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just tackled steve because he was eating peanut butter & i forgot he’s not allergic anymore & i thought he was gonna die. whoopsie.

Infection AU -Bad ending-

previous one:

Soooo i decided to make an AU out of this -kinda- but i couldn’t decide in which way i wanted it to go so f**** it let’s just make two different ending for this AU

And of course i’m starting by the “bad” one

Basically after Ladybug was hit by Chat Noir’ cataclysm she didn’t feel anything at first, since she have the ladybug miraculous she is more resistant to it BUT instead of killing her instantly like it would happen with a normal citizen the cataclysm “infection” gros slowly on her body affecting both her physical and mental state. In my idea she become “corrupted” like an akuma can corrupt someone into turning evil but a bit more intense.

I’ll probably draw the corrupted version of Ladybug, but it will more likely look like the design i’ve made in the past for akumatized ladybug.


not to be hyperbolic but receiving a link to this video, the most important sequel in the world, has singlehandedly restored my will to live and cured me of all my problems and ailments

Okay guys, I know we’re all upset that this time, Steam screwed over the release of DDADDS, and who knows if the game will be released tonight because of it. But let’s appreciate the fact the devs learned from last time to keep us posted. Let’s appreciate that they’re doing their best to release this game they’re so ready to share with us.

And let’s appreciate the fact that, while the game to most folks hasn’t been unlocked, the review copies of the game HAVE been for reviewers. Which gives us such an amazing screenshot as this.

Guys. We can choose our wife to be our HUSBAND instead!!! I’m living!!! I’m so happy!!!

One thing I really like about BNHA is the constant acknowledgement of the fact that the shonen manga “I can do anything if I just push myself hard enough and refuse to ever rest or back down” mindset is incredibly self destructive.

Like. All Might is falling apart, physically. Midoriya, at just 15, has destroyed his body so many times that he risks paralysis every time he channels his power through his arms. Iida has severe nerve damage in one hand. And literally no one who cares about them is pretending that this is an acceptable way to be. Even the resident magic cure-all, Recovery Girl, can’t do enough to keep up with the damage they put themselves through, and in Midoriya’s case has threatened to stop healing him so as not to enable his self-destructive tendencies.

Plus, a lot of their character development revolves around learning NOT to be like that. Iida spends several arcs after his fight with Stain trying to atone for the trouble his recklessnes caused and trying to prevent Midoriya from getting into the same type of trouble. All Might has to learn to live as a civilian after he gives his power to Midoriya and then CONTINUES to push his body so far that he pretty much breaks. Midoriya develops a new fighting style, reevaulates his tendency to rush in, and learns to ask for help from the Support department in order to keep from destroying himself in the same way.

It’s honestly refreshing; I was a little sick of the Bleach-style “the hero can loose twice his weight in blood and be totally fine an episode later” type of storytelling.

5 Ways to Feel Better in 5 Minutes

I know at least one person who has lost all motivation now that summer has begun. There’s something about not being in a regular, structured environment full of like-minded peers that just kinda brings people down, you know? However, you don’t have to succumb to feeling gross now that summer is here. Here are five tips that can be completed in five minutes to make life feel a little better.

Wash your face.

It doesn’t have to even be a full wash. In summer, sometimes a facial wipe-down with a damp cloth can do wonders. It’s cool, it’s refreshing, and it can help energize you to do whatever you wanna get done.

Put away three items.

Right now, look to your right and put away the first three items you see that are out of place. You can keep going if you want. It’s not required, though! Just three seems to be enough for me to feel useful but not put-upon. Plus, now your living space is three items tidier, which is good for morale.

Light a candle and watch it flicker.

Meditation is boring. That’s fair. However, watching a candle burn is similar, in that it allows your mind to empty out and focus on nothing. I could watch a fire burn for ages, lost in my thoughts. Plus, most candles smell nice. Bonus!

Change clothes.

If you’re in a summer funk, I’d bet money you’re wearing at least one article of clothing that you’ve been living in for about a day too long. Go change, now. I feel the most human on days where I dress nice and wear my fancy linen cardigan. You probably have a similar outfit. Go wear it.

Drink a glass of water.

I have once again lost my good water bottle, so I have a new one coming in the mail. Until then, and for the past few weeks, I will be and have been dehydrated. Dehydration can mess with your head in a bunch of ways, none of them good. My willpower decreases, I get lazier, and I don’t sleep as well. So drink a glass of water for me and maybe we’ll both feel better.

Obviously none of these are cure-alls or quick fixes for something more than a minor slump. But for a quick mood boost, there’s few things I’ve found that are more effective. Go kick that summer slump’s butt. You got this!


I drew what I promised.