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Honestly, Trevor getting curbstomped so badly might be a throwback to how horrible of a trainer he is in the games. In the last battle against him, he has three pokemon: Raichu (lvl 49), Aerodactyl (lvl 49), and Florges (lvl 51). Aside from the opposite gender PC, all of the rivals in XY are laughably bad, and I swept all of them with one pokemon when I played (I never needed to rotate against them even accounting for type). So while it sucks that the anime wasted Charizard Y on him, (1/2)

Trevor is a pathetic excuse for a rival in the games (right along with Tierno and Shauna) and so it honestly just feels right that he was curbstomped right out of the League in the anime, regardless of who did it. I mean, Bonnie could have faced him and I would have expected him to get curbstomped lol. He has no right to Charizard Y at all.

I had wished Charizard Y had gone to someone else but honestly I just felt sorry for Trevor at this League, he was so ready to show everyone his ace and was completely and embarrassingly destroyed by uber X and Alan, he may suck as a rivial but he sucked in a way that I just want someone to get him an ice cream or something.

I honestly hope after the League Shauna treats him and Tierno to a dinner or something, to let them know they’re still winners to her,

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Meg Myers- Curbstomp

I’m a sinner
I’m a liar
Want forgiveness
But I’m tired
I’m addicted to the fire
Let go, I’m ready for it
Let go, I’m ready

I’m a victim
I’m a coward
Try to wake up
Don’t have the power
I’m a daughter in the choir
Let go, I’m ready for it
Let go, I’m ready


Seth Rollins Curb Stomps FOX9 Reporter Via WWE Universe Twitter Account

’In 2013 Fox 9 Morning News reporter MA Rosko face-planted on live TV, wait was that Seth Rollins… Hold up that was a Curb Stomp if I’ve ever seen one! Enjoy :D’