cure angie

“It looks like ya got yerself in a bit of a pickle pumpkin” Merle said, his adopted son was shivering as he hugged the tree limb just above the highest rung of the ladder. 

Banjo nodded, “y-yeah. I-It’s too high.” 

Merle nodded in agreement, “I know son, that’s why I came to help ya down. Now, I’m gonna get a grip on ya, and when I say so I’ll need ya to let go of the tree so I can pulls ya down, alright?” 

“No!” Banjo shook his head and clung tighter to the tree, “I-if I let go I’ll fall!”

 “Banjomin, I know yer scared, but I ain’t gonna let ya get hurt. I’m gonna catch you and it’ll be fine.” Merle placed his hand on the boy’s knee, stroking it lightly with his thumb, “Do ya trust me son?”

Banjomin paused, but eventually nodded in agreement. Once it seemed like Banjo was less tense Merle reached up and got a grip on Benjamin’s Torso. “Okay son, ya can let go now.” 

For a minute Banjo hesitated, but eventually he released the tree limb and Merle was able to scoop him up in his arms. He wrapped his hands around his Pa’s neck and Merle quickly climbed down the ladder to the ground. 

Merle rubbed Banjo’s back calmingly, and eventually the five year old opened his eyes and noticed they were back on the ground. Banjo hugged him closely and Merle smiled, “ There now, that wasn’t so bad was it?”

I thought of some dialogue to go with the picture, but this is just a drawing of how I imagine it goes when the Mcguckets discover Stan is scared of heights after he’s de-aged in the Banjomin Stanley Mcgucket au. 

Brooklyn Nine Nine crossover – Cap!Peggy discovers the wonders of modern technology


Angie: Peg, you remember Clint? Hawkeye? Tell Cap what level you’re on in Kwazy Cupcakes.

Clint: Oh! I’m just about the enter Sprinkle Town!!

Angie: Isn’t that great! You two have so much in common!

Peggy: **drops phone in trash** I’m cured now.