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Jungkook has a weakness for Jimin's smile, so this one time while they're cuddling in bed Jimin smiles fondly at his boyfriend and Jungkook touches their foreheads together and lets the full-blown smile take over his face because Jimin's beauty will be the death of him and oh, gods, they love each other so much. – flowery anon 🌸

Kookie loves tracing Jimin’s lips with the pads of his fingertips. They’re so soft, and so full. They’re laying in bed one night, and Kookie is regaling a story from earlier that day, hands flailing in the air and making funny faces, and Jimin giggles at his antics like always. But when Kookie catches sight of Jimin’s smile he stops, and before he can think, he’s reaching up to trace the curbe of Jimin’s lips. Jimin’s mouth naturally falls open just a little wider for Kookie but he looks at Kookie questioningly. Kookie just just shakes his head. Beautiful. Your smile I mean. It’s beautiful. Jimin stares at him for a second before breaking out into a megawatt smile and Kookie can’t help but smile back. He pushes forward until they’re foreheads are touching and they just…breathe the same air for a moment. You’re beautiful, Jimin. 

Sometimes “love your body no matter what” stuff has uncomfortable echoes of an abusive relationship. Like no matter how much shit your body gives you, how many times it fails you and frustrates your goals, you’re just supposed to keep on loving or else you are bad at body positivity. If a lover treated me the way my body and mind treat me, I’d have kicked him to the curb long ago.

I’m not saying there isn’t value in making peace with your body. You have to live in it, after all, just as you sometimes have to live in the presence of abusive people. But love isn’t obligatory.

“Rare photo of Jess sporting her super tall!”

What a fantastic tall, Jess! Soon you’ll be leaping that curb and heading to the donut store in no time!
Tombe la Neige

Dry powder clumps ride the breeze
from branch to branch, from curb to gutter
like cotton blossoms in Alabama
I once remarked looked like snow.

The cotton looked like snow; the snow
looks like cotton and the cars
wear blankets, but
the road is clear.

This is today, in places
where there is not yet thought
of warm.

© 2016 by Jennifer R.R. Mueller

patroclus & achilles @ disneyland

• they get ice creams together on main street and then spend an hour in the penny arcade
• they ride space mountain 5 times
• achilles loves splash mountain more though so he dragged pat on that at least twice
• they sit on a curb on main st and watch the parades and the fireworks over the castle
• but ofc they have parkhoppers
• patroclus loves tower of terror a lot and achilles got scared just watching the video
• they LOVE the rapids and go on them until they are both soaked head to toe
• achilles loves california screamin & drags pat on that too
• they go on soarin over california and hold hands the whole time
• the make out during world of color and achilles cries

Since getting the job with NP publishing I had been living with my parents, but I couldn’t take it any more. My mom was constantly in my business always trying to set me up with so and so son’s or nephew or whatever.  

I had been to look at a few properties and made the mistake of bringing along my dad. Let me just give you a piece of advice, don’t go house hunting with your parents, nothing you can afford is good enough for them. 

After a ton of bitching and complain Sasha agreed to come home and look at places with me. It had been a long day, we went to four different place all in varying stages of decay. I wasnt very hopeful that I would be able to find anything. 

“This one has decent curb appeal at least.” Sasha was right it look gorgeous from the outside but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. 

“Yeah but who knows what the inside will look like, Ted said it’s been vacant for like six months.” 

A few minutes later Ted, my real estate agent showed up to let us in.Sasha let out a low whistle and I smiled so high. This house was almost perfect, I mean it needed a ton of work but it had so much potential. 

“So?” Sasha asked. 

“I think I’ll make an offer.” 

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For a long time I didn't want L.exa to die because I wanted Clarke to kick her to the curb instead of losing someone else that she (allegedly) loves, but L.exa's stans have me actively hating the character now. I can't wait for her to die. I will have to seriously hold myself back from making incredibly mocking posts on this site celebrating her death.

I hear you, anon. We’ll be trying to restrain ourselves together.

please help me out

hi guys

ive spent several years living in a bit of a nightmare. recently it has worsened beyond belief and im caught in the middle of a massive mess. my parents are almost entirely broke, my father is an alcoholic who has become increasingly violent, and my mother is a verbally abusive micromanager who is threatening to kick me out. ive been applying to about 20 jobs a day for over a month and am still unemployed and broke. my therapist has told me to get out of my house and away from my parents before they kick me to the curb first. im a legal adult and im not in school (again due to money and my mental health) so i cant get on my province’s welfare. 

if it’s possible at all, please please please donate any amount you can/would like towards me getting away from my family. im looking into an apartment in my boyfriend’s town (as he cant keep taking me in for half the week) to properly disown my family and leave this town full of bad memories but it would cost me $800 monthly, and i desperately need funds fast, as i will be moving april 1 if possible.

any donation is so appreciated. every little bit counts. please help me if you can,or at least signal boost. donations can be sent to on paypal. thank you.

What's the big hold up, huh?

Well, it’s been that I dislocated and broke my elbow back in December, hanging Christmas lights. I was already on medical leave for some other nonsense, so it didn’t interfere with work too bad - I was back at the office half time at the start of January. But the next thing on our checklist is CPR/first aide training.


1) We are only going to be certified to foster people who need two finger/one hand chest compressions.

2) I’ve had CPR/first aide courses so many times I can’t even count them.

3) If it’s between two handed chest compressions/rebreaking my arm and someone dying, I’m obviously doing the chest compressions/rebreaking my arm.

There’s been no need to prove this though, since I tripped over a curb last week and rebroke my arm with no chest compressions involved.

I’m burying the lede here.

Finally J reached out to our certifying social worker about whether he could get the CPR now and I could float for a bit. The answer was no, I need it.

Then she said “Incredibly, however, the county does accept ONLINE CPR training.” It’s batshit insane and scares me for people who do not already know CPR, but if it checks off the list I’ll use it before someone comes along and notices that you can’t actually train someone on CPR online.

I used to have this weird mental block where I’d like curb some of my crazier artistic impulses bc I want to make sure I’m seen as a Real Rapper™ and that Hip Hop Heads™ will take me seriously due to my inarguable Lyrical Talent™ but lately I’m feeling like fuck that I’m gonna just do whatever I want and make really stupid and wild creative decisions and like if you don’t get it then you just don’t get it I guess