curb your hate

you never sleep. you stagger instead through daylight vacancies.


the head rests where feet stand on cracked grounds, where even the cracks are cracked.

and the wish down there makes delusion seem like dreams in rising.


your isolation curbs hate and you chase a dim moon.

chase light like mornings but darkness is home:


because true love is true solitude.


a clay horse your vison loses stride in unfamiliar fields,


its strength depends on sorrow and paper leaves blown against the hillside where they rot before eaten, upon the mound where sunsets once lived.


a great sea once lived there.

still no one lives there.


the clay horse falls upon a rusty anchor. and you put that anchor in your heart so that you never go to sleep angry.


but you never go to sleep

photos and words by jay halsey

White supremacy is so wild. 

A parking spot. This is the best alternative they could come up with? Besides the sheer disrespect to evade serious examination of the hostility Muslims have been faced with, especially this past decade, the transparency and poor reasoning is almost satrical. As if the families of the slain aren’t already grappling with such heartache, they also have to deal with media outlets antagonizing their suffering.

Imagine if a Muslim went on a shooting rampage against their White Christian neighbors and when questioned about why they killed three people, they said a parking spot? A fucking curb to place your car. Hate crimes would increase dramatically. Mosques would continue to be spied on. All our phones would be tapped. Muslims would be permanently castigated as an inherently volatile group. Even when Muslims are resisting against oppression, we are coded as ruthless instigators, let alone violence without purpose and noble political motives.

Yet, white people are going on TV normalizing murder over a parking spot. Its amazing. How much leniency whiteness allows its privileged subjects.