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how are people justifying that f!handers is inherently abusive lmao??? like i literally mean how are people doing it i've not seen it before but i don't put it past people

So I’m gonna explain the issues between the fhanders and mhanders fandoms now, because this is not new.

1.  If you look at old fhanders fics, they are all abusive and terrible for the most part, a lot of ‘fix it’ fics where Anders is ‘cured’ of Justice and all his mental illnesses too.

2.  old fhanders fandom used to do this to mhawke posts:

3.  However, mhanders people have said he should “basically be gay” because of how much better in game he responds to mhawke than fhawke, but this is only because of hepler’s writing.  Which I’m not even saying Anders should be counted as canonically sexist anymore, because Sebastian also says some sexist things in game, so basically Hepler should never be allowed to write men, because they always turn out sexist in her writing.  However, this does not make Anders less bi and the mhanders fandom needs to stop.

4.  I’ve seen accusations of ‘you’re misogynistic because you prefer mhawke’, or ‘you’re homophobic if you prefer fhawke’ thrown around from both sides of the fandom.  My opinion: you’re biphobic if you say any of these things, and Anders is BI regardless.

The fandom has been splintered for a VERY long time, I am only now truly trusting parts of the fhanders fandom because I’ve been around this fandom long enough to see all of it.  I’m mhanders personally, but Anders is bi, him and fhawke isn’t inherently abusive, and the biphobia in this fandom has to stop.

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It's good to know the Ray Effect even works on Zombies. Maybe that's the zombie cure we've been looking for this whole time?

Ray is the cure for all illness and disease, obviously. 1 look at his bright smile and stupidly cute face immediately makes anyone feel better of anything that ails them

i swear it’s like some of you are so dead set in your image of being mentally ill that you hold yourself back from improving your health.

no, diet and exercise are not a cure all for depression.

however, they will HELP you. no, not everybody has access to affordable healthy food. but the key is control over your own life. exercising and eating better not only improves your physical health (which will impact your mental health much more than you realize), but gives you a sense of control over your life as well as makes you feel good about yourself! it’s also a distraction.

same goes for drinking lots of water. taking steps to improve your overall health DOES impact your mental health. so don’t wave off all advice as “what are you, nuerotypical???” bc very often it’s advice from other ppl with mental illnesses that have seen the benefits of improving yourself


not to be hyperbolic but receiving a link to this video, the most important sequel in the world, has singlehandedly restored my will to live and cured me of all my problems and ailments

Infection AU -Bad ending-

previous one:

Soooo i decided to make an AU out of this -kinda- but i couldn’t decide in which way i wanted it to go so f**** it let’s just make two different ending for this AU

And of course i’m starting by the “bad” one

Basically after Ladybug was hit by Chat Noir’ cataclysm she didn’t feel anything at first, since she have the ladybug miraculous she is more resistant to it BUT instead of killing her instantly like it would happen with a normal citizen the cataclysm “infection” gros slowly on her body affecting both her physical and mental state. In my idea she become “corrupted” like an akuma can corrupt someone into turning evil but a bit more intense.

I’ll probably draw the corrupted version of Ladybug, but it will more likely look like the design i’ve made in the past for akumatized ladybug.

Per tutta la vita ho desiderato che qualcuno mi prendesse per mano e si occupasse di me. Magari sembro una persona coraggiosa che fa tutto da sé, e invece mi abbandonerei così volentieri alle cure di un altro.

E. Hillesum


Sneaky McHanzo at 3:33 of the new Anniversary Event video thank you Blizzard thank u heaven and earth for this pure content that has cured all my ails

yousef is gonna be so god damn happy when he meets isak and sees how much he loves even and how he’s always there for him because yousef loves even and he definitely feels like he failed him and knowing even has someone is definitely gonna be a huge relief for him

junkrat crush hc’s

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  • be prepared to have him in your face. not all the time, mind, but definitely more often. he’ll invent reasons to see you, and he won’t always be subtle about it
  • cocky teasing and a lot of heavy-handed flirting. is he serious? who knows! but the innuendos are almost too well-thought of to be jokes … right?
  • handsy. he’s going to be leaning against you, resting on your shoulder, slouching against you while he works on something     be prepared to have him a little closer than normal
  • he gets distracted a lot more often if you’re in the vicinity. roadhog is gonna start grumping about all the bombs he’s had to defuse at the last minute, because junkrat simply can’t focus
  • don’t be surprised if, in the middle of a battle, you’re a little more defended than usual. junkrat guards his treasures, after all
  • petnames / nicknames galore

It’s so important to see that being with Killian Jones wasn’t this magical ‘fix-it’ for Emma Swan. That his love wasn’t this huge magical cure for her issues (just like Emma’s love wasn’t a magical cure for his). Because it’s never that easy. Nobody is a cure for emotional ailments. And I’m happy the show is showing this. That Emma’s lifetime worth of trauma and emotional baggage didn’t just evaporate because Killian Jones came into her life (and vice versa).