you will definitely win. There aren’t many people who will imagine themselves to get defeated in the end, are there ? There are plenty of times when we get defeated in the reality so no one wants to imagine themselves losing.

- At times when you are defeated in real life, do you ever get lost in thought reflecting on it ?

Aki : Even if you replay the scene in your head thinking, “if I had done this I would have won,” with the intention of reflecting on things, you can never stop there. That’s what I hate the most. That’s not reflecting, it’s just your lingering attachement. You think, “That one moment what everything,” and think of how you failed. 

- Moving on to Kei, what about you ?

Kei : For me too, I guess the imaginary enemy is myself. Also, when I’m playing during a live, I’m always concerned about how much I am able to transmit my feelings to the audience.

- You can’t let the enthusiasm of the audience beat yours.

Kei : No I can’t. That’s why when I’m on stage, I face everyone and let out a “kame hame ha”1.

- Pounding away with a stick in each hand is like a kame hame ha.

Kei : That’s right (laughs). The audience lets off wave of energy, so the energy meets between the stage and the audience.

- Do you throw “genki dama”2 in private ?

Mizuki : Where is the girl you are throwing it to ??

All : (laugh)

Kei : What ? On a girl I use the “kaiouken”3. The energy wave is for times when the band needs power.

- OK, next is Mao.

Mao : For me as well, the imaginary enemy I create is myself. For example, when moving from point A to point B I fight with all my might at point A and if I win, only then can I move on to point B. Then at point B too, if I overcome the enemy with full force I go to point C. I don’t have any desire to zoom straight from pont A to point Z.

- But what if you can jump there in one leap ?

Mao : I won’t do it. Do you know the story of the hare and the turtle ? I want to be like the turtle who wins in the end. “Today over tomorrow.” If you ignore that it’s important to build up a bit of strenght everyday, then in the end you will fall hard.

- Sadie moves at a slow and steady pace like the turtle, making to never lose your footing.

Mao : I don’t know about leaping forward or skipping grades. I always go about things thinking, “Right now is most important,” even if the people around me say things like “But isn’t everything going so well ?” or “Why don’t you go ahead and skip a grade.” If we were to advance quickly like that I know we’d feel like we’re being forced to. But that’s not what we want. We want our feelings to fill up every nook and cranny before moving on to the next thing. All five of us think this way, so that’s why we proceed the way we do.

- I see. And on to Mizuki.

Mizuki : My imaginary enemy is also myself. For example, someone has an expectation of me and says, “I want you to be this way.” That person they want me to be is my imaginary enemy. I want to create a picture of myself different from what they imagine, making use of an element of surprise and their expectations. I’m conscious of wanting to create this surprising image of myself, and I want to show that on stage.

- That is, quite simply, Mizuki’s usual way of living ?

Mizuki : Well, I guess it’s a “Mizuki-like” way of living (laughs).   

[A] Actuality

Mizuki : Oh yeah, reality is agonizing everyday (laughs). But at the same time, I’m holding on. There’s is still not even one thing I’m completely satisfied with. So I’m trying hard every day so that I can become satisfied. Probably, once you’re satisfied fulfillment equals the end, so I think it’s best for me to keep saying, “Now is the most difficult time.”

- Kei, how do you perceive your present situation ?

Kei : I don’t really pay attention to the present. Instead, I’m always looking one step ahead. Standing in an entrance way, when I see a light ahead of me I climb the stairs, approaching the light, but even as I go up the stairs the light doesn’t get any closer. In reality, every time you climb a step there is one more step in front of you.

- Do you always make sure of what’s ahead of you ?

Kei : The moment I’ve reached a goal or relaized a dream, I feel a sense of fulfillment. At that time I can already see the next stair I need to climb. I’m never satisfied with things as they are, so I always make certain of what lies ahead of as I go along.

- What about you Aki ?

Aki : For me, live are an escape of reality, something different from the real world. If lives were the same as reality, they would have no value. Of course, the live actually exist. But it’s a space closed from reality. To make that possible and put on a good live, we have to try to allow everyone to experience that escape from reality.

Mao : For me, if you’re talking about real life and reality, I honestly have to say I don’t understand.  The reason I don’t understand is because I value intuition as important no matter what I do. By intuition, I mean when things in daily life build up and suddenly you have an epiphany. That epiphany guides the way to the future I think.

- You’re not having delusions about the future, you’re accepting daily life as real ?

Mao : I don’t know what makes for success and I don’t know what I’ll become in the end. That day by day life is strange. I don’t know when I’ll die, when I won’t be abble to sing anymore, when the ban might come to an end. Rather than thinking ahead about those things I am very conscious of the present instead.

- But you know what you’ll be doing in a month’s time at least, right ?

Mao : But that’s just provisional as I go along. For example, if I’m working on a new song, I’ll imagine how I want it to turn out, but it won’t necessarily be in the end as I planned. As the minutes a,d seconds pile up, my feelings from each moment follow a course and finally the song take its shape. In the end it’s what builds up day after day that is important.

- Tsurugi, what about you ?

Tsurugi :  To compare it to a game, Sadie’s existence has not been strong from the start. In order to attain what we want, we let our experiences pile up and each one gives us a weapon to help us get to the next level. I think this involves looking ahead to what reality will bring on. From that we are able to find our motivation for living. For example, imagining that you are able to fly is easy. However realistically, most people will think, “I can’t fly.” But then there are a few people who look at reality and think, “I can absolutely find a way to fly.” People will normally think that there is no way steel can fly through the sky or float in the ocean. the power to make that possible exists inside people’s head.

- The power of imagination can even change the reality.

Tsurugi : That’s right. That’s why in my mind I don’t create any limits for myself. Everyone can be free to imagine anything they like. But in these thoughts, it’s not just about the imagination, but it can connect to reality as well. As a part of Sadie, I don’t hold any limits for myself  when I play guitar and write songs, and that’s how Sadie has arrived at where we are now. So I don’t want to put any limitations on my power of imagination. I think our dreams become reality.

[D] Dilemma

Tsurugi : Daily life brings its share of frustrations. I feel it bot in my personal life and as a member of Sadie. But they’re trials I put on myself I think. One thing I want to say is that if I compare myself to someone else, I don’t look very good. Awarding merits to myself in comparison to another person is really awful. Isn’t it enough if I can overcome challenges on my own ? The dilemma of comparing myself to others is my greatest enemy.

Mao : I also experience many dilemmas as I go along in life. I can’t find satisfaction in things one by one.but if I become satisfied easily, it closes the road leading to the next step, so I think it’s good that I have this sever point of view.

- Mao, do you always experience the dilemma of how far you ought to let your consciousness extend ?

Mao : Honestly, I have conflicted feelings because there is a discrepancy between what I think and what the audience feels. But that’s something I’ll experience as long as I’m in a band. Of course I realize that I can’t say to everybody “Understand me !”  I also realize that not everyone can understand why Sadie plays or why we make music. But there are in fact a few people who understand what we do. No matter how they come to understand us, if I realize that someone does understand, I’m honestly happy that I express myself the way I do. That becomes our sustenance for continuing.

- Mizuki, what opinion do you have regarding dilemmas ?

Mizuki : I experience dilemma when i consider the difference between how I think we should perform and how we want to perform. Of course, I understand what we have to do to. But just that alone doesn’t give me any sense of satisfaction…

- Isn’t it difficult to bridge the gap between “how you want to perform” and “how you should perform” ?

Mizuki : My teacher once said to me, “If you play what you want to, then you have to play things you don’t want ten times over.” Every time I experience this dilemma I remember his words. Actually, while putting up with the things I don’t want to do, in the end when I can finally play what I want I feel a huge sense of exhilaration.

Aki : I don’t really experience any dilemmas. I can’t say I never have though. But if I have enough spare time to get wrapped up in dilemmas, then I should be driving myself harder. If I experience a dilemma, I’ll be able to come up with a solution myself. Whether it’s the right or wrong solution, a difficult or easy solution, if I come up with some answer, putting it into action lead me forward.

- But don’t you find yourself in a dilemma when you are trying to move forward ?

Aki : maybe it’s cruel to put it this way, but I think a person with that problem doesn’t want to move forward. They can’t do anything so they get wrapped up in the dilemma. If they acquiesce at that point, they should have considered that from the beginning. If you see a high point you want to climb it, and that makes being overwhelmed by dilemmas nonsense. If you are just going to give up halfway then you should have started out with a different goal.

Kei : I don’t need to worry about dilemmas ! I don’t have the time to sit around worrying qbout something bothersome like that, I only think about things optimistically… I don’t need to think about troubles in the first place !

[I] Ideals

Kei : I want to go to Australia and hug a koala. I’ve been interested in Australia and koala bears since i was small. Every time I see Australia on TV, I think, “I ought to live in this place” (laughs). Can you keep koalas in Japan ?!

Aki : Aren’t they protected by the Washington Treaty, so they can’t be kept here ? maube Australians keep them in their gardens.

Kei : If that’s so, then it’s my dream to live in Australia and keep a koala, while practicing polygamy (laughs).

Mizuki : Why polygamy ? (laughs)

Tsurugi : Ideals… There is no limit to the dreams I have. My ideal is to create circumstances where I can do things at my best, in all matters. If things turn out in the end different from how I imagined them in the beginning, as long as the it let’s me be cooler than before the result is OK.

Aki : My desires are deep so if I start to talk about my ideals I won’t be able to stop. There are small things like, “If I drink I don’t want a can of beer, I want a chic bar,” but I also want to design my own brand. Right now I’ve been given the chance to design about half of Sadie’s goods. I express myself through “pictures and sound,” “objects and sound ;” that’s how I want to be known. I want to always continue with design while I pursue music.

Mizuki : My dream is… to get married (laughs). I want to have three children, a girl, a boy, and then a girl, and one dog. We’ll live outside the city. I want to raise naughty kids.

- But won’t you be worried if your daughters are getting into mischief ?  

Mizuki : Ah, I’ll definitely be worried about the oldest child.

Kei : So you won’t care about the younger kids (laughs) !!

Mizuki : Even when my daughter is in high school I want to be abble to wash our underwear together. I don’t want her to think, “I want to wash my underwear separately from dad’s.” Anyway, it’s my dream to not have my daughter hate me.

Mao : I don’t know if it’s my dream or something I just want to do if I get the chance. Sadie is musically a very heavy band and I like to listen that kind of music at home too, but I also like to listen to music at the complete opposite end of the spectrum. I want to try singing that kind of music. For example, just my voice accompanied by piano… Not that I want to do solo work, it’s just that if I have the chance to do that kins of music as well it would be nice.

[E] Egoist

Tsurugi : All five of us feel we don’t want to lose and we don’t want to be false. From another person’s point of view, they might wonder, “How do you want to do that ?” and it’s important to them. Since we choose the realm of music to express ourselves in life, I push ahead not wanting to lose that. Even if it’s selfish, I want to express myself by going ahead consistently.

Mizuki : Uhuh. It could be territorialism, but I have a sense of something being mine inside of myself. That’s something eceryone feels maybe. I feel there are thingd for me which I absolutely won’t waver on, so no matter what anyone says, it’s not so much that I “can’t” fix it, but I “won’t”. But i feel that’s my style. Aside from that, I’m cool with anything and i don’t mind fixing what someone else tells me to (laughs).

Aki : I think I’m selfish. I hate the things I hate and I’ll only do the things I want to do… but I have the same opinion as Tsurugi about being rock… I guess I could say that about us. Rather than having intended for it to be so, I think we are selfish in a good way, going after what we want. If I were the kind to always do things as I’m told then I think I would be a salaryman.

- So you’re not the kind who is selfish about society, saying nothing matters to you.

Aki : I don’t mean to be like that. We express ourselves through our band and we won’t bend, nor can we be made to bend.

Kei : I think I work with the same intent. Recently everyone is using the word “selfish” so I don’t even know what it means (laughs). I think it’s come to mean that you don’t care about anything. So i don’t really know what it means to be selfish (laughs).

Mao : As the vocalist I guess it goes without saying that I’m something of an egoist. Certainly Sadie is allowed to do things selfishly. Or you could say, because we’re not in an environment where we’re made to suppress ourselves we can express ourselves fully. All of our staff respects our plans and what we want to do musically, helping us realize those plans by always co-operating, so whether we fail or succeed they can say that the result is Sadie now. Because all of the members have a good sense of himself, in a good sens we are selfish (laughs). But we all understand that about each other, so we aren’t a completely selfish band.

- Finally, can you tell us your next plan ?

Mao : We’re releasing our newest single next year on February 27. We challenged ourselves to show a side of Sadie no one has ever seen and we will continue showing new aspects of Sadie. Then we’ll go all around Japan in the spring for a country-wide tour.


Live schedule

- 2007

12.31 C.C Lemon Hall

- 2008

01.13 Namba Hatch

01.20 Zepp Tôkyô


〒550-0015 Osaka-shi

Nishi-ku Minami Horie



TEL. 06-6543-3338


Photo/Yousuke Komatsu [ODD JOB]

Interview/Tomonori Nagasawa

Hair&Make/Yoko Tokura

1 Kame hame ha : name of the five first sovereign of Hawaï, but here Kei refers to the manga Dragon Ball and the technique based on energy waves.

2 Genki dama or Genkidama : It refers again to Dragon Ball. It’s a technique that involves taking vital energy from living bodies and then to condense it in a ball. 

3 Kaiouken : Technique from Dragon Ball that involves controlling our body’s energy and amplifying it during a certain time

Cure vol.77 : Sadie interview !

Go beyond what you see

Long time no see since Sadie appeared on Cure Magazine. It’s been a year since they last featured in Cure. New album “Gain” will be released on December 30. Today, they look back on 2009, and shared their memories with us.

- It’s been so long since I’ve seen you guys ! How have you been this year ?

Mizuki : I would say that 2009 has been the busiest year. I tried a lot of new stuff. I feel that I have been changing little by little.

- What did you exactly do on this year ?

Mizuki : Regarding lives, I stopped following the rule that I always followed. It is kind of nice to do just whatever. Also I played in a band named “Karasu” one time, and learned a lot of stuff from it.

- It sounds like a cool experience.

Mizuki : It was. I’m glad that I actually could have experienced such a great opportunity. This experience really helped me improve.

Kei : I’m not really satisfied with this year, honestly. There are many great experiences, which we performed in a huge venue like Yoyogi Stadium. However, I also bad luck and got into some accidents so many times.

- It is important to take care of yourself, especially if you are in a band.

Kei : Totally. I could not perform as I like this year, and I have regrets. Therefore 2010 should be a better year than 2009. I’ll do my best.

 - How about you Tsurugi ?

 Tsurugi : I’m satisfiied what I’ve done this year. I really enjoyed playing in Sadie, and could perform as I imagined. Earlier, I cared about people who were watching Sadie as an audience. I focus on looking cool. However i noticed the important thing as an artist is to enjoy what you are doing. When you do a live, or even making songs, you have to enjoy your work otherwise you can’t get a good result. As Kei said, we performed in Yoyogi Stadium which was pretty unforgettable for me too.

 - Must be. I can tell that Sadie is getting poplar day by day. How’s Aki’s 2009 ?

Aki : Well, nothing much. It was kind of the same as 2008.

 - Really ?

Aki : What we are doing is connecting together at the end. Things we’ve done last year help bring good opportunities for this year ; things we are doing now will bring unexpected chances for next year. I can’t really describe how 2009 was due to it is just a process to become bigger. Personally, the most memorable experience is that I changed my hairstyle.

Mizuki : So what ?! (laughs)

Aki : I mean I don’t think we had something that special this year. We won’t have anything special in 2010 either. Playing in a huge venue, attend a bigger event, these are not special experience at all. We just do what we have to do.

Mao : Well, but we have actually improved when you compare it with last year’s Sadie. We couldn’t have done a One-Man Like in Shibuya AX last year because we didn’t have that many fans before. By the way, there is a Sadie’s fan club in Japan. The fan club has been around almost three years. I believe it is really important to keep a relationship with fans. Fans are the main supporters.

- I agree that better to keep going with what you are doing.

Mao : In these days, a lot of bands are going to disband so quickly. It’s not so nice to compete with other bands and talk bad about them, yet we are actually still playing as Sadie and other bands are not. As a vocal, I have a lot more responsibility than before. When the band gets popular, you have to meet more people and attend more events. That is why, automatically, I began to think how the face of the band has to be.

- Sadie released a couple a CDs and had a lot of lives this year. Also the new album will be released at the end of the year. I heard from somebody that the album “Gain” is supposed to be released as a single. Is there any reason that you changed your idea to make an album ?

Mao : We had a concept of “Gain” at first. However, while  we were writing the song, we realized it is difficult to explain the concept in only one song. We definitely needed more songs otherwise people wouldn’t understand what we are tryong to tell through our music.

- So what is the concept of the album then ?

Mao : As you know, “Gain” has the meaning that you get something, or expands what you have. What we say through this the album is we want to get more experiences, ans gain our skills.

- It has various kinds of songs in the album, but also each song has similar parts with other songs, which is really interesting. How did you feel about  your music of the album “Gain” ?

Kei : A song “ever” which has a PV is a song for melody ; thus I didn’t really focus on how I play. Instead, I focused on supporting the music as a drummer.

- What about other songs in the album ?

Kei : Same as “ever”. This time, I focused on supporting other instruments than just showing good technical drum beats. It may be the first time to think like that for me.

- If you think about your band first, the band makes better songs than the time when you thought about it individually. Did anyone try bringing new or different style to the album ?

Aki : I used a five-string bass this time. I had used the bass one time, but it is first time that I actually “used” a five-string bass for recording. Also, I tried not to use the same phrase more than a couple times in one song. If people don’t enjoy the CD, it is nothing even though we are satisfied with our work.

- As Kei sais, you are focusing on band instead of individualism.

Aki : Pretty much. We are not individual players, we are a band.

Tsurugi : Nevertheless, I focused on me, actually. To me, i f I cared about other instruments, I can’t really play as I like. The band needs to be balanced ; if some members think about “A” then other members have to think about “B”. Because I’m a guitar player of Sadie, I have to play like “Sadie’s guitarist.” You have to say who you are through the music. Speak out your idea forst, and then we are able to start making better music mixing other people’s ideas.

- I see. I like your word “Say who you are through your music.”

Tsurugi : Yet youu cannot be selfish. It’s not like “I must be the best guitarist in the world.” There are tons of great guitarists everywhere. You have to be the best “Sadie’s” guitarist among these guitar players in the world. This is what I care about the most this year.

Mizuki : When i recorded my part, I intentionally picked the work that I did as a test. It’s kind of fun. The new stuff that I tried was using an accoustic guitar. I played with accoustic for fun, but never tried recording before ; therefore it was a nice experience.

Mao : In regards to the lyrics, I wanted to talk about the history of Sadie. When I lesten to previous releases, obviously I can tell that my style has been changing a lot.that is why, through the album, I wanted to express what we have done so far. I just used words that came up in my mind ; and not to make up a story and decorate the song with meaningless words like a typical Visual Kei band.

- Yea, I can hear your improvement when I listened to your new album. Also, we cannot stop expecting that Sadie will make it in future. 

Mao : It has been five years since we formed ; thus it is a good time to show people what we’ve done as Sadie.

- I see. The last of all, can you tell us what your vision on 2010 is ?

Mizuki : Next year, I will play guitar more. There are couple songs that are really matching that guitar sound. I’m a guitarist which means I have to appeal my guitar sound more. Don’t forget that I’m the actual guitarist of Sadie. (laugh)

Tsurugi : Well, I was going to say so… (laugh) I should expect a lot from his guitar huh ? Anyways, I want people to think “he did more than we expected !” I’ll try my best to get the result that I can’t even imagine now.

Kei : We are going to release “Gain” in a few weeks. We really need to capture something new ; gain something we need. We refuse to stop working.

Aki : Some people often say that if you want to get something new, you have to give up something you already have. However, I think that’s B.S. You don’t have to give up anything to get something new. You just need to add some new things to your library. I cannot forget what I was thinking when i started Sadie, what I was thinking years ago. Everything we’ve done is a great provision of you.

Mao : Hinestly, I want to be the ban that will make the VK industry grow. I’m pretty confident when I looked back at the past five years. We did a lot of stuff. I really want Sadie to be a band who impresses other bands.

- Thank you for such a nice comment ! We are looking forward to seeing Sadie more.