cure alls

Per tutta la vita ho desiderato che qualcuno mi prendesse per mano e si occupasse di me. Magari sembro una persona coraggiosa che fa tutto da sé, e invece mi abbandonerei così volentieri alle cure di un altro.

E. Hillesum

junkrat crush hc’s

Originally posted by nostrromo

  • be prepared to have him in your face. not all the time, mind, but definitely more often. he’ll invent reasons to see you, and he won’t always be subtle about it
  • cocky teasing and a lot of heavy-handed flirting. is he serious? who knows! but the innuendos are almost too well-thought of to be jokes … right?
  • handsy. he’s going to be leaning against you, resting on your shoulder, slouching against you while he works on something     be prepared to have him a little closer than normal
  • he gets distracted a lot more often if you’re in the vicinity. roadhog is gonna start grumping about all the bombs he’s had to defuse at the last minute, because junkrat simply can’t focus
  • don’t be surprised if, in the middle of a battle, you’re a little more defended than usual. junkrat guards his treasures, after all
  • petnames / nicknames galore