Cool story of the Day:

My mom is an ELL worker, or and English Language Learner worker. She helps people from foreign countries that move here to escape war, genocide, disaster, and many other things. She befriended this lady named Zaeeton (pronounced Zay-toon). She came over with her husband and 3 kids from Iraq 3 months ago. She only has about and 8th grade education, and only speaks curdish, but cant write it, because fun fact Curdish doesnt have a written language. Anyway my mom decided that they needed some extra help considering they dont have the greatest jobs, but they are getting by, theyre new hear so its hard for them to know where to get help, and they dont know what they all needed, so my mom bought them a whole bunch of stuff, like toasters, books, and blankets. Even so learning stuff for their kids. ALSO, their two year old can say all the abc’s and count to ten, when the average american doesnt learn that until they are about 5… Hes super smart. Anyway, they were very friendly, im glad I got to me them. Its interesting to know how bad some of them have it, yet THEY DONT COMPLAIN, then over here in america, were all nag nag nag… America is really full of themselves.