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Someone in the spuffy tags is using Spike’s behavior in AtS S5 to demean his and Buffy’s credibility as soulmates.

Joke’s on you, we already know the ship is a hot mess. Soulmates? HA HA HA! WHAT IS THAT. We’re just here to enjoy it until it crashes and burns.

RWBY fic project: Bumbleby One shot (?)

A little sneak peak for an idea I’ve been playing with, if you guys want, I’ll finish this off as a one shot.

This would be somewhere in the middle of a full one shot.


“No, Blake! You listen to me!” Yang roared, her eyes blazing red. “This world isn’t just out to get you or me! It swallows us all! Each night life churns us, destroys us, always hoping one morning you’ll wake up too damaged to keep moving.” She stopped then, and looked down at her missing right arm.

“But if you’re lucky, you can get back up anyway. You know why?” Yang asked, Blake’s ears fell flat against her head.

“No.” She replied honestly. Yang’s eyes started to mellow back into their natural purple.

“You get back up, because someone is there to help you. Someone is there to give you their hand so you can stand up and fight!” A silence spread between the two, for a moment. “Let me help you up Blake. Let me give you my hand.”

Yang reached out her left hand to Blake, the skin soft and uncovered by her usual black gloves. But Blake only replied with a cry.

“You don’t have a spare hand to give, Yang! And that’s my fault. And I’ll be damned before I pull you down with me now.” The Faunus spun on her toes, with the intention to run, but a strong hand grasped her shoulder. The death grip pulled her roughly back, until she was flush against Yang’s still muscular form.

Blake stopped breathing to look deep into the ex-brawler’s forlorn eyes.

“I’d give up far more of my arm for you, Blake, before I ever gave up.” Her voice was soft, barely a whisper when she moved her hand from Blake’s shoulder, down to her hand. Her grip was softer now, as she led Blake’s hand upwards to her chest. To where her heart beat strong and fast. “I already have given you more.”

Blake snapped. Every emotion, every trapped feeling, came rushing out. She began to cry. But before Yang could even wipe the tears from her eyes, Blake pulled Yang towards her.

Their lips met roughly, equal amounts of passion and despair forcing the kiss to be rushed and sloppy. Yang tilted her head to the side as the kiss continued to deepen.

They knew it couldn’t last forever. They knew it was only a matter of time.

I have far too many things that should be continued. Let me know if this is one of them!