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ur worrying ppl teru

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Maybe before we start petitioning for Stefán to do this or that, we should let him fully heal from the illness he still very much has.

Witchy Whiskey

Since people have asked about the whiskey witch thing, here’s a few of the ways that I’m willing to share how I use whiskey in my (non-secular) craft.

*Spells in old whiskey bottles. Most are dark green (I like Jameson OK) so they also preserve the contents, making them perfect as well for things like herbal tinctures.

*Hot whiskey is a healing spell, a potion unparalleled, 100% magic cure for everything, don’t lie I’m right u no it

*Irish Mist, my favourite whiskey, is at least 20% honey with a good lash of assorted herbs, pre-made magic for sure

*Best offering, particularly for Irish gods and fae. My honoured dead are also fond.

*Added to food for general libation/blessings

*Truth potion extraordinare


I don’t know if anyone pointed this out or maybe I just have too much precure on the brain.

But when I saw these two in MP100 I instantly thought of Nagisa & Honoka. Since I assume the coloring choices for Chihiro & Mari were done by the anime staff, I don’t think this was ONE’s intention. But it’s nice to think of the girl’s school in MP100 is a weird au of Verone Academy.

Thanks to the anon who popped up on my other blog, I ended up having a dream with Coven in BotW time. She was still a half Zora and she was ostracized by most of the Zoras and most of the humans for it, so she chose to live on the outskirts of Zora’s Domain, away from the main city. She made her life more as a ranger than an actual Zora.

Cue some sort of plague happening to the Domain and Sidon wants to help his people by finding the rare herb that can help 100% cure the stuff if they add it into some medicine. So he goes to Coven, asking for her help and she’s like ‘Meh. They hate me, but sure. Whatever.’ And so they spend two days trekking on land until they come to this huge waterfall.

She tells him the herbs are at the top of the waterfall, so they’ll start climbing up the next morning. Sidon’s confused because Zoras can just swim up waterfalls and so he asks why they can’t just swim up. She bitterly replies that her human half makes it so she’s not strong enough to climb waterfalls nor is she half as fast as normal zoras. It’s one of the reasons she decided to live away from the city. 

Sidon, being his ever perky and optimistic self, tells her he’ll carry her up the waterfall. After some badgering, she eventually agrees and so he takes them up the waterfall. Once they’re up there, they find the field of the herb they’re looking for. 

Only it’s guarded by like, four moblins and like five lizalfos. Coven tells Sidon to sneak around while she distracts the group of monsters and he’s left going ‘…How are you going to distr—ACK DON’T JUST JUMP IN THERE!’ 

Yep. Coven just charged forward and engaged all the monsters. 

So Sidon does as he was ordered and gathers up a lot of the herbs before running towards the waterfall. On the way, he grabs Coven and dives off the side. When they reach bottom, he realizes that may not have been the best of ideas, as Coven is bleeding pretty bad from her abdomen and her leg.

The dream then fades to black before coming back to Coven, who’s lying on a bed, covered in bandages and just waking up from having been unconscious for a bit. Sidon’s happy to see her awake, she’s confused AF, and he explains what happened. 

And that they may have had to remove part of one of her legs due to the extensive damage it suffered. But he assures her he’ll help her as much as he can since it’s kind of his fault she had to lose the leg in the first place. She doesn’t really have a reply towards this, since she’s like ‘Well shit. My leg’s gone.’

They manage to get a few medicinal potions in her and she’s able to walk around with the aid of a crutch. Sidon’s trying to talk one of the smiths to craft her a new leg, but old thoughts die hard and the smith is reluctant to put his skills to work for ‘that thing’. Sidon starts to get angry (!) and does his best to calmly remind the smith that, since, y’know, she did help him get the herbs that saved the kingdom, she kind of deserves at least a prosthetic. 

So the smith says fine, bring her to me and I’ll see what I can do. So Sidon goes to get Coven only to find her gone. One of the servants said he saw her hobbling off towards a bridge so Sidon goes after her.

And then the dumbass frogs outside my window woke me up with their loud croaking and I never did get to find out if Coven got her new leg or what B|

Informed Decisions

As a doctor, how would you approach a conversation with a patient that heavily distrust modern medicine? For example, a patient with cancer that wants naturopathic treatments instead of conventional chemotherapy because they don’t want any “chemicals” in their body and chemo isn’t a 100% cure for cancer. Like there are so many things wrong with that logic that I don’t even know where to begin. -anon

Patients are allowed to make their own decisions. Even stupid ones, unfortunately. Our job as clinicians is to make sure that patients are as informed as possible so they have all the facts when it’s time to make their decision.

The cancer scenario hasn’t happened to me, but I see people use idiotic reasoning and misinformation to not get vaccinations or colonoscopies or take their medication all the time.

My typical approach is to say something like this: “studies show that [X] prevents/improves/treats/cures [Y], so by refusing to take [X], that tells me that you are willing to take the risk of getting [Y]. Is that correct?” If they say yes, then I make sure they understand the implications of their choice and document their refusal to do whatever I recommended and move on. If they tell me, “oh no, I don’t want to get [Y],” then I explain the options we have to help them prevent it or detect it. Again, they are still allowed to make their own decision in the end.

There’s a lot you can do to help a patient make an informed decision. You can give them reading materials from reputable sources that explain their condition and their treatments. You can try to convince them to talk to a specialist about their condition so they can be less afraid of treatments or new doctors. You can bring the topic up at future appointments and explain more in depth each time. 

It’s important to let the patient understand that you are recommending [XYZ] because you believe it is for their best good. Show them that you have their best interests and their well being in mind. And ultimately, even if they make a choice you disagree with, you can still support them through whatever they’re going through.

OK so I went and got myself a fishtank and you can totally use polymer clay for fishtank decorations*. So I made some cute little axolotls, but it turns out they’re too big for the tank. Now I dunno what to do with them but dang, they sure are cute!

The purple one and the pink one have holes drilled out so that they could be stuck on some clear acrylic rods I have (to give the appearance of floating). The black one has weights in the bottom so that he sits upright all the time. GOOOOSHHH I want to make more of these! Axolittles for everyonnnee!

Glass beads and Premo polymer clay.

*= the clay must be 100% cured, unpainted and unsealed. And if you use alcohol inks to color your clay, I wouldn’t do it this time.

I can’t with these posts about how “Zemo succeeded more than any other villain bc he broke up the avengers :(”

How though.

In what way exactly are the Avengers broken up? The only thing that change is that “team Cap” is now one cellphone call away instead of in the near vicinity. Steve and Tony’s relationship didn’t get any worse, since it wasn’t ever good in the first place. Bucky is probably safer now than ever before. Black Widow double crossed Team Ironman without any sort of repercussions (not saying that she wasn’t right to do it). The Avengers now have Black Panther as their ally. Even Rhodey’s injury will probably be 100% cured by some technological gizmo by the time Infinity War rolls in.

The answer to Zemo’s “did it?” in the final scene is yeah. Your efforts were completely for nothing buddy. You killed the King of Wakanda, who had absolutely no involvement in your Wife and Child’s Tragic Demise™, and you sort of upset the lives of the Avengers for a couple months. That’s about it.

i was on the verge of an anxiety attack and all my teacher told me to do was “stop being anxious’ …. i was 100% cured instantly, my skin cleared up, and my crops grew