cure 100

ur worrying ppl teru

pls stop teru

this was supposed to be a 30 min doodle

I just kinda wanna show TER acting like the smug son of a gun he is and also the whole name thing is just rly fuckgin cute I need to draw it 

also its transparent just for the sake of being transparent

Awkward Family Dinner

(A Black Hat x gender neutral!reader one-shot)

(Genre: Fluff, like,,, sUPER HECKIN FLUFF)

“I SHALL HAVE YOUR (DAUGHTER/SON/CHILD)!” Black Hat’s booming voice rang throughout the dining room of your parents house.

All three sets of eyes turned to him, wide and in shock. Your parents a little more taken aback than you, but nonetheless you didn’t think he’d loose this much of his cool. You thought the pressure of your extremely villainous boyfriend, Black Hat, meeting your parents for the first time was getting to him. But you didn’t know for sure.

All you knew right now was that he had stood up, slightly upsetting the table, and the chair he was sitting in, and had pointed a dramatic accusing finger at your now slightly frightened mother and father.

You see, your mom was getting a tad… protective of you. And Black Hat might’ve taken this as an insult… or a threat… or both.

Your dad coughed awkwardly and smiled, “Eh.. hehe… w-was that…” he gulped, “a joke?”

Black Hat blinked, confused, his expression began to show it a little. But his attention turned to you once you spoke up.

“Um, YES! Hahah! He’s always making dramatic jokes like that!” You lied. “Right love?” You eyed him pleadingly, internally begging for him to play along.

Black Hat cleared his throat, composing himself, and elegantly sat back down. “Yes… a joke.” He mumbled, eyes averted out of embarrassment and lingering grumpiness.

Now, you’re probably wondering why this was even happening in the first place. Why on earth would Black Hat, the most evil of all villains, an eldritch abomination with powers unimaginable to the human mind, agree to attend a small little meeting with three silly humans? Well, you see…

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