cure clover

《blend of old & new from their time & ours》

☆Echo & the Bunnymen - The Killing Moon
☆Lana Del Ray - Wicked Game
☆Muse - Starlight
☆The xx - Stars
☆The Neighborhood - Sweater Weather ☆Coldplay - Fix You
☆Rihanna - We Found Love
☆Mazzy Star - Blue Light
☆Garbage - #1 Crush
☆Coldplay - Magic
☆Incubus - Stellar
☆Dashboard Confessional - Vindicated
☆Joan Jett - Crimson & Clover
☆The Cure - Just Like Heaven
☆Yellowcard - Only One
☆Slipknot - Vermillion pt. 2
☆Alkaline Trio - Every Thug Needs A Lady

No.2 In my MagicGal ME oc series~

I.. don’t know her name :)) //shot

Was it.. Haru (?) I’ll probably edit when I figure out XD.

So anywayss~~ This time I added a bunny fairy friend~ Like how all mahou shoujos have their good fairy familiars.

I based her design from Cure Rosetta, Cure Dream, and Amulet Clover (Shugo Chara). Although i have to say Cure Rosetta influenced the dress the most.

Drawcember: Week 1 (Protagonist)

i dont know what i was expecting but it certainly wasnt this 
i started out thinking
“i’m gonna do an action-ey pic and it will be epic”
and yet
this is what happens
[stares at hands in mild confusion]