curbside finds


We’re already plotting weekend projects. One thing we love: giving old furniture a new life. It’s rewarding to take a thrift store or curbside find and transform it with a few coats of paint. 

Some project tips: 
To keep this a simple project, look for pieces in good shape. Make sure drawers are functioning and no wood veneer is peeling away. 
Sand, sand, sand. Prep your surface for maximum paint adhesion. You’re going to do this, do it right.
Decide on your sheen. Chalky paint is popular for a matte look, but semi-gloss is a pretty standard furniture sheen since it’s easier to clean. The shiner the surface, the more imperfections will show, so rougher pieces may benefit from a flatter paint. 
Let your paint completely dry before placing drawers back in or items on top of the surface. Messing up the fresh finish on painted furniture is more frustrating than a smudged manicure.

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